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Saturday, September 16, 2006

the suzaku is back from Davao

Lace sits on top of a prehistoric reptile, after dancing in front of the legendary croc sultan, Azi Crocodilla

below are pictures of my mini me. featuring...the travel photos of Az DOLL.
its not a love doll, but its doll that represents me. this doll already been to Thailand, Cebu, Bohol and Lace's bedroo,and because I wasnt able to go with them, I just let Az Doll to look over Lace for me. (btw, Az Doll is fan of Child's Play and Puppet Master movie)

Az Doll in a antique shop

Az doll in the Apo View Hotel Lobby

Az doll blocking Lace's camera near the Davao River

Az Doll in his luxurious lifestyle with the Durian fruit.

Az Doll prepares to go home and waits Lace and her boss in the lobby area.

Friday, September 15, 2006


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New Service Makes Emailing to Philippine Mobile Phones Easy

Manila, July 10, 2006 - Sending free text messages by email to the Philippines has been made easier and better by, an email to phone service operated by Mobile Arts Inc. Anyone with an email address can send a message to

An email user currently can send several free messages a day to a Smart, Globe, or Sun Cellular phone number. However, depending on the network the mobile phone number belongs, the email sender has to remember a different email address or domain. simplifies the job of the sender.

“If your friend’s mobile phone number is 0918-765-4321, you can simply email him at We take care of routing and forwarding the message,” says Gil Prudente, chief technologist of Mobile Arts Inc.

The service is simple to use. There is no new software to download. “There is also no need to register. Unlike instant messaging services, there is no need for yet another password to remember, ” added Prudente.

With, users can send as many messages as needed, if the mobile phone number has replied at least once. also allows senders to send longer text messages. They are not limited to the usual 160 characters limit of text messaging. ”When you use email to send text messages, you can have a record of all messages sent and received, including time and date. You can only store so much if you send text messages from your phone”, Prudente noted.

The email to phone service can ease sending text messages by email to some 40 million mobile phone numbers in the Philippines . Philippine mobile phone users generally pay Pesos 2.50 when replying to an email sent through Details of the service can be found at

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// Just saw this from jonas diego's blog...and I tried it....

and...then,,.,BOOM !!!! Its WORKING!!!!

geeez....text text na tayo lahat hahahahah text forever!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogging seminar and Hands on

yup! thats tomorrow huuhhummm... 7:30am-9am. for FEU BS MATH I.T. students.

check out on my left: Just saw this vandalism art in the underpass of Lerma St., I was surprised to see an art vandal air sprayed in the dirty walls of the under pass.

You see that I always use the under pass whenever I need to go to the other side of the road. but at first It was freaky and when I look around its ART !

but you know that vandalism is against the law

I dont know who's the culprit artists here, but in one art he left a name or a title of his/her art
with the title 'Saturnino Basilla', sounds like a title of an art event somehere in Cubao X,

yeah, I just know the title after I googled it.

who is this person??

its a little bit freaky noh?

when I went back to shoot photos, people are terrified on what they see, while some of them joked around and said, 'nah..those thugs and gangster are losers'.

but some people look around and observed the art.

hmmm.. i think the art will be more scary when people cross the under pass at night.

the underpass has a yellowish ambiance, cause of the yellow lightbulb suspended in the ceiling of the underpass.

I'll just inspect this art once more, tomorrow.

9th Asian Cartoon Exhibition 2006

Venue: 3/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall

September 13-24, 2006


The Japan Foundation has been holding the yearly Asian Cartoon Exhibition since 1995 for introducing the societies, cultures, and modes of life of the peoples of Asia from various perspectives, by way of cartoons accessible and understandable to all.

"How's IT in Asia?" is this year's theme. With steady globalization underway in a range of fields, various Asian countries are pursuing development of "information technology" (IT) throughout social, business, educational, and industrial activities, and general daily lives of the public, for realizing flourishing societies.

In this exhibition, 8 leading cartoonists from 8 Asian countries have put their keen wit into 80 new cartoon works depicting the IT situation in their respective nations, for your bemusement and enjoyment.

It is our hope that this presentation by these wonderful cartoonists "of IT as they see it," packed into 80 humorous and satirical works, nourishes growing interest of viewers and helps deepen understanding about the ways of the peoples, societies, cultures, and life in Asia.

