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Saturday, July 16, 2005

No heaven this Saturday

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In Morayta, infront of FEU, at my back is a rally and some anti riot police

I just finished my prelim exam, and it was a relaxing day for me after taking it, So what I did to reward myself for the headache of the exam, I treated my self and went out shopping!

I was supposed to eat that time when I got the idea to buy some magazines and some comics. I went to the nearest mall, near to my school, and then directly went to Filbar's.

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I just grabbed a new magazine called "PUMP" its a semi-clone of the FHM Magazine, but the full content of this is local and originally titled magazine for all pinoy men and women, unlik FHM still carries a franchise somewhere. Publisher and Editor in Chief - Eric Ramos, really did a good jon making a new sporty-adulty magazine,after quitting his job in FHM sometime last year.

The Magazine is good! and I like the articles, photos and check this out!
they have pages of COMICS !!!!!!!

Title is Galatea by:Dwight Gaston, composed lots of photo manipulation that it turns into a comic.

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Also here's my new haul, I jus saw this Star Wars Episode I Visual Dictionary and Cross Section, I was looking for some magazine then I noticed this book, I grabbed it and look at it, and check out the price tag!

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yup! you've seen it here. I didn't know that Filbar's sells this stuff in low prices, I asked the salesperson there if it is damage, they say that it is not and it is still brandnew and unopened, After that I found myself looking at my wallet and then..

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This..stuff went inside my bag and comes with me at home.eheheh
what a jackpot!

Image hosted by
here's its location, Filbar's Ever Mall, Morayta
finders keepers!

Cast me up!

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Last wednesday we went to Nautilus Comics office to do an interview with Editor in Chief of CAST comics, Elbert Or and their publisher Jaime Bautista, this interview stuff is for Lace school paper. The interview was a great one, combining two types of answers the business and the creative side of comics. Elbert and Jaime shared us how CAST began as an independent comics and now it still survives marking its 6th issue on the coming months. They have encountered lots of problems but still they continue to fight and contribute in the artistic side. Jaime got lots of cool ideas while Elbert supports Jaime on his upcoming working strategy to make CAST a good reading material.

they have lots of plans for now they are helping other indie artist in publishing, Nautilus Comics is coming like indie comic company, with lots of branches and as I can see in the future the carrying title will turn into a one big brand.

they are also looking for penciler and colorist for CAST the artist will do pages and will start on issue 8. so if you're interested you can contact me here so that I can forward your message to them.

Also they are looking for an artist who can draw western style characters. the project is for a sports illustrated book, it will be a 3 month contract and will work in their office. Elbert and Jaime said that we should lift up more on this part so that people can't have any misconceptions about comics.

so that's for now! I'll be attending Lace's Focus Discussion Group on comic readers for kids. and later on i'll be working on some transcription job.

see you all soon!!

Gaiman banner

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I'll put this banner up soon on top of the blog that you can advance to the event coverage of his visit.

my Neil Gaiman thread is already been going below my view screen.
if you can't see my coverage of Neil Gaiman in Manila, you can click on the 7/01/2005 link on my blog archive.

I'll work on that link soon!

Friday, July 15, 2005

going back to the school grave and some Gaiman update

I'm back to school work and for now I recovered from the Neil Gaiman mania here in Manila, now it seems that everything is back to normal and back to normal lives, I just wish that every week will be different and now wishing again to have these kind of activity in our lives. Its great to see Neil here in our country.. too bad that he dont have time to surf around our beautiful tourist spot.

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And now the ultimate update about me, My mom is here!! yeah!! and for the autograph signing I'm th e very first in line.. hahahaha.. oops...wrong line. yup my mom is here who came from Chicago and expect lots of new stuff she gave to me. right now theey are in Cebu with my sister to meet Jerry Yan. they will attend this fashion show and one member of the F4 will be there, Taiwan superstar Jerry Yan, she and her group Jerry Yan Philippines will be there. and yeah! expect lot of crowds similar to the Neil Gaiman visit.

couple of days after the Neil Gaiman event, Lace is with us to have lunch and go shopping in Megamall, its nice to see my mom and my girlfriend to meet for the first time, and my mom really likes her. weeeee.

