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Saturday, September 23, 2006

fiesta, pizza, thesis and exes

its our town fiesta and for me its time for a fine food fest, eheeh thats the favorite part.
too bad that our town fiesta is on fridays, so people in the place are not that crowdy compare to last year. but everyone still happy and merry. even when theres a heavy down pour, people are still smiling and the celebration never ran out of energy.

our Sbarro visit in Robinsons Manila kicks off my thesis revision, and it will be submitted on monday. right now Im working it out for tomorrows final draft, and Im so excited that this thesis month will be over after 3 weeks, for all the BS math batch, me and my partner in the thesis are lucky to have only a thesis proposal required by our degree.

while eating we discuss lots of events that happened to us that day,like me, my exes are popping out from nowhere and then Lace felt that they are coming out from a box, so my suzaku security is very strick the couple of days because of that. so the best thing to do is stay away and mind my quiet and cool life.

this is my rare dinner, I never eat at this resto regularly, so we made it one special treat after our hard work the whole day. Its like getting out of a crazy carnival ride and then you end up very hungry, so for the meal for that is one good reward to us.

oh yeah, one of my favorite. the Chicago pizza.

today is satruday, and I have started my thesis revision. ahahaha i just forgot to make a production note for this haahaha, it will be fun, but the end of it will be on monday. thats our final submission, and i will submit it before 12nn in order to get that 50% exception in our final exams, so i know for this day, everyone is cramming. haahahhaa.. er... have to watch a movie later. Lace wants to watch that girlie movie - John tucker must die, and I want to watch this for guy movie - Dead or Alive, but how sad to hear that it got lots of bad reviews from movie watchers. arghhh... they say that it was sucky and mortal kombat is still better than this.

while ago we watched a dvd movie, Just my Luck, I like Lindsay Lohan ever since her singing career, the movie is fun to watch, its all about BANDS, ahhaha, its fun to watch it coz I can relate to the story, even thats its like a girlie movie, still it caught a guys attention about the other content of the story.

Friday, September 22, 2006 another FREE sms service

It seems that free txting services are now coming out from nowhere, first we got, which is now no longer offering free txting, i think i used that site last 1998. then we have, the most popular of them all free txt services, been using that since it was introduced first in the web. Now we got another one, which offer free txt service by using your email.

and now we got another free txt service via web.

yes, all you need to do is sign up.
and then you can send any messages for free.
you can check out their site at

Im still trying it out, my sister informed me last night about this free txting service and im kinda curious about it, on how it is very effective.
well, compare to , im very disappointed coz the service is buggy. Im not sure if it works properly or if the receiver got my message tru email.

here in WAPOT they have a feature that you will be informed that the message has been received by the recipient. well im post more review soon about the service.

im here at home, skipped class. so tired and my body is like a log, and my thighs are seems so heavy.
i think i need a break and have to rest for a while.

ehehehe. its our town fiesta here in Santolan, Pasig. thats why Im here.
food fest oh yeah!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seven Songs

a meme tagged by Jactinglim

some top 7 songs that I like and want to hear the most and also watch

1. My own Summer -Deftones

2. Move Along by All American Rejects
3. Hey Preppy (remix) by DRIP
4. School of Rock by Jack Black and the School of Rock kids

5. Loco by Coal chamber

6. Chala Head Chala - DBZ
7. Lets Get Started (Retarded (BEP)) by Richard Cheese

and now..tagging seven people to do the seven song meme behehehhe

Lace Llanora , Constipated Diva , Marc Cerbo , Lian Lamigo , joisu , Vince , Daomsiyel

Digital movie making seminar and workshop series

the original First Day HIGH

its the final workshop for the digital movie editing, I just showed them some Adobe Premiere intros and the interface but we didnt use it coz all of them are beginners in editing, out of 25, i think, uses windows movie maker. so the workshop is fast and all of them are easy learners.

I just told them that they can convert their powerpoint into jpegs and later on import it to movie maker. just to help them whenever they want more graphic and music to their presentation

what I did awhile ago is that I brought some raw videos that I took yesterday in greenhills.
its a security guard playing this shooting arcade game that requires motion. its funny

there all of the students got it and I told them that if they have time, try other softwares like avid, premiere, and pinnacle.

ok..last workshop and seminar next thursday...geez I wil be missing giving lecture.

