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Saturday, October 20, 2007

More sweets and treat at the Comics and Manga Day in Powerbooks, SM Megamall

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panel moderator Az boy bato

It was a big success for the Comics and Manga Day 2007, and even that there is no such event or day celebration for comics, we had just started a new beginning to have focus about creating comics and the joys of reading it. In line with the Arts and Literature of the month at Powerbooks, Glass House Graphics and Studio Sakka gives a wonderful panel discussion, art show, exhibit and drawing demo to all. As the people says in the event, it was more on an inspirational and motivation panel talks with the artist. Discussing from the life of an artists, from the discipline and values up to the challenges and success from doing a job that they truly love.

There was also a hot topic about Manga and Japanese comics, and still many people are interested in the topic, I opened the topic about hentai, doujinshi comics, the market, about being part of the pop culture, and american style manga. and many more.

The forum was great, I learned a lot from the pros. It was an open forum, so there was interaction between the audience and the speakers. It had also been a while since I talked in front of a large crowd, this time, as a member of the audience. - (art professor)

People stayed from 1PM up to 7PM, and they didnt leave even we did a 30 minute break.
total of 60 people attended the event, plus walk in visitors. There were also Koreans who participated in the panels and also big comics readers, fans, artist and collectors who went at the event after attending a toy launch.

then at the end we raffle off Wilson's artwork and also free tickets of the comics seminar

Another round of applause to our pinoy comic artists.

During the event, I promised to them all that next year will be a big Comics and manga Day.

see you all on 2008 :)

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Deviant Art people in front row seat

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Harvey Tolibao on pencils

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interaction with the artists

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full house venue

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more panel discussions with Julius Gopez, Bonkz Seriosa, Wilson Tortosa, Dan, Ernest Jocson and Raymund Bermudez (not on pic)

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1st batch panel with Bong Dazo, Wilson Tortosa, Jay David Ramos.
Harvey Tolibao, Jeff Huet (both not on pic)

more photos at Comics and Manga Day @ Powerbooks, SM Megamall

For more information about the Comics and Manga Day 2007
email : azrael at gmail dot com

Glass House Graphics website

Turning Korean

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last night its an eat out event to us, and Lace is a half Korean and Half Filipino hahahahha.
we tried this korean restaurant in Malate last night.

the food is great! especially that red hot chilli looking soup.

Im a little bit culture shock on their foods, because Im exposed to Japanese culture I know how and what to eat in their food, but in Korean food, its just so different.
lots of veggies and meat. and the style is more different.

hmm..turning into one of those Jumong characters today and eat a lot of super chili kimchi that I accidentally sniffed it into my nose having a big headache last night.

the bill is a killer.but the 1st time experience was great.
I just remember that I have lots of Korean friends in the past, i just never got a chance to tell them to share their culture with me. oh well, willl drop them an email hahahaha. maybe and I think they are still here in Manila.

Lace is now a Korean princess. and its hard to take care of a princess like here.

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ano ito? piyesta ?

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manong waiter teaches us how to cook this meat and eat it in a Korean way

its weird that you stuff the meat in a greeny leafy veggie then put some spices and side dish.
its like a hamburger, except that there is no bun. only veggies.

food is great! and im going back there again ehhehee

more photos here at eat out at an authentic korean restaurant

Friday, October 19, 2007

Glorietta 2 explosion tragedy - photos

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much more clear photos at

tnx to Lei for the update

photos above is from disneycute

my flash blog post during the headline news with photos and video from TV, just to deliver the message to people on that time what happened, since there is no radio and tv in their office, and internet news is not that updated on that time when it happened.

VIDEO NEWS : Glorietta 2 explosion kills 3 today !

Glorietta 2 explosion kills 3 today !

Glorietta 2 explosion kills 3 today !

grabe...buti papunta pa naman ako dun kanina...
buti late na ko nagising.....


3 die in Makati mall blast; cops say could be resto LPG tank

An explosion of still undetermined origin rocked a Makati City shopping mall on Friday, initial reports said.

