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Saturday, September 30, 2006

looking for an artist to sculpt adam west batman

Hi Azrael.

My name is Lesley and I came across your blogspot while searching for people to contact regarding a project I want to engage in. I'm currently looking for someone who can sculpt a 12in Adam West batman statue for me, to be molded in resin. Do you know of anyone who can do something like this?

If yes, please feel free to pass on this email to them and please ask them to contact me through email or through my cellphone 0917-8114381 or landline at 928-8187.


Lesley Anne B. Perez

hi lesley,
il be forwarding your message to the best sculptor that I know here in Manila.


// if theres any in there who can make a sculpt of a figure collectible you can contact Lesley right away. //

Manila Bats!

Im not yet sure and Its seems a heavy production will take this part. But my support will always be there, now time is running out.. better give now my word for the upcoming event.

hmmm... church wedding will prioritize first :)

image from :

Friday, September 29, 2006

Azrael Vs. Super Storm Milenyo

me with helmet after saving our pets outside, the wind almost blew me out and no kidding !
the wind is very itchy to our skin, I bathe myself with rubbing alcohol after this.

yesterday, Sept 28, 2006 our City was in chaos and nearly defeated by this Superstorm Milenyo. All class, work and daily activities were suspended and canceled. Also my work is in chaos too, its s damn hard to adjust after everything the Milenyo had cause.

but even we were here at home the whole day, we still managed to have fun and merry.

Lights were out, all doors and windows are closed, no water, and everyone of us are roaming the house trying to secure and get rid of those rain floods getting inside.

during that morning we were calm and still relaxing after that lazy morning until after the afternoon comes everyone of us are busy and body moving.

when the storm got calm down a little for an hour, we went outside to check out the damages and then cleaned all those leaves and broken trees out of the street, also cleaning the sidewalk and drainage. we are still standing and ready to fight.

Lace cooking our lunch

but after that we got tired me and Lace fell asleep, I almost drained my GameBoy battery after playing another round of Super Mario Yoshi's Island. then listened to our IPOD (not I-pod) and read again my comics, then I forced Lace to read CIVIL WARS hahahahah,

at night it was very difficult, although still fun, we still got this energy to fool around and playing.
good thing that we used the car battery to run our light and charge our phone. Im glad that Lace's house has those and very prepared.

everyone is still in panic here, our visit in SM dept. store was a crowd of people lining up in the grocery store.. in panic buying.. geez... and then the news said that Cavite is declared a state of calamity. wwhooa.. but I saw in the news that Manila is a lot more worst.

now Im here preparing for another roadshow and hope everyone is okay and better.

more photos at

4th annual Manila Comics Creation
Seminar production note 14

Last week I printed the poster in some school and then I crammed a lot revising the new poster, but this poster version of mine is a lot more different that we will use for school posting only.
since the official poster will come out next week, I started posting my version in Net shops and inside campus. Thanks to the FEU MatSoc for helping me for the poster get approved.

The poster seems a lot bigger than I thought, but after posting this, I received a lot of txt inquiries, and yeah, some of them txted me during the event of the superstorm. Im glad that I got some batteries in full charge and I replied to their query promptly.

Thanks super to TAMARAW INTERNET CAFE, thats infront of FEU, Morayta st. near Jollibee.
thats my mini office whenever I have my vacant time during my class. Internet is in super speed and the printing is cool and clear !

the master copy small size to a bigger size.

thats me and the posters. I just discovered this printing shop and damn! they got lots of customers, so Im glad that I got a master copy printed in glossy paper, so that i will be headed to their colored super blow up copier, instead of filing a long line in their photoshop printing area.

i might print some more tomorrow. and disposed all of these flyers inside my bag, i might be on tour for some event and I will be handing off flyers to people that I know, hehehehe,
last drop off tomorrow will be in Megamall to check out again the ticket sales and also the venue.

the superstorm Milenyo delayed all our works, especially the layouts of the poster and the TV ad, our delivery to CD file got lost, and I will contact LBC tomorrow on what the crap happened to our package and why is it it didn't reach our receipt and thus the report in their website via our tracking number, it says there that our receipt that was written in their form didn't match and it reflects that the one who recieved our package is not the official receipient.

it was a pain in the ass for us to re-do another Cd copy, so we decided to hand over the materials to the broadcasting company so that they can edit it for the week. and even theres no electricity we still got a hold of it. thanks to God !!!

now more cramming to come for this event !!!
watch out for our Broadsheet Ad in Inquirer and Manila Times.
Thanks to Manila Times for volunteering to ad us, hope to see that on Oct 1 and 2.
Also watch out our 1/2 page ad every week in Buy And Sell Magazine.
I'll be boosting up our ads and marketing this week ..

arghh!!!! I almost forgot to finish some of our MOA's..

ok see you all on the next production note.

