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Saturday, April 30, 2005

the workshop and the 11th rose

Its a double treat event for me and at last I have managed to divide myself in attending these events.

1st event

the Artists' Den Comic ART Workshop, another success and at last the project that we have started 4 yrs ago has started, organizing a comic art class for beginners and amateur artist who wants to try out in the comic scene and industry.
I went there to support the group and also meet some friends who will be visiting the workshop, I went to there to check out if everything is alright and thank goodness, everyything is running smooth, coz i was bombarded by txt messages that morning about the workshop, so I acted as a call center operator again for Artists' Den and workshop attendees. thanks to and sun cellular.

When I arrived I signed all the certificate of attendace of students and then listen and documented the workshop.

all photos can be viewed here

2nd event
Image hosted by
happy 18th bday Cheska

After that I slipped in a minute at the Star Wars Phil. assembly meeting at Starbucks podium there I grabbed some short info about the NW3 event. and then fly my way to Malate to meet my Lace to attend Cheska's 18th bday.

I was surprised when they chose me to be the 11th rose and darn. I dance so badly hahahaha....

Image hosted by
Az and Lace happy food monsters is back!

we stuffed ourselves some hotel foods and after that its back to basic in taking photos of our 24 hour cuteness.

Vader Rises
Image hosted by
click the link to view the lenticular image in full color

New Spectacular 100th Issue Collectors' Edition of UK magazine Total Film featuring amazing Star Wars REVENGE OF THE SITH LENTICULAR COVER.

As the pictures shows, this fantastic issue has a hologram cover which morphs between Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader!

Anakin Falls...
...Vader Rises

Magazine includes the following :- Star Wars Episode III - the definitive early word, Interview with Ewan McGregor, 100 Greatest Movie moments of out lifetime.

The 10 most influential movies of our lifetime, PLUS reviews, news, gossip and more! Very Hard to find as it is SOLD OUT every where and is a must have for any Star Wars Fans !!!

\\* thanks to Edgar Tadeo for this pasalubong gift, astig pare!
and also thanks for the two UK chicks. (kaso nayupi sa bag mo hahahahah) *\
I don't know if this magazine is available here in the Philippines, but if you found a copy just inform me right away, some of my geeky friends wants to grab this magazine too. super collectible mag.

May is Month of the Sith

hehehe...more from the darkside

FHM Philippines

Dear azrael coladilla,

Congratulations! You are invited to the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party
on Thursday, May 12, 2005 at NBC Tent at the Fort. Please claim your
prize of two (2) tickets from the Summit Media office on or before
Tuesday, 12 noon on May 10, 2005. For questions or other inquiries, contact
us at 631-8971 loc. 168. Look for Dennison Ko or Paolo Gillego.

For details on how to claim your tickets and what to bring, please
visit the home page of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women at

FHM Philippines

ahahah! i won free tickets again. and this time I'm going. Last time I let pass all 5 FHM parties and for my tardiness in claiming the tickets. Lace wants to go with me but problem is she might not be allowed to come by her parent, so here I am looking for a tag team partner for the FHM party hahhaha.

Im starting to get lazy in posting here in my blog. Im very busy at school but I will try my best to post any If I have time. but now I'l super post so that it will stay for almost a week *//

60K hits

thanks so much my dear readers!
my blog has reached 60,000 and going for more!
wow...and thanks so much guys for your continued support
ahahaahah...hope I can convert this counter hits into money..ahhaah

Az doll's Merryland

Lace brought the Az Doll during her vacation trip in Bohol and Cebu. and after going back here she sent me these photos of the Az doll. (*tears comes out from my eyes*)
buti pa yung Az doll kasama nya at ako andito huhuhuhuhuh...

