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Saturday, September 09, 2006

4th annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 10

tickets are now available for sale in this selected hobbyshop

Lower ground, BLDG A

and in


80 Blue Lane, 3rd Floor Shoppesville, Greenhills, San Juan.

for more info about the event visit our event website at

// Allright !! my week is good ! tickets are now for sale in comic alley and vtoyz, thanks to the shop owners for the support and helping us distribute the tickets. Also im still waiting for Comic Quest megamall for their reply in my proposal, soon the tickets will be available there also. we have 2 store in megamall selling the tickets, just incase the other one runs out of stock, you can check the other store. its a good venue if youre into anime or comics.

and holy!!! Comic Quest megamall is selling 50% off TPB's hhahaha.
oh yeah! I just got one and bought Civil War's series.


dot com, dot bomb

I thank them big time for sponsoring my domain and web hosting. and Im so happy that I will have finally my own webspace.

they are big. and they will take you to the sky !!

Big Sky Media

they offer affordable domain name and webhosting to everyone, it is a good start up for an individual who wants to have their personal website, business online and also virtual domain.

now its my time to get a domain name, its so hard to choose and Im having a hard time making an idea for a dot com name. I tried registering but its already taken, same goes to . I might check out and back in registering my final decision for the domain name. is still open, but the problem is that .ph is not covered by BSM.

how bout ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

more ideas coming in. but i have to decide wisely.

Support for Ethel
by ~syeri

My older sister is a saint. :floating:

My sister had brain stroke at the early age of 26. Until now, doctors do not know the cause of her stroke. She had around 3 mild attacks since then, but has recovered. To prevent another attack though, she is discouraged from doing strenous work. The doctors say her blood is too thick. She is then given medicine to make her blood flow better so oxygen can easily reach her brain.
The dilemna: She is now pregnant and is currently on her 5th month. Her medicine for her blood costs her P500+ DAILY. This plus her monthly visit to the doctor for check ups, monthly bills, groceries, and apartment rent. She is a church worker and is married to a missionary student pastor.
They don't have a stable monthly income and depends on the support of fellow church members.

If you have a generous, charitable heart and would like to support this couple, please leave me a note. :please:
You may deposit any amount to:
Savings Account
Michael R. Carino

:bulletpurple:EPCIB Espana-Blumintritt
Savings Account
Ethel Lee B. Carino

for contacts email : syeri at

Thursday, September 07, 2006

my first remote Seminar
for I.T. FEU students

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I will be attempting the impossible, well its already possible. hahahahha.

I will be conducting a lecture to students in FEU via webcam, voice and chat.

I just hope that the connection cooperates this time and

my location: here at home in Cavite
students location : FEU, NRH Building, computer lab

ok..i have to finish my coffee, and must prepare for my 7:30am class!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar Production Note 9

It was a rough day yesterday, but it was fun too, It was like my first time to be in Megamall and Greenhills. As you see I no longer go out and my only work place is home, school and offices.
But when I visit the mall, I just control myself in buying stuff, but If I don't buy anything I just EAT !

Im here once again inside the venue Of Megtrade Hall's Function Room B, as you see we were supposed to use the entire hall area, my dream of turning the whole venue into a massive comic art-tribute exhibit walk through has changed and we were allowed to use this area for my walk through.

unfortunately that the other Room is already occupied thats why we're not allowed to use the other side of it. This is also the main entrance of the seminar and on the left side will be installed a comic art exhibit and also tv screen.

Thats me and my sis, the day my phone battery ran out, It was a tough situation. coz I have this attitude whenever my battery is down, I just go home and charge it. I was looking for the battery charging station in Megamall, but I can't find it and I think they no longer renting the stall.

So I decided to use her phone the whole day! hahahhaa, lookie! my phone has a Jerry Yan wallpaper and it says! Yao ding ni! hahahhhahahaa, I cancelled one meeting that day coz I ran out of time and stayed in Megamall for an important meeting with the admin and also to GHG.
my phone was dead for a day and here I am almost stucked in one place with no one to reconnect a communication. Im glad my F4 lover sis is here. funny thing is that I almost forgot that we were suppose to meet, but good thing is that she knows where will I be located.

after Megamall, I went to Greenhills to drop off the tickets for sale in Vic's hobbyshop.

