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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Carabaos can fly

Image hosted by
Az and his girlfriend who turned into a stone

me and my family went to Villa Escudero's, a museum and a perfect family outing place located in the boundary of San Pablo Laguna and Tiaong, Quezon Province.

It was an endless eating again and my stomach is very satisfied for the consumption of those pinoy foods, fruits and chichirya.

Image hosted by
Az, with sis and mom

It was a blast! we enjoyed the outing and its my Auntie's bday, we we had a little reunion and this event will be held again next year.

during the family day out, I burst again and snapped after hearing some bad updated on the other side of the city. I was so pissed off but I haven't heard or got any explanation for that incident, and maybe that my self defense mechanism is working properly. I was like a Lion trying to protect my cubs from other male Lions.

I was home and havent heard any explanations.maybe I will get some tomorrow.

I got a good conversation to my stellar dreamer fairy god mother
and its nice to hear some news from her again and lots of chika going through the ear waves and it was fun and then suddenly my goatee fairy god father emailed me and proposes a serious talk on something, maybe its about me and the others revolving around the puzzled me.

thanks to my nameless and imaginary god parents from being there when I need them.

I met and saw a stray cat, colored white with brown stripes on its hair. its nice to pat and look at the cat. but after that... it bites me awww
(more stories sooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn)

Friday, July 29, 2005

13th floor of Stardust Memory

hmm... think my title is from the animation Gundam 0080. I love the anime and also War in the Pockets. Stardust Memory is one of the best Gundam series.

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I slept in Edsa Shangri La Hotel last night after our short gimik and it was a good one. Videoke, beer, foods, fruits and deadly cholesterols. It was weird that this hotel has a 13th floor, coz we know that the number 13 is badluck. but for the chinese, I think the number 13 is not badluck, but it is a goodluck number for them, while number 8, I think, is the bad number for them.

Image hosted by
It was cool to see and press the number 13 in the elevator. I have this excitement that it will be my 1st time in life to be in a 13thfloor. I was fooling around that there might be ghost in the hotel, while I joked my self while taking a shower and then imagining some things that what if that theres someone walking outside my shower, and I can look at it through the glass door of the shower room. was a chilling experience, i like to scare myself while I take a bath.

Image hosted by
here in the photo my cousin Chris, fooling around in the tub.
hoy! wala nyan sa dimension natin ahaahha.. hindi yan telephone!

We arrived early last night, it was a packed up gimik before 12 midnight and we went back to the hotel, took a bath and enjoy watching HBO. I woke up super late and got some trouble in waking up in a super cold and comfy bed. geez..i want that super big master's bed.

Costume Photo Shoot

someone talked to me online and told me about her solo produced event, it involves people in costumes, and photographers. Jerry Polence invited me in her conceptualized idea of modeling, fashion and photography. Her event will be on August 20 at the Walls of Intramuros, Manila. there will be no entrance fee and maybe the photographers can fill up a registration form for free to attend the one day event.

I talked to henry, one of my physical avatar to help Polence, one of the award winning cosplayer in town this year, to organize and facilitate this new event to all who like to wear costumes and into art photography.

website will be up watch out for it.

Silent Dragon Comics Philippine Launch
on planning mode

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Ideas are popping up and maybe next month there will be a local or I can call it an unofficial launching for Silent Dragon comics. To introduce and launch the new comics worked and team up by the dynamic duo of Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan, after the success of Superman: Birthright and Batman/Danger Girl, they did another explosive title under DC-Wildstorm, Silent Dragon.

er. maybe the guys of Artists' Den and other groups can organize this ehhehee.

also I'm planning to show my comic trailer for Silent Dragon if ever the event is push through. The writer of Silent Dragon Andy Diggle saw it already and i was blown away by his positive critic on my comic trailer for Silent Dragon. This was my first direction for a comic trailer, maybe soon i can make some comic trailer for our local comics.

launch venue will be in Gloria Jeans Coffee in Shopwise Cubao, the new home of Artists' Den (and also new office ahaha), breathing grounds and tambayan for all artists and art lovers.

will let know if DC-Wildstorm can grant a request for a fan-comic launching event. this will be a first time so I hope everything will be a success.