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after the whole malling day, we end up resting in a sofa inside Kamiseta, we are so stuffed and I just feel sleep afterwards. Lace was so cute in my new camera, it captures everything that has beauty.oh wow. Im so inlove !

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yesterday Lace made me a sandwich and I was surprise to see the heart shape egg inside the Sandwich, so I took a photo of my sandwich before I consume it. thanks so much Honey!

Gaiman update

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here are some of the new stuff from fans that they want to share with other fans

First of all I have to make clear that Fullybooked c/o Jaime Daez is the one who brought Neil Gaiman here in the Philippines. Smart Communication and sponsored the whole production of the Neil Gaiman in Manila Event While the British Council hosted the Presscon and Forum. thanks to Maita for correcting me.

Recorded Writer's Forum mp3
recorded by: Mr. Andre Quintos
weblink :

Neil Gaiman Radio Interview Jam 88.3
recorded by: Neil Michael S. Risos
Link #1 :
Link #2 :

NU 107 interview mp3
recorded by: Laurice

NU 107 interview replay
update by: Budgette Tan
Quark's interview with Neil Gaiman will be replayed this Saturday, 9pm, NU107.
You can also tune into NU online at:

The next Jam
by: Marc Cerbo
some blogging experience -

/* I already replied to his email, its kinda short and not too long, its just my thank you's and congratulations for the success of his visit here. and hoping for his return, I'll post soon if he reply to my email. this is the 1st time I emailed him */

Its Harry Potter Book 6 Launching tomorow

you read means dont open it before july 16

they have an event website that Meann Ortiz constructed, I dont know if I can attend coz I got to help Lace for their Focus Discussion Group for kids who read comics

website :

Invitation to all kids 9-16 year old who reads comics
Free Food and Freebies to all present 9-16 year old reader and non-reader of comics and to their companion.

here are the info about the event this saturday


We are students of De LaSalle University Manila, and we would like to invite your child to our Focus Group Discussion. The topic is about comic magazines, the kids will be asked questions regarding the same. They need not be current readers because we also want their views and opinions towards the different comic magazines. The kids will be provided with snacks, meals and freebies.

Venue: Jollibee Taft (in front of DLSU Manila)


comic magazines are Witch, Kzone, Winx, etc.

readers: 9:30-11:30am
non-readers: 1:00-3:00pm
used to be readers: 6-8pm

Thank you very much!\r\n \r\nYou are also welcome to join your kid during the Focus Group Discussion. Please confirm your child’s attendance through the following number 09178192913.
Thank you very much!

You are also welcome to join your kid during the Focus Group Discussion. Please confirm your child’s attendance through the following number.

- Lace J. Llanora

Thursday, July 14, 2005

email from the Sandman

I was having a rough day today coz its my exam week. I met up with Lace to have lunch near her school and after that I went back to my class to take the exam, after my 2nd class I went to the nearest internet shop to kill time.

and when I opened my inbox.

Neil Gaiman emailed me! and it was awesome! and he reads my blog!!
thanks so much Mr. Neil Gaiman, it was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for the once in a lifetime experience to be with you and near you for 3 days. Its funny that everyone didnt got a chance to meet you, but I got lucky and this event will be memorable.

whew! after reading his email i got stunned and shock. hm.its like eating my favorite pasta and enjoying the sunshine at the garden full of flowers.

here's his email to me

From: Neil Gaiman <----------->
Reply-To: Neil Gaiman <------------>
Date: Jul 13, 2005 7:51 PM
Subject: thanks

Just wanted to thank you for the blogging -- thanks to you Noli got his wonderful statue back (signed), and I learned that the nice man next to me at the sinks in the mall was Arnold Arre, whose art I had been admiring a few hours earlier. (And I wished he'd introduced himself.)

anyway, good job --

all best


I thought that my Gaiman hang over is done, but because of his email, my blood has rushed again and im super hyper! and now..because of this cool event, I'll buy and read all his works!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Neil Gaiman In Manila: Beyond Expectations

posted in TransFormers Philippines Forum
thanks Mark!

