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Saturday, July 09, 2005

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Azrael meets Neil Gaiman
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yup that's right. the ol' canuckle head meets the master!!!!

I was there early in the morning at the venue before the event starts, and I was told to come over in the morning by the organizer coz they said that Neil will be there to judge the art contest, and they told me to keep his sched confidential, I was surprised that they shared the info to me only.

so when I got that message last night, me and my super sexy Gf  Lace went there on time and while I test the AVP in the sound system area, Lace approached me and said to me that the guy I'm going to marry is there at the art display. When I said "what marry? what guy???" and when I look a far...wahoo. it was Neil.

Image hosted by
then everyone was in panic, Neil was checking out the artworks, so I decided to go near him to take some photos, coz nobody in the event staff went near him, so my chance to take photos and then he said "Hello" to me. I smiled and replied a hello too.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
my first photo with Neil Gaiman , haahaha..he's there at back

that was my first encounter with Neil.
and it was a good feeling.
i just discovered that he is human like us.
and we breathe the same air inside the Rockwell Tent.

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Lace went to the mall and then I stayed at the tent, the organizer told me to hold Neil's Mirror Mask promo DVD and clips, they said that I have to guard it my life, coz it belongs to Neil and the DVD will be played during the event. I tested it and played some clips. then I went out to take photos outside.

As I got back, the organizers told me to bring my stuff and let Neil sign it.
as I look back I saw he was already signing some stuffs and then I went there immediately with the others. was our first signature moment and we got to be first in line (with out lining up because I'm part of staff-err kuno, and we are inside already the venue)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
signing my Coraline book, that Lace gave to me for my birthday.

And when it was my turn. Neil saw me and prepares to sign my stuff, he said.. "oh you're Azrael" and I welcomed him and shake his hand. signing...signing...talking about my stuff, and I told him to sign also the Vertigo post card and the Writers Forum invitation card. and then he was very kind to let us take photos with him. he's really a nice guy and he loves to see people got a copy of his works.

Above this blog post is my 1st pic with THE MAN !! was kinda funny.. and everyone laughed when I did that signature hand gesture during the photo op. and Neil did a funny gesture with me..and Neil started to laugh..and then I shake his hand again to thank him, congratulate him and welcoming him back.

and after the meet and greet, I went back to my place rolling like a wheel... weeee

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and my event ID PASS..and yes. it says volunteer ahhah..

I created the AVP for the event out from love and the organizers just discovered it via online and they invited me to come over and play that AVP in their screen. The staff of Fullybooked thank me and shake my hand for a job well done on that AVP coz they like it so much and also Neil's escort liked it too, forgot his name, I think he's from the British Council,. he thank me for the AVP coz they liked it. so during some talkies they showed me the VIP area with seats and they said that I'm already considered as VIP, I said its ok. no need to seat there. coz I'l be at the venue everywhere hahahaah.

then me and my lovely Lace went to Glorietta to buy her bag, eat at Chef Donatello and watch Fantasic Four movie, then we got free toys from the movie. I got glow in the dark stars and she got that fancy toy Ms.Universe pageant crown. hahahah.

so it was a fun day for all of us.

after the malling. I went back to the Gathering, and saw the tent was overflowing with Gaiman fans..

it was tiring day..

but lookie I got another freebie. a tshirt, I won again for having an accout, so I grab a baby tee shirt for Lace. oh wow..we got lots of hauls for today.

and yey..I'l go back again tomorrow in Greenhills, but will leave early,. have to go back home. to have some more time with my Suzaku no Miko.

will upload photos soon
so here are some photos that I can share for today.

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The crowded Rockwell Tent, super jam packed

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Neil Gaiman signing a book from a fan wearing a DEATH costume.

Image hosted by
The Other Mother of Coraline fan art entry

Friday, July 08, 2005

See You all later at the Gaiman event

yey! he's here and from the latest update on his journal, he said that there's a rally outside the hotel he was checked in. ehehhe, and it seems that he will be resting early today and off to tomorrows gathering.

hm...whats my own update ?

well.. I'm so excited, coz I'm going to meet him tomorrow... i'l just tell all the details after I got home. Right now I'm recharging my batteries for my camera, Il take more photos to update us all and save those memories here in our Merryland.

