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Thursday, December 06, 2007

RESIKLO - bong revilla movie ( pinoy mech warrior ? )

Adrian shared this youtube link of Bong Revilla's upcoming movie this Christmas.

very promising for the trailer.
kinda matrix-ish
mech warrior-ish
robotjox ??

im looking forward on how the SFX if it will be look good on the big screen
and also im interested to know more about the story.

There's a scene here in the trailer tha reminds of Humanis Rex
hmmm, I just hope that didn't rip any of the story/concept or scene from any existing comics or movie.

Exodus movie last year is very disappointing, hope this one makes it in our tastes.

Batanes Mania

more photos here

was there with my sis and her group.
to take photos and cover the event in Trinoma

and surprise that Im included in the meet n greet with Ken Chu !

oh yeah! thats F4 !!!! hhahaa

when my time to meet and get sign stuff from Ken
the girls in the event went wild, prompting the organizers to delay the meet
and Ken took a 5 minute break, leaves me alone on stage haahaha

but then came back, but taking photos were prohibited
got a signed poster for my sis and got a 5 seconds chat with him
and also clowning around with Iza Calzado, Strawberry of 97.1 and Adolf Alix director of the movie.

here are some of the photos
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me and the JVKV fan group

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Ken Chu

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thats me and Ken ahahahah

and also my video coverage of the event

video contains

1. the long line
2. program starts
3. iza singing
4. ken enters
5. awarding
6. interview with the director of Batanes movie
7. Meet up with Ken
8. Ken leaves

its great to hear from Ken saying that Batanes is the last paradise on Earth, and he said that he will be going back there again and we Pinoys should take a chance to see the beauty of the place, but we should never do anything to it or take anything from the place and leave the beauty as it is.

Blog and coffee

this is a late post about the event I attended last friday, it seems that Im too busy now to blog, because Im finishing and also floor waxing a website and a fan club for a comic celebrity.

I just saw the blog post about a bloggers meet up in Manila and I decided to attend and meet them in person, most of them are known for their blogs and and as a reader. I was about to go with Lace that evening but we are busy here at home because her sister and her family arrived from Australia.

its hard to post all of it, but here are some pics and videos that I documented for the event.

with Shai Coggins, organizer of the meet up

just won a book about blogging

with Annalyn Jusay and Shai

the big boys and girls of the blogging world

Cerbo and RG

I attended the event just to learn more about the blogging world and the industry that worked around it and also I want to meet people and do networks too. Just met Renzie who is a program manager for a radio station, Eugene Villar a web comic artist, Juned and his famous Asus eee laptop, Webby award winner Noemi, and many more! whew!

below is my video interview with Shai Coggins, the event was streamed live via video here in my blog and I like to thank Lace, Ryan and Patrick Dizon for staying around watching us and joining the discussions. And also to all readers and viewers thanks too!

Bloggers' Meet-up in Manila - interviewing Shai Coggins

Interview with Eugene Villar of Blogenyo (web comics blog)

Bloggers' Meet-up in Manila - I won a Blog On book

TFPH at the Bloggers Meet in Manila

more photos here Bloggers' Meet-up in Manila

Blogger Food Tour

the best thing for being a blogger, is having a bloggers event.. and also anything that involves food.

will blog for FOOD !!

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Attend the Blogger Food Tour in Trinoma next week, and partnered with Trinoma and Ayala Mall brought this exciting bloggers event for 100 blogettes (or bloggers) to have a food tour in all resto in the mall. I dont know what are the activities, but when food is mentioned, all i can say it will have a mouth and stomach activity, yup yup! grab your gear and bring your spoon and fork. dont forget to bring your Malox tablet too hahhaha.

visit the event website here
and register with or without your stomach

dine in or take out ?
just bring your own supot !

Puting buhay na patay

Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Apocalyptic dreams see the ordinary madness
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
I never lock the dogs when the wolf is in the darkness

Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Into another world number nine bring the death in
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Loser take it all - getting high on the kick in

Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Got 24 hours of psychoholic magic
Who will survive and what will be left of them?
Illuminate the face and the eye of the serpent


just downloaded some mp3 of White Zombie's Astro Creep 2000, been feeling so good since yesterday listening to its music, more demonic sound coming from my laptop's speakers and up to the headphone, ahahhaha, im listening it in my headphone, because the lyrics are so nasty.
i just remember my cassette tape of White Zombie and also a poster hanging in my wall during my early college days. I was about to post supercharger heaven lyrics, but Im afraid that many people might get offended on the lyrics, its a little bit mild but for a music fan for me, its okay.

just remember my tapes of sepultura, danzig, cannibal corpse, slayer at home, now resting and begins to be eaten by mold. its funny during my danzig listening days with my cousin hahahha.
we stop listening to demonic theme music after a big visit from the big guy, you know what i mean, who. but its super freaky and haahaahah, can't tell the whole story here.

i still have lots of tapes of unnamed heavy black music, but forgot their titles. but white zombie still attracts me a lot. having fun listening it during work

Monday, December 03, 2007

Philippine Web Comics Convention

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crazy ideas can materialize into something cool !

from the organizer of ToyCon : Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention and creator of the Komikon : Philippine Komiks Convention.

Comes another event that everyone will love to attend.
and yes, entrance is free, but make sure you have internet and a PC.


teaser poster for the web comics convention


verbal teaser was released during the ben templesmith event and other mini event these past few weeks.

we will just see on how many web comic heads will join and support this crazy idea of Azrael Coladilla


more info soon !
- web site on progress

but check out soon -

HAHAHAA ! Convention 2008

HAHAHAA ! Convention 2008



June 2008

7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008





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