Image hosted by
check out the journal entry of Gerry Alanguilan about Silent Dragon
click it here to advance read

to view my Silent Dragon fan made comic trailer
just visit my video page in my multiply page.
click here to advance surf

Thursday, July 28, 2005

the magic 7 quiz show!
I saw this quiz at Camy's blog and then she posted there that she wishes that I take the quiz too.

so here it is, wish granted !

Seven things that scare you:
2.Planet Jupiter
4.The Blue Screen of Death
7.Angry Girlfriend

Seven things you like the most:
4.watching movies
5.reading comics
6.being with my love ones
7.going out of town and travelling

Seven important things in your room:
1.Bed - where the magic happens
2.Computer - my other tag team player
3.Fridge - my tummy's best friend
4.Microwave - the super most important
5.Videos and Audios stuff

Seven random facts about you:
1.a dog and fish lover
2.collector of stuff like comics, cd, videos, toys,magazines, books, clothes, bags
3.i love going to events and parties
4.king of merryland, also always with my queen
5.event organizer who haven't got rich
6.aggressive inline skater
7.future Oscar Award nominee

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1.Travel and live to other planets
2.become a grand grand parent
3.become super rich and have a jam with Larc en Ciel band lots of okonomiyaki
6.become a national artist
7.get that book back that I lost titled "Into the Unknown"

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1.nice feet
2. nice long and not too short hair
3. sexy body
4. cute eyes
5.cute smile
7.basta lahat ng na kay Lace ahhahhah

Seven things you say the most:
3.ahehehe - sa txt yan
4.putang ina!
7. di nga?

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign)
1.Jennifer Garner
2.Jessica Alba
3.Gwen Garci - hello garci ?! cute kasi
4.Zhang Ziyi
5.Traci Lords
6.Natalie Imbruglia
7.Amanda Griffin

Seven people you want to see to take this quiz:


Im glad that someone is already recognizing my works!

charis CHARIS wrote:
Hi! How can i possibly obtain information on your lectures re: anime invades philippines, contribution of anime to philippine culture, etc.? im working at the Embassy of Japan and currently doing a research on japan's influence on filipino culture in preparation for the Philippines-Japan Friendship Year next year.

Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Charis Elias

my reply:
hi there
I dont have a full lecture on the topic
because I only do oral lectures in some school.

but I do have some short essays about my lecture

will send you some and maybe will write something about the topic
you can ask questions or perhaps prepare some topics that i can discuss

thanks so much for the interest
and by the way.. where did you know that I did some lectures here.

all the best,

The Goddess and the Machinist

its a very rough day for me but the fun never stops and the small hour trip to the nebulas are super fun! me and lace did a wonderful activity today, play some games in Timezone, and at last I beat her in Daytona and Basketaball shots. but before that it was a high powered hour for us. I think its becoming one of the best days we did. for my experience I'll insert again belts, handkerchief, pringles,bottled water and the french fries. and its another fun adventure of the Goddess and the Machinist

I have to post something for this blank entry.

been busy for a moment....

there are 2 online game company are proposing to me but for my slow hooo and busy month.
I'll see whats their proposed event.

also 2 website on the go and super busy talaga!

family outings and reunions!

geeez..I need a clone ahahahhaha

Image hosted by
i was drunk last night after watching some live comedy show with my family in Klowns Araneta, and then I woke up 15 min before 7:30AM. and damn ! im super I decided not to attend my 1st class and argh..Im so in deep hot water!!!

tonight me and my cousin will give a treat to my uncle, he wants an all boys night out!
I dont know yet where we will bring him, but he said that something that he will enjoy the most before he leaves again the country.

well. me and lace are putting up a smal business..will post here soon!

Image hosted by
and I might not home later....and hohooho..another Hotel night for me tonight.