I got now my Coraline book, and some Vertigo post cards, I'l just show this to him and let him signed it. I'l be happy if he sign my book. too bad that I don't have any Mirror Mask books, coz he likes to sign the book that is newly released.

Me and Lace will be there, and Im so glad that we will be together tomorrow after that unfamiliar ceiling of mine nearly falls down.

and also...its my premiere of that Neil Gaiman in Manila Video Presentation..wohohoh!!!
hope everyone will enjoy my little contribution for the event. thanks to Maita Quesada of Fully Booked for believing in my works.

see you all people at the Rockwell TENT


Nelz Yumul fan art of Sandman and Death

Camy Francisco did this fan art tribute last night

and also a fan here made a attempt to make a fan art, you can check out his sketch here

he's coming today !
you know whom I referring to..

Meann, message me and she said that the website she did for the event was mention from Neil's blog.
and she's happy coz Neil saw her works online ehhhee... read here to see his post

and now after the long halloween and drama.. we decided to go the GATHERING!
woohohohoh....this is the latest update for my no show Az.

and now.. its confirmed that me and Lace will be goin to the Neil Gaiman event.

whew..that was close...i thought I would end up crying under the bed again.

The tent will be small for me, ( I think) and I can see already what will be the outcome of the event.
the tent will be filled with people who are lining up and the exhibit and display of the art work entries.
and too bad that there are no chairs for all of us.. they said that their will be chairs available at the area but it is strictly for VIPs only. oh well..its ok. we can stand there.. or wait inside Mcdonalds after getting a number stub.

Late Isabel will open the event by performing live music on stage. //* cool! at last I can watch and hear again their music, its been ages for me to watch a rock event and live band. and thanks!! that they invited the Late Isabel to play weee.. **//

and yeah..they told me that I can snoop down at the backstage and do some pictures and autograph with him.. hehhe..tnx to the organizers of the event, I'm excited to see my AVP at the event.and I hope they will liked it and Neil too, the organizer are surprised to see my AVP, and Im glad that I got that idea in making one..just like some sort of my tribute to the works of Neil.

hmm... I should make a MTV next time..
yeah...good idea.

and for the photo below. is my picture at Almond's house, during her bday and grub.
I'm with my sister and they left me here near the food..hhahaha..GOTCHA !!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

FOR SALE pls BUY i need money this friday

im selling my Batman Yamato action figure
mint in box


orig price in mall noon - P1,000

pero around P2,000 na ata ito sa mga hobby shop.
kasi sa internet nasa $$$ 60 US na sya.

sold out na ito .so medyo rare na daw..eheehe..

for those who are interested
can txt me and do transaction this friday only (july 8)
i can meet all buyers anytime basta before 5pm and anywhere.

i need money kasi .. tnx

my mobile : 09275340309

Gaiman update and the NO AZ show
Look at here, we have an update on whats happening.

and too bad that I'm having a PROBLEM that I won't be appearing and attending the Magical Mystery Tour of Neil Gaiman this saturday. its a fast break announcement to declare it, so that my friends will know that I'm not present at the event. I was supposed to go and later on changed my mind, after my girlfriend decided that we go out on saturday, but somethings went unclear again. she said that I can go now to the event and she will go alone on can I do that. I already canceled my attendance. my mind is in the unfamiliar ceiling again.

so..what will I do is stay at home..sleep..sleep...wait till the SANDMAN gets me.
or go to a far far place in NEVERWHERE...

MY Neil Gaiman TSHIRT had arrrived and its cute, colored blask with the Fullybooked logo on front and a Neil Gaiman rubberize print at the back of Neil Gaiman event poster. After that I sent my 5 stubs of the book pass, hoping to win a gaiman book prize or that dinner date with Neil Gaiman.
but I don't expect something. coz the problem is -- I can't go out this SAT !!


oh...and here's one update.

