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Friday, July 22, 2005

new Heaven

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I called it my second life.. me and Lace will be opening the gates to a new world and Im wishing for an infinite joy and happiness to the both of us. After watching the Madagascar movie in Zen Chill out, I just learned that being a beast can be controlled and can coped up into a different environment. "I like to move it! move it!"

the 7th month is nearly coming..and I want it more!

Fire from the Heavens

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Its a busy day for me, having party and enjoying lots of food with the family, we went out of town to attend my uncle's bday party, I promised him that I will attend his party, I'll go with Lace and not attend my thursday class. Everything went well, Lace didnt make it coz of her OJT and her sis Liza's bday too. Its a fine dining for me, I ate like a Lion, almost can eat a whole zebra.

and after that The Fire from the Heavens has begun....
i thought it will be my end, I'm glad that the stars in sky guides me in this creepy incident, I almost slammed my cellphone outside the Van in South Luzon Express Way, I controlled and nearly snapped! I'm glad that the 1890 tequila kicks in and makes me sleep the whole day while going home.

The fire from the heavens lasted 4 hours I think, I didn't even notice the exact time, coz my mind is unstable condition and thinking already a near death experience.

I'm everything went well...and back to normal.

I discovered many things about the Golden Ring of Ball and Chain, and it seems that the chain is turning into adamantium, and maybe I can call it next time - the Adamantium Ring of Ball and Chain.
well for all comic readers, they can understand that.

But the evil side from the Pandora's Box has been released again and these so called un-touched memories came back again and it is very disturbing. I just want to forget about the past.

so creepy...

and people back from the past are coming back from the dead, and All I want to is that
- they have to leave me alone! . before the Adamantium Ring brings chaos to my life.

but..I love my Ring.


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I just loved my new Olympus Digicam

It ain't no worries for the rest of your day. Its Problem free...Philosphy...
Hakuna Matata..

I love to see Lion King again, my auntie gave me a DVD release of the special ed of Lion King, nice to see all my favoriete characters, but this entry is about me..

I ate like a PIG! (as Pumba said in the movie)

Its an endless chow and grub for me..and I can notice that my belly is getting er..huge.

The Island

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Lincoln(Ewan) and Jordan(Scarlett) are not just ordinary people, they are special and to the world, they are very important.

wow! we just saw the movie THE ISLAND, and I give it a 10 stars highest rate, and this is a very good movie! Camy told me that watching Pinoy Blonde is not a very recommended date movie, but she said that i check it out the PB movie, but instead Lace decided we watch THE ISLAND. and I'm glad that my P120 ticket is not a total loss. man..I'll add this movie to my DVD collection.

the director of the movie - Michael Bay, did another vision and shared to us the possibility and not-so-sci fi story, and called a basis (means it can happen) like the movie he directed like "Armaggedon", THE ISLAND will reveal to us on what's the next step on the world of science discovery,.

the movie is pure action and is a breath taking story lines. will get tired on all those running, shooting and never before seen-matrix'esh goo and the future of medicine.

The back project

Artists' Den is very busy on this project and I want to reveal it already before someone jumps in and do a same event.

This will be the next successful convention next to TOYCON

I made a short teaser and it is unofficial

check out the teaser in this link -

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fantastic Monsters

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Tamahome and Miaka will have a good movie date this afternoon.

its free day and I want to make it a happy day for us, will watch the movie THE ISLAND and I'm looking forward to see God's sunlight tomorrow.

and oh...I just saw INCUBUS new music video, titled MAKE A MOVE. a music soundtrack for the movie STEALTH , oh man! now I want to watch this movie too, yes yes. we big boys love big planes and with lots of artillery and pure action..oh wow! thats the latest INCUBUS appearance to our boob tube.

Casino boy

(i will post the photos later at home)

We spend the night with my uncle, auntie with my mom and sis, we went to Heritage Hotel just to visit them and they invited us to have dinner. but the evening was very different..

it was dark..wet..rainy...and crazy!!!!!!!!

yes! We had fun inside Music 21 KTV, it was my 1st time to use the videoke. it was a long hour ride for us singing all the songs that we like. from modern-classic and funny songs of local and foreign. we got lots of food. aww.. i missed that Chicharong Bulaklak. for me..its like a suicide.

After that, we went to Casino Filipino, and boy oh boy oh boy! its my first time again to enter this world of adults. its kinda boring, people in there are all adults and no teens like me. I like to stay at the Lounge Bar coz we met a singer there named Maggii, who has a great singing talent and the wonderful thing is that its her sideline coz shes only a nursing student. whoa!

I dont have yet the idea of the Casino, coz back then at the Manila Polo Club, i got lots of chips and I dont know how to Black Jack and some of those cards with dice. I think I threw those chips away after having my disappointment coz I dont know how to play.

Volcano Island by Atronic Ind. (very easy play and I want to have one at home)

we went down below and we played Slot Machines!, yes,,, very familiar game, coz I got some in my PC. so my auntie inserted P500 bill in the machine and then I got the credit total of Php500, the minimum bet is P1 and the max bet is P9, so we place my bet at P9 so that theres a big chance in winning, betting of P9 to a 9 entries slots.

almost the end...I lost......... bye P500 bill.

then my aunt played this kind of slots called Inca Sun. and after that.she won!
lots of tokens and later on we exchanged it to real money. 4 canister of tokens was already worth of P2500. oh wow!! I;m getting used to it..

Now I think Im addicted hahahaha..i want to play more..

I remember that we played the Star Wars Sabacc card game, I was so addicted to that.
I think I love playing games that has prizes, and love to win and have this excitement and thrill if Im going to lose or win.

Another Gaiman article
The members of Artists'Den is here in the photo showing their numbered stubs. and also on the far right., the every Holy Saint Mark Cerbo, who organized with the group to line up in Gateway at 4am, check his blog here for some of his gaiman adventure.

At Gaiman’s last book signing in Gateway Mall on Monday, the line wound down three floors -- from Fully Booked at the 3rd floor down and out to Aurora Blvd. Gaiman finished with the last person well past 10 p.m.
He is no rock star, he said, yet he found "a sort of Beatle-mania early in the morning" for him. Every move, every word he made was met by wild cheering. In his blog he wrote that Filipinos are so noisy when they are happy, they can make the Brazilians look tame and reserved. "You people," he said to the crowd at Rockwell, "make more noise than even the Brazilians," after which the applause got more thunderous and the people louder.

Fans show off their numbers as they wait (left). Author Neil Gaiman added his fingerprints to a page he just signed (right). -- Photos by Jonathan Cellona

Read more here Business World Weekender

I got this link from Ariel, saw it at Mark's blog tagboard

Monday, July 18, 2005

I am bottled, fizzy water, and you are shaking me up
You are a fingernail, running down the chalkboard
I thought I left in third grade
Now my only, consolation, is that this could not last forever
Even though you're singing and thinking
How well you've got it made

Who are you?
When will you be through?

Yeah, it's just a phase... It will be over soon

Sunny Day Sunday happy malling

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It's malling time! and another adventure with my balikbayan mom and we spend the whole day inside the mall.
shoppin galore and food trips are all on the tops of our list. and it was a successful and happy day for us.
also the former DJ of Radio One, DJ MC aka Marc Cerbo joins us while we tour our mom inside the mall rat infested Megamall. (im a mall rat too heeh)

before that we ate our breakfast in Grappa's, Greenbelt, and it was my first time to dine in that Italian restaurant, Im fooling around on those menu, coz Its just not so descriptive for me coz I can't understand Italian food names ahhaha.. during our breakfast I saw this newspaper article

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Neil Gaiman article in Sunday Manila Times
click on the inside paper to view and read the article.

"I’ve been a rabid comics-collecting fan for the past 20 years (much to the detriment of my savings account), and as such, my knowledge of comics border almost on the pseudo-encyclopedic. Just by looking over a comic panel, I could name both the artist and the inker. By discussing a story line, I could tell who penned the story and what year it was written in. And I mark significant moments in my life, like graduation and break ups by what issue of the Justice League of America came out that month. I’ve been a rabid comics-collecting fan for the past 20 years (much to the detriment of my savings account), and as such, my knowledge of comics border almost on the pseudo-encyclopedic. Just by looking over a comic panel, I could name both the artist and the inker. By discussing a story line, I could tell who penned the story and what year it was written in. And I mark significant moments in my life, like graduation and break ups by what issue of the Justice League of America came out that month. "

The Dream King - article by RJ Ledesma

or zap and advance read here at the Manila Time website
they already posted the article click here