I should have thought about updating my long awaited blog, but unfortunately
I would re-typed it again when power went down early this afternoon.

Probably in a few days when I have a decent time I will be able to write my
three day adventure during Neil Gaiman's stay here in the Philippines. So far
what I only sort out are photos from Monday's frenzied book signing, and it
never gets better lining up at 5AM to get someone else's book autograph by the
guy in black.

I know its freakish that I'm posting here at the TransFans Philippines, which is
unrelated to the hobby. I just want to share something that's very different
besides the usual interest.

see the photos I'll post some when I got them ready in my "events blog".



People has been lining up up to to Goldilocks in Aurora boulevard...


I got number six...


Azrael the Artists' Den ring leader with the gang... And me. ;D


Mr. Gaiman arrives and the crowd goes wild...


Standing in line... Camy (far left), Me, Nelz Yumul & Ariel Atienza.


Neil Gaiman gets stunned with Camy's artwork and she cries... He gives her a hug
twice after this photo.


I got books for close friends & rubbed elbows with the guy in black...
Twice. 8-)


Azrael, Ariel, and Camy --She's really Happy alright!


Arnold Arre never got his book signed but accidentally saw Mr. Gaiman while he
was in the washroom by accident.


The crowd goes as the line goes until he got everyone signed there books at
10:45PM... What about the dinner?


Special thanks to Azrael Coladilla & Henry De Dios these guys rocked, and
also to Nocturne: The Neil Gaiman group. They are close friends from New Worlds
as well

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mabuhay ka Neil Gaiman, thanks and see you again soon!

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one more shot !!

I have to post this quick before I ran out of energy to share my experience again on the 3rd day of Neil Gaiman in Manila.

Me and my sis hang out the whole day until the mall starts to close, we have to hang out there just to avoid some annoying people who likes to stay over at home. Its like avoiding a pineapple that I used to hate.

But the energy will be used later for the arrival of my mommy from Chicago, and hoping that I can see Neil Gaiman for the last time at the airport. Coz I'm going there to pick up my mom.

Image hosted by
check us out! we are seated near the front!

Ok ok ok..It all began during my 1st class in school and then after attend my second class in school, I went to Music Museum to attend the forum. Camy txted me and said that there were lot of people already, so I decided to line up and walked up on the theater and went seated on front, a seat for media, saw some friends there, and then at the crowd, I saw Camy waving her hand, and she reserved one seat for me. thanks to her!

So I missed the 1st part of the forum, they were talking about the Philippine Comic scene and after that they introduced Neil Gaiman on stage. Lots of cameras flashing everywhere, I felt dizzy after that when going back to Gateway. They started the forum immediately.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Camy taking over to ask my question. look at that smile! Neil is talking to her

They were asking for questions already from the audience,,there I got excited coz I want to ask Neil my ultimate question. And I decided to let Camy do the honors of asking Neil in the microphone. It was a good timing to ask - Is it possible that Pinoy comic artist can work/collab with you in a comic project. (my original question is posted here).

And at last he answered -a positive yes!, "it is possible, problem is I'm only one!, and I'm not Grant Morrisson" after he said everyone laugh. and so so..he reveals to us his upcoming project like an another series for 1602 and his plan to release the 20th birthday issue for SANDMAN on target year 2008 or 2009. He reveals to us his upcoming project and hoping that Filipino artist can be the penciler or inker for that project.

After answering that questions, -- I feel super happy, coz my 6 month old question has been answered at last, I was supposed to email that to him, but I'm glad my plan worked! and thanks to Camy for teaming up with me and having those Gaiman happy joy joy later at the Gateway.

at nearly 3pm we ran off to Gateway as soon as we can just to make it on time and see the action, Ariel, Nelz and Marc was there who lined up at 6am, and congrats to them to have the priority number of 5,6,7,8. Upon arrival they are in the front of the line.