Image hosted by
The Az doll and a shy Tarsier in Bohol

Image hosted by
The Az doll and the Magellan's Cross in Cebu

Image hosted by
the Az doll and the Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Image hosted by
the Az doll in a Panglao beach resort

thanks to my honey Lace for the photos
ahahahaha! next time bring Chii doll

visiting the stellar dreamer

Image hosted by
the old monumento in caloocan city

its a fun adventure when I went to camy's place, its a combo visit and also went there to help her fix her pc. Its cool to spend time with her with all the chikas and
it looks like we were like in an Artists' Den meet up every friday night. Saw her stuff and collections and that Brandon Boyd and Incubus experience, I was wow! shes so lucky that she met this cool band! and more Az and camy show ahaha..our cancelled blog site...hope we can have more talks again like the old times at the den.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Comic ART Workshop

Image hosted by
Date: April 30, 2005, Saturday
Time: 12pm – 5pm
Venue: Conference Hall, Discovery Suite, 38th floor
#25 ADB Avenue
Ortigas Complex
Pasig City, Metro Manila

There will be a fee of 100Php for each attendee. Seats are limited to 30 attendees only. The fee will cover art materials, handouts, certificates and snacks.

to sign up for the workshop. Please email your Name, Contact Number, School/Company and send to

A confirmation invitation will be sent. And you have to print it out the letter invitation and bring it and show the numbered letter invitation when you go to the venue on April 30.

and birng your portfolio if you have any.

Guest Speakers and Topics:
Ryan Orosco / Gary Mayoralgo on Basic Drawing
Jon Zamar on Comic Construction / Layout
Ariel Atienza on Comic strips / Web comics
with special guest sit in artists Edgar Tadeo and many more.

thanks to for sponsoring the venue.

check out our press release at the Lifestyle section

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Freelance calls

#include < >
#include < >

int main ()
char post;

at last.a freelance mumbo jumbo had finally phoned me.

and making my 2nd Radio AD commercial gig. astig!

coolness...and I need a F*&^* research and study for the new gig.

as having a short experience as a Line Producer in an indie radio show.
I think I have to switch again on the profession.

//* note to self
look for a voice actor male/female
feed them pizza or pasta for fee
or grab Mark Cerbo to do the voice thingie
or hostage his TransFormer toy if he dont agree.
dont post this on my blog, my mom might found out that il be having extra cash soon.
oh i posted it here hahhahaha..

end of program *//

getch ();

Swimming !

message me if you have a pool or knows a location near manila or in manila that is cheap or free hahhaha..

i want to cool down !!

its so hot !!!

somone told me P50 fee pool in Cervini Dorm of Ateneo.

I might check that out later with my tourist guide ahhaaha.
or I might fell somewhere in Glorieta. If I got disappointed on that pool.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Supes is back
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Warner Bros. Reveals Brandon Routh As Superman!

Warner Brothers today released the first official image of Brandon Routh as Superman from next year’s Superman Returns, directed by Bryan Singer.

The film, as described by the studio: Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action-adventure Superman Returns, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world's most beloved superheroes. While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman's bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.

read more here

Friday, April 22, 2005

busy Friday

another busy day..and I'm excited for saturday, i love weekends now coz its the day that i dont need to wake up at 5am. hhhaha

I'm going to San Juan Clubhouse later for a Metro Area Public Speaking Seminar.
and I was invited by the Makati Junior Jayees President to attend the seminar.
I'm absent to all of the activities and events for Jaycees so I told them that I'll attend this seminar, hmm.. I'm a little bit curious on this thing, ehehhe. I need to stock info for my brain

and now Im here online Googling on where the heck is San Juan Clubhouse.

im reviewing and studying,
I hate to see TRIANGLEs !!

note to self:
review Trigonometry
try to remember that Phyto-whatta-gorean theorem whatever.
eat grass
and watch movie hahaha.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My life revolves in school and house, and I missed partying and attending events, I guess that the blood is fading away and Im focusing on some important matters. I'm going online everyday just being a regular guy again, no problems in events organizing, managing and headaches from issues and chismis about me. I think my life is becoming normal..I hope it stays like this for long.

I'm going home every 10:30am and going back to school at 2:30pm to attend my 2nd class, it sucks to have a 5 hour vacant, if I have money I can watch movie everyday or go out of town just to use that 5 hours vacant.

My honey Lace is coming home today, and Im so excited to see her again, too bad she's sick and got tired of having a week long tour and vacation. and Im glad that she's happy to be in vacation. and I miss her super!..

oh are roaming around lately., we have a new POPE! , yup if you dont know, his name is Pope Benedict XVI. hope everything comes to normal for everyone.
and I'm a little curious on some nay sayers about that he's the last pope and the end is coming and judgement day is near.. Am I worried about that? hmm.. If it is true. Il go to friends home and ask for his whole comic and toy collecton since it will be the end of the world ahahah.

Here's a picture of my day out last saturday hanging out with girls and my sister.
thanks to Gold for the eat out treat ! congrats too.

It was like a suicide and I eat like theres no tomorrow. ahhah.lately I got sick
and I think I can no longer eat meat.I need to eat fish or grass. my digestion is not normal and waking up at 5pm and sleeping at 10pm transforms my metabolism into somekind of a tummy of a 19 yr old..hhaha..kidding.

Im reading this book and its a gift from my students back in PUP, thanks to them and its a good book to read, Dot.bomb is a book true-story written by David Kuo, one of the staff of the greatest shoppinh online Value America, he witness te success and failure of the e-commerce based company. Its fun to read all those ups and downs and when I researched it I thought that the company is successful like, but to my surprised, the company was bankrupt chapter 13 level. and Its a bad move for them.
Now the company is a goner but the book shows and immoratlize the existence of the company.its fun to read and more educational. Coz in the near future me and Lace might host our own online busines... now on the works hopefully operational next month if our powers can handle it. If not..we'll just go to the beach and relax haahaha.

hey check this out! Carlo Pagulayan did a cover for MARVEL KNIGHTS 4 #20, and its a Fantaastic Four cover! astig !!! congrats Caloy ahhahahaha




The conflict between the Family Fantastic and the
Inhumans heats up with Black Bolt and Medusas
arrival on Earth. Sue is determined to keep the
two Inhuman runaways safe no matter the cost, but
with the rest of the FF wondering if they should
even be involved in this dispute, what possible
hope do she and the alien children have? Part 2
[of 2]


Monday, April 18, 2005

Finding Merryland

its Azrael and Lace movie.

I just enjoyed making this

editing out and replacing it with our pictures.

orig picture is Finding Neverland , a movie of Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

I like Peter Pan stories. coz my life is like Peter Pan, I never grow old ahhahha

this image is posted now in my art gallery in my Deviant ART page

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Clark Kent Returns

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 16: Brandon Routh who plays Clarke Kent/Superman in the forthcoming movie 'Superman Returns' acts in a scene during filming on April 16, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by John Stanton/Getty Images)

Adrian forwarded me a link containing photos from the Superman Returns set shoot.
and it was a mind blowing revelation to me to see the new Supes.
thanks Adrian our reigning Spoiler King of Star Wars and Superman ahaahahahh.

more photos here at Getty Iamges Edition

Hal Jordan Returns

yup. our Green Lantern is back and Alex Ross did a variant cover for the comic Green Lantern #1, the new series will come out after the 6-part mini series of the resurrection of Hal Jordan.

read the news here

Jaclyn Lim Returns

yup she will be returning here in Manila for winning the Txters Choice Awards in the Slimmers Bikini Body Contest 2005.
yipeee!!! congrats Jac !!!!!

to those who voted her tru txt....thank you very much for your support
our Comic Stripper is now bikini body girl !

Az and Lace Returns

Azrael will be returning to school this monday...oh goodie, weekend is over while
Lace will return home from Cebu on Wednesday..and at last no more lonely nights for us hahahaha..

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Radioactive cockroach

I was victimized by this unknown class of cockroach,its so small and it bites me while i slept. My whole body turns red and becomes itchy. I woke up because the itch kills me.I put some isoprophil alcohol directly on the bites to prevent infection or to take those stings away.My sister went up and spray the room and she said it was a small er tiny roach which is not commonly seen around the house.

and damn...I think the roach is mutated or radioactive..

WTF !!! radioactive??

Spider-Man is cool, bitten by a radioactive spider.
but me bitten by a roach? oh crap! hhhahaaa... Cockroach-man ahhaha..
or turn to a Mambabarang.

i dont want to be like Mambabarang, a villain and king of the insect from the DARNA TV series, played by Eddie Garcia,

from the good side...........
my girlfriend sent this image last night via sms.
and I requested for a pic of Az Doll riding in a Tarsier in Bohol
Image hosted by
but's the tiny monket snapshot from her cellphone.
she's going to Cebu today and yey..may signal ng cellphone dun!

Music yada yada

I'm watching MTV daily and always waiting for my fave vidz to air. and here are some new stuff I saw while ago.

