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Saturday, April 30, 2005

the workshop and the 11th rose

Its a double treat event for me and at last I have managed to divide myself in attending these events.

1st event

the Artists' Den Comic ART Workshop, another success and at last the project that we have started 4 yrs ago has started, organizing a comic art class for beginners and amateur artist who wants to try out in the comic scene and industry.
I went there to support the group and also meet some friends who will be visiting the workshop, I went to there to check out if everything is alright and thank goodness, everyything is running smooth, coz i was bombarded by txt messages that morning about the workshop, so I acted as a call center operator again for Artists' Den and workshop attendees. thanks to and sun cellular.

When I arrived I signed all the certificate of attendace of students and then listen and documented the workshop.

all photos can be viewed here

2nd event
Image hosted by
happy 18th bday Cheska

After that I slipped in a minute at the Star Wars Phil. assembly meeting at Starbucks podium there I grabbed some short info about the NW3 event. and then fly my way to Malate to meet my Lace to attend Cheska's 18th bday.

I was surprised when they chose me to be the 11th rose and darn. I dance so badly hahahaha....

Image hosted by
Az and Lace happy food monsters is back!

we stuffed ourselves some hotel foods and after that its back to basic in taking photos of our 24 hour cuteness.

Vader Rises
Image hosted by
click the link to view the lenticular image in full color

New Spectacular 100th Issue Collectors' Edition of UK magazine Total Film featuring amazing Star Wars REVENGE OF THE SITH LENTICULAR COVER.

As the pictures shows, this fantastic issue has a hologram cover which morphs between Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader!

Anakin Falls...
...Vader Rises

Magazine includes the following :- Star Wars Episode III - the definitive early word, Interview with Ewan McGregor, 100 Greatest Movie moments of out lifetime.

The 10 most influential movies of our lifetime, PLUS reviews, news, gossip and more! Very Hard to find as it is SOLD OUT every where and is a must have for any Star Wars Fans !!!

\\* thanks to Edgar Tadeo for this pasalubong gift, astig pare!
and also thanks for the two UK chicks. (kaso nayupi sa bag mo hahahahah) *\
I don't know if this magazine is available here in the Philippines, but if you found a copy just inform me right away, some of my geeky friends wants to grab this magazine too. super collectible mag.

May is Month of the Sith

hehehe...more from the darkside

FHM Philippines

Dear azrael coladilla,

Congratulations! You are invited to the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party
on Thursday, May 12, 2005 at NBC Tent at the Fort. Please claim your
prize of two (2) tickets from the Summit Media office on or before
Tuesday, 12 noon on May 10, 2005. For questions or other inquiries, contact
us at 631-8971 loc. 168. Look for Dennison Ko or Paolo Gillego.

For details on how to claim your tickets and what to bring, please
visit the home page of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women at

FHM Philippines

ahahah! i won free tickets again. and this time I'm going. Last time I let pass all 5 FHM parties and for my tardiness in claiming the tickets. Lace wants to go with me but problem is she might not be allowed to come by her parent, so here I am looking for a tag team partner for the FHM party hahhaha.

Im starting to get lazy in posting here in my blog. Im very busy at school but I will try my best to post any If I have time. but now I'l super post so that it will stay for almost a week *//

60K hits

thanks so much my dear readers!
my blog has reached 60,000 and going for more!
wow...and thanks so much guys for your continued support
ahahaahah...hope I can convert this counter hits into money..ahhaah

Az doll's Merryland

Lace brought the Az Doll during her vacation trip in Bohol and Cebu. and after going back here she sent me these photos of the Az doll. (*tears comes out from my eyes*)
buti pa yung Az doll kasama nya at ako andito huhuhuhuhuh...

Image hosted by
The Az doll and a shy Tarsier in Bohol

Image hosted by
The Az doll and the Magellan's Cross in Cebu

Image hosted by
the Az doll and the Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Image hosted by
the Az doll in a Panglao beach resort

thanks to my honey Lace for the photos
ahahahaha! next time bring Chii doll

visiting the stellar dreamer

Image hosted by
the old monumento in caloocan city

its a fun adventure when I went to camy's place, its a combo visit and also went there to help her fix her pc. Its cool to spend time with her with all the chikas and
it looks like we were like in an Artists' Den meet up every friday night. Saw her stuff and collections and that Brandon Boyd and Incubus experience, I was wow! shes so lucky that she met this cool band! and more Az and camy show ahaha..our cancelled blog site...hope we can have more talks again like the old times at the den.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Comic ART Workshop

Image hosted by
Date: April 30, 2005, Saturday
Time: 12pm – 5pm
Venue: Conference Hall, Discovery Suite, 38th floor
#25 ADB Avenue
Ortigas Complex
Pasig City, Metro Manila

There will be a fee of 100Php for each attendee. Seats are limited to 30 attendees only. The fee will cover art materials, handouts, certificates and snacks.

to sign up for the workshop. Please email your Name, Contact Number, School/Company and send to

A confirmation invitation will be sent. And you have to print it out the letter invitation and bring it and show the numbered letter invitation when you go to the venue on April 30.

and birng your portfolio if you have any.

Guest Speakers and Topics:
Ryan Orosco / Gary Mayoralgo on Basic Drawing
Jon Zamar on Comic Construction / Layout
Ariel Atienza on Comic strips / Web comics
with special guest sit in artists Edgar Tadeo and many more.

thanks to for sponsoring the venue.

check out our press release at the Lifestyle section

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Freelance calls

#include < >
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int main ()
char post;

at last.a freelance mumbo jumbo had finally phoned me.

and making my 2nd Radio AD commercial gig. astig!

coolness...and I need a F*&^* research and study for the new gig.

as having a short experience as a Line Producer in an indie radio show.
I think I have to switch again on the profession.

//* note to self
look for a voice actor male/female
feed them pizza or pasta for fee
or grab Mark Cerbo to do the voice thingie
or hostage his TransFormer toy if he dont agree.
dont post this on my blog, my mom might found out that il be having extra cash soon.
oh i posted it here hahhahaha..

end of program *//

getch ();

Swimming !

message me if you have a pool or knows a location near manila or in manila that is cheap or free hahhaha..

i want to cool down !!

its so hot !!!

somone told me P50 fee pool in Cervini Dorm of Ateneo.

I might check that out later with my tourist guide ahhaaha.
or I might fell somewhere in Glorieta. If I got disappointed on that pool.

Monday, April 25, 2005

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