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Monday, December 31, 2007

The New Year blog post

it is just so weird that I don't feel the coming new year, it is still a normal year for me.
maybe that Im missing out something from the year 2007.

I just dont know.

maybe I'll just eat and stay fat for 2008. and then sleep more

and my new year's resolution will be.
no. i don't have any resolution ehheheheh.

just stay alive and fight for the future!

Happy New Year to all !

my trip to Sampaloc, Quezon

its the fun and best trip!
food everywhere! and happy go lucky with family
over flowing beer
and endless chomping
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Read more here and check more photos here

more here
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stop over

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my food

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eat all you can

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catch the flying coins

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cell site on top of the mountain (10x zoom)

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church bell tower

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lunch at buddy's pizza


Before the year end, I like to share to everyone that Yuga is giving away stuff and the details are in his blog.

I loved joining online games, raffles and getting stuff for free. just like what I got this year.
a digital camera, dvd player, tshirts, movie tickets, comic books, videos, dvd, concert tickets and many more. all of those are from our friendly bloggers, company and promo gimmiks of partnered websites, forums, magazine and etc.

now I like to invite that you join the contest and you might win great prizes!
there are good stuff that Auction.PH will give away, yeah last year i just won a P3000 e-money and bought a dvd player in their site. and also plogHost will give a free service of hosting and domain.

prizes are

  • Creative 2.1 Subwoofer System
  • Php2,000 Gift Certificate on any Nokia Stores*
  • Shell-Ferrari Model Cars**
  • Apacer USB 2.0 Drive
  • 20 pcs. Auction.PH T-Shirts
  • 2 accounts for 1-year Free 1GB Hosting and Domain***

i'll be trying my luck again before the year end.

good luck to all!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

For the injured foot

just blogging 3 hours before leaving Manila for a mountain trip, will be there for a family gathering and xmas party. at last! party! hahahaa, been wishing for a xmas party and here that I will have a 5 hour travel. Just injured again my right foot, it seems that my foot injury years ago aches again and this injury happened 4 years ago when I accidentally fell on the stairs of the stage at the ToyCon. thats why we no longer use a higher stage every event because it nearly loose my foot. and you know what happened next? it left me crawling all the way home. its funny to think of it but its not that easy going down 5 floors and climbing Mcdonalds at St. Francis Square just to eat my dinner. and left me 2 weeks to recover and force myself to go out just to watch Spider-man 2.

now my foot just accidentally suffered a minor strain while ago at the Science and Discovery in Mall of Asia, I just twisted my ankle when I lined up for the digital theater show. At first didn't felt the pain, but after the 30 minute film feature at the theater, I started to have difficulty in walking and after some walkathon in the mall, play video game with Lace's family and after our dinner in La Mesa Grill, my right foot started to swell while inside my shoe.

I was supposed to leave going back to Pasig with my sis, but the terrible pain in my foot prevents me from going out and make a short rest. I just applied a Katinko ointment and massage it myself, while Lace gave a big support for me in dealing with the pain. I still have problems in walking and I can still feel the pain of my foot.

this blog entry seems to start a foot story, but im so scared that it will continue to ache in my travel moments. I'll just bring more ointment and have a big attention in my walks.

Science and Discovery at the SM Mall of Asia

we been planning for going in there and for a cost of P300, a kid will surely enjoy everything inside. Playing Grossology gave me a big hit and Im so embarrass that I got only 14% points, didnt answered all trivia questions, just realized that Im not that good if I join Game ka na ba show. hahhahaha.

The Flight simulator is nice, for a kid they will enjoy. its just a simulator and its like that your playing a classic pc game, i just hope that they upgrade that and install Afterburner flight simulation, yeah that will be cool, better also if there is a score and a GAME OVER.

Just saw a Segway transport and also a Darth Maul look a like bike, soooo cool ! i just want to see them moving and when I tried the Segway, it is really hard to stand up and balance it while it is moving, and no the Segway is not functional, but standing up on it is very difficult.

virtual sports is fun! me and Anya with her dad played the volleyball and basketball, although look funny when you play it. the video motion capture will capture your body and movements and it can interact with the ball and you can shoot it or hit it. its like having an action script or a behaviour command when you program a flash file design or video game, well i just heard it in my back of my head on how it works.

the 2nd level is full of robots!, they got a T-100 terminator lifesize, the lost in space robot, Astroboy and some toys like zoids, that dancing android, and R2D2 voice command toy. Too bad that they didn't included Transformers, if MC is reading this, I'm commanding you to donate one Ultimate Bumