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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Komikon 2005

Artists' Den presents to you :

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Komikon 2005
1st Philippine Komiks Convention 2005
Oct 22, 2005
U.P. Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman, Q.C.

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KOMIKON 2005 Indie Contest Guidelines:

-Contest is open to all comic book artists except for professionals with published works sold in bookstores.
-Contestants/ groups are limited to only one entry.
-Entries submitted by groups are required to submit the names of the individuals involved in creating the indie. Group entries with professionals on board are automatically disqualified.
-Entries should adhere to the given theme. Entries deviating from the theme shall be automatically disqualified.

-Submit 3 copies of your entry to
132 A Narra Street, Project 3, Quezon City
Philippines 1102

from September 1 until September 30. Entries submitted beyond September 30 shall not be accepted.
-Winners shall be announced on the event itself on October 22 and shall be notified via e-mail or phone.
-The judge’s decision is final.

-Entries should be in the form of a comic book with the following specs:
o8.5 X 6.5 (long bond paper, folded, and stapled twice in the middle)
oEntries should be placed in a short brown envelope with their name, address, phone number, and e-mail written legibly at the upper left hand corner.
oStories must be 8 to 20 pages long (including cover)
oPlease note that entries are non returnable. Entries should be reproductions only. (originals will not be accepted)
oColored and/or black and white entries are accepted.
oThere are no restrictions as to the genre or art style that can be used as long as the comic book follows the given theme.
oThe story should be in the form of a one-shot title. It should be whole in itself, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Multiple comic stories in a single entry (anthology) will not be allowed.

Criteria for Judging:
o40% Visual narrative
-Knowledge and application of the visual language of comics.

o30% Story
-Concept and integration of the given theme in a cohesive and entertaining tale.

o20% Presentation
-Expertise in comic book production. This includes legibility, quality of reproduction, and overall tech savvy.

o10% Overall impact
-This refers to how all of the elements unite to form a solid comic book.


More details coming up !

for more info just send your inquiries to

Movies Live II:German Silent Film Festival

German Silent Film Festival : Classic German
Silent Films by Fritz Lang

Film screenings
August 4, 11, 18, 25, 2005
Venue: SM Megamall ( at 8:00 pm)
Free Admission
Tel: + 63 2 722 4671 to 73

Schedule of Film screenings:

Aug 4 - METROPOLIS, music by Rubber Inc
Aug 11 - SPIES, music by The Sammy Asuncion
Aug 18 - DR. MABUSE, THE GAMBLER, music by
Tolentino and Buhay
Aug 25 - DESTINY, music by Cynthia Alexander

After the success of last year's "Movies Live: Classic German Silent Movies 1922-1927", the
Goethe-Institut Manila is back with another dose of classic German silent movies. "Movies Live II:
German Silent Film Festival" will feature the films of Austrian-American director Fritz Lang,
whose "Metropolis" is widely considered the most influential silent film ever made.

Image hosted by
Azrael cosplaying as Fritz Lang (what the! wala naman syang bigote ah)

Fritz Lang (1890-1976) worked in Germany making films that tackled themes like madness, cruelty, fear and death until 1932, when he fled the country to escape the Nazis. He would eventually end up in Hollywood, where he directed films for over 20 years. Lang was described by many as a perfectionist, sometimes even tyrannical, and gained infamy for his maltreatment of actors. Despite that, it cannot be denied that he was a pioneer: it would be difficult to imagine science fiction or fantasy today without "Metropolis".

Included in this year's set of films are "Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Part I: A Portrait of Our
Time", "Dr. Mabuse the Gambler, Part II: Inferno, a Play of People in Our Time", a two-part
detective story about the mad Dr. Mabuse, a master of disguises, and "Spies", a film about the leader of an international bank who doubles as a criminal mastermind. "Metropolis" will also be shown. All films will be accompanied by a live music score done by some of the country's best bands.

Image hosted by
my Nosferatu fan art

//* i was there last year with the Artists' Den and some friends form the NWA, and it was one my best film festival and its my favorite. The German silent films ar played and then live music will be played in real time and sometimes theres a narrator translating the german subtitles, coz its a silent film. I watched last year Metropolis, Nosferatu, Last Laugh and Faust. watch the movie and you will be transporte into a german dimension *//

and here are my re-published post from my blog dated August 2004

a Silent German Film, first shown in the year 1926. and also was treated as the Mother of All Sci Fi films.The music here was performed by Rubber Inc, an indie electronica band that brings live music interepretation as we watch the movie, the story is great. Never think of a father and son fight like in Star Wars, a rebellion and humans vs.machines. On the production of the film, i saw that they used a really big Film Studio for all those backgrounds and landscape. During the old times, people are so interested in creating movies, but the special effects are very limited but in here you'll know where did the special effects came from..Here they used some miniatures and some transitions. If you're into Sci fi, this is a must movie to see!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Four Eyz Az
officially will be wearing this eye wear!
got a 75-50 vision huhuhuhh.. Im a GeEK !!

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Its my first time to visit and have a checkup in our optalmologist and then they found out that I have astigmatism. so I'll be wearing this eye glass for 8 months in order to have a good correction to my sight.

Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2005
I saw the commercial in GMA 7 a while ago, Karen Mook is the main model of the commercial, I dont have yet full info of this event, and it looks cool and its a giant vacuum to all wallet holders.