4th annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 12

been busy now for the seminar, and Im still in the state of making lots of MOA for our partners and sponsors, the press release of the comic seminar will be release this coming weekened, Im just finalizing all sponsors details and their logo to be put up in our posters, and tv AD. Im just a little bit worried on something , but I know after this week everything will be just fine and perfectly executed according to plan.

Alcala exhibit will be there, me and Christian Alcala had this wired conversation and we are planning to have a video documentary or perhaps a film bio, something like that, about Alfredo Alcala, this will be my first film project making bios of people. I was planning to create some sort of Superman Returns documentary, but I got lost my way and forgot it already.

the father of Nick Manabat too is interested in my invitation to put up an exhibit and tribute at the seminar, my only problem is that we might put the exhibit outside the hall. for now im still mapping the venue for a perfect location for the exhibit. I really want it to be visible to seminar attendess and walk ins.

Joeshred in his public service attire, and Az in his crazy eye gear

Me and Joeshred went to RX 93.1, in the morning show of Chico and Delamar. it was cold inside the booth, I was there settling a radio partner deal with RX. after their show, we still hang around the next show. i think it was called Jumpstart with Ige and Fran. Its cool coz they were on air and sometimes they interact with us on air asking suggestions, kulitan or request of any song. it was the 90's classic theme of request songs, we joked around about the Spice Girls, Ace of Base - argh..they were requesting me to dance the classic music, but I said that it was 10 years ago when I did a pop dance requirement... and then I got an 1.0 grade haahaha.

After the radio visit, I went to Megamall and Greenhills to check out the ticket sales. well its just fine and they said that more of it are reserved to fine arts students as they say that it was some kind of part of their school requirement.

then I went to the seminar venue to measure the distance of booths and mapping the whole area for the items to be placed.

after that I spend my time reading comics that I bought for a P50 only in booksale in front of Chef Donatello, in there I ate my special lunch.

I just wanna welcome PSICOM for being part of our seminar event, and now they are one of our co presentor of the event. me and their president just talked about their plan for having a DC Comics convention on the end of November, its just about time for them for having an event.
and I know this will rock the comic world here!!

check out below their new issues of DC comic reprints.

Whilce Portacio in youtube and blog

I was surprised this morning when I surfed Gerry's youtube, there I saw a link of Whilce's youtube, ohh yeah! Whilce Portacio had just uploaded a special preview of Wetworks:Worldstorm #1. Then after that I went to Komikero Journal, I just saw that he got his own blog already.

its great to see him sharing his latest developement of his project.
and hehehhe I already bookmarked it here.

Blog -

You Tube -

now Im waiting to see more of his video previews

and here's a latest news about his new work. new update from SOLICITATIONS FOR DECEMBER 2006

Written by Andy Diggle
Art and cover by Whilce Portacio
& Richard Friend
Learn where the Dark Knight first got “all those wonderful toys” as the superstar combo of writer Andy Diggle (ADAM STRANGE) and art team Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend (WETWORKS) go back to Batman's roots in a new monthly series! In this 6-issue tale, see exactly when Batman’s war on evil in Gotham City ramped up — and how he rose to meet the threat of Lex Luthor's plans to move in on both Bruce Wayne's and Batman's turf!
On sale December 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US Edited by Mike Carlin

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blog seminar and workshop series

here's my last workshop and seminar episode for Blogging, Its good to see that all of them got the idea of why we blog. Students easily relate after a one shot seminar about blogging.
This will be my final seminar for them, and ehermmm, my last term in school.

hehheh..Iam a Faculty!

students publish their own blog for the 1st time.

surfing and making a blog entry

my sample blog for that day

my blog......oppss..its the eye art blog entry

while we work on the blog workshop, we all chatted in ahahahaha everyone enjoyed it.

so..thats my final seminar series for thursday it will be about Digital movie making, then.. adobe photoshop ahahhah

Monday, September 18, 2006

The eye art

Last blog post, I made an entry about this mysterious vandal art in the walls of the underpass of Lerma st.