Cable TV in your PC's face !

It really works !!! thanks to
for the info

our cable Tv here in home is still down because of the super storm yesterday and I install this small software and then I can now watch cable tv in my PC, you should have a broadband internet in order to have a great quality of tv feeds.

Now I can watch CNN, Disney, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet hahahhaa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Comics Odyssey Opening, Comic Book Signing

check out this comic event happening next next week!
Gerry informed me about this couple of days and and there you go! an official announcement
came all the way from Gerrys's blog and DA

Im surprised to this event, and I didnt know that Comic Odyssey will have a relaunch event, my last visit to that shop was last week, there I purchase my copy of Civil War issue 4.

click the link to view a large version of the poster

Comics Odyssey Opening
Comic Book Signing
October 7, 2006
3rd Level, Expansion Mall
Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas

Comics Odyssey will be opening a new branch in Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas on October 7, Saturday, and several Filipino comic book artists will be making an in-store appearance to help launch the store and do a signing!

The following artists will be coming:

Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Ultimate Wolverine, Superman Birthright)
Gerry Alanguilan (Superman Birthright, Wasted, Elmer, Humanis Rex!)
Edgar Tadeo (Silver Surfer, Wolverine)
Wilson Tortosa (Tomb Raider, Battle of the Planets)
Carlo Pagulayan (Hulk, Fantastic Four)
Jeff Huet (Hulk, Fantastic Four)

(poster is only a fan made promotional poster for a comic event, I created it and personally dont have any involvement with the event and organizers, so please dont ask me why I did this poster........Im only a comic book FAN !!! Im just sharing peace and love to everyone hahahahahaha )

wanted comics illustrators/creators

From: Dionisio, Veronica C.
Date: Sep 27, 2006 10:37 AM
Subject: wanted comics illustrators/creators
To: Azrael Coladilla

Your mail has been scanned by InterScan.

Good morning!

We are in need of comics illustrators/creators/writers for the following

1. Character creation (to depict/represent our company)
2. Comic strips (12 comics strips with 5 frames each), content of which
shall include the Character created and the pre-conceived themes for the
3. Illustration of an existing information material into poster or
tarpaulin size

With regards to the above projects, I hope as an organizer of Komikon
Convention, you can give us possible service providers who can work on the
above projects soon. Terms of reference of the projects shall be discussed
in a meeting.

This is an urgent need, so I hope you can get in touch with us soon.

Best regards,
Veronica C. Dionisio
Information Specialist
Institutional Relations and Resource Center
Telephone Numbers: 841-4631

hi ms. veronica,

i already forwarded your email to all comic creators here in manila,
you will soon get their response regarding your in need of artists

Thank you very much, Mr. Coladilla. I hope we hear from them very soon.


//ok I guess you all have read the ad above.... just contact the ms. veronica if you like to get the job as a comic artist/writer.

4th annual Manila Comics Creation
production note 13

here's the not-yet-so official poster of the event, I just can't wait to finish the official, our graphic artist is not yet through with the layouts, so in order to meet the deadlines in releasing our press release and deadlines with graphic ads online and print, i just re-edited the semi newly revised poster, by just adding some logos and information about the event below.

i just printed a 11x17 poster for school, and edited the skirt of Banzai girl, yup having that short skirt and with the atomic wedgie exposed is not good in posting in school, so I hope the creator of the character forgive me for doing that, well I just can't help it, but to meet the requirements of the school.

if you need a poster for your area, school, shops

just email me at and i will send you the poster and flyers VIA mail delivery

to super enlarge the image poster, you can clicked it to a new window, then view or download

thanks for reading the production note. :) this is the longest note for the event that I organized.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

InDesign World 2006

// I'l be attending this event next month, you can just click the link below and then register, I just remembered that I missed one event that they launched the new acrobat reader and also that new adobe and macromedia stuffs.

Join us at the Adobe event of the year, and learn why major publishing houses, advertising agencies, and design firms around the world are adopting publishing workflows centred on Adobe InDesign software.

Whether you’re an InDesign novice migrating from PageMaker, Quark Xpress or FrameMaker, or a skilled pro, you’ll learn why no mission is impossible. This is your only chance to learn from leading InDesign Evangelists to improve your skills.

