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Sunday, April 29, 2007


These people signed up, got access to all the BABE pages and won extremely cool prizes from! Join our list of winners and register now!

2nd draw winner of One Year UNO Magazine Subscription: AZRAEL COLADILLA

// ahhahahah.. My pic is posted in the Unbreakababes website! and Im revealing too much, my mistake!!! Now Im wishing to win that Xbox and cellphone. coz I need one now! hahhaha

Friday, April 27, 2007

From Lead Guitar to Light Sabre,
Star Wars Artist Bong Dazo Can Swing

by David Lawrenc

For Star Wars artist Bong Dazo the trip to a galaxy far, far away began with playing in the mud.

Now Bong creates custom action figures with lightweight polymer clay, but growing up a little water and dirt was all he needed to get down and dirty enough to create his first masterpieces.

“I was making figures out of mud,” he reminisces. “Cowboys, Indians, I even had a damsel in distress made from mud. That’s a real collector’s item, huh?” The figures he crafts today aren’t child’s play though. A custom Beatles Sgt. Pepper figure Bong sculpted recently attracted a $4000 bid on eBay.

One day the rain stopped, and Bong ran out of mud. That was when he began drawing. “I filled my notebooks with Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and others. I learned it was a lot easier drawing a cape than making one with mud! I guess that is where I started my career as an illustrator.”

Back then Bong lived on Samar Island, in the central Philippines. He and his sister ran wild in the creeks and the mountains, while his mother ran for something else.

Bong tells the tale. “My parents separated when I was young. After they split up, my mother decided to run for mayor of Samar. She won!” Though he came from a family of lawyers and politicians, he heard a different call.

Today the busy artist lives in the city of Meycauayan, a town of 175,000 people located about 12 miles north of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. The city was founded in 1578 by Catholic missionaries and was named after large bamboo groves in the town. It is best known today for intricate hand made golden jewelry that is sold around the world. “Here, gold is the art board used to create precious things for the rich and famous,” Bong observes


Bong works in a small, neat studio filled with books and pictures he uses for reference as he works. The walls are covered with Star Wars posters. The only sound heard as he works comes from an transistor AM radio, on which he listens to music ranging from Steely Dan to Creedence Clearwater revival to Steely Dan to the light rock of the early 1960s. Music is important to him, and in his younger days the 45 year old artist played lead guitar in a band.

“The band was called Bluestar,” Bong remembers. “We were a ragtag bunch of college dudes, doing covers of songs by the Police, Dire Straits, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, just about anything a band had to know to make a peso.”

The music days were a long adventure Bong has never forgotten. “Our last set, every night, we let people from the audience come up and sing their favorite song, with us accompanying.” One night, a drunken policeman, waving a loaded pistol climbed on stage with the band. “He wanted to sing Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple. Hey, that’s okay, but he sang it twelve times! We were afraid he’d shoot our singer if we stopped.” That scare finally ended when the tipsy officer passed out right on stage.

“Another time we were playing in a bar with an upstairs brothel,” Bong recalls. “We were up on stage playing Billy Idol’s White Wedding when the police raided it. The place is in chaos, and four naked chicks came running down and tried to hide in the drum kit! ”

These days Bong is too busy for late night adventures. “I work eight days a week,” he claims, finishing the statement with a Beatles style “yeah, yeah, yeah” to punctuate the joke. A typical day begins with a jog from six to eight, a bath, some breakfast, and then straight to work in the studio. “I work till my belly grumbles,” Bong explains “then I eat and work some more, till my eyes feel like lead and I go to sleep.”

It was an issue of Spider-Man that pointed Bong toward his life’s work. “The first comic book that I read featured Spider-Man fighting the Shocker. I knew then I wanted to be a comic book illustrator. I kept polishing my work, using Marvel comics as a guide.”

As adolescence came, Bong nearly deserted comics to work in other fields. He worked as a textile artist and as an animation lay out artist, but continued to do a bit of work in local comics. He’d almost lost interest, till artist Jim Lee began his work on the X-Men. He sums up his reaction to Lee’s work in one simple word, “Wow!”

Bong’s current project, Star Wars, is another longtime favorite. Despite his years of hard work, he still considers luck a big factor in landing the job. “It was like lightening struck, like winning the lottery. There are a lot of great artists out there.”

Although exciting, Star Wars requires a lot of extra effort from Bong. Reference is required not only for an entire galaxy of characters but for props, like weapons and spaceships, as well.