As in the past, after being shown in various parts of Japan, this exhibition will fly to China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. We eagerly hope it will stir plenty of chuckles there and then and moments of thought later, in audiences of these countries also.

Finally, we would like to express our hearty gratitude to the cartoonists who produced these fabulous pieces as well as numerous individuals and organizations whose cooperation brought this exhibition into reality.


Bayani "Barry" Jose


our Celebrity look a like is now become popular of a photo manipulator service that they have, they will scan your facial photo and match it with photo facials of celebrities in their database.

the celebrity look a like service is now rapidly circulates in every blog.

so this day, i tried it myself uploading our photos.

and here's the result.

ahahah! Jet Li !

ohh...damn!!!! im Sammo Hung!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006



LASAP (Limang Aspeto ng Artistang Pilipino) A 5 Senses Art Festival

1. Stage Play
2. Painting & Sculpture Exhibit
3. Photography & Digital Art Exhibit
4. Cultural Dance Shows
5. Musical Performances and Interactions
6. Short Films Viewing
7. Culinary Show (Food Festival/Exhibit)

Date: September 21, 2006 Venue: San Mateo Municipal Plaza, San Mateo, Rizal

KUBO is a non-stock, non-profit organization composed of various
artists with all ages and levels from here and abroad whose
objectives are to help preserve, promote and develop all kinds of
arts in the world.

KUBO a house of dreams

Dream of unity
Dream of creativity
Dream of serenity

A place where these dreams may come into reality

Express what you feel
Explore what you see
Explain what you know

A place where senses exist

Without limitations
Without restrictions
Without discrimination

A place with only one direction to unify our human nation

Home for different people
Home for different culture
Home for different beliefs

A place where you can live


"Bahay KUBO kahit munti ang halaman roon ay sari sari…"

The name KUBO was derived from a famous Filipino Folk song "Bahay
Kubo" which became an inspiration to a dream of unity and shelter
different forms of expressive art from traditional to contemporary
digital art. Kubo not just shelter for Filipino Natives artist but
also explore and collaborate with other nationality. Kubo is a home
for anyone who wants to share and learn from everybody. Respecting
each other's individual beliefs.

Each individual artist develops their own technique on their
creation. Their style evolves from the growth of their own
traditions and inspirations from the Masters of Arts in different
races. Studying each style and learning new ways to satisfy its own

Started as a dream now becoming a reality where the complexity of an
artist evolves to a new form of community. Collaborating
individualism into a new culture for a dream civilization of artist
where there is no limitation, no restriction and no discrimination,
having one direction to inspire mankind for a better nation.

One of its projects is to uplift and motivate all (starving, new and
upcoming) artists by presenting an ART FESTIVAL of all senses:
sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

So if you are an artist and want to be part of this project please
send me an email indicating what kind of artist you are, your
contact information and how are you going to participate in this
festival to as early as possible.

For more information,
Call or text me @ 09216740281; office: 5268823 (afternoon is the
best time.)

Dondon Villaluz
Event Coordinator

First flight cancelled

tomorrow was supposed to be my first air flight, (it means that my first time to ride a plane), yes thats right!,I haven't got off the Luzon area. i have relatives in Palawan, but whenever they invited me to come to their place, I always chickened out. even If i ride a cruise ship to sea, I also chickened out. That means Im very afraid and scared of riding those vehicles, Im a land lover. I love the land, even if it will take me days to ride it, i will still be in land. But tomorrow's trip to Davao is cancelled ( ako lang ang cancelled) maybe I'll try soon...I still have my BORACAY 3 days and 2 nights FREE ticket and Hotel for free, maybe after October I will be leaving this land.

i have tried riding a bangka during my highschool days in a beach and also I tried cayaking in Batangas sea, but it doesnt scare me, but the movie JAWS still runs in my mind whenever im in the open sea.

I researched last few days about riding a plane, I even interviewed people about it, but they always joke at me, and the state of fear comes always.

I told them that I might take a sleeping pill before the flight ahahaahahaaha.

damn! this will be the most thrilling event in my life..
hahhaha..ok go on laugh!! I'll ride an airplane soon !!!!

Stomach Pain Vs. ME

Last night I thought that it will be last day, I got a very painful stomach pain and gas pain in my tummy, and it is very uncomfortable, I went to the toilet several times and vomitted all the way from our room to the toilet which leads Lace to clean the toilet for the very first time in her life, sorry honey!.

