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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kidz Station Toy Fest


The Kidstation Toy Fest

September 24 & 25, 2005 Rockwell Plaza Tent

oh wow! where the hell I have been lately.
this was the event that Vic Yap of Toycon been telling me and I haven't put some input about this event, Marc Cerbo called me this morning and telling to help me and he invited me to go to this event, our group TransFormers Philippines will be there exhibiting some classic rare and new toys of TransFormers. Also the Toycon organizers are tied up to this event and the first big event of Kidz Station will be the start of convention this coming month.

A First from Kidstation. The Pre-Toy Fest Exclusive Photos HERE .
write up and photos by: Marc "the stuntman" Cerbo of TransFormers Philippines

Toy Fest 2005 logo

Hot Wheels section

Batman & Superman activity booths

Set-up is on its way...

Spider-Man activity booth

Look what's on display...

Friday, September 23, 2005

pwede ba 2 na lang sila umalis?

yup its time to know who will be the next to step out of the house of big kuya!

ehehehe.oo mga guys!nanonood din ako minsan nito. ok lang naman siguro di ba
pero hmm.. kainis nga lang at wala ako pay per view sa bahay kasi sobra nakakalibang panoodin ang mga buhay ng mga tao na ito.

hirap talaga pag nasimulan mo na at ngayon lalo umiinit ang action.

iniiwasan ko nga ito palabas na ito e.
eh kaso sa bahay ko nanonood ang kapatid ko, so ayun kaya napapanood ko din
at saka sa bahay din ng girlfriend ko nanonood din sila kaya ayun.
nakikinood din ako at nakikita ko din ang mga action sa Pinoy Big Brother.

kayo ba sino ba gusto nyo paalisin?
ehhehee..ako gusto ko..silang dalawa na lang
hmm..wala lang..di lang sila masyado entertaining
yun lang.

nakuha ko yung pics na yan sa website ng PB
ehheheh.ayos ba ! opss.have to stay away from Say's photo gallery.
yup im honest..di ko na view ha.


AZL web development
we move you online

me and Lace created this web dev company and check out the services we offer.
we already got clients and now it will be a busy day for us for entertaining lots of clients who will be needing our services in creating website and web solutions for their company.

its fun to create the standard level of web developing and sharing and giving your idea and concept to them, I think we got the affordable price for the services and now we are working daily for the AZL company.

hope this thing works..and If I mean work..
it will..

and now later on I'll be working again and fix that deadline for Vianet.
my hands are nearly ok. but the wound is still fresh, coz I can type now

Injured and I'm still flying

"With the wings of Eros, I'll stretch them wide, Upon the winds of fortune I'm ready to glide.."

My hand was injured last monday and I got a hard time using the PC and it makes all my work slow. It was a very bad week for me,. lots of things had happened and it seems that I'm falling apart one by one, my ,left hand hurts after that accident inside my house,the skin of my left hand was skinned and it was very painful, I can see already my muscle tissues and veins (i think), and at first I thought that it will not bleed, when I was preparing some things for school that bleeds really fast, and I got a hard time taking a shower coz it hurts when water washes away those blood. but that doesn't stop me in taking over my way to school.

but the first thing I did was to go to the school's clinic, they cleaned and fix my wound and put a band aid...yes..a fucking aching aid..and it hurts a lot more when I got the band aid.

I wish that I stop going to school that day and stay home to rest..
but I have to prepare for the school's seminar that I will be their lecturer.

oh crappy dappy

FEU I.T. Animation Seminar
it was a good lecture at our school's seminar, our professor chose me to host the seminar of the Arts and Science week and this is good to all students that they will be learning some stuff about animation, and mind you people. this is not an ANIME event.

I started in doing the history of animation and then later on the basics of creating it and then the magical tools we use for animating it, then I showed some stuff and works of Norman Mclaren and Don Hertzfeldt.

Don Hertzfeldt
"my spoon is too big!"
"I am a banana!"

Norman Mclaren uses in drawing and creating animation by the use of film strips, while Don Hertzfeldt is one the coolest animator for he created lots of animation with out using the computer and its about his journey from becoming a top animators who got lots of awards, by using some stick figure drawing to animate.

Ever After - by Ramon del Prado
its a sci fi action love story of teddy bears

then later on I showed some animation done by Filipino, and these are the "Ever After" animation by Ramon del Prado, The Fiesta, The Juan and The Purplechicken's music video teaser of Dream Systems all animated by the Artists Society, and some clips from Filmless Films.

the students enjoyed watching some animation clips especially when they viewed the Ninjai flash series, I showed them some examples but they saw the chapter 1-9 in my PC that was flashed in the projector screen, so they requested to view it all, but I told them if they want to see the whole series they should visit the website

its a 3 hour seminar and I got tired after that and thanks to FEU math society for inviting me, Mr. Benjamin Concepcion my math prof,. Mr. Renato Vinluan, Chairman of Math Dept. and the students of FEU.

and also thanks to
Mr. Michael Rivero of the Artists Society for providing me the animation cd of The Fiesta, The juan and Dream Systems teaser.

Khavn Dela Cruz of Filmless Films for clips of animation done by indie film makers and the Greaseman short film.

Ramon del Prado, for letting me show the Ever After flash mtv.

Joon Guillen for the info about Don Herdzfeldt.

and to all animators in the land !!! thank you! - ninjai, mclaren, hertzfeldt, disney, toei etc.

and then.. I was invited again to do the seminar next semester for the Mass Communication department with the Dean and students as the seminar attendees.

ohhhh.....boy. hahahaha.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

hot or cold?

some people gave comment my last YM stat message last friday, and they say it was very creepy hahahaha.. its just I'm so tired that day and all wet.

its getting weird. coz people are sending me txt messages and Its like that I'm going to die or something..or I'm gonna leave this whole planet and go to heaven.
I don't know what's the meaning, maybe I have to hibernate and re-align the stability belt I'm wearing.

have to burn some more calories and get prepared for tuesday's FEU Arts and Science Seminar that I'm attending, and this time I'm not the audience but I will be the lecturer for this years seminars, and I will introduce to the students of I.T. the basics and some knowledge about Animation and teach them some flash animations for web developing. I do have some experience and web developing and I hope I can get some students who are willing to learn more about web developing and creative side for web,. its like the practical side of web developing.

damn... i have one day to prepare and i haven't finish my ANIMATION !!!
i got lesser time now to animate.
ok..say now the F word!

Yesterday it was Lace Llanora day, and its my happy day saturday to be with her in their home, and a good place to relax and sat and lie down in their sofa and dreaming of clouds and cotton candies..

while we sat there we watch Pinoy Big Brother and waited for the latest nomination of one's housemate to be kicked out and the dismissal of one female housemate.

but before that we watched a DVD movie, title is "Rules of Attraction", its a funny and one hell of an artistic movie, its a good movie too with the teens doing this bad things and having a connection to each other that leads to a one story that will give more excitement on the next scene..

oh yeah! I can George Michael's "Faith" music echoing in my ears! hahahaha

I just got a new copy of PUMP magazine September Issue, and at prayers were answered
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