Bong credits the editors at Dark Horse for much of his Star Wars success. “They are very helpful with everything about this comic and I always follow up on their advice. They have earned the trust and respect of Lucas film, and that is very important.”

Bong works in a wide variety of styles, from high contrast to cartoon. Manga is one of his favorites. “The loose anatomical structure, the basic face shape and almond eyes; it’s just pure enjoyment to work in it.”

Bong lives with his beautiful wife, two talkative and energetic children, and a pack of semi-wild dogs imported from his childhood home of Samar. His wife, who he met in college, is an excellent cook, having been a chef in Chinese restaurants, perhaps explaining why Bong needs to jog. As for the dogs “They are very unique. They bark and howl at the same time. At night, you fear for your bones.”

I think he was joking about the dogs. At least I hope so.

(Bong is represented by Glass House Graphics. To inquire about availability and rates, contact David Campiti via

The Web Design Survey, 2007

Thank you for taking the survey.

The information you’ve so generously shared with A List Apart will help us form a picture of the ways web design is practiced around the globe. We hope that making this data available will have a positive effect on best practices and employment, and will enhance public understanding of, and respect for, our profession.

Spread the word!

Let your colleagues know about the survey. Download a handy banner, upload it to your website, and link to:

// I hope my answers in their survey might help them a little :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Celebrating Star Wars 30th Anniversary

Toy Hunter
Toy Hunter

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 8:03 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

The local Star Wars fangroup chapters will be promoting the event locally this sunday at ToysRUS Galleria.

The 501st will be there too Smile

posted from

Hubad na Ricky song

Ricky was a great friend with a wonderful sense of humor, here is one of those times he was at the center of attraction, inspiring this amusing and unforgettable song.

Star Wars Philippines Outing
Gary's beach house in Zambales
April 24-25, 2004

Hubad na Ricky

Nandito kami
kina Gary
walang ginawa kundi kumain
at mag-swimming.
Isang gabi, ako'y nagulat
sa aking nakita.

Hubad na Ricky
Hmmm Hmmmmm
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa

Malayo man sa amin
Ako'y di mapakali
Sa sobrang pag-iisip

Hubad na Ricky
Hmmm Hmmmmm
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Hubad na Ricky
Sa beach...
Sa beach...


Kahit kami'y palabas dito
Kami'y nag-eenjoy
At kahit si Gary may namimiss
Pasalamat may texting
'Di ko alam ang gagawin
Pagka't ako'y naiinggit
Pero ako'y natutuwa
Dahil meron naman ditong

Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa

Kahit saan man magpunta
Si Ricky lamang ang naghuhubad
Kahit saan, kahit anong oras
Kahit san lupalot na bituwin

Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa
Hubad na Ricky
Aaaaa aaaaaa

SOURCE video at

Heroes episode 19

The new episode will air today in the USA and the download links will be available worldwide after the airing of Heroes.

Wow! I saw lots of interesting pictures of the new episode and I know the start of the 2nd season will be a blast!. yeah! I might watch the 18th episode again before watching the 19th.

and while I view it... I smell 2 Bad Guys in the series.


here are the episode download links

in streaming


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Super Duper Friends

If you love the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom, you better watch this new breed of heroes that never landed in yoru boob tube during the 80's but they were being revived and now they are here online!

Here's the link:

this was sent to us by Jonas Diego, the above teaser trailer is from their project at IAS, Inc.

because of this clip, I got Super Friends theme song LSS moment.
ten tenen....tentenen ten..

Rumble boy, local movie. Local PUNISHER??????
in the poster

Just saw this billboard in Boni Ave in EDSA while me and Lace are waiting for our MRT ride, I just noticed it first on the font that they used, I just recognized the Batman Forever fonts thats why it grabbed my attention and then later on I saw the photo in the poster and it reminds me the comic and the live action movie of THE PUNISHER.

but that is more disturbing when I saw Derick Dee, the actor of the movie, wearing a THE PUNISHER skull tshirt..

whats going on mate?!!!!

Here's a trailer I found and the it reminds me of the movie - TORQUE
but hey! they got Kyla Cole from Big Brother Norway

Friday, April 20, 2007

Spider-man 3 REVIEW

A BRIEF RUNDOWN: Main titles begin, same flipping marvel logo, same brilliant Elfman theme (this time composed by Chris Young, but more on that later). No Alex Ross paintings, but there is some great CGI which focuses a lot on black webs, which is a hint at things to come, the composition of the titles is similar to that of the first movie, as opposed to the second. So at this point the film has just begun and already I feel like I’m visiting an old and treasured friend for the first time in 3 years.