My theory is that the water in my other home is not clean for me, right now Im recovering and still weak to go out. My tummy sometimes exploded and releases gas. This is a sign of a good diet, but right now Im eating less and keeping an eye on those bad foods, esp. junk foods. I will quit eating those again and hope that I wont suffer the pain last night.

I thought I was going die, people in here are in panic, 6 of them are nursing me back to my normal health, thanks to them for helping me to recover.
I guess its good to eat the right way and chew the foods into pieces. Having a stomach pain really immobilizes me. and now damn! I didn't attend my class for today.
arghhh..lagot ako.

image from :

Monday, September 11, 2006

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 11

this was the day that I have a get together meeting with the owner of Comic Alley, we discussed clearly about our situations in the business and industry of this hobby. Its good to see that Comic Alley is expanding and I was surprised to see that they got 2 branch in SM north and also one playroom for kid, I think the name of the playground is Playzone. Its been 5 years or more since we have our meeting, and its good to hear that we both have the same platforms and plans for the coming years. EXPAND !!

I was roaming and saw the RAN online event, I saw the marketing people there and they said that I was snob last ToyCon, I said to them I was sorry coz I was so busy that time managing the event, but they are happy to know that I invited them to participate in my new event. the comic seminar.

hahhah! me and my sister were going home and saw this cute mascot of Worlds of Fun.
hahahah, I was about to get them as my partner for the event, but I was too distracted posing in the pic
and forgot to talk to them about my proposal.

ha! see Mark! i told you I was early that time for the autograph signing of Ehra Madrigal.
but was not in my schedule so i went back to my school for good.

opps...someone called in my cellphone. a sponsor ..whoooppee!!!!! Posted by Picasa

at the cove

we went last saturday an event organized by my sister who runs their own Jerry Yan Philippines, a fan club locally for Jerry Yan fans, if you don't know Jerry Yan, I guess you remember the F4 in Meteor Garden.
they organize this fan gathering every season of something to celebrate

this is Robinsons Apartelle, located in EDSA near Guadalupe and Robinsons Pioneer. I call the venue "the cove" coz its look like the cove in the movie of The Lady in the Water.

knock! knock! (we have to say the magic word in order to get in )
yao ding ni! yao ding ni!

inside the venue, Lace and Dao Misyel Posted by Picasa

Jerry Yan marathon

I found out that Lace is a screaming fan too.

Jerry meets Azzzy

video marathon and screening of exclusive clips of Jerry yan from concerts, guesting, series and news appearance

we were their photographers that day, and since we got the camera, we still have the time to fool around
hehehehee Posted by Picasa

eat at the cove

this is the most favorite part of an event. EATING !
thanks for the free food of KFC. I was full that time and enjoyed watching their clips.

who am I imitating? hhehhee, this is the case when I surf many blogs and photos in other sites.

registration section is so full. the venue accomadates 50 people, I think.
everyone of them gets a free video cd and a souvenir item

I thought that the event has started early, but my sister here opens the main event.
I was laughing loud when I saw a clip of Armani and Jerry. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Blogging Seminar take 2

another educational mission for students and Im happy to see that they learned a lot during that day from me, its funny coz, some IT students didn't know about blogging. out of 40 students, 1 of them blog. and after I read their short activity that I gave to them, I saw that learned more about my topic and they wish for another lecture.

Feu Math Society officer announces the seminar's objective and also my intro

an example of internet karaoke, a sub topic for video blogs.

the no sleep hyperness Az

i just got this Gerry's instructional video on how to make a juice drink.
hahahaha.. kids loved the video !

they got hooked when they saw Gerry's step by step in making a comic.
after the video blog seminar.. they now know about hahahahha
I gave them a dare on that day, create a internet karaoke in
the better internet karaoke will win a prize from me.

also i got the idea of creating a internet karaoke awards and event hahahahhaha

here's me plugging my sponsor

its time for a short quiz hehheehhee

aha! I knew it! no copying of answers

ehehhhehe... handing out flyers of the comic seminar

i gave away 2 comics of DC for KIDS to students who gave a correct answer during our recitation. the comics is not sponsored by PSICOM, but its a comic that I bought last Manila Book fair.

student variant Az (in full school uniform) with the FEU MATH SOC

for me this was the best of all my seminar, i just got pulled it off by creating some entertainment while they learn. Interactivity with the students is a must. After reading their notes for me, I understand that these kids really need to be exposed to the outside world.
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