Image hosted by
Neil came a little late,coz he need to rest for awhile after doing those tv-radio interviews and after his arrival he cooperates with the staff on giving his idea on how to make the signing in order, after that he went outside the Fullybooked store with a microphone talking to fans and letting them see him for once and begins to entertain some questions. we actually went out of the main gate doors of Gateway towards nearly the MRT entrance to entertain a question from a SANDMAN fan-reader.

Image hosted by
with actress Snooky Serna, she gave her email to me just to send her this photo.

Then the signin began, but VIP's are given a chance first. then later on they proceeded to line up all those people who got the numbers. It was a signing a-thon for Neil. He said that the signing is a nightmare, coz it was too many for him and The good part is - he finished all the fans totalling to over 500, with and with out numbers.

Image hosted by
All fans got lucky this time, coz Neil made a way to speed up the signing so that all in the line can get his signature and can meet him face to face. I just cant believe that he has lot of fans here, the line was up to the outside building of Gateway Mall up to Aurora Blvd, almost near to Goldilocks.

Image hosted by
Ya! i was looking at these, and people thought it was a Harry Potter signing ahahaha

People walking by are looking asking who was that guy signing, some people thought that it was J.K.Rowling and some people thought that he was an actor or a music artist. we laugh and we just let them find out for them selves who the Gaiman guy is..

Image hosted by
After the signature,it was a time for the staff of the event to have Neil's signature, I was having a second thought of not to line up, but I just got there and let Neil sign my UKLINK magazine, Neil Gaiman cover, I got that from the Forum. and took our photo and last photo of Neil in my camera.

I'm getting lazy already to type. coz im tired, but here are some photos with caption that can narrate the whole story.

Image hosted by
thanks to Maita Quesada of Fullybooked for organizing it.
thanks to his boss Jaime Dezza for the full making this event big.
Susan Arcega of the British Council for bringing Neil here, Adrian's mom, also Adrian designed that UK Link magazine and the forum invitation.thanks dude! Valerie Peramide of Gateway Mall for being there to assist, all volunteers and staff of Fullybooked. and fans of Neil Gaiman. and also to my friends,new friends and to Lace for allowing me to attend the Forum.

check out this blog for she posted my photo right directly in her blog just to share her experience of the event. thanks Loiuse

Image hosted by
Fantasy stories are postcards from the Mythical World
-Neil Gaiman

Image hosted by
The Last 3 people on the Line!!

Image hosted by
Neil stands up while signing sometimes, just to stretch down

Image hosted by
Neil Gaiman on a 2-min. break

Image hosted by
whoaa Ariel! hope this one comes true hahaha

Image hosted by
more Robert creator of Shirley's Pet comic strip

I asked the guys to do drawings or caricature for Neil.and here are the stuff they did. I also asked Arnold Arre to make one, coz he and Cynthia didn't make it to the numbering line.

Image hosted by
Ariel Atienza's caricature of Neil

Image hosted by
Patrick's fan art of Sandman

Image hosted by
Arnold Arre's Neil Gaiman looking through a mirror glass

Image hosted by
yup Ask Arnold on what happen ! ahhaah!

Monday, July 11, 2005

by day entry

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Neil Gaiman in Manila day 2

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Neil stares at the baby named Una Bighain.

Neil Gaiman conquers the Greenhills Promenade. I arrived at 10:30am at the venue and I was surprised to see this new mall in Greenhills. The Promenade is a cinema theater with some stores and lots of restaurants. Fullybooked is newly opened, so Neil Gaiman did a first baptism to bring lots of people in the venue.

Everyone got crazy for that priority number. The numbers are limited and this is the only ticket to get in contact with the MAN!. Some of the people got mad coz they didnt reached the priority number. So its like a riot outside the venue. Im glad that there are volunteers to talk to them and inform them to cool down a little bit, but some of them are hot headed. Its hot and everyone is excited to see Neil.