I can’t really describe how ecstatic I was at this point. The first shot of the movie is footage from spider-man’s final swing in Spider-Man 2, at least I’m pretty sure it was, we here a voice over from Peter, more of the same, but this time he notes how things are finally going his way, and the camera zooms out and we see Peter and a group of kids watching the clip of Spidey swinging on a big screen suspended over the streets of New York.

The first 20 minutes is basically that, just the viewer watching Peter, and its so odd to see things going right for him, it’s a good feeling, but thankfully it doesn’t last. We are introduced to Sandman early on, and ironically he’s the biggest surprise in the movie, he is being played off as the typical thug who kills in the movies promotion but he is very similar to Doc Ock actually, he’s a family man who I believe is a good man at heart, and he has a great scene with Cliff Robertson, his character teaches Peter that the past is the past, and if he really is going to be a hero, he has to be able to forgive someone who has done a wrong, and that revenge will do nothing but make things more painful.

I got it here

and they say it is GOOD !!
wow! spider blood is flowing once again
I smell a Spider-man theme blog for the end of the month till the showing of May 1 wohooohh~!

'Spider-Man 3' Advances RP Opening Day to May 1, Three Days Ahead of U.S.

from :

Columbia Pictures' “Spider-Man 3” will swing to Philippine theaters on May 1, Labor Day -- three days earlier than the film’s May 4 opening in the U.S., this according to Victor R. Cabrera, general manager of Columbia Pictures Philippines.

This means Filipino moviegoers will be the first in the world (along with Japan and a few other Asian countries) to witness Spidey’s latest, exhilarating adventures. Considered as the motion picture event of 2007, “Spider-Man 3” will have the widest rollout in Philippine history, to be shown simultaneously across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Reuniting the original cast led by Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco, ”Spider-Man 3” is directed by Sam Raimi, who also helmed the first two blockbuster installments of the Marvel Comics superhero, “Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man 2.” To date, the "Spider-Man" series has surpassed $1.6 billion in worldwide box office receipts.

Joining the ensemble cast of the third installment are Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard, James Cromwell and Theresa Russell.

A complex web of secrets, vengeance, love and forgiveness, “Spider-Man 3” is a riveting adventure that will transport worldwide audiences to thrilling new heights. In the film, Peter Parker (Maguire) has finally managed to strike a balance between his devotion to M.J. (Dunst) and his duties as a superhero. But there is a storm brewing on the horizon. As Spider-Man basks in the public's adulation for his accomplishments and he is pursued by Gwen Stacy (Howard), who rivals M.J. for his affections, Peter becomes overconfident and starts to neglect the people who care about him most. His newfound self-assuredness is jeopardized when he faces the battle of his life against two of the most feared villains ever (Church, Grace), whose unparalleled power and thirst for retribution threaten Peter and everyone he loves.

“Spider-Man 3” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In memory of Ricky

The geeks, with Riki at the center, at Millennia.

We'll miss you, Riki.

Im snatching this photo from stompboxer
I dont have yet a message but I take a moment of silence in memory of his goodness here with us

and here's a tribute to our Papa Ball
In Memoriam: the Ricky Sunico Convention

and While I post and unable to post something.
I just read and relive some adventures that our old friend by reading some old entries in my blog

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Final TransFormers movie poster revealed

TransFormers final theatrical poster

thanks to Paramount Picture for sending and sharing this to us the final one sheet poster and standee for TransFormers movie

TransFormers final standee poster

you can click the link and save it

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Graduate!!!! at last

after 13 years of pain in the ass!!! I finally did it!

honey Lace and my sister Misyel

All of us are tired and Im already dreaming of Corned beef and orange juice during the valedictorian er...speech and we were there for the assembly at 2:3pPM, got in the hall at P4:30pm and the program started at 5:00PM and it ended at 8:30PM

no food and water, but Im glad Lace and Misyel managed to sneak one bottle for me.