The Art Contest has gone extreme, the submitted entries are now on the roll count to 120 plus entries and varying in different sizes. some of the entries are already MURAL size of 6 feet by 6 feet. and all I can say is that Pinoy are very hyper in this contest. Also they say that some of the entries came from students, hobbyist, professional artist, and some artist in advertising companies.
ohhh..this is a tough contest!

so...i know everyone is excited on this Magical Tour. and I'm wishing you all a big good luck and congratulations to see and meet Neil Gaiman

the female AZ !
from my friendster:
tang inek! may other existing 'az' sa
pilipinas!??! hehehe.. sama ko, tinatry ko solohin
yung nickname natin. alam ko yung suffering na
tinatawag na 'ass' ng mga barok na tao. hindi ko
akalain. mahilig k p s art and stuff. hahahahaha
nakakatawa!!! may connection p s prenster!
hahaha!! bay da wei, hay wey, natuwa lng ako sa
fact na merong ibang "az" ahahahhahah.. cge. babay.

-- Azalea

I was laughing when I read this, I replied and then she replied too, I told her that Its funny to hear someone calls Ate Az to her, it sounded that it addresses to me and the same to her when someone called me Kuya Az.
ahahha..I wonder how many "AZ" here in the world. She's a freshmen in UP Manila, and super kulit hahahaha.
and I told her too that Azalea is my chosen name for a future daughter hahaa.. but it seems that I have to think of other names before my little princess comes in this world. maybe after 90 yrs hahhahahh.

my question to Neil Gaiman
I already sent this question and hoping for a good answer. This question was supposed to be for an interview for Phil.Hobbyist Magazine.but the magazine was I sent this question tru email to the main organizer of the event, coz they are asking for email questions for him to answer. this might be a good chance for me to hear his answers.

good afternoon Mr. Neil Gaiman.
my name is Azrael Coladilla, member of an art group Artists' Den and Komikero and here's my question.
here in the philippines we have lots of talented comic artist like Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Yu of Superman Birthrigth, Wilson Tortosa of Battle of the Planets, Edgar Tadeo of Silver Surfer and Wolverine, Carlo Pagulayan of Elektra and many more.

is there a way or is it possible maybe in the future that our filipino artist can team up with you or collaborate with you in a comic project or perhaps a graphic novel ?

one of the artist - Gerry Alanguilan said that he is honored to team up and work with you.
and I know he is here in the venue. what can you say about that?


invisible coat
Image hosted by
Az in school.

I'm wearing now the invisible coat, also wishing to have also an invisible hat.
for the invisible me.

It was a good and successful lecture and report at my class lately. and Im very happy about it. I arrived on time and I went to school very early just to make my self in condition.

last night was not a good condition, so I decided not to read and do the report. what I did was, grab that powerpoint presentation I made 2 weeks ago, use it and read it for a minute.

then when Im on my way to school, my classmate Dianne txting me and telling me where my location, but that time I was so badtrip..

Im trying to reconstruct myself, and also trying to calm down coz my seatmate in the train really bugs me. People who aren't educated musn't use the train. coz they complain so much about it esp. the seats, they should ride the jeepney instead.

o.k. after a 30min. reformating, I went to school immediately. skip breakfast and then try to re focus my mind. coz my classmates and 3 professors will listen to my report.

after arriving two of the professors told me that they should enjoy my report and lecture, they were amaze that I'm still a student and have this strong spirit in finishing school. I laughed and then told them that its okay, the important deal is that I have to fix my life and prove that I can do it. So after the short talkies we proceeded to my lecture and talk.

I'm glad that I got their attention after showing the flash animation of STAR DUDES, after that I clicked my mouse to show my powerpoint presentation. and then everyone came in, some are late and in a matter of minutes the room now is full and occupied by students.

its my first time to give lecture and do a report in my school. and its pretty funny, but the experience is great!

after the report...they all clapped and thank me, some of my classmates approached me asking for the powerpoint and some of them ask about some topics about my report.

in the end. im so happy. and i super enjoyed my classmates.

suddenly...she changed her mind.

i found out that something is wrong.

i noticed it and finally learned what the truth is

its just like sleeping and waking up again in the unfamiliar ceiling

too bad that i dont have money to buy her that bag she wants

i hope ALIENS come here, just like in War of the Worlds.
i like the way how they kill humans...

its like...having a painless death...

i hope my mind and heart is like that.


someone will be gone for now.
someone will be leaving
someone will be missed
and someone will stop posting.

have to make it..



Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Gathering in Singapore and the J.K.Rowling meet up / Aztonishing in color

Neil Gaiman in Singapore (Jul4-6,2005)
a fellow Gaiman fan talked to me online and told me that her nephew was in Singapore for the Neil Gaiman book signing event, She called him on the phone and then her nephew shared his experience on the Singapore tour of Neil Gaiman. And then later shared on to me..and now shared it to you. So we can see here and expect on what will happen on July 9.

There are lots of people who came in that event, and some of the people, most majority are females, cried when they found out that they didnt reached on time for the last number book pass. It was a very sad moment for them for waiting the whole long line, and the last number pass can no longer accomodate them all.

Also some of the lucky people have asked Neil Gaiman to draw, well lucky ones are mostly girls, who got DREAM sketches from Neil. and If you asked nicely and show up those cute little eyes, he might give you a sketch and then autograph. Too bad that some of the male visitors didnt got the luck to get the sketch. So my friend's advice was - hey Az! Tranform into a Girl now! you might get a Neil Gaiman sketch.-

Also after the booksigning, Neil conducted a lecture and later on entertained some questions from the fans. One shared short info was "Good Omen" was supposed to be made into a film on year 2001. but the project didnt pushed through. //*oh! its okay.Mirror Mask is here*//

In Singapore, Neil Gaiman signed lots of Mirror Mask books, and they said that even if you put a bulk of Mirror Mask, Neil will signed them all even if it is owned by one person.. wow!!! //*Neil is so excited (I think) to share the Mirror Mask story to all fans, hoping that the movie will be shown here in Manila. *//

and the number of crowds in Singapore is humongous, so I think the 500 lucky stub holder will be trooping now the Rockwell tent on Friday.
and maybe, I think some of them might camp out outside the venue, just to make sure that they get the book pass and number early on Saturday.

Right now I'm still thinking what will be the outcome of the saturday event.Im just wishing that it will be a good sunny day and no problems will encounter.

for his own update you can visit his journal site for his Singapore tour experience.

advance read here by clicking these links

And Also for our humor side!
the master of spoof! Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada
made another funny spoof of the Neil Gaiman-Alan Moore gig
and look who I met here.. hehheh It was funny..another extension of the 1st comic strip of the Artists' Den gimik at the Toycon. and now Me in real life was fooled by Lico's post as Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore in my tag board ehehee. and this time in comic I was fooled for meeting - the Harry Potter writer.

And funny thing about the strip is..Im wearing my school uniform!!
and argghh!! I failed to win that Fantastic Four premiere ticket..
congrats to Lyndon and Lei for winning the free tickets ehheehh

Image hosted by
Check out the colored version of the Aztonishing Az-verine (Wolverine)
pencil and colored by the super hunk (nuff said) Edgar Tadeo, whose now waiting for a comic spotlight for Image comic's SPAWN as inker and colorist. goodluck man!!!

Movie Wednesday !!! FREE DAY !
Me and my ever lovable cutey honey sexy girlfriend Lace will watch a movie tomorrow! finally! the long wait for Fantastic Four is showing today! too bad that I have to watch WAR OF THE WORLDS, coz Im going to make a movie review for my English class.. argh..have to make a Batman Begins review too..oh well..its food and movie time for us again.

and oh mom is coming to town next week!!
the Az-mother is here in Manila and lakwatsaan time will be our theme. mom's the best !!!! too bad that they're going to CEBU CITY with my sis next week to meet with Jerry Yan of F4...oh great! And Im left home..

its okay...wait til you see my pic with Neil Gaiman backstage hehehehe.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Neil Gaiman Philippines website

Meann Ortiz created an event website for the Neil Gaiman in Manila event, she is also the main head of the Nocturne, Neil Gaiman club in the Philippines. visit the site for the event info, contest info and some FAQ about the event.

and for the update, the officials said that Neil Gaiman will sign books for 4 hours, and the stubs might be limited to 500 stubs /book signers for Day 1-2 the event July 9-10 only. and 200 stubs for Day 3, thats July 11.

for more updates and sched. check out the event website of the Gathering.

I might have 5 book pass. but I'm not yet sure If I can grab 5 pass, for 5 geting excited for this.
coz I know everyone will be there!