Image hosted by
Ariel Atienza and Me with Nelz Yumul (Dave Mckean of the Philippines hahhaah) at the middle.
He won a honorable mention for his Death and Sandman art entry

I hang out with friends and we waited the signing at past 2pm. and Im happy that they made it to get a priority number, Gerry Alanguilan and his wife Ilyn made it to the 152 numbered stub, while Mark Cerbo got 156 numbered stub. and the others came late and hoping for a numbered stub.

Image hosted by
friendly fans who complain about the order of the event

And the long line has started..some of the people got pissed already and talking to me and thought that I'm the organizer. I told them that Im not and I was there only to help my friends to line. Even that I got my Id and shirt. They thank me for talking to them ,hear their complains and talked to them as a regular fan-reader of Gaiman and not a bouncer ahhah, and I'm happy when they thank me. I was like a blomming flower in the spring.

Image hosted by
Gab, a merryland blog reader

also a guy recognize me and suddenly burst out in the middle of a conversation with a friend, and he told me that he reads me blog. ahaha.I was surprised to see that guy and told him that 'oh my Gard! who are you! and you read my blog..oh wow." and he introduces his name 'Gab', it was a launghing trip after and told him that I'l post his photo here hahahaha..thanks man for reading !! i hope the blog is helpful for your research.

Neil Gaiman was babbling the whole time while signing and everytime he talks it brings laughter and joy to the atmosphere of the venue. Girls got lots of hugs and kisses from Neil Gaiman, while others cried to see and meet the man!

While me.all I do is take some photos, do conversations with other fan and friends, and talk to them and let them feel comfortable while waiting for their turn. and then go back again to the venue and took photos near the back of Neil and infront of Neil..

he noticed me when I used this camera phone with a loud clicking sounds. and then he looked at me and told me that the sound is so funny and everyone laugh. It was fun inside and sometimes he waves and give goodbye kiss to the fans who are waiting outside. Those who dont have a number can take a glimpse of Neil outside the glass door of Fullybooked.

Image hosted by
Me and Neil at my back

Image hosted by
Me and I'm at Neil's back

A total of 500 numbered stubs and 50-100 no numbered where given a chance to sign their stuff. Too bad that after that Neil took a break and need to rest down for his Writer's Forum tomorrow (June 11 @ Music Museum)

I went home early at 4pm, coz my girlfriend Lace told me to go home early and he waited me while she watch UAAP. and then I got home, felt tired and complained of the hot weather. I'm glad that it didnt rain while ago.

Tomorrow will be his last day, and I know some people will camp outside Fullybooked Gateway to get those first come first serve numbered stubs.
well...goodluck to them!

"congratulations! you made it to the line to meet me" - Neil Gaiman

some funny talkies inside:
A fan let Neil sign his book and force him to write "Frodo lives!", then Neil said " Are you sure you want me to write this?", then the fan said yes and its ok, then Neil signed and wrote that and after that a long line down with astericks with a phrase " But Bilbo Baggins is a Fictional Character", after he wrote that, everyone laughs. hahhahaha.

Image hosted by
Noli's custom made Sandman statue

also old time friend and award winning sculptor for action figure and statue- Noli, he brought his Sandman custom made sculpture and he want to sign it to Neil. but the funny part is when Neil saw it, he was surprise and got an interest on the statue. then he met Noli, he talk about the sculpture and Neil said "you know I like this! its great! I will wrapped this and ship this statue to me, can you sign this statue for me?", Noli signed and turn out that Neil thought that the statue is for him hahhaha. Noli was shocked and didnt know what to do coz he asked only for Neil's autograph, but its too late, Neil got the statue with Noli's signature ahhahha...

Image hosted by
Super Hero Marc Cerbo sacrifices his book autograph for this young girl Robin, he just volunteered to carry and sign Robin's book, coz she dont have a number pass.

Image hosted by
look at that smile of Gerry Alanguilan, any minute he can meet Neil

well the others have lots of stories but I like to hear Gerry's meet up with Neil. coz two comic superstars meet each other.

I'll upload photos soon. I'll wait for Ariel, Nelz, Mark's photo to upload.

Image hosted by
My Writer's Forum invitation card with Neil Gaiman's signature
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