An eyewitness told GMANews.TV that it sounded like a firecracker had exploded, and then a thudding sound was heard, like that of a ceiling that had collapsed. Shoppers scampered out of the mall, some of them crying, while police agents rushed in.

The explosion was heard near the Glorietta 2 mall, from across the Landmark shopping center, near Ayala Avenue, in the financial district of Makati City. There were unconfirmed reports of injured persons.
read more here

thanks to master jedi meann for the info

photos -

more photos at Glorietta 2 mall explosion photos -from ANC live

Thursday, October 18, 2007

very tempting

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now I call this the power of the dark side.
i need to re-focus myself, because my mouth is always mentioning iphone.
and the only person im with always recommend this if ever I get a new phone.

just heard that Cdrking will be releasing an mp4 player with TV tuner..oh wow!

i might wait for that. hope they released it before nov. 1.

Ayala Cinema's : FRIGHT FEST

been dying to see THE THING movie. and this is the only chance i can watch it.
if ever i can't get the dvd due to its unavailability in our local stores.

I was amazed to this movie, and because of a PC RPG game that I got it from Ariel Atienza, I turn out into an instant fan of it.

My search for the video and watching it will be a dream come true.

thanks Ayala Cinema!


Experience the Chilling World of Terror that is...

Ayala Malls Cinemas

Watch 10 films to die for from the masters of the macabre

OCTOBER 26 to November 4, 2007


  • The Bird

  • A wealthy San Francisco playgirl pursues a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town which slowly takes a turn when birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people there, in increasing numbers and with increasing viciousness


  • A wheelchair bound photographer spies on his neighbours from his apartment window and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder


  • A young woman thinks her uncle may be the serial killer “The Merry Widow Murderer", an evil strangler wanted in connection with the deaths of several rich East coast widows


  • American tourists discover more than they wanted to know about an assassination plot. When their son is kidnapped to keep them quiet, they are caught between concern for him and the terrible secret they hold.



  • An American village is visited by some unknown life form which leaves the women of the village pregnant. Nine months later, the babies are born, and they all look normal, but it doesn't take the "parents" long to realise that the kids are not human or humane.


  • In the winter of 1982 a twelve-man research team at a remote Antarctic research station discovers an alien buried in the snow for over 100000 years. Once unfrozen the form-changing alien wreaks havoc creates terror and becomes one of them.



  • A vampire from the Caribbean fulfilling a prophecy to rejoin his vampire queen, who turns out to be a Brooklyn cop.


  • An anthropologist goes to Haiti after hearing rumors about a drug used by black magic practitioners to turn people in zombies.



  • A widower returns to his hometown to search for answers to his wife's murder, which may be linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist


  • The worms are back but this time in a prequel, set in 1889 Nevada as silver mines inspector Hiram Gummer, the great-grandfather of Burt Gummer, arrives in the small settlement of Rejection Valley and faces off against the so-called graboid worm monsters devouring the local inhabitants.


not happy

buti pa sila masaya sila kahit nasa loob sila ng UFO catcher machine..

swerte may makakuha sa kanila at maiuwi ng bahay.

buti pa yung mga aliens sa arcade game ng Alienx Extermination ay masaya sila dahil mahal sila ng alien queen nila.

yung mga kriminal naman sa Time Crisis parang wala silang problema.

dahil ba ang kalaban nila ay dalawang pulis lang.

bakit si Ms. Pacman ang napili ko character sa Mario Cart craze na arcade game.

lintek na yan at parang babae tuloy yung game play ko.

bakit parang mas mabilis ang surfing sa IE compare sa Firefox.
mukhang nag upgrade ata sila ah.

bakit kaya di ako pinayagang mag attend sa event ng Fresh manila kagabi...
kakahiya nga eh. sorry dun sa mga tao nag expect na pupunta ako
sa susunod eh.. gagawan ko ng paraan makatas dito.

