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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Oktoberfest na!!

this is for all party lovers and beer lovers!
too bad that my time ended in partying, i miss the gigs, events, night life and music. I think that I have to pass this kind of lifestyle to others.

last night was the countdown of the Oktoberfest 2005, and the event took place in Blue wave, and I saw on TV that all the beer are FREE! , man...that was the greatest freebie I heard !, like the fountain of Vodka and mountain of candies I got from my past events couple of years.

Samsung E600 lost!
Lace's mobile fone was lost in CSB, so if theres anyone who knows or have found a Samsung E600 gray clampshell flipping fone, you can contact me here, I'll give a reward for those who can return the phone ( I know this sounds ridicilous, posting in my blog about a lost phone, but hey! theres sometimes a good heart in that million number of people.)

hay.....sayang sayang yung mga photos namin dun sa phone..

ok have to go now to school!

i'll see you again to the next update!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Asia Heroes 2005

come on guys! lets vote for our pinoy hero! heheehe.
well..hes not a real hero..but as we can see him do this boxing matches.
he still wave the flag of the Philippines.
lets vote for Manny Pacquiao...

yup..right! lets not waste our vote on some political icon.

come on let vote!!
the Korean superstar is winning! and we need more vote the Pac-Man!

Who's your hero? A favorite pop star? A TV celebrity? An inspired leader? A great teacher? From hometown idols to global icons, our heroes give us a new perspective on life, lead by the example of their own and urge us on to ever greater achievements.

Over 500 readers submitted nominations for our Asia's Heroes online poll over the past several weeks, from which 12 nominees have been chosen. Select a hero from the list below; the finalist will be announced in TIME's 2005 Asian Heroes special website on October 3, 2005.

visit this page and vote! -

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mr. Moonlight part 2

It's a busy day and I energy is all drained up. School already consumes my time and I have lots of work to do, lots of projects to submit and my headache still kills me.
I felt like a beggar again wondering the streets on my way home, and it sucks coz it happened again and I promised myself that it won't occur again. my life is getting short and I have to do something to live long. My sis told me after I step my foot on the doorstep as I come in. "what happened to you?, you look like harrassed!", yup walking your way home is not a good night execise, you can inhale all the carbon monoxide as you catch breath for air due to the long walking.

hope it doesn't happen again...

but its ok.

the Tamaraws won in game 1. and people in school are getting wild during the 2nd quarter
Image hosted by
I heard the news while we are taking up our Numerical Analysis exams, and another that gave me a headache, I fell asleep while ago while studying and reviewing my notes inside the study area in school. that gives me a hard time to catch up during the exams, but thanks to the angels above for the extra help for I answered some.

back to the UAAP game, ehehehe., well I hope this battle ends..
I dont care if FEU won.. or DLSU won,
i just hope for the no school day if FEU won the finals ehehhee.

I'm thinking what kind of food will I bring to school, we're running out of stock of can goods here, and I think we should buy more suasage in cans, its easy to cook, eat and digest.

I still haven't posted some pics here, there are lots of things that happened couple of days ago.
like the Networking Night, Toy Fest, Az and Lace Karaoke overnight and school adventures.

and now I have to work on that biographical sketch for my Eng 8 thesis paper.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Networking Night
Tonight I will be in Dusit Hotel for a monthly networking event that I want to attend couple of months and at last I'll be there for the first time. Lace got the info about the event and I didn't know that it will be this tuesday. She want to attend but because of her work in CSB we agreed that I'll attend the event and represent our baby company.

After receiving our invitation confirmation,. Lace bought the ticket for me so that I can enter the event.

and if theres an event......theres always FOOD!

geez...I love Hotel Foods! they are the best!!! hoping for a lots of loads of Moritos

Later I will be having a class interview and I'll be wearing my business suit. And I know its hot in here but I need that to get a higher grade in English 8.

and I got the hard way of ironing those suits..and I hate ironing my clothes..
coz I dont know how to use it and it always burn my belly and fingers while ironing.

Its a busy week for me.and more busy week next week.
its project time and deadline.

What I've been doing lately?
well, I been doing and studying some web designs and I have to be more creative in presenting the media to our clients, the numbers of inquiry are moving, so I guess or system works and hoping that we hit a jackpot in this new biz.

and while doing some stuff I made a sample web page for a girlie website, as requested of a sample of one our client. and here's what I finished.. a simple and not to flashy website

well..what do you think? hahaahahah
you can view it here for more fun!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

9th! Monthsarus
Image hosted by
Me and Lace escaping the Makati rally last wednesday, during our happy day out and food fest, we rush going to Cavite after we dine, its almost nearly a month for me for not going to the mall hahhahaha. I was about to invite her to watch a movie, but we decided to eat.

After that we went to the Drug store to buy some bandages for my wounded hand, the off we go to Cavite.

and this 25th marks now our 9th month

Image hosted by
Food monster attacks Oddys and Dulcinea!
fine grubbing in Oddys, we love hot and spicy foods, so we held our food fest here and the taste that I've been looking for is in these spicy foods of Oddys. On pic, we are eating a pastry came from Dulcinea, now my favorite to visit and eat.

but before that day I just saw a comet moving and entering a black hole, that transports us into another dimension. and I like to add words this day are Peter Pan, Negritos, Satay, Band Aid, and C2.
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