The seminar tickets are now available inside:


Blue Lane, 3rd Floor Shoppesville, Greenhills, San Juan.

just look for TINA or VIC inside the store, you'll see the seminar poster in their shop.

Blue Lane in Shoppesville are the area where comics and toy hobbyshops are located.

collectibles heaven! also ToyCon's headquarters

thanks to Tina, the shop manager for putting up the poster infront of their shop.

Manila Comic Seminar on the WEB !

in FHM Philippines website, INCOMING
also the seminar ad is walking through other pages of the website.

thank you to FHM Philippines for putting that up! I was surprised big time last night when I saw that, I am a surfer to your site and also a bullboarder, and when I saw that my sleepiness was gone! thanks !!!!!

also to woofy! thanks for putting up the comic seminar to your website Filipino Comic Book Portal.

I saw some blogs and website plugging the comic seminar! thanks guys for the kind support.
I will arranged something for you all, and I will feature your blogs and website here!

to all community forums and boards,thanks for allowing me to advertise the event in your portals.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead

He was killed in a freak accident in Cairns, police sources said today.

It is understood he was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest and reportedly into his heart .

He was swimming off the Low Isles at Port Douglas filming an underwater documentary when the tragedy occured.

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) was called about 11am (AEST) and an emergency services helicopter was flown to the crew's boat on Batt Reef, off the coast near Cairns, with a doctor and emergency services paramedic on board.

Irwin had a puncture wound to the left side of his chest and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Irwin's body is being flown to Cairns.

read more here,23599,20349888-2,00.html

// I was surprised by a YM link passed to me by Richie Ramos and I got goosebumps when I saw his picture and read the article.

couple of nights ago I was watching the cartoon network or I think in JackTV, the animation the Simpsons or I think SOUTH PARK. in one of the scene, the kids were laughing and watching to that animated Steve Irwin in one of their TV sets, yeah! it was funny, Steve was talking on Tv about crocodile then suddenly he was biten in the head.

when I saw that clip, I wondered again and said "what's the guy doing today?" , I havent seen him lately on TV".

then when I read this article.. I was shocked!!

is that was a kind of premonition ????

I know its a normal thing for me again, but If ever I can help someone involved in it, I might save lives of many! //

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
Production Note 8

I've already launched the event website for the seminar this morning and I worked that since yesterday after a 3 days of planning, I used the old 2003 comic seminar layout and converted it to a weblog and also uploaded the images to my gmail googlepages.

visit and check

last friday I just finished a series of meeting and here I am inside the taxi cab changing my costume. I just decided to take a taxi going to the meeting office and going back in school.
I saved a lot of time doing that and it never get exhausted.

changing from uniform, taking out that First Day High syndrome

to a super dude cool guy! that doesn't look like your Electrolux guy.
who will knock on your door, ring on your bell and tap on your window, too.

I just arrived one hour early and I decided to go over to one of our sponsors office, just to get away from the sun's heat. It makes me already dizzy, but Im glad that they serve one hot coffee inside their super cooled board room. That's me reviewing and starting to do my marketing stunt.

I wait for the marketing people of this company, Its just great to see them and have the interest in helping us out for the seminar and also a good event for them to market their product.
I really liked this kind of environment, every one smiles and then proceed to our own dealings.

and oh by the way!
the tickets can be ordered now by mail. and we can delivered it for FREE!

Im still working on the ticket selling in Comic Alley and Comic Quest Megamall.
I'll try to manage my schedule for tomorrow that I'l try to give my proposal for the ticket selling.

Ticketworld is also interested in holding our tickets, but my time is limited and haven't made my schedule for a meeting to them in Makati. I just hope that I can do this in one day tomorrow and on wednesday.

oh my stars and garters! I just read some news about Marvel's Civil War, and damn! every one is at war again. better do some research and save money to buy these issues.
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