masaya siguro ako sa november 1.
dahil excited ako makita ang puntod ng mga kamag anak ko
at sympre..kumain ng bibingka sa loob ng bus sa may san pablo
at kumain ng luto bahay sa Buddy's pizza restaurant sa Tayabas.

sarap mag byahe

excited na ko lumayo sa mundo kinalalagyan ko

drama ba?

nood kayo ng PBB celebrity edition 2.
dami daw naka tu-pis.

naka tu-pis na mga ipis

bakit ba ko naiirita sa tunog ng kotse na laruan ng kapitbahay
nakakngilo sa ngipin kasi...

natutuwa naman ako at magaling na ang pusa ko.
wawa nga e. di ko na medyo nalalaro kasi busy ako.

sana magkaisip yung mga tao na umaaway sa akin
ewan ko ba.. sana kunin na sila ni Lord..... Voldemort.

excited din ako sa wand ni Hermione.
si prof yvaine na lang ang mag aasikaso nyan

napanood ko yung blood and iron ng Hellboy.
maganda pala! at sexy ni Elizabeth Bathory

naubos ko na yung ice tea ko dito
at ayan.. lagot ako dahil late ako mamaya.

may date daw kame sa Serandra ni laso.

ok sige todits na muna ire.
ang sabi ni mo.

ok babu.

Questions answered by Ross Shuman (Robot Chicken and Star Wars Eps 2 -model maker)

[ Robot Chicken and Seth Green at Celebration IV ] Ross Shuman
Ross started his set building career replicating scenes from A New Hope out of cardboard and tape at the age of seven. After many years of working building sets for stop-motion TV shows and films in San Francisco, he was invited to join the ILM model shop for Attack of the Clones. Many years later, after art directing and supervising the set shop for the first two seasons of Robot Chicken, Star Wars has appeared in his work place again. Ross sincerely hopes it won't be the last time.

from : Star Wars website


Ok! Im pretty hype this morning and even that I missed a 30minute interview feature at Filmnut, and still I got a chance to see him online and ask questions. and Im very happy that he did answer it. haaah..thanks again to the wonderful crew of for giving us audience outside the US to give questions.

So when you see a Star Wars text in every title show, a jedi blood comes and never fails.
Ross Shuman is one of the lead guys in Robot Chicken, the series that you usually saw in Cartoon network Adult Swim, but that was the topic awhile ago, but I asked him questions that is more Star Wars.

My first question was- a start for getting to know more on the guest, I asked him about his work in Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones, I just told him if he all those background and miniatures. and he answer a YES and he talked about working with his fellow artist at ILM. and it was a great experience.

my last question was - I told him is he is a Star Wars fan and what was the feeling in working with ILM and with George Lucas. and wow! he did answered it and Im happy to know his side.

theres a funny discussions after that about the Transformers movie.
you can hear my question part here in an mp3 format.
just go here for the media file - Questions answered by Ross Shuman (Robot Chicken and Star Wars Eps 2 -model maker) mp3

I just hope they can get Sylar again for an interview hahahahaha..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 18

busy since yesterday, just dropped off the banner tarp of the comic seminar at powerbooks megamall and pirnted some posters for the comics and manga day, an event project with powerboks megamall.

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now im making our tv ad and i woke up early in the morning so excited to do video editing again. i just installed an old adobe premiere, but im a little rusty in editing and my last video edit was 4 yrs ago, it seems that im having a hard time familiaring all this tools hehhheee..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007 Hackenslash feat. GI JOE 25th Anniversary event

wow! I almost cried seeing this coverage, and theres more coming from Hero TV and Rush TV.


TWENTY-FIVE years ago, an army of Americans invaded the Philippines with guns a-blazing, tanks, choppers and attack boats. But they weren’t here to take over the country but to show how it is to be a real Joe.

Anyone who’s more than 20 years old now would remember G.I. Joe, a US military-themed cartoon series that first ran from 1982 to 1994 in the US. It was about the battle between the heroic G.I. Joes and the international terrorist group called Cobra. It was similar to the cartoon series and toy line Transformers, only there were about a hundred more characters and dozens of vehicles that came with it. This meant that parents of young boys back then had a bigger nightmare of having to subdue their kids from asking to buy the next character or vehicle from the TV series.