New Order "Krafty", I like the music and the music video, cool bass, cool guitars, killer beats and steamy sex action in their music video. A couple met at the factory and then went out kissing on the kitchen, then went up to the room, undressing and then sex..and then went up to the rooftop, happy happy jumping, and then kissing again...the video has this style of camera rotating and stuff showing some part of a like a symbolism, like showing that condom empty pack on top of the dresser, coz they cant show the sex action on that video.

check out the video here.

Who says workplace romances never work. Here's one that's working overtime for dancerock legends New Order as boy meets girl on the job and girl gets boy after work. It's a dizzying first night of a new lifetime as the camera swirls around them as they tumble into the sack. The first single of their new CD, Waiting for the Siren's Call is classic New Order: earnest vocal yearning, bass-thumping momentum and surging synth textures.

here's some part of the lyrics

Some people get up at the break of day
Gotta go to work before it gets too late
Sitting in a car and driving down the road
It ain't the way it has to be

But that's what you do to earn your daily wage
That's the kind of world that we live in today
Isn't where you wanna be
And isn't what you wanna be


Give me one more day (one more day)
Give me another night (just another night)
I need a second chance (second chance)
This time I'll get it right (This time I'll get it right)

I'll say one last time (one last time)
I've got to let you know (I've got to let you know)
I've got to change your mind (I've got to change your mind)
I'll never let you go (I'll never let you go)

Rivermaya "You'll be safe here", I saw the new music video, NOT the ABS CBN "spirits tv" video, the real music video all I can say is THAT its a rip off yes... a RIP OFF.. I'l say it again, a R-I-P -O-F-F...from L'ARC EN CIEL's music video ---- SNOW DROP........and fuck Rivermaya disappoints me. they have this cool music and yet they cant come up their own style..on the music that HYDE? is that KEN ?? oh crappy.. are they imitating Larc en ciel...oh well..the girls love them..and some guys hate them ahha..thats what I call Pinoy

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sun hurts my eyes

Its Thursday and I have done lots of things today, I went to the conference thingie with Lico, too bad that we are late for the prime topic we want to attend, but after that we enjoyed ourselves some hotel lunch and coffee meals. And after that meal it gives me a super sleepy attack goin back to school, and after that I argued with a university security guard for not letting me in with out my uniform, and hell to him coz I have proof that I'l claim my new uniform on the 27th. I'm glad that the school officials break us from getting much more hot headed situation..and damn.. I sound like an automatic riffle gun babbling in english mode ahahhhhh...

and goodbyes now...i'l study coz I have a quiz tomorrow.

I want to go to Bohol

she's there already..and Sun Cellular signal in Panglao, so we are connected using our Globe sims, and lucky that theres an internet cafe there. She enjoys the sand, beach and me... haaha...

Image hosted by
and lookie here the Az doll has its luck again to be out of town.
I wish I can be that doll.

Image hosted by
amd I'm here staring at her bikini photos.and praying that Son Goku's instant transmission technique or the teleportation technique works in real world.
so that I can zap my self and transport there in an instant.

I love you honey! I wish I can be there with you.

speaking of Globe's some news

Globe, TM won’t be extending unlimited calls, text promos
LOCAL carrier Globe Telecom Inc., including its subsidiary Touch Mobile (TM), will not extend their unlimited call and text service promos which are expiring this month.

“The buffet-pricing scheme is not sustainable if we want to ensure minimum quality standards,” explained Gerardo Ablaza, Globe president and chief executive officer.

By loading up a P300 call card, Globe’s pre-paid subscribers could make unlimited mobile phone calls and send out unlimited text messages under the telco’s “All You Want” promo that began on March 23 and will end on April 23.
On the other hand, TM’s “Todo Tawag Text” allows pre-paid subscribers to avail themselves of the same benefits for only P150 for 15 days and for P300 for 30 days.

Although market observers believed Globe resorted to this promotional scheme in order to counter Sun Cellular’s 24/7 offering, Ablaza insisted that the promos were undertaken to help the company better understand the price-quality behavior of its consumers.

“We wanted to see how our consumers would react to this kind of scheme and what type of behavior it would generate,” he said.

Globe officials disclosed that those who applied for the promos experienced a degraded quality of service and a higher level of dropped calls. Due to network congestion, the service quality became significantly lower that it was not able to meet the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) set standard of a 93% successful call penetration rate and a maximum 5% allowable dropped call rate.