Cinema One Originals
Digital Film Festival 2005

check this out
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

for the synopsis, click on the image below

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pinoy Top Blogs

i just signed up to this some sort of a blog ring called "Pinoy Top Blogs" its a website that has full list of pinoy blog links and its a great space for promoting each everyone's blog,. They have this voting system that makes someone to be listed on top or on the top 1 chart everyone, and I observed that everyone is listed there and I listed my url last weekend and check it out Im ranking number 23! wohooh
Image hosted by
also I'm not sure of the voting system that if they gave away prize of who will be the number 1 on the chart hhahhaha.. hope they will.

also I have surfed some interesting links and now I'm reading it and will be bookmark later all in my PC.
some of my friends and known people in the community is listed there like Gerry, Jonas, Jac, Tobie, Ariel.
its great to see their links there and thanks to Reg Ting, I saw the link from his blog and I was curious to try it out. I listed and forgot to choose my category, when I chose the web blog category, my URL pops to 47, then to 30, then to 27 and now I'm at the 23 list. I'm not sure on how it works but sure its fun to see my blog to climb up. ahaahha

here are the new blogs that I read that I got from Pinoy Top Blogs.




Anansi Girl

KalibugaN BlaG - one pinoy pundit points and shoots

Retzwerx - Mga Werx at Blog ni Retz

the rocketboy chronicles

you can try and register and I want to see all those pinoy blog links so that I can read, greet and meet some of the great pinoy bloggers in our country!
see ya then..

but before I go..

hope you can click here and vote Azrael's Merryland or check out the pinoy top blog link banner on the left side of this page.

Made for TV

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OK! you can laughed at me later ahahahahaa. WOWOWEEE!!!

its my first time to watch a live variety show and its kinda fun and a pain my butt after sitting and prohibited to stand while the show is going on.

I was with my mom and sis, also with my aunt and uncle. they are very excited to watch this variety game show in ABS CBN called WOWOWEE. the show is hosted by Willie Revillame. and my balikbayan family are very hard core fans of this show coz they watched it in TFC or The Filpino Channel. we went there as early as 2 hours before the show starts and we got this gate pass from the higher ups of ABS, thanks to some contacts from my sis. and when we entered the studio they taught us how to stand properly, claps our hands and also do that funny hand gesture of WOWOWEE, which I'm not sooooooo familiar of. and argh...I was so embarassed to see my self to that. but will do that to make my mom happy, coz we promised her that we will bring her to a live variety show.

during the beginning of the show we flash our signage and my mom carries the Chicago paper banner and my auntie holds her Hayward banner, the studio provides the paper banner so that when they aired it the locals will know that there are balikbayan who went and watch the show.

we are located at the TFC subscribers area, so the attention is always on us. and when the camera rolls and to show starts LIVE. Willie pops up and visit our area and arghh.. I raised my banner and he reads it "Hello to Denver, Joyce, Emily, EJ and Anya" and i was happy when he did that coz I promised to Lace that I will do whatever I can to greet her niece, Anya, on Wowowee, coz they watched it and hahahaha..they saw me on TV !

after the show my mom went to Willie's dressing room, signed his CD and photo ops everywhere. and hehehe yes we have a photo with the host of Wowowee

ok..enough of this tv crap ahha.. but its fun to watch it live.

ok whats next mom?
game ka na ba?
eat bulaga?

ok i'll just sit here in front my pc next time.

Agimat web comics

Image hosted by

just found this on the web after reading the posts in Alamat ML.
its a webcomics! made by pinoys! and I like it.
especially the Garapatik! looks ok and fun to read!
i recommend it and i wanna hear your feedbacks!

go pinoys!

Monday, July 25, 2005

our 7th month

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its our 7th month in a relationship and we are so inlove to each other and now I can't sleep for I think so much about Lace, been in contact to her 24 hours a day just to make sure that everything is okay and fine. i know we are both busy but still the love will never die. *oohhh mushy!*

this week will be a super busy week, thesis-school-work-family

and hoping we catch that Cinema One movie-thon in theaters at the end of July.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Minus Blindfolds and Crazy Legs

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"im crazy for you!, la la la"
man, at first I like this song,but then I started to hate it, and then I began to not to hate it and just forget it and not to listen it ever.and then I can't believe that I'm singing it.

Image hosted by
Me and Lace once again went out for a trip, a videoke trip in Provedence near St.Scholastic. Its a commercial arcade that has lots of rooms of videoke machine with aircon, you buy P5 token or P10 token for VIP room and then you can sing and play your favorite videoke just a click of a button.

