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Friday, July 21, 2006

Spider-man 3 new 3rd teaser poster

this is the thing that I really like, movie that releases lots of teaser poster really boost their market, and this poster really is a great idea for a comic cover too.

the web will be stickier on May 4, 2007

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pirates of the Happy Meal

speaking of fast food toys, my sister bought this item from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's chest movie Mcdonalds happy meal in Chicago...and i wish they release it here in Manila.

you can read her funny review of the toy here

Turtles in Action

check out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys, included in a kiddie meal of the fast food, Jollibee.
this toy will be available in limited time only,. I am a fan of these characters since highschool and now Im happy to see them again in new animation and cool toys.

Leonardo, Kick and Flip

Michaelangelo, Spin Kick

Donatello, Revolver

Raphael, Quick Draw

you can see the live toy demo here at

ahahaha.. i just saw the commercial. and its so cute...
the martial arts master in the ads looks like Mr. Miyagi

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2006

Official List of Winners from Fullybooked and Neil Gaiman


1st place (tied) - "The God Equation" by Michael Go
1st - "A Strange Map of Time by" Ian Casocot
2nd - "The Great Philippine Space Mission" by Philbert Dy
3rd - "Atha" by Michaela Atienza

1st Honorable Mention - "The Omega Project" by Kim Marquez
3rd Honorable Mention - "Monstrous Cycle" by Cecilia Estrada
4th Honorable Mention - "Stella for Star" by Yvette

1st - "The Mad Sad Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl" by Clara Lala Gallardo and Maria Gallardo
2nd - "Splat" by Manuel Abrera
3rd - "Dusk" by Rommel Joson
3rd - "Defiant: The Battle of Mactan" by Juan Paolo Ferrer and Chester Ocampo

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards videos

here are the videos from my camera, sorry for no audio,.
the video coverage of the comic forum will be upload soon,. i will have to edit it first, yes, the forum video has audio.

but first check this Comic Tribute AVP edited and directed by Gerry Alanguilan.
This video features the first comic artists up to the present and new artist in the Philippines.
this video was shown at the event last saturday.

and here's some of the stuff we shown on screen

ELMER trailer

a comic comedy short by Gerry A.

Sepia Montage of various activities of the Komikero Artists Group, San Pablo City, Philippines. "Daliri": Words and Music by Florante De Leon.

Here's my edited version of the Alfredo Alcala works and comic AVP
I just converted the powerpoint file into jpegs and then edited in video and embeded a music titled 'MEMORIES' from the Superman Returns Movie Original Soundtrack

AND HERES my video coverage

Wilson Tortosa live drawing on stage

Pinikpikan and Planet Zips

The Funny Neil Gaiman and the event AVP

Monday, July 17, 2006

little twin star

Lacey the twin star sent me this flash media, instead of creating an e-card, she sent me this file directly to my inbox to escape the e-card charge.

very funny.....and cute!!
now tomorrow. i'l find a cute flash e-card for her..

I love ya Lace !

another photos from the
1st Phil. Graphic Fiction awards

go ahead..Unmask me... oh la la !

here ya go...

I'll be uploading soon photos for my multiply account.

but check out the photo link below
photo albums from

marc cerbo's album, his complete photo coverage

gerry alanguilan blogged for the event

dean alfar's blog update



wilson tortosa's album

other albums

from planetzip

Sunday, July 16, 2006

1st Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards 2006

the People

Lace Coladilla and Mark Cerbo

Lyndon Gregorio and Chompy

Deviant ART Manila booth, Minaru and Gohlico

visitor talks to Eman Xerx Javier

Mirrormask.........Lace and Azrael

Ariel Atienza and that guy from Mardi Gras

Mark the stunticon Cerbo, testing my camera

Lace and Chompy

Jonas Diego and Jac Ting Lim

Lace and Powerstation

Comics Forum

Iya Yotoko, event emcee and a guy asking question about the forum

Wilson Tortosa, Ace Balancio, Gerry Alaguilan, John Becaro

Carlo Pagulayan, awww dude sorry for the flash !

Wawi, Marius Lucifer and Aia

Karen Kunaciwz

Dean Alfar

Ramona David

Lace and Jac

Gino de la Paz

Glasshouse Graphics Asia, promotes 4th annual Manila comics creation seminar for Oct 2006.

Neo Comics

John Becaro

Lace and Syeri Baet, creator of Car Pool comics

F4 Philippines Int'l visits the event

Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and Arnold Arre caught my candid camera!

my photo op with the comic creators

Wilson signs comics and promotes the Oct. comic seminar

Komikero and Artists' Den

Outer Hope band, CD album available in Fullybooked

Ilyn Florese-Alanguilan and Gerry Alanguilan

Aries, Gilbert Monsanto and John Becaro at the indie comic booth

Joselle, Cheska and Lace

the Fullybooked event team and staff

teddy and Lace

here's my photo pose pic front of the Alcala exhibit for Christian Alcala(USA)

Lace and Henry de Dios

Lace, RG and Syeri

Jaime Daez of Fullybooked

uy, si pareng Neil Gaiman, salamat po sa event !

Prose contest winners


Ariel in the crowd

during the awarding

Tobie, Panda, and contest winner who won with his entry "A song for Vargas"

with friends and wow that Dreamcatcher trophy is nice..

Gregorio Brillantes

Nocturne, a Neil Gaiman fan group and event volunteers
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