Officials were quick to add that consumers who were on full-paying basis were not affected by the congestion since the two schemes were operated under different networks.

“This kind of pricing paradigm is unsustainable if we want to maintain certain quality standards in the system so we do not intend to do it on a permanent basis,” emphasized Ablaza.

Although very few consumers are complaining about such “eat-all-you-can” telco offerings, Globe has urged the NTC to apply its regulations on all local operators “fairly and consistently.”

“When Globe formerly had problems caused by network congestion a few years back, the NTC threatened to stop our operations unless we improved our service. We now hope that the same level of insisted quality standard be applied to all players,” Ablaza said.

“If they cannot do this, then they should either lower or totally do away with the standards,” added lawyer Rodolfo Salalima, Globe senior vice president for corporate and regulatory affairs.

While Globe anticipates challenges such as high churn rates and the escalation of competition, the Ayala-owned firm still expects a healthy growth rate this year, as it is able to penetrate deeper into the mass markets and increase content usage among existing consumers.

In a recent stockholder’s meeting, the company announced that it would continue with its aggressive expansion program through out the year particularly in its wireless network. Plans include the building of more cell sites and pouring more investments into the broadband programs of Innove Communications Inc., the Globe subsidiary that services the voice, private networks and Internet needs of individuals and enterprises. It also markets and sells Globelines and GlobeQUEST services. Globe, its mother company, is focused on the wireless business.

Globe posted a yearend net income of P11.3 billion in 2004, 9% higher than the P10.3 billion from the previous year. As of end-2004, its subscriber base stood at 12.5 million, a 41% increase from the 2003 tally. Thanks to the strong subscriber take-up, services revenue grew by 11% to P52.7 billion.

C2 Craze

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Everybody is getting crazy and addicted to this new beverage trend, Universal Robina Food Corporation releases its own iced tea in a bottle called C2 Cool and Clean, its cheaper and healthy, as they say and some medical research that this beverage has no caffeine like in softdrinks and it cleanses the body from toxins.

Some stores are already stocking to sell it, and now it receives a good response to the consumer, they say that this drink is new this month, but all I can say is that I've been drinking this stuff last year and I didnt know that it will come out and start a panic buying to all teens. The drink was released last October 2004 as I researched it and the drink is super cheap prices raging from P15 (small) to P25 (big), flavors are Ice Tea, Peach, Apple and Lemon..

I recommend the flavor, Peach and Apple. this flavors are the best buy of them all.

Comic art Workshop cooking up

all details will be finalize this friday

and the date of the event will be on April 30.

sorry people for the delay..the event should start on April 23, but for the tight sked , I decided to move the workshop on April 30.

venue will be posted soon.

the workshop requires only 20-30 attendees.
frist come first serve.

watch out for more info soon.

event is organized by Artists' Den and

Anime Stage Show Script

The script that I created and the play I directed for the controversial AnimeXplosion 2005 grand opening are now uploaded in my Deviant ART site.

I wish I have a video copy of the whole play coz maybe I'll be making another series of the stage show soon.. I'm not sure if I can pull this alone again.

click here to view the script

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Busy body and Beach Blues

Image hosted by

im busy !! busy in school..crappy.. exams na namin malapit na

huuhhuh..i want to go to the beach

for those who want to be updated on the latest buzz on the planet..
just read the newspaper and you will learn something cool ! hahhahaha

joke lang..

feel free to drop by to my bloggie.
I'm here in school waiting for my class,and its so hot outside so I stayed here inside the airconditioned room.

Image hosted by
Someone is going to bohol and cebu ...... I'l miss her super!

and lookie at our pics! I look like a girl hahhaa.she wants me to try her earings
and whoolahh..... in an instant..I was transformed into more gorgeous than Darna.
hahha...joke lang. .. photo taken after our meal in RP.

I'm here inside my friend's computer shop, too bad he's not here so I have to pay for the internet rentals..but its nice here and comfy. may aircon pa..

and sometimes I watched online movies in

Monday, April 11, 2005

Goody day and happy monsters
its a fun day for all of us...

2 success meetings in one day.
congratulations to Artists' Den

Lyndon and Patrick

Ariel and me inside the office domain of the #1 Pinoy Search Engine in the Phil.

watch out for Licozilla..uploading soon.

two words to describe it.... Komikon and Yehey!