I started playing and arghhh I was tricked by this song "Wish you were here", I thought it was an Incubus song, but when it played, its like a classical song that I haven't heard it in my life. and then Lace sang Aegis "Ayoko na sana" er..i think thats the title, she has this cute voice and man.. I was melting like a butter on top of a hot pancake.

it was fun "Iniwan mo ako oh baby!", "Pagka't iniwan mo ako oh ohhh"
ahaha.that was one of my fave lines that Lace made her tune a super sexy voice.and then I sang and made a reply to her song. I played and sang Eraserheads' "Kaliwete" was fun and my first time to sing it.

"Noong nagsama tayo ay kanan ang ginamit mo, ngunit biglang naturete kaw pala ay kaliwete"

Image hosted by was soooo astig! and then we played some more, to the local and foreign songs. and man! i sang Nirvana's "Rape me!" ohhh.. i feel that i was raped hahahahaa..

and before the videoke day out! it was another trip to the milky way galaxy for the both of us. yes. I'll insert chocolate, belts, telephone line and some blindfolds which will describe my day. oh wow..

Comic Survey

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I went to Megamall to conduct and gave away some comic survey to some Deviant Art people I know and thanks to them for their cooperation and they waited for me in Megamall Bowling Alley. I had a hard time going to Mega it was like an adventure of the Land Before Time, I fight for my life while riding the jeepney and that super rainstorm. My target destination is Benpres Building were I have to get something very important.

Image hosted by
The Comic survey is for Lace's school paper,its a research on the interest of people who read, not reads, and used to read comics. Its a good survey form. and its my errr..1st time to give away survey forms. ahahah.

Image hosted by
thanks to Ck, Razekiel, Blitz and the others for their DA cooperation.
sorry for I didnt answered some of your query about Komikon.

Toycon Article in Dc for Kids

thanks to Reg Ting for my complimentary copy of their new issue of DC comics for Kids no.16 and DC Superheroes no.16.

Image hosted by
check out the Toycon article in DC for Kids no.16 and you'll see my picture with Angel Locsin as DARNA buy now! grab a copy and check out the free stuff inside.

thanks to Reg Ting, Gilbert Monsanto and the article writer Richie Ramos for making up a 2 page feature with photos for Toycon 2005. I already sent a message to the Toycon director to check out the comics.

Image hosted by

also check out the Batman Begins comics reprints of PSICOM. its very affordable and a must buy and read.

Meeting the Den again

Image hosted by
Lico pulls a cat out in a hat

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
the good boys and girl of Den

Image hosted by
Lyndon prepares a photo signage shot for his blog

Its good to see the Den, and they are very busy in organizing the KOMIKON, I don't know what kind of event they are making but it seems so big and very promising convention. they are preparing lots of stuff and I think the details will be finalize before the month ends.

so all revelation on the event will be put up soon on its official website. and yours truly will be updating it and they asked me to fixed and do the website developing for their event.

I'll update here soon and hoping that the website is up before Tuesday, July 26.

just feel free to visit the teaser page -

and as they discuss the event to me. Its very exciting and fun.

Con update

the Artists'Den is busy cooking up their event for October 2005. the Komikon will be a new revolutionize event and the very 1st PURE comic event to all of us. I promised Hal Santiago last year when I visited Dennis Villegas store opening, Vintage Comic Shop, I met Hal Santiago who is a great comic artist, and still do comics for Liwayway comics, I had a short talk with him and told him about the comic culture here in our country and for that he said that the culture is rapidly changing and it seems that we all already forget the old ones and the people who started it, but then i told him that one of my dream event is that to pay tribute to all pinoy artist who started the comic culture. And in here we will be paying attention in remembering them and give them credit for their great contribution in our culture.

and then I told the Artists' Den to organize one. and here it is!
this event is for all us PINOYS !

so I'll just sit back and relax and wait for October. I'm glad that there's someone who can put this up and organize it for us.