I got some info posted here - click

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Coz Armaggeddon is coming to town

republished photo (July 2003, Manila Peninsula Hotel, shooting)

I'm very busy today and the major overhaul at home is nearly coming to an end, but the problem is that there are lots of stuff to organize and new ones to put in our new set up pad.

Tomorrow I'll be doing some layouting chores and it will be my first time to layout a comic-zine with a whopping 60 pages and I have to finish it the same day..but it will be fun !

now I just finished my paper for English 8 class, and just composed a Process of Digital Film making and its the only topic that comes into my mind, my classmates will be interested here after my success lecture of the Parts of an Electric Guitar. oh well...later on will do that visual aids for my report.

and here are some events that I missed and upcoming ones that you shouldn't miss.


"Gerry held his very own comicon aptly named “GerryCon” with fanboys getting their comics signed and snapping away with their digicams and videocams. Hehe! Sucks that I forgot to bring my Silent Dragon #1 copy. " - Rene

yup, I missed the Komikero meet up last sunday and check out their pics at Rene's Blog.
blog and view it here

The shorts of Quark Henares

Brash Young Cinema and Mag:net Cafe are proud to present the shorts of Quark Henares. We are showing A Date with Jao Mapa and Childstar plus all his latest videos!

The show is on August 3, Wednesday at 8 pm.

100 pesos will be collected at the gate, 50 pesos of it will be consummable, which is equivalent to one beer!



Mag:net Cafe is located on Katipunan Road, right across Miriam and right beside Rustan's :)


Also, want to see something tomorrow? Anak ng Tinapa by Jon Red and Dilim by Topel Lee will be showing at the UP Film Center, August 2, Tuesday. Anak ng Tinapa and Dilim will be shown at 5 PM and 7:30 PM, respectively.

//* I recommend that you watch "A date with Jao Mapa" the short film is funny and the style is good!, I was blown away by this film after watching it back year 2001 I think. , I have'nt seen some of his shorts and movie, but I liked the music videos he directed like one of Sugar Free's music video *//

and thanks to Joey Fernandez for the info

Monday, August 01, 2005

Magic Medicine

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On this page you see a little girl giggling a hippopotamus.
I wonder why?
On this page you see a little girl giggling at hippopotamus.
I wonder why?
Turn the page, thank you.
On this page you see a little girl giggling at a hippopotamus.
I wonder why?
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t say things that hurt others, said pussycat.
Pussycat, pussycat, pussycat, pussycat
like, isn't that hippo fat?
Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat
or shout hyena I hate you
hate you, hate you, you hate you, hate you hate
I found a sound in the house one day, if you know who lost it, I'll give
it away! Away!
This sound I found said, this sound belongs to a hot ray, ray, hot, pot, pot.
The magic medicine worked!

//* my ever first er...drawn fig. for my blog, and its a good one aahhaha. i think I should listen more to Murder of Crows and that Live at Red Rocks, oh wait I still have lots of vodka in my ref,and I think it wait some event that will make it open. hmm. The Adamantium Ring of Ball and chain is not that strong. Im not sure, I dont fucking know!, my head hurts and I don't have enough sleep. If that do I and this time no more resurrection **//

I'm thinking of taking that cat here at home, well, the cat stays and it makes me happy, it feels weird but thats the only stuff that makes me happy, the cat likes me, oh geeez this can be goodluck, but I dont know, the cat is playful and always outside playing with other cats, I can't own that yet, but the cat has nine lives, lucky them , but my life is 5, but this might be my last life.

oh goes...the cat makes me happy.


My mom is leaving this friday and i'm so sad that I'l never see her again, maybe I can see her next year with my other aunts, and hoping that my Super Dad can visit us here in the Philippines. Time is so Fast that I wish that I can make it slow, We are having a major overhaul here at home and we are throwing lots of things from old cabinets, to unused kitchen stuffs, to appliance to old electonic gigos. ehhehe the garbage collector here at home are very lucky to spot a 21 inch Color TV in the garbage, and getting a jackpot of a big black plastic bag full of shoes and old clothes.

geez..I will miss my old stuffs, they are very helpful to me and i love them especially stuffs that came from my own pockets. Its so hard to let it go, and to see that people wears it and walks in front of you and wearing you favorite shirt!
gaackkk1!!!! it hurts me! but sayonara is not a word
- the word is- thank you

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Carabaos can fly

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Az and his girlfriend who turned into a stone

me and my family went to Villa Escudero's, a museum and a perfect family outing place located in the boundary of San Pablo Laguna and Tiaong, Quezon Province.

It was an endless eating again and my stomach is very satisfied for the consumption of those pinoy foods, fruits and chichirya.

Image hosted by
Az, with sis and mom

It was a blast! we enjoyed the outing and its my Auntie's bday, we we had a little reunion and this event will be held again next year.

during the family day out, I burst again and snapped after hearing some bad updated on the other side of the city. I was so pissed off but I haven't heard or got any explanation for that incident, and maybe that my self defense mechanism is working properly. I was like a Lion trying to protect my cubs from other male Lions.

I was home and havent heard any explanations.maybe I will get some tomorrow.

I got a good conversation to my stellar dreamer fairy god mother
and its nice to hear some news from her again and lots of chika going through the ear waves and it was fun and then suddenly my goatee fairy god father emailed me and proposes a serious talk on something, maybe its about me and the others revolving around the puzzled me.

thanks to my nameless and imaginary god parents from being there when I need them.

I met and saw a stray cat, colored white with brown stripes on its hair. its nice to pat and look at the cat. but after that... it bites me awww
(more stories sooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn)
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