It was eerie at first di ba? but I know that theres a purpose behind that vandal art.on my on going investigation.. read it below.


hi sir,

i just saw this vandal art in the underpass of lerma st. and i was wondering if you did that, i was surprise to see also your work last sat. in Pablo, and since it was my first time to be in that gallery (was invited by nelz), im curious to ask if you painted the wall of the underpass and also some of the overpass in espana. or is there someone imitating your art? .


----- The reply


si boyagimat ang gumagawa nun! hahahahahathanks at napansin mo! actually its my way of expressing my art on the streets since im not used toon the "REAL FINE ART" mahirap kase those people fromthe real fine art dont accept these kinds of work in galleries and museums, by doing this kind of stuff iwant to send a message to the people to look as it as an expression as an artists who are marginalized, the minority and yung mga hindi pinapansin...
yes its vandalism but it is also empowerment... like feminist,may pinaglalaban sila, mga laborers ganun din, mgaartists eto grafitti... i hope you could understand

- boy agimat


// now theres the explanation ahhahaha!!!! thanks for clearing that up boy agimat!!!!
more power to your ART !!!

on hold local comics, receipt and BIR

the 1st story, newly appended report is located below
a friend reported to me last saurday that this local comic shop located in one of the biggest shopping mall in Manila is holding off copies of a local title that is created by respectful and creative artists, I was surprised to hear his story about his bad experience buying comic in that store. I told him to report this to the comic creators but he was shy and maybe no one might believe in his story, the good thing is that he brought along a friend when they went to buy this comic title.

he was about to grab a sample of torn pages display in front and then the sales person showed a bulk copies hidden and not displayed. Then my friend bought one copy and then the sales person didnt gave him a receipt for his purchase, and explained that they wont issue a receipt coz their boss might find it out and get mad at them, my friend ask for the reason behind this, and the sales person said that their boss told them to HOLD all local titles, not to sell them, display or offer it, or just declare it - SOLD OUT.

they will keep pushing for their stocks of foreign copies to sell inside their store. they were shock when they hear that. 0---- well me too. I believe this guy's experience... and he's very disappointed on the system.

funny thing when he raises a question before this conversation, my answer was "huh? its already sold out? try Powerbooks, I know there are still lots of copies in there"

I don't know what happened in there, but all I know that every item that is consigned gives a percentage commission to the store. So what's wrong if you sell the local title, it will still help the sales of your shop di ba? so right now.. Im still shocked to hear that.

The comics he bought is for his research comparing the old story and new story of the new printed title. and I guess that research is for a review article coming out in a local print soon.

//the updated report

OK AFTER INVESTIGATING THE INCIDENT Im reposting this entry for a clear explanation.
so the reason why the local comic shop holds all local titles is that -- some of the consigned comics does not have any Official Receipt. so to avoid any problems with the BIR, they managed to talk to the consignee to hold all the items until they got to submit their OR to the store, which will be used for giving it to the customer and record for the BIR thing.

thank you to mr.comic creator for explaning the matters to me, Im glad that you responded fast and gave a good explanation about the system

so to all readers...hope you understand.. WHY they hold local titles in their stores.
while other's who have their own OR are affected too, I wonder why.

but because of the system... going smooth and very legal.
its good to contact other shops if they carry the same title. or if you can contact the comic creator or publisher, they might help you purchase your item that is created by them.

right now they are resolving the problem of the system.
Im posting this coz, someone might put their experience in their blogs....
or my friend who didn't yet understand the situation. must tell him before goes in print.

to the store owners, hope you all can give a good reason to customers. coz they might give a bad reaction on a what they will face like my friend....

but now... this issue is not an issue after all.