And then I just had a talked with Vin Simbulan, he told me this upcoming event for Comic Quest. it will be a 20th anniversary celebration for Comic Quest and this will be a big celebration to all comic fans this coming November 2005. So expect lots of comic celebrity appearance in this one day event. target might be on 1st week or end week of November, venue will be in the convention and activity ground of Megamall.

and hm...someone told me that UP AME will be hosting an anime event in November. hmm i hope they can release some press about this.

Friday, July 22, 2005

new Heaven

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I called it my second life.. me and Lace will be opening the gates to a new world and Im wishing for an infinite joy and happiness to the both of us. After watching the Madagascar movie in Zen Chill out, I just learned that being a beast can be controlled and can coped up into a different environment. "I like to move it! move it!"

the 7th month is nearly coming..and I want it more!

Fire from the Heavens

Image hosted by

Its a busy day for me, having party and enjoying lots of food with the family, we went out of town to attend my uncle's bday party, I promised him that I will attend his party, I'll go with Lace and not attend my thursday class. Everything went well, Lace didnt make it coz of her OJT and her sis Liza's bday too. Its a fine dining for me, I ate like a Lion, almost can eat a whole zebra.

and after that The Fire from the Heavens has begun....
i thought it will be my end, I'm glad that the stars in sky guides me in this creepy incident, I almost slammed my cellphone outside the Van in South Luzon Express Way, I controlled and nearly snapped! I'm glad that the 1890 tequila kicks in and makes me sleep the whole day while going home.

The fire from the heavens lasted 4 hours I think, I didn't even notice the exact time, coz my mind is unstable condition and thinking already a near death experience.

I'm everything went well...and back to normal.

I discovered many things about the Golden Ring of Ball and Chain, and it seems that the chain is turning into adamantium, and maybe I can call it next time - the Adamantium Ring of Ball and Chain.
well for all comic readers, they can understand that.

But the evil side from the Pandora's Box has been released again and these so called un-touched memories came back again and it is very disturbing. I just want to forget about the past.

so creepy...

and people back from the past are coming back from the dead, and All I want to is that
- they have to leave me alone! . before the Adamantium Ring brings chaos to my life.

but..I love my Ring.


Image hosted by
I just loved my new Olympus Digicam

It ain't no worries for the rest of your day. Its Problem free...Philosphy...
Hakuna Matata..

I love to see Lion King again, my auntie gave me a DVD release of the special ed of Lion King, nice to see all my favoriete characters, but this entry is about me..

I ate like a PIG! (as Pumba said in the movie)

Its an endless chow and grub for me..and I can notice that my belly is getting er..huge.

The Island

Image hosted by

Lincoln(Ewan) and Jordan(Scarlett) are not just ordinary people, they are special and to the world, they are very important.

wow! we just saw the movie THE ISLAND, and I give it a 10 stars highest rate, and this is a very good movie! Camy told me that watching Pinoy Blonde is not a very recommended date movie, but she said that i check it out the PB movie, but instead Lace decided we watch THE ISLAND. and I'm glad that my P120 ticket is not a total loss. man..I'll add this movie to my DVD collection.

the director of the movie - Michael Bay, did another vision and shared to us the possibility and not-so-sci fi story, and called a basis (means it can happen) like the movie he directed like "Armaggedon", THE ISLAND will reveal to us on what's the next step on the world of science discovery,.

the movie is pure action and is a breath taking story lines. will get tired on all those running, shooting and never before seen-matrix'esh goo and the future of medicine.

The back project

Artists' Den is very busy on this project and I want to reveal it already before someone jumps in and do a same event.

This will be the next successful convention next to TOYCON

I made a short teaser and it is unofficial

check out the teaser in this link -

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fantastic Monsters

Image hosted by
Tamahome and Miaka will have a good movie date this afternoon.

its free day and I want to make it a happy day for us, will watch the movie THE ISLAND and I'm looking forward to see God's sunlight tomorrow.

and oh...I just saw INCUBUS new music video, titled MAKE A MOVE. a music soundtrack for the movie STEALTH , oh man! now I want to watch this movie too, yes yes. we big boys love big planes and with lots of artillery and pure action..oh wow! thats the latest INCUBUS appearance to our boob tube.

