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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mythology Class book launch

You are cordially invited to the launch of Arnold Arre's "The Mythology Class"
on September 16, 2005, Friday, at Fully Booked in Rockwell.
Hope to see you there!


Stunning. Beautiful. Magical. These are only a few of the words I can
describe one of the most remarkable works in Philippine comics in
recent history. Such words I do not use lightly. In fact, I have never
used them before and I never thought I'd use them at all, but
Arnold's work cannot be described any other way.
My undying gratitude goes to Arnold for employing his formidable
skills in storytelling and art to a struggling industry. He is at the
top of a handful of young creators singlehandedly saving Philippine
comics. With Mythology Class revisited, renewed and reinvigorated,
Arnold has created a work of art that I have no doubt will endure to
entertain and inspire for generations to come. -

I remember reading the original Mythology class part by part and just
being blown away by Arnold Arre's stellar storytelling and explosive
visuals. Six years after I've finally had the opportunity to read his
masterpiece as a whole and am enthused to say that reading it in one
sitting is even more breathtaking! Arnold has created a tapestry that
not only shows a deft understanding of and respect for Pinoy folklore,
he has told a story that is worthy of being added to our country's
rich canon of stories.
-- QUARK HENARES, writer/director of GAMITAN, KEKA

It's about time that the constant yearning, teasing, reminding,
praying, threatening, animal sacrificing and voodoo spell casting by
Arnold's many, many fans (myself included) has finally resulted in
this dynamic return and rejuvenation of a much-beloved classic in
local pop culture and graphic storytelling. Praise Bathala, indeed!
-- MARCO DIMAANO, writer/artist of ANGEL ACE, KIA

This four-issue series is a landmark in itself: a comic book that
combines Filipino myths and legends with modern humor, action and
sensibility. The result is a quirky, enjoyable comic book series that
is thoroughly modern and Filipino in its approach. Through his
distinctive art and story, Arre imbues his young warriors with a
spunk, spark, and whimsy that resonate with any reader. In The
Mythology Class, Arre gives us a glimpse of all that a truly Filipino
comic book, drawing on all our multifarious influences, can become,
all with a confident and unique style all his own.

Arguably one of the best offerings in the local comic book world. It
is the impact of (The Mythology Class) on the personal level that gets
to me. For me, that is what this comic book does: it is a joy to read,
and an affirmation that we don't have to look elsewhere for a good
not-just-for-kids comics book.
-- Richard Ramos,

High marks for the 'The Mythology Class'! Instead of alluding to
overused characters of Western lore, Arnold Arre draws from the deep
wells of our very own Philippine mythology.
-- Natalia Diaz, Philippine Daily Inquirer,

There's a part of my mind that's more and more convinced that there
are most definitely other worlds that exist along with ours. A dream
world. A spirit world. A world of engkatos and magical beings. It is
in this spirit that I've picked up "the Mythology Class". Arnold
speaks as if he is talking of creatures and people he knows.
-- Karen Kunawicz, Mirror Magazine

What makes (Arnold Arre) different from his comic book contemporaries
is (his) focus. In a genre populated by Western-style characters with
supernatural powers who talk with a Brooklyn slang, Arre exercises his
freedom of choice by making use of our homegrown myth and legends. If
only for the audacity to weave GenX with the elements of Philippine
myths and legends, the man and his work deserve significant notice.
-- Lourd Ernest de Veyra, FLY Magazine

The Mythology Class moves with the delicacy of a classic fantasy
story... Arnold Arre has invited the myths to inhabit our
contemporary, technologically burgeoning world. . .After reading the
book, you, hopefully, won't cross the empty darkened spaces of our
tropical land with the same whimsical ease. See you in class."
-- Karl de Mesa, The Manila Times,

Arnold -
Cynthia -

Neil Gaiman and Arnold Arre (from Cynthia's website)

//** I dont know what time it will start, but i have classes that day and maybe I can drop by there as fast as I can after my 6pm class, I just wanna grab the book coz I havent finish reading it, I think I stopped on Issue 2 or 3. It was one of the best fantasy comic story I read. AND also everybody will be there!!!!.... so here i come! **//

Friday, September 09, 2005

Collectibles Auction Event

I got this from the Komikero Message board.

Good Day to all of you!

The Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society(PNAS), the country's oldest and most prestigious collectors club, would like to invite everybody to its annual sale and international auction to be held at the LOFT, Rockwell Center on September 11, 2005, Sunday from 9:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.

The Entrance is Free! No obligation to buy or bid!

There will be tables and booths "flea market style" which will sell at bargain prices, various collectors articles such as coins, stamps, books, comic books, toys, original and fine arts, jewellery, furniture, tribal arts, etc.

Viewing of lots for the auction proper starts at 10:00 A.M. so please be sure to come early to inspect the item/s you wish to bid on. Auction "hammer style" in US$ will begin at exactly 1:00 P.M.

So please come and join the fun! See you all there!

Blue Boy in tights Returns

Superman Returns

thanks to Adrian Arcega for sharing his spoiler photos
click the image to get a hi res photo

he returns

the office returns

even the bad guys....returns..

Thursday, September 08, 2005

all about us

Lace created this flash splash page and I got it inside my inbox, I was floating again and speechless.. mhm... I was surprise to see this..and now I posted it here in answer of her blog post with our cutey kissing photos

I spend the day with her last sunday and it was one of the best time to hang out with her family. and DVD marathon is now topping my list to do every break of the day.