For your convenience, listed below are the rules and guidelines for
Neil Gaiman's book-signing events. Although we would like to for
everybody to get their items signed, we realize that this would be a
near impossible feat to accomplish which is why we have scheduled
three (3) book-signing events. We estimate that each person will take
at least 45 seconds to have their items signed along with their
pictures taken. In an hour, this would come up to approximately 100
fans. Out of courtesy and consideration to our guest, Mr. Neil
Gaiman, an X number of hours will be allotted for book signing per
venue. However, we will accommodate as many people as possible during
the allotted time frame.

1. Time allotment for book signing per venue:
a. "The Gathering" at the Rockwell Tent - 4 hours
b. Fully Booked Promenade, Greenhills - 4 hours
c. Fully Booked Gateway Mall, Cubao- 3 hours

2. To better facilitate number and order, we will be giving out
NUMBERED STUBS. Numbered stubs will be given on a FIRST-COME FIRST-
SERVE basis. Each person is allotted only one numbered stub
(meaning they can't line up again for another number stub).

3. Those who wish to have items signed will be required to form
two (2) lines outside each venue in order to get a numbered stub.

4. We will begin giving numbered stubs at:

a. "The Gathering", July 9, Rockwell Tent at 10:30am (Doors
to "The Gathering" will open officially at 3:00pm. However, we
suggest that you come earlier for a better chance to get a lower-
numbered pass.)
b. Fully Booked Greenhills Promenade, July 10 at 12:30 pm (Book-
signing will begin at 2 pm)
c. Fully Booked Gateway Mall, July 11 at 3:00 pm (Book-signing
will begin at 4:30 pm). Book signing will take place at the GATEWAY

5. If you should be unable to acquire a numbered stub
during "The Gathering" on July 9, you will be given PRIORITY NUMBERED
STUBS for the GREENHILLS OR GATEWAY book-signings.

the Az-tonishing and the gathering

Image hosted by
my invitation card for the Neil Gaiman Writers Forum has arrived and I was surprised coz I didnt know that it will arrive today, I got a hard time in school lately coz I got dizzy and Im not yet fully recovered from the flu. and now the ultimate prize for my day is here in my room. wohoh..

got an update that i think they will release 300 stubs for the book signing, which means only 300 people are allowed to sign on a single day. Im not yet sure about this, but wait for the latest update from their yahoogroups.

The event date is getting close and everyone is silent as they wait for their invitation arrive in their doorsteps. geez.I have to talk to my professor about this to have an early practical exam on examining rocks for my natural science class, so that I can attend the forum early. ehehehe

Marvel comic superstar and hot hunk Edgar Tadeo (hot hunk huh haahah) drew me and my bday request to make me a comic being by with his skill in drawing and this is what he gave me while ago.

Image hosted by
SNIKT !!!! Aztonishing Azverine (Wolverine)

thanks Ed!

this piece is awesome!
I'l print it and frame it and hang it at home!
thanks man..hope i can see the colored version hahhaha

visit his website at and check out his artworks.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Birthday part2

Its my 2nd day and extension of my bday celebration. This time I'm with Lace and we ate pancit and we ordered pizza, that pizza from Pizza Hut with mozzarella cheese stuff crust. It was fun yesterday as we stuffed our stomachs with pizza and food.

Image hosted by
she said that she has a surprise, and I know its a bday present, she said that I should close my eyes as she grabbed the present from her bag, on my mind I was thinking of a shirt, a watch hahhah, or an action figure. but when she told me to open my eyes, in front of me flashed a Neil Gaiman book title "Caroline", ohh..this was the book I want to buy!! I'm glad that I didnt bought one, so thats why she's telling me If I already bought one. and I didnt know that she will bought one book for my bday..thanks honey!!

it was a super hot day for us and we enjoyed the day together, but I got sick and feel drowsy after that long session. I began to chill when we are walking inside Glorietta, at first I didnt mind it,maybe that it might be cold. and then when we eat and read books in Java cafe in Powerbooks, I felt a very weird feeling, now I announced to her that I'm sick. she felt it too so after reading and drink that javapuccino. she bought me medicine and take it immediately, while going home alone I felt weak and the medicine is taking effect.

and this sunday I missed the Licofest 3 at Lico's house, its a celebration and food fest to us Artists' Den and Deviant Art, and also supposed to be an extension ofmy bday, due to my weak condition, I didnt make it and txted him that I'm sick and he suggested that I take chicken soup and raw garlic to cure me. thanks man!

and now I'm here at home recovering but almost already in my 70% full energy, coz I can stand up and walk properly, but the problem is that I dont have any taste bud to taste my food. but its okay.. Im nearly recovering and it was a long sunday of lying in bed.

and yo! Neil Gaiman update here!!
hohohoh..hope I can make it to the gathering. coz I got now my own book.
and waiting for the invitation card from the British council. I think they gonna mail it to my doorsteps or just attend and sign the attendance form.