Casino boy

(i will post the photos later at home)

We spend the night with my uncle, auntie with my mom and sis, we went to Heritage Hotel just to visit them and they invited us to have dinner. but the evening was very different..

it was dark..wet..rainy...and crazy!!!!!!!!

yes! We had fun inside Music 21 KTV, it was my 1st time to use the videoke. it was a long hour ride for us singing all the songs that we like. from modern-classic and funny songs of local and foreign. we got lots of food. aww.. i missed that Chicharong Bulaklak. for me..its like a suicide.

After that, we went to Casino Filipino, and boy oh boy oh boy! its my first time again to enter this world of adults. its kinda boring, people in there are all adults and no teens like me. I like to stay at the Lounge Bar coz we met a singer there named Maggii, who has a great singing talent and the wonderful thing is that its her sideline coz shes only a nursing student. whoa!

I dont have yet the idea of the Casino, coz back then at the Manila Polo Club, i got lots of chips and I dont know how to Black Jack and some of those cards with dice. I think I threw those chips away after having my disappointment coz I dont know how to play.

Volcano Island by Atronic Ind. (very easy play and I want to have one at home)

we went down below and we played Slot Machines!, yes,,, very familiar game, coz I got some in my PC. so my auntie inserted P500 bill in the machine and then I got the credit total of Php500, the minimum bet is P1 and the max bet is P9, so we place my bet at P9 so that theres a big chance in winning, betting of P9 to a 9 entries slots.

almost the end...I lost......... bye P500 bill.

then my aunt played this kind of slots called Inca Sun. and after that.she won!
lots of tokens and later on we exchanged it to real money. 4 canister of tokens was already worth of P2500. oh wow!! I;m getting used to it..

Now I think Im addicted hahahaha..i want to play more..

I remember that we played the Star Wars Sabacc card game, I was so addicted to that.
I think I love playing games that has prizes, and love to win and have this excitement and thrill if Im going to lose or win.

Another Gaiman article
The members of Artists'Den is here in the photo showing their numbered stubs. and also on the far right., the every Holy Saint Mark Cerbo, who organized with the group to line up in Gateway at 4am, check his blog here for some of his gaiman adventure.

At Gaiman’s last book signing in Gateway Mall on Monday, the line wound down three floors -- from Fully Booked at the 3rd floor down and out to Aurora Blvd. Gaiman finished with the last person well past 10 p.m.
He is no rock star, he said, yet he found "a sort of Beatle-mania early in the morning" for him. Every move, every word he made was met by wild cheering. In his blog he wrote that Filipinos are so noisy when they are happy, they can make the Brazilians look tame and reserved. "You people," he said to the crowd at Rockwell, "make more noise than even the Brazilians," after which the applause got more thunderous and the people louder.

Fans show off their numbers as they wait (left). Author Neil Gaiman added his fingerprints to a page he just signed (right). -- Photos by Jonathan Cellona

Read more here Business World Weekender

I got this link from Ariel, saw it at Mark's blog tagboard

Monday, July 18, 2005

I am bottled, fizzy water, and you are shaking me up
You are a fingernail, running down the chalkboard
I thought I left in third grade
Now my only, consolation, is that this could not last forever
Even though you're singing and thinking
How well you've got it made

Who are you?
When will you be through?

Yeah, it's just a phase... It will be over soon

Sunny Day Sunday happy malling

Image hosted by

It's malling time! and another adventure with my balikbayan mom and we spend the whole day inside the mall.
shoppin galore and food trips are all on the tops of our list. and it was a successful and happy day for us.
also the former DJ of Radio One, DJ MC aka Marc Cerbo joins us while we tour our mom inside the mall rat infested Megamall. (im a mall rat too heeh)

before that we ate our breakfast in Grappa's, Greenbelt, and it was my first time to dine in that Italian restaurant, Im fooling around on those menu, coz Its just not so descriptive for me coz I can't understand Italian food names ahhaha.. during our breakfast I saw this newspaper article

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Neil Gaiman article in Sunday Manila Times
click on the inside paper to view and read the article.