Yesterday I was with her again and with her mom, we accompanied her mom in lots of business matters during the day and we got caught by the Anti-Gloria rally in Ortigas which after that I joined with them going home to their place in Cavite.
And Lace help me do that song composition for my Literature project, which it gives me a hard time to do it coz we dispose already my old and semi broken but running audio component that I use for recording and my mom haven't send out some cash to buy a replacement for my audio stuff. So I asked Lace to use her PC to help me record my voice and guitars.

but before that.
it was a goody ol' day again.
Food Monsters attacked the Hot Loops donut in Robinson's Galleria.

we went there to chill out for a moment after that job hunting safari. and we played and check out Gary Lising's Joke box, we're looking for some sex shops to look and check out the items there that we laughed when we saw some at the internet. I was scheduled to visit our friend's sex shop 'THE LOVE STORE', located near Malate, but I think I have to re-sched again and do that shop feature for my blog next week.

and here ya go!! Cowboy and Cowgirl....moooo moo yeehahhh!!
in 50th avenue in Galeria

inside Book For Less in Pearl Drive, those books are so cheap! some are old and used, but the quality is in good condition. Lace's mom dig some books about Princess Diana, I was there looking for Neil Gaiman books, but I started to get sleepy after our lunch out in Mocha Blends, so I sat there took some pics and read some BLOOM COUNTY comics.

Comic and Toy Survey

Image hosted by

hi true believers!
i need to make this survey for some upcoming event.
a local pop culture magazine asked me to help them to send out this survey

please answer it and email it to me.. -
thanks guys!!

1. how popular is marvel comics here?

2. what marvel comics do you love and collect?

3. which character do you collect?

4. would you like to see a polystone statue of a marvel character? if not, tell us
from which material would you prefer?

5. which character would that be?

6. and more importantly, will you be willing to purchase

Image hosted by
an open survey for everyone,a local magazine sent this to me to help them gather information and data on what people wants, Digger of Art Asylum wants to sculpt something that is exclusive only for the Philippines and yes this is the best thing we can get to have an exclusive stuff for us made by these fine toy makers and sculptors.

Image hosted by

Monday, September 05, 2005


At the edge of adolescence, Tracy is a smart straight-A student--if not a little naive (it seems...she smokes and she cuts to alleviate the emotional pain she suffers from having a broken home and hating her mom's boyfriend, Brady.) When she befriends Evie, the most popular and beautiful girl in school, Evie leads Tracy down a path of sex, drugs and petty crime (like stealing money from purses and from stores). As Tracy transforms herself and her identity, her world becomes a boiling, emotional cauldron fueled by new tensions between her and her mother--as well as, teachers and old friends.

I'm currently watching this movie now, and I think it will be a good match if you watch Bounce KO Gals, a japanese movie with a same theme of a story.

//* I was so suppose to watch this film at Lace's house but she didnt like the story so we decided to watch Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, but its a lot more boring so we stop the DVD and ate lots of food and watch TV eheehh., Its a good Sunday trip with her family. and also a good time to start new things

Got a minor head injury a couple of days ago and now im suffering some short headache attacks.. and now got some trouble waking up early in the morning for school...and now Advil is my friend here at home hahahahah. **//

but hey!! the movie "Thirteen" is a good one!
I recommend that you grab it and rent it

and the main star Evan Rachel Wood played a daughter of a director in Simone movie, and now she's a crying girlfriend in Green Day's music video "Wake me up Til September ends" and now I want to see her latest film Pretty Persuasion

Sunday, September 04, 2005

All DC comics store revealed!

its a treasure hunt everyone! and thanks to Mr. Arnel, publisher of PSICOM comics for the heads up at the book fair, and this store will be a great help to all comic readers and also for all comic fans and collectors, to fill up all those blank slot in their collectiions.

the store turns out to be a PSICOM comics kiosk, and the store has all the comics that they published, and the Philippine Haunted Stories books are hot sales. There are lot of DC comics stuff in there.. with a tag price of P25 each, from back issue to current issue. I was lucky to drop by on time, coz it was the time that they stocked the comics for the shop, Im glad that I didn't go there last friday, coz Arnel said that the stocks might arrive there on friday..

got a great selection of comics that I bought.. and one of the jackpot is a Yu-Alanguilan comic work of Batman-Danger Girl.

shop location: Robinson Metro East, Cainta (infront of Sta. Lucia), 4th floor.

Komikon meet

Image hosted by
It was a dramatic set for me after this..
oh well.

Image hosted by
Syeri and Mr. Roni Santiago

I accompanied the Artists' Den and introduced the group to Fudge magazine, and then during that, Syeri called Mr. Roni Santiago to ask some advice and assistance in inviting all other cartoonist to join the event, I was starstruck to meet the creator of Baltic and Co, Kuyug, and Funny Komik's Planet of the Eyps, Im so happy that at last I met the creator...I was a jumping fan boy that day before I go to school, then he told us that there are already plans of reviving Funny Comics, they are still waiting for the go signal to publish it and then he lastly told us that they got already 6 issues of the new Funny Komiks. we thank Mr. Roni Santiago for the super head up of his appreciated help for Komikon.
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Return of Merryland
its funny..coz its like a comic book...the character dies..and then after a long issue it will be resurrected. as they say for comics, if they dont have the corpse of the character, its hard to declare that it is dead. haahhaha..geez..where did I get that.

but...for resurrecting my blog.. I had to fix something in my so called energon heart.

and now..its back.
I mean..we're back!

and also...its a coincidence when I enter and joined in this contest....

and yes. Merryland is reincarnated !! wohohoh!!

and I'm crossing my toe fingers that I'll win that Nike shoes!!

Your journal vs. their journal. THE BEST STORY WINS!
Set your reincarnation goal and post it in your blog.
Stay dedicated and let the whole world follow your progress. Be original. Be true.
Winners will get a pair of Nike Free shoes and a membership to the Nike VIP program.

click here to join the contest if you want to be reincarnated
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