Here's a video where I grab that White paper enclosed in a white envelope

A smile in my face...coz I know there will be food infront of me
Teddy Bear gift by friends at Jerry Yan Philippines hahahah
where's TransFormers PH? hahahahaha kidding!

screw the photo sessions.
we didnt care at all after the ceremony coz we are hungry, here we are at Burgoo and we got a
free meal platter for new graduates ehehhe

Az Lace adventure in Lego Land

Lego Pirate Show in SM MOA

Its our sunday out with family. we decided not to go home with them and instead roam around the mall, invade all stores that sells cold drinks, snoop a little with Bamboo and eat delicious clams and shells. Picture above is our rest mode after eating, visiting the Pirate show by Lego.

and finally after that, I got a discounted priced tag polo from BENCH

Monday, April 16, 2007

production notes 3

ha! this 2pm will be my assembly in PICC and then the program ceremony will start at 4pm-7pm. We were already worried what we will do in order for us not being bored on the vacant time.. I wish they sell hotdogs and ice tea outside

last friday was my bac.mass and it was like a mass from hell hahaha, kidding, why? because we were sitting in the quadrangle and being fried under the sun. whew! Im glad that it was over.
and that night Lace treated us for a dinner in Mann Hann SM MOA, preludes our short celebration after the big bang !

my favorite!!! Oyster Cake and Calderatang Kambing (Goat)

after making a major update in my work.. I immediately suspend all work just for my graduation, and that includes projects and extra gigs. I like to prepare more of this coz its a special day..... congrats to me!!

and by the way.. Thank for Azrael for sending his congratulation email
I know it was early but I really appreciate my Azrael self in talking to me

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Manny Pacquio Wins over Jorge Solis

The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas was the scene of two unforeseen upsets on the undercard, but Manny Pacquiao (44-3-2, 32 KOs) came up big as expected by knocking out undefeated Jorge Solis (32-1-2, 1 ND, 23 KOs) of Mexico in eight rounds.

Solis had a very awkward style and gave Pacquiao trouble for the first few rounds by dodging a lot of his punches. The fight was fought on even terms until a clash of heads opened up a cut on the left eyebrow of Pacquiao. Once Pacquiao was cut, he became very aggressive and landed several power punches that had Solis in trouble. To his credit, Solis made it out of the round to get punished some more.

In the eight round, a combination of punches that were punctuated by a right uppercut sent Solis down. He barely beat the count and was quickly sent down for the second time in the round after Pacquiao fired off another combination of power shots. This time Solis was unable to make it to his feet as the referee reached the count of ten.

read more here:

// hooray for the Pacman hahahah, I didnt watch it on Live TV or Telecast ..coz I know it will be flooded by commercial ads and political campaigns.. so I just waited for a good result in the net. if ever I have the time I'll watch it in reply tomorrow. and also..there's YOUTUBE !

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pinoy Shaider

“This time, we’ll also launch an album of Aljur Abrenica as soon as possible,” says Ms. Galvante. “Also, we’re putting up their own show, ‘Boy Next Door’. Kris Bernal will be included in our new show, ‘Shaider,’ a live version of the hit popular anime. So, we’ll also make sure that they strike while the iron is hot.”

from :

// Damn! Shaider is a live action science fiction (tokusatsu) japanese tv series! and not came from a 2D animation series!!! arghhh!! I hope they could research more about Shaider.
After successfully riping off Sailormoon and Lupin anime versions, now they are targeting to Pulis Pangkalawakan Shaider. I wont be surprise on the CGI effects hehhehe.

so whats next??? Dragon Ball Z ? can they rip off Ultraman ? how about Doreamon ?
ohh I know maybe the next series will be Urotsukidoji or Twin Angels? hahahaha

Breaking News : Counter hits service in websites are being offered $$$ for spyware installation

StatCounter says NO!
Hi azrael coladilla,
A few months back, StatCounter was approached by an advertiser, offered lots of $$$,
and asked to include a spyware cookie on all of our member sites…we refused on the spot.
You install StatCounter to track visitors to your site NOT to open yourself and your visitors
up to being spied upon by phantom advertising corporations.
It appears, however, that other players in the world of webstats were happy to take up this offer…
We were shocked to discover just today that another well known stats provider is allowing up
to 9 cookies to be installed in the browser of every visitor that hits one of their member websites.
This means that the provider is making money by transmitting data on you and your visitors to a
third party advertiser. Not only that, but to add insult to injury, the cookies are causing the
member websites to load very slowly too.
In light of this, StatCounter wants to assure you that we track your visitors for you, only you and
not any one else.
Which provider would you prefer??
Do you have any comments for us? Please post them in our blog.
You can subscribe to our RSS News feed here
You can check your stats by logging into