READ MOERE AT Yo, Joe!’ at G.I. Joe anniversary

video coverage

Description:MANDALUYONG CITY, Philippines--Azrael Coladilla, organizer of the G.I. Joe 25th anniversary celebrations in the Philippines, talks about the G.I. Joe franchise and its impact on fans and collectors all over the world. Video taken by reporter Alex Villafania at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas Center on October 13, 2007.

Comics and Manga Day 2007 in Powerbooks Megamall

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October 20, 2007


featuring artists in the field of comics and manga.
-panel discussions
-signings and autographs with the artists
- raffle prizes - seminar tickets, original artworks, comics and more..
- comics and art lectures
-portfolio reviews
-art shows and exhibits
-drawing exhibition
and more !

Also we will be giving free tickets to the 5th Annual Manila Comics Seminar for October 27-28 in Megatrade Conference Center, SM Megamall.

Just present to us your portfolio in person or in email. Free tickets will be awarded to artists who submitted their portfolios as selected by David Campiti.

for portfolio submission send it to

or come this Saturday at the event, for a one on one portfolio review with David Campiti and the GHG artists.

-- more details coming tonight.

for info or inquiries about this event.
you can email me at

This is in line with the Arts and Literature month of Powerbooks
and the 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar

brought to you by:
Glass House Graphics
Studio Sakka

website - and

manga art page by : Lua Bueno Cyriaco
Iron Man art by : Harvey Tolibao

5th Manila Comics Creation Seminar production note 17

Thanks to HERO TV for making this great TV ad of the comic seminar!

I was surprised and they used the footages of the seminar last year.

and then this video featuring me!, its from last Oct 7 in Megatrade, Game X convention event. Im at the stage inviting and plugging the event live.
glad that it worked well, and people approached me inquiring about the seminar
while I beat some Tekken DR players. and also after that, I noticed that Im not a great Tekken player hahaaha, I can win only in 1 round only. whew! the Tekken hustlers are amazing in gaming.

Im cooking something for this Saturday in Powerbooks, Megamall, I will plug it later about it, but for now i need to do some phone calls :)

Gerry Alanguilan lectures about Philippine Comics at Lopez Museum

thanks to Balistik Instik of for sharing the photos last saturday
i was suppose to attend the talk but it was a busy day for me facilitating the GI JOE event in Toys R Us, Im gald that B.I. went there to bring us a a great report of the lecture of Gerry Alanguilan about Philippines Comics.

I like to hear and attend Gerry's talk and lecture about comics, and my second experience of hearing his lecture was last UST comics workshop, then the first lecture I attended and involved in organizing it was during the year 2002 Comics Creation Seminar in Megamall.

hope that there will a second run :)

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more photos at

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Cook of Monday

oh..i forgot that I will be the cook for Lace and Liza tomorrow morning for their breakfast before going to work and school.

and hmmm..Its hard to think of a recipe for their breakfast and lunch

and I might try these

chicken hotdog..
hmmm.. masarap ba ito?

Sunny day Sunday Dirty Ice Cream

I don't know what happened to this sunday and I was very sleepy and feeling tired, it maybe the result of a hot day and later on a cold breeze coming out from the window.

Just felt asleep here in the living room while watching ASAP on Channel 2 and then me and Lace was suppose to watch a DVD movie in the room, but after going upstairs, I just fell down in the bed and slept like theres no tomorrow.

but before I fell asleep, theres the ice cream man outside the house, so we went out and buy for us after lunch, and Liza treated us for a one cool ice cream.

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Liza told me that this ice cream man is still their ice cream seller during her younger years.
and the ice cream man told us that he now sell ice cream in our village just for a hobby.
wow! business as a hobby, I heard that the ice cream man has a son who succesfully finished medical course. wow!

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cheers for a great sunday !

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