I have a Sun Cellular now!
thanks to Liza, Lace's sister for lending her sim to me, as for now I have a tempo number. just to use the sim for the runaway vacation of Lace going to Cebu and Bohol. and sniff sniff...I'm left here in Manila to study wahuuuh....but its' okay.. Now I'm enjoying the unlimited txt and call in our phones.

Samsung family phones
my phone, Lace's phone, and the other phone after treatment by the cell tech guy

Az and Lace in Greenhills
24-7 Cute power monsters hahahaha

huhuhuhu..she's going to Cebu on Thurs.. and I'l miss her bigtime!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Business con

video clip from IDC

I went last friday at the IDC Business Conference in Shangri La Makati, Im glad that they invited me. The conference really helps people in the business community, teaching them all about IT and business and how to enhance it and show a very effective example for the business. Top people from Singapore and Korea were there to discuss and give lecture about the new hardwares and services that can boost up the business.

check out the photos here

Good topics were discuss from having a good communication to hardware hardcore topics like the importance of Datas and information, the series and process on how to back up and the effective approach on how to make that business deal a success.

I really like their event, coz they called me thursday night to confirm my attendance. and I'm surprise that they want me to attend and It seems I feel important for this conference..

i learned a lot and I went back to school with my stomach full..

oh wow..I almost died of food after eating those free meals..
now my next event to attend is the PC World Magazine event I think its on April 18.

and crap..I missed that UAP convention in World Trade Center.

Merryland of the four gods update

just for fun in our names.

visit this photo gallery

Monday blue shoes

Its school time again..and I love monday mornings ahahhaa..
last friday it was fun attending my 2 class, and its a miracle! we already started the lessons and we left early. During my Physics class my professor ask me to follow her and help her picked up the lab stuff in the stock room and then some teachers and staff in there knows me and suddenly I heard a low tone buzz in them and then I found out that they are already making "chismis" about me and whoola...Its about me!

they were talking about all stuff I did and they always saw me on TV..i mean always..
during those morning guestings in some local morning TV show. and they were proud of it to see me again studying and they said that I should carry the banner of our university.

after that my prof was surprised and told me that Im some sort of celebrity that returns back to school..I said no its just a tv appearance.. and nothing can top my appearance here in school ( gulp...sipsip)

and then..she told me that I'm already "buking" to all stuff I did outside school.
and hey...its all about music, film and the pop culture.

and hmm... I'm glad that they didnt know about that bold movie -er art film I appeared last 3yrs ago.

Image hosted by
see...I told ya...I'm already a student.
a cute...student.. hahaaha

i got some problems in school..
well..there are lot of temptations in there.
but hell on to doesnt work on me..
this guy is a professional suplado..since 1st year college..

sorry not available

Aztig comic strip 1

my first ever attempt in comictrip making ahhahah
i did this 2 yrs ago and I suck! hahhahaa

Image hosted by
click the pic to read the whole strip.

New Blog layout

at last..after 2 years...and then i got it!!!!!! new blog layout and I'm ready for the next century.

as time pass by, i will enhance more my blogsite for being a user friendly website
i'm thinking what stuff will I upload..

Merryland Letter sender
maybe I'l make a letter of the week, month or best super letter

send in your questions and I'l reply with my advice about some stuff you want me to answer.
it can be a letter questions about work, school, lovelife, career, family and etc.

hmm...its a merryplace for everyone, we should be happy and enjoy the colors of life.

ahahha..i sound like someone you read in a tabloid.
but NOT! this is for the new generation.

send now your questions and we will published it here in my blogsite.

you can send it to my email at [ azrael @ ]
and indicate the subject : [merryland questions]

best letter sender of the month will recieve some goodies from our sponsors.
you read that? we have sponsors about a free drink every friday night in Starbucks courtesy of Lyndon Gregorio or a free numerology by Lico Reloj or a free photo of me with signature hahhaaha.

Trading merrycenter
il be putting a link soon and you can post all your stuff for sale or wanted items
trading and swapping corner everyone.

I might require some percentage cut or freebies for every transaction and sales of items.
I'm still thinkng of an idea how and where the cycle will go.
anyway....more update soon about this.