"I’ve been a rabid comics-collecting fan for the past 20 years (much to the detriment of my savings account), and as such, my knowledge of comics border almost on the pseudo-encyclopedic. Just by looking over a comic panel, I could name both the artist and the inker. By discussing a story line, I could tell who penned the story and what year it was written in. And I mark significant moments in my life, like graduation and break ups by what issue of the Justice League of America came out that month. I’ve been a rabid comics-collecting fan for the past 20 years (much to the detriment of my savings account), and as such, my knowledge of comics border almost on the pseudo-encyclopedic. Just by looking over a comic panel, I could name both the artist and the inker. By discussing a story line, I could tell who penned the story and what year it was written in. And I mark significant moments in my life, like graduation and break ups by what issue of the Justice League of America came out that month. "

The Dream King - article by RJ Ledesma

or zap and advance read here at the Manila Time website
they already posted the article click here

Its good to see that the article is about Neil Gaiman, about his work, his job, and some notes from the writers's forum. its nice to see that they pay homage to our talented pinoy artist. they also posted the website link of the Komikero Philippine Komiks Museum online.

thanks to the writer of the article.

and hm...those photographers in Gateway are from Manila Bulletin. its creepy to see them coz they took photos like a paparazzi, especially when Snooky Serna approaches Neil Gaiman, and after the conversation, the photographers are gone in a few sec. wow! and didnt even told us who they were and where will they put the photos.

and now back to my sunday mall adventures

Image hosted by
during the malling tour, my sister in the states asked us to buy her boyfriend a shirt from Spoof's Lmtd. , so i went there to check out the stocks and my idea came out and told my mom to buy Lyndon's tshirt..Beerkada shirt. MY mom bought the Gargle shirt and she bought me my shirt -the best seller shirt- Goat Milk. shirt costs P350.

Image hosted by
during the hours I met Lyndon Gregorio inside Powerbooks in Megamall, I started a thread in his forum called "Lyndon Sightings", a thread that you post some events and date that you spotted Lyndon in the area. so here's my photo of his Sasquatch

Image hosted by
Lyndon met Az's mom

then me and mom went to Powerbooks to meet Lyndon so that the Go-Beerkada book of my sister will be singed and autograph by the comic creator. we took photos, and Lyndon met my mom and then he signed, my mom was amaze and laugh out coz he likes Lyndon's art style,,very cartoony and funny. also here Marc joins us again .

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and oh..I was with my Mom and Sis, both of them are fresh from Cebu, after their attended event Jerry Yan in Cebu.

then off we go to BENCH, my sis and mom hoarded the shirts and I was there hanging out and usin their free internet surfing. they put it there coz they are promoting the online orders of BENCH items,you can order it online, pay it by credit card and they can shipped it everwhere. Because of this free internet, I forgot to grab my own shirt. Its cool to be with my mom. coz she pays everything ahahaha..peace mom!youre the best!

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then we ate our dinner in Max restaurant, my mom is a big fan of Piolo Pascual, so everywhere when we saw photos or banners, even standee of Piolo Pascual, she wants to take photos with her with the banners ahaha.. also my mom hoarded some Piolo cd and videoke in Astrovision. Mark here joins us again doing lots of stunts and death defying chicken swallow. ehehehe

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This is one of the characters of the ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #1 Comics, its a Frank Miller and Jim Lee team up, a new mini series, giving spotlight to the Year one-style of Batman meets Robin for the 1st time. its a nice read and I like the art. I took photo of this girl in pink lingerie. coz it looks like my girlfriend Lace ahhahaha. coz she's crying over that pink bikini in BENCH, dont worry honey! we'll buy that one! ..soon!

Beware of the Half Blood Prince spoiler!

and congrats to Hogwarts Phil. and Fullybooked
yup! you read the title! I was spoiled while ago by my friend Gem, a girl I met during our ICA tour last year, she messaged me in a boom bastick post saying that she knows who the half prince is and its...SSHSHSHSHHHSHSTE#%#^ESSDSGSDGSDG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

drat! I almost choked her and we laugh after we got this conversation and reported it to Hogwarts Phil.Professor Meann Ortiz, also the Gaiman event web creator and one of the people hosted the book launching of Harry Potter book 6.

it was a successful launching! Maita Quesado also txted me and told many thanks and the success of the event! congratulations to all of you! everyone had fun!