Image hosted by
photo of Neil Gaiman that was sent to me by the organizer in hi-res to be put on the video presentation. I think this is the reccent photo of Neil Gaiman, coz they require this photo to be put up coz photos in the net are already old.

My Neil Gaiman in Manila Audio Visual presentation will be show at the event and thanks to the organizer for trusting me to make one for them.
its fun to do video stuff its just like exercising my skills and idea.

you can take an old version which I played during the toycon.
view and download here

and here's their review
-Azrael, that was so cool! Thanks so much! We would love to play it during the event....

I used "Wait for sleep" music by the progressive rock band,"Dreamtheater", Its just like my chosen tribute music and song for Gaiman and his Sandman works.

anyway here's the update

JULY 9, Saturday:
- Doors to "The Gathering" at the Rockwell Tent will open at 3:00pm

JULY 10, Sunday:
- A Reading and Book Signing at Fully Booked Promenade Greenhills
(opening July 8, 2005) will start at 2:00pm

JULY 11, Monday:
- A Press Conference (by invitation) and the British Council Writers
Forum at the Music Musuem will be from 1:30-3:00pm
- A Reading and Book Signing at Fully Booked Gateway Mall will start
at 4:30pm
- Winners Dinner (Raffle and Art Competition winners) at 7:00pm

Book Review contest
Fully Booked and JAM 88.3 have launched a "Neil Gaiman Book Review"
contest for all you aspiring writers. Tune in to JAM 88.3 for all
details and get the chance to meet and have a "mini-interview" with
Neil Gaiman!

p.s. Don't forget, the NEIL GAIMAN ART COMPETITION is still on-going,
so submit your entries now...

Rare 1st printing books for auction
Check out the Neil Gaiman Fully Booked items on! Rare
first printing hard covers of Neil Gaiman's works are on auction. On-
line bidding has started and it ends on July 8,2005. So hurry before
everything gets going, going...sold!

Mirror Mask clip at the event
We have great news! As most of you know, the film adaptation of Neil
Gaiman's "Mirrormask" (directed by Dave McKean!) premiered in the
Sundance Film Festival this year and will be shown (limited release) in
the United States at the end of September 2005. As a special treat to
his fans, Neil Gaiman will be showing an exclusive 13-minute clip of
the movie in "The Gathering" on July 9! Another reason to go to this
exciting event!

Questions for Mr. Gaiman
In less than 2 weeks, Neil Gaiman will be here! We hope to see you
all in the first of many events that will take place - "The Gathering"
in the Rockwell Tent on July 9, 3:00pm.

One of the highlights of this event is a Reading by Neil Gaiman. And
after that, the floor will be open to questions from his fans. To
facilitate the order of questions, please send in (email us through
this group) your questions as early as now and include your full name
and contact details.

send your questions to

War of the Worlds
The last war on Earth is not started by Humans..

I changed now my PC Wallpaper from Fantasic Four now to War of the Worlds.
It just I might loose the interested to watch the F4 on wednesday, coz right now I'm having some thoughts of watching the F4 and then War of the Worlds.

here's the wallpaper that Im using now.

We failed it to watch last saturday, a bday celebration extension, but coz of the limited time, we decided to watch it on wednesday.

but the Fantastic Four movie still in the back of my mind.

But will watch WOW on wednesday.i have to.

coz im one of those fans of the remake version. I think the remake was aired during the 90's in a TV series format. From my experience I'm excited seeing the humans fight these aliens and proves that humanity is still superior when it comes to fight for the survival in their home planet Earth.

I saw the trailer in MTV Screen, and it was so scary to watch it, you see that buildings and bridge are destroyed, then the street opened up and alien tentacles came out and kill the living things near it.

As one of the character said this is not a War, this is Annihilation.

War of the Worlds now showing in all theaters!
dont dare watch it in a pirated video.
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