Friday, April 13, 2007

production notes 1

its funny that Im making a production note for my graduation hahaha, while ago we were given a brief orientation on what we must do in PICC, and thanks for not having a graduation practice, coz if we have one we look like grade schools ahahaha.

our mass will start at 3pm today. and Im eyeing on that one chair under the shade of the tree

add letter "b" and "a"


Iron Man the movie

This is not an April Fools Day joke, this is the 1st set pics for Iron Man the movie..ahem..the live action movie.
After seeing the set pics with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, 1st leak pics walking on the set and talking, we saw that Downey got buff up a little and got a close look like Tony Stark.

But when I saw the photo of Mark 1 Iron Man in I began to exert a lot of optic energy
and blasted some repulsor beams in my room and began recharging my proton gun for a big blast.

at first I thought it was an action figure, but its not
If im right, they might use the animated movie as one of the reference for the story or maybe for the place of dont know..lets wait for official press release soon.

here...on the set. Paltrow and Downey Jr as Tony Stark.
and that playboy kicks in scene .thats our Tony !

Thursday, April 12, 2007


You are invited to
a solo exhibit by Nelz "DARKBULB" Yumul
opens this friday the 13th (4.13.07), 5pm
at Store for all Seasons,
605 Shaw Blvd.
spread the word. thanks.
goodies on opening day. yey!

// this one exhibit is by pareng nelz ehheeh. astig!
maybe I can drop by after the HERO TV premiere in megamall

Vote for Sale for 2007 !!!!!!!


Show opens on April 12, Thursday, 6 pm at Theo Gallery, Cafe Saguijo

27+20 is the name given to the collaboration between Nico Puertollano and Katwo Librando. This is 27+20’s first solo show inspired by thoughts like: “Doesn’t Chiz look like Bamboo?”, “Is block-voting fair?”, “What do these political parties stand for?”, “Why does Richard Gomez need a celebrity endorser?” or “How come nobody approaches us to buy our votes? We need canned goods too.”


Nothing can be hotter than than a dirty menage-a-trois of politics, skateboarding and our pre-hispanic language. these are all important elements of Nico Puertollano’s work in “VOTE FOR SALEI.” Nico, literally, takes the assesment of political values into the streets and urges all to step and ride it to the asphalt and to account for a lost language that we all secretly crave. A skater, artist and long-time resident of NYC, Nico shows us a glimpse of a world where Skateboarding is not just a fad or a nuisance in the streets but a blazing form of self-expression and a way to fuse his passions into pieces which characterize a strong statement about his observations on politics and elections.


Why is it that we know more about Paris and Lindsay than Jamalul Kiram? Katwo Librando indulges our secret obsession with celebrities in her series of illustrations that merge politics and female celebrities in a campaign spectacle that is admittedly absurd and fascinating. Her pieces speak of a world where The Cute is placed side-by-side with The Propaganda, a celebrity culture which seduces our sensibilities and exploits our suspension of disbelief while we slowly submit our will to political apathy and made to think that we can’t deny ourselves of this form of shallow entertainment.


For more info, check, email or call +63915-5722695

Theo Gallery is located on the second floor of Saguijo Café
The Theo Gallery
7612 Guijo St., San Antonio Village, Makati City
Tel. (02) 8978629

// this one was sent to me by weare2720


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Cavite Auto Club PH / QAR Autosound & Custompaint
carshow and motorshow
in cooperation with ISLAND COVE LEISURE PARK presents

April 14, 2007, 12 noon - 3am
at the Island Cove Leisure Park

Car Registration fee: 1500Php
Motorcycle Registration fee: 500Php

for info check out

// I lived in Cavite so thats a great oppourtunity for me to attend one. hehehehe also the event will be a good study for me about Cars, and the car show event. coz I might put up soon a TRANSFORMERS CAR SHOW in one of the event Im having.

Canon Business Can Be Simple 2007 event

If you see can't see anything in this email, click here.
Canon Business Can Be Simple

Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. Marvin Plaza Bldg., 2153 Don Chino Roces Avenue cor V.A. Rufino St. Makati City
Tel.: 884-9009 • Fax: 894-4174 • Add to

// Im posting this to remind me everytime that theres an Invite for me to attend an event and for info on the event check out
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