Its good to see that the article is about Neil Gaiman, about his work, his job, and some notes from the writers's forum. its nice to see that they pay homage to our talented pinoy artist. they also posted the website link of the Komikero Philippine Komiks Museum online.

thanks to the writer of the article.

and hm...those photographers in Gateway are from Manila Bulletin. its creepy to see them coz they took photos like a paparazzi, especially when Snooky Serna approaches Neil Gaiman, and after the conversation, the photographers are gone in a few sec. wow! and didnt even told us who they were and where will they put the photos.

and now back to my sunday mall adventures

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during the malling tour, my sister in the states asked us to buy her boyfriend a shirt from Spoof's Lmtd. , so i went there to check out the stocks and my idea came out and told my mom to buy Lyndon's tshirt..Beerkada shirt. MY mom bought the Gargle shirt and she bought me my shirt -the best seller shirt- Goat Milk. shirt costs P350.

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during the hours I met Lyndon Gregorio inside Powerbooks in Megamall, I started a thread in his forum called "Lyndon Sightings", a thread that you post some events and date that you spotted Lyndon in the area. so here's my photo of his Sasquatch

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Lyndon met Az's mom

then me and mom went to Powerbooks to meet Lyndon so that the Go-Beerkada book of my sister will be singed and autograph by the comic creator. we took photos, and Lyndon met my mom and then he signed, my mom was amaze and laugh out coz he likes Lyndon's art style,,very cartoony and funny. also here Marc joins us again .

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and oh..I was with my Mom and Sis, both of them are fresh from Cebu, after their attended event Jerry Yan in Cebu.

then off we go to BENCH, my sis and mom hoarded the shirts and I was there hanging out and usin their free internet surfing. they put it there coz they are promoting the online orders of BENCH items,you can order it online, pay it by credit card and they can shipped it everwhere. Because of this free internet, I forgot to grab my own shirt. Its cool to be with my mom. coz she pays everything ahahaha..peace mom!youre the best!

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then we ate our dinner in Max restaurant, my mom is a big fan of Piolo Pascual, so everywhere when we saw photos or banners, even standee of Piolo Pascual, she wants to take photos with her with the banners ahaha.. also my mom hoarded some Piolo cd and videoke in Astrovision. Mark here joins us again doing lots of stunts and death defying chicken swallow. ehehehe

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This is one of the characters of the ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #1 Comics, its a Frank Miller and Jim Lee team up, a new mini series, giving spotlight to the Year one-style of Batman meets Robin for the 1st time. its a nice read and I like the art. I took photo of this girl in pink lingerie. coz it looks like my girlfriend Lace ahhahaha. coz she's crying over that pink bikini in BENCH, dont worry honey! we'll buy that one! ..soon!

Beware of the Half Blood Prince spoiler!

and congrats to Hogwarts Phil. and Fullybooked
yup! you read the title! I was spoiled while ago by my friend Gem, a girl I met during our ICA tour last year, she messaged me in a boom bastick post saying that she knows who the half prince is and its...SSHSHSHSHHHSHSTE#%#^ESSDSGSDGSDG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

drat! I almost choked her and we laugh after we got this conversation and reported it to Hogwarts Phil.Professor Meann Ortiz, also the Gaiman event web creator and one of the people hosted the book launching of Harry Potter book 6.

it was a successful launching! Maita Quesado also txted me and told many thanks and the success of the event! congratulations to all of you! everyone had fun!

also Meann quoted that the number of book buyers and event attendees are numbered total of 4000 ! whoa...where did these crowd came from! well for me.. If you have a good advertising and good services you can be successful like this event.
and check this out! they gave away free stuff like bookmarks and bags if you bought the book at the launching.

also I was txted by the Globe Gentxt, that they will give away free Harry Potter notebook to the 1st 300 Gentxter members in Glorietta at 10am. too bad that I can't be there coz I have to with Lace at their comic activity in Jollibee DLSU.

check out event website here -

Meann and Neil Gaiman
Happy Birthday to Meann Ortiz! oohooh..who have celebrated her birthday inside the bookstore hahahaha...

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and check it out!
I was suppose to send her this during her bday. but i got late.
but anyway..I still posted it here ehhhe... happy bday Meann!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

im in BENCH
ahahaha I'm inside BENCH store in Megamall, this is my first post here.
they have a free net surf here, 3 pc terminals with internet, free to use unlimited.

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