also Meann quoted that the number of book buyers and event attendees are numbered total of 4000 ! whoa...where did these crowd came from! well for me.. If you have a good advertising and good services you can be successful like this event.
and check this out! they gave away free stuff like bookmarks and bags if you bought the book at the launching.

also I was txted by the Globe Gentxt, that they will give away free Harry Potter notebook to the 1st 300 Gentxter members in Glorietta at 10am. too bad that I can't be there coz I have to with Lace at their comic activity in Jollibee DLSU.

check out event website here -

Meann and Neil Gaiman
Happy Birthday to Meann Ortiz! oohooh..who have celebrated her birthday inside the bookstore hahahaha...

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and check it out!
I was suppose to send her this during her bday. but i got late.
but anyway..I still posted it here ehhhe... happy bday Meann!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

im in BENCH
ahahaha I'm inside BENCH store in Megamall, this is my first post here.
they have a free net surf here, 3 pc terminals with internet, free to use unlimited.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

No heaven this Saturday

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In Morayta, infront of FEU, at my back is a rally and some anti riot police

I just finished my prelim exam, and it was a relaxing day for me after taking it, So what I did to reward myself for the headache of the exam, I treated my self and went out shopping!

I was supposed to eat that time when I got the idea to buy some magazines and some comics. I went to the nearest mall, near to my school, and then directly went to Filbar's.

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I just grabbed a new magazine called "PUMP" its a semi-clone of the FHM Magazine, but the full content of this is local and originally titled magazine for all pinoy men and women, unlik FHM still carries a franchise somewhere. Publisher and Editor in Chief - Eric Ramos, really did a good jon making a new sporty-adulty magazine,after quitting his job in FHM sometime last year.

The Magazine is good! and I like the articles, photos and check this out!
they have pages of COMICS !!!!!!!

Title is Galatea by:Dwight Gaston, composed lots of photo manipulation that it turns into a comic.

Image hosted by
Also here's my new haul, I jus saw this Star Wars Episode I Visual Dictionary and Cross Section, I was looking for some magazine then I noticed this book, I grabbed it and look at it, and check out the price tag!

Image hosted by
yup! you've seen it here. I didn't know that Filbar's sells this stuff in low prices, I asked the salesperson there if it is damage, they say that it is not and it is still brandnew and unopened, After that I found myself looking at my wallet and then..

Image hosted by
This..stuff went inside my bag and comes with me at home.eheheh
what a jackpot!

Image hosted by
here's its location, Filbar's Ever Mall, Morayta
finders keepers!

Cast me up!

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Last wednesday we went to Nautilus Comics office to do an interview with Editor in Chief of CAST comics, Elbert Or and their publisher Jaime Bautista, this interview stuff is for Lace school paper. The interview was a great one, combining two types of answers the business and the creative side of comics. Elbert and Jaime shared us how CAST began as an independent comics and now it still survives marking its 6th issue on the coming months. They have encountered lots of problems but still they continue to fight and contribute in the artistic side. Jaime got lots of cool ideas while Elbert supports Jaime on his upcoming working strategy to make CAST a good reading material.

they have lots of plans for now they are helping other indie artist in publishing, Nautilus Comics is coming like indie comic company, with lots of branches and as I can see in the future the carrying title will turn into a one big brand.

they are also looking for penciler and colorist for CAST the artist will do pages and will start on issue 8. so if you're interested you can contact me here so that I can forward your message to them.

Also they are looking for an artist who can draw western style characters. the project is for a sports illustrated book, it will be a 3 month contract and will work in their office. Elbert and Jaime said that we should lift up more on this part so that people can't have any misconceptions about comics.

so that's for now! I'll be attending Lace's Focus Discussion Group on comic readers for kids. and later on i'll be working on some transcription job.

see you all soon!!

Gaiman banner

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I'll put this banner up soon on top of the blog that you can advance to the event coverage of his visit.

my Neil Gaiman thread is already been going below my view screen.
if you can't see my coverage of Neil Gaiman in Manila, you can click on the 7/01/2005 link on my blog archive.

I'll work on that link soon!
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