Geek Job hunter ball Z
a link will be posted soon for hmm.job postings and hmm,..for job seekers.
the page will be developed who????? hmmm....

Merrylandster multi-hi5-space
are you one of us?
are you a merylander ?
you want to have friends and be one of the cool people in the network and community?

we will not force you to join
but I assure you....joining will be fun.

of all craps...I dont know how will I put this stuff in my blogsite..
but enhancing it and transforming it into some powerful possible.

more updates soon...I did this..coz I can't sleep.
I want to go to the beach
I want to go to cebu and bohol
I want to be with Lace.
Where's my calculator ? I have a quiz on monday.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Revenge of the school boy sith
Image hosted by
its my first day of class yesterday and here's a picture of my first day and first class at 7:30am

yup! you saw it and you think that there's no classes. I went to school for my first class and then I found out that all the students didnt attend the 1st class, it was just me and one student in that classroom. the math head dept.was pissed when he saw there were only 2 students in the class. After 30min we left the classroom and crap.. i think my subject might be cancelled for not reaching the number quota of students.

after class a super headache attacked me while on the way home, and I think the sun is damaging my eyes again, have to wear my sunglasses always.

its dinner time after school, yup that includes me, coz now I'm a student. me and lace another pasta monster experience with her friends. its a pasta cowabangga in House Blend ehehee im now enjoying this video blog at last a decent job called us to have an interview and exam, hello Convergys. hahaha and lookie im going to be one of those english speaking agent and good thing they want me to be assigned in the Tech Support section. I hope our job hunting horror ends. Image hosted by the harassed and the brain drained
sabog after school. ok laugh at me, im wearing my uniform.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I want my blog back
last night I was updating my blog, having a new layout and suddenly the website of got a server crash. and I have to wait for their online operation.

and here they go..I haven't updated my layout and Im here in school updating my bloggie while waiting for my sis. do you like the new blog layout? 1st 10 comments post will have a special prize... hmmm what prize? basta special..pwede special buko pie, special pulutan, bawal ang special massage ha.. hahahah

Summer,school, job, hoax
today is my 7th day of long term enrolment here in FEU, and Im here waiting for the process of my permit to enrol and they finished the processing for almost 3 days, lucky me that I got 2 subjects for my summer class, good subjects- physics and one crappy computer subject. I already finished my course in computer science and they still want me to take one subject way backkkkk, it happens coz my curriculum changed,.and. its a pain in the head to go back again to those programing chuchu.

Image hosted by
from good days to bad days..but still its a good day hahahaha.

Its a bad day for the both of us, me and Lace got super disappointed on those job offers we saw on the net, for example a super crappy job that will give you a salary of 10 pesos per hour, and posting a list of good positions and after the interview- orientation-like a preaching or aleluia ek ek speech. they will require you sell those damn insurance and then later on you will be hired...

we had wasted our time and money on going on these shits!

we decided to file a complain on for letting this job hoax posting in their website.

I know some of you have been victimized by these crappy companies..and I didnt know what are their purpose in doing this.

after hearing all those stuff.. we decided to back out in no time and walk out during that horror orientation.,

i'l be in school starting tomorrow..and goodbye again for the other stuff like the activities I usually do.

from a morning shine of 7am up to a nuclear radiation of 6pm will be the sked of my class.
and a 10:30am-3pm vacant time, which I'm already thinking what will I do on these timeslot.
and hell...i wont be having a summer job ...

damn! i need moneY!!!!!

yung may mga utang dyan.pabayaran nyo naman yun utang nyo sa akin..pls..hehhehe..i need money!
esp. the one who acted as a director and stole my position during that Anime STage Show.
they haven't paid Matrix and STar Wars Phil for their talent fee, and my half talent fee is not yet paid..and they already forgot after they grab money from the audience..
and also an exception to my other friend..eheehe..just buzz dude if meron na.

i hate to say this...

so pay me! hahhahaa

uy look a video blog
Im planning to have a video blog..experimenting and converting my blog into audio and video.
hmm..its another blog revolution.coz everyone is doing it.
and here'a sample..too bad that I should make a low res no sound video to a free loading show for dial up users.

just waiting for the ride

more video uploads of the two pizza monsters in their multiply site

Saturday, April 02, 2005

bowow az

this room will be my next limbo dimension next week.

its my 4th day of enrolment inferno in FEU and i've doin that for almost my life, sometimes I finish my enrolment within a week, It's like hell everyday coz its so hot! hot! hot! hot! I always get dizzy when 12nn time is coming and the heat and sunlight gives a bad reaction to my eyes, so I wear my 2 sunglasses to protect my eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

next week it will be my comeback to school again, im so excited to a student again bye bye to my extra curricular actvities. my focus now is work and school ahaha...