Pablo Gallery 1st anniversary event

thanks to Darkbulb for inviting us in their exhibit and Pablo's party! or should I say thanks Nelz! hahhahaha.. I was always being invited to their exhibit and because Im busy at daytime and sleeping at night time I decided not to let this pass on, I got one utang of an exhibit event for Nelz, and I missed his solo exhibit last time in Cubao X, now I told him that I'll be there,thanks for putting up that poster, It was helpful to post that in my blog and show it off to Lace so that we can go to the exhibit together.

it was fun in Cubao X. the last time I was there was the opening of Dennis Villegas' Komik Vintage shop. and now Im back again. surprising to see familiar faces and people I know... like Bru aka Berinie Sim,

cool to see her again after our dark ages I always invite her to cover my events. she has this clock art and some sort of beanie babies hanging in the walls, we discuss some old stories and also me about getting bigger hahahaha.

Good to meet again, Nico, yes! the last time he was in this blog correcting my entry about spelling his name the wrong way. He's he fiancee of Narda's vocalist, Katwo, we chat at the store of Pablo, thats upstairs, and it was a good talk and tsismis hahha, and he confirmed that Katwo will be in FHM OCTOBER 2006.. he did the photo shoot btw. I think he said that Katwo will be in a sexy outfit with mohawk hairstyle.

the big man! Nelz, hahahaa, me and Lace bought some of his art pins, and I really like that Love Doll pin hhahaha, its been a long time to meet him again, the last time we talk was inside the MRT station of Santolan, in the middle of a walking crowd. Im planning to ask a commission art from Nelz, his idea of framing his artwork is awesome... I really like the effect of colors and reflection.. hahahaha... canvas pre!

when we arrived, Drip was already playing and I missed them playing live, and when Beng and I talked it was like.. whoaaa long time no see, the last time we meet was in ToyCon 2005 and Halo gig, I was about to ask what happened to their website, but me and Lace were in a hurry that night to catch our bus.

it was a FREE beer to everyone, and people are well behave and quiet.,

we got a free KANTO fanzine and it was a good fanzine. I thought that it was like a political art fanzine..but when I read it during my morning meal, it was like a cool written opinions, comments or reaction on what they observed and feel in the environment.. its a good reading material, printed in a xerox paper, in Filipino words and cool illustration.
the good thing is... the fanzine is F R E E !!

also they have a review about Gerry's WASTED

Joey Fernandez is also there, the last time we met was like in the mall or a gig. hahhaha.He said that am I going to stay, I said no, we have to catch the bus, then waved with a beer in hand..
geez..I missed the beer days hahahahah

its good to see everybody there. It was like I was transported to the days of Oracafe, Brash Young Cinema, hahaha.

the event is fun... and will be there on the next.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

L'Arc~en~Ciel Convention
a fan event celebration in Manila

It was hot and humid that day and we argued about attending this event and then we decided to go there in the afternoon were there is no sunlight. we rode the bus, taxi and a skipping the traffic and EDSA, and then, we arrived in U.P. Bahay ng Alumni.

at the event we were welcomed by people in J-fashion and jrock attitudes, the venue is already been in the loudest format, rock bands are now performing with their own cover and some cover music of Larc

I met some people who I know in the past , they were surprised to see me at the event, coz I was out of the community for sometime and the bands shaked hands with me for the welcome and also congratulate them for the big show. Alma, one of the organizer of the event pulled this event of a lifetime for a Larc fan, Im glad that it turns out well and neat. They invited me to be the host of the event, and because I was unavailable that day, I told them that Im not able to do the hosting stunt.

my haul that night... 2 poster. CD album, seafood pasta nad hugs from Lace ehhehehe

Lace at the album cover exhibit and sales

Authentic Larc items for sale!

Me attempting to steal one poster

the venue

Etherial Anthem performs STAY AWAY

you read the note.....hahahahah

pic attack with Kirby Argueldo

rocking fans

thanks to psychic Lico Reloj for a free Tarot card session

oh yeah!!!

thanks to the DA MEAT people for promoting the comic seminar

Zeldais, from U.P. Los Banos, pose a pic with the Xeven:Thvursday EP Album

orig poster of Larc..... bargain sale P100 each!!

the EP Launch

Larc fan art contest

our getaway venue -- Chocolate KISS

Wilson, Shinji, Lico, Lace, Mica

Juujiro organizers with Lace

Progeny live!

Parodixial Review


band list

the psycho ward Az and Jpop Lace going home to my place in Pasig
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