Discover a world of possibilities with Adobe® InDesign® CS2.

Why you should attend

Mission-fulfilling Techniques

Work better with tight CS2 Integration InDesign CS2 delivers unmatched
integration with other Adobe applications — better, more reliable worksflows that offer more freedom to explore your creative ideas and produce superior results.

Work faster with time-saving features See for yourself how the superb
Typography provide significant typographical advantages, while Character and Paragraph styles are great timesavers for text intensive publications.

Take Charge with Tables Formatting Discover how to create sophisticated tables with extensive control settings including inline graphics.

Stay on course with Adobe InDesign Server This software is a new technology platform upon which systems integrators and developers can build design-driven, server-based publishing solutions.

Learn more about InDesign CS2 at
For more information, call us on 65-6323 3878 or email


Oct 5-8, 2006
COMDDAP Tent, Fort Global City

saw the news in Manila Bulletin's Tech News, and I heard that they will be featuring the latest gadgets and PC. also they have this software alley, Im interested to see that, local software builders are given a change to exhibit their own.

Toy R Us Phlippines "The Collectors Meet"

pics and info from

Toy R Us Phlippines
Sept 23-30 2006

The Collectors Meet

Die cast and Action Figures Exibit

on Sept 30, 2006

Swap and meet
Star Wars Parade, Car racing event and some Raffles

Venue: West wing 4th level Robinson Galleria near Paeng Bowling








Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Lace Cake

this is me tasting the first batch of Lace Cake 2006, it will be more good if we put some frosting, but i forgot to bring one can of frosting, i left it at home when we went there last saturday.

just dont mind my facial look ahahhha

the cake tastes good !

yesterday, while im busy using the PC, I didnt know that shes already baking, she pops out in front of me always and then disappear, then I found it out the shes in the kitchen baking the chocolate cake,and then returns in the study room jumps into my lap and hugs me.

I want it too!!!!!!!

it giggles !~!!!!!! ahhahahaha

the last time I heard that this toy is already sold out. the other friend phoned me asking what store where they can buy the new ticle me Elmo. at first I didnt know that its the new version of Elmo, I remember only the laughing and vibrating Elmo doll.
but this time the doll laughs, giggles, rolls, kicks and stand up on its own.

for beginners it may sound weird and creepy hahahaha.

but when I saw this video...all I do is laugh and say



The new Elmo doll, announced at the American Toy Fair 2006, is called TMX (meaning Tickle Me (Elmo) Ten or Tickle Me Extreme). The full look of the doll was not revealed until it debuted live on ABC's Good Morning America and arrived on store shelves on September 19, 2006. Even the box it comes in is designed so that the doll can not be seen without purchasing it. A preview flap is included, but upon opening the Elmo giggles and says, "no peeking." It requires six AA batteries (which are included), and costs approximately $40USD. Toy experts say that the delay is unprecedented, with only a few people in the media allowed to preview the product, all signing confidentiality agreements. In a promotional clip, Jim Silver, co-publisher of Toy Wishes magazine says "The first reaction I had was, 'Where are the wires?' Because I didn't think anything like that could move on its own."[5]

Toy analyst Chris Byrne told USA Today, "This is a quantum leap forward, another breakthrough in the preschool plush category." Byrne believes sales will be high, but the reaction won't be as unprecedented. "The culture has moved beyond that, the whole hot-toy phenomenon." He cites the fact there hasn't been such a craze since Furby in 1998.[6] However, some members of the media are expecting a large response.[7]

The new doll rolls around on the floor laughing and smashing his fist on the ground, begging to stop.

Toys R Us stores have already began a pre-sale program for the doll, along with elaborate in-store displays with a digital countdown to the doll's launch.

As of September 23rd, Tickle Me Elmo Extreme is sold out all throughout the state of Ohio. In one particular Target store, only seven were sent, and they were immediately purchased.


Tickle Me Elmo Extreme - 10th anniversary laugh-bot
Fisher-Price has revealed the tenth anniversary edition of the Tickle Me Elmo doll, the TMX (Tickle Me - Extreme). It has three "tickle-points," and slaps its thigh and rolls around on the ground when you prod them. Once it's done laughing, it climbs back to its feet.

I love that cheap-ass robotics platforms are coming out of big toy companies now. Can't wait to see what the hardware hackers do to this thing (if they can get one, that is -- speculators are snapping up supplies and putting them on eBay at double retail). Link

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