Sunny day for the two monster

Food monsters strikes again!!!

the pizza monsters are back and this time we didn't have pizza to eat but instead we turn to be a noddle monsters haaha..last time we got a burger, i mean the biggest burger in Bubba Gumps. and now we dine in to Northpark and Lace stuff my belly full of noodles and at the end of the day we both got tired and enjoyed watching the movie "Ms.Congeniality", yup its a girlie movie..but I like the humor and action.. Sandra Bullock is funny and sexy!

and then we surfed the whole mall in search for her perfect bikini.

hmmm..have to blog more coz this might be my last ahaahahah

Lace in the Matrix program:Shopping

here's my latest artwork in my deviant art.
i really like the photo, the blurred effects give a nice effects on the pic, and leaving the subject on its normal composition, here edited with photoshop to give full effects of the matrix program

visit my link here for my Deviant art gallery.

April fools day

I'm sexy!

for those of you saw my Boracay pics in my multiply account and to those who didnt read the notice below...all of those photos are fakes!!!

thos photos are not from Boracay, those are photos from our Zambales trip last year, I uploaded some Boracay photos I downloaded from the internet and put some description to match with my fake Boracay trip during the Holy week,. the truth is I'm here at home sitting and eating outside aahahha..

sorry folks! that's my April Fool's Day...ahaah..and I'm laughing my ass out coz i fooled everyone..

here's the link of the photo album
of my fake Boracay beach out ahahha..

the truth is I haven't got off Luzon.

PSP, a manga killer application

holy sweeeet !!!!
i didn't know that the PSP can view images and ebooks and ecomics
this is technology hahahahahaa

heya my brother...bili ka na din!


t’s the hottest personal entertainment product since the iPod, able to handle games, photos, music, video and more...but will manga be the killer app for Sony’s PSP?

In an article at, it’s reported that scanslated manga (manga translated into English by English-speaking fans) is the hottest upload for the new device. According to the report, manga began showing up on the PSPs days after the portable gaming system debuted in Japan.

The PSP’s format allows for images to be viewed as jpegs (after being uploaded on the rewriteable Memory Stick) on the 480 x 272 LCD screen. The article mentions that there are literally hundreds (with more showing up every hour) of scanslated manga to be found, including Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, Freesia by Jiro Matsumoto, and Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto.

The PSP’s relatively small size makes it an ideal viewer for manga pages, which typically have fewer panels than Western comics.

Of course, as is noted, there are some solidly gray legal areas invovled with both scanslation and downloading manga for use on a PSP.

One can only assume that some savvy manga publisher is already eyeing the PSP as a functional medium for an upcoming release, or at least a test-market of previously released manga.

Click above for the full article.

Convention update

update later.....

Friday, April 01, 2005

Vote Jaclyn Lim for the SWI Bikini Bodies 2005

vote my friend Jac!!!!!

"Slimmers World International, the leader in fitness, slimming and beauty will exhibit its fresh batch of bodies to die for in this year's Mr. & Ms. Bikini Bodies 2005! With 26 candidates vying for the grand prize to be this year's sexiest body on the beach, all our candidates went through the most rigorous screening in the history of Bikini Bodies.

With over 80 applicants showing up for the screening in their best shape ever, the panel had to skim the line up to come up with this year's Bikini Bodies final 26 candidates. Bikini Bodies is a competition, which aims bring out the best looking body to ever hit the beach. We are in search of the best physique, skin quality, sex appeal to compliment any bikini.

All 26 candidates will strut their stuff on a tropical paradise setting in the jewel of the north! To dance to the music of the tropics to create the complete tropical experience as all 26 candidates will put on display their best bikini shape ever.

Slimmers World Bikini Bodies 2005 will be on April 16, 2005. Witness as we crown the hottest bodies in bikini this summer as the winners bring home the title and P25,000 in cash and prizes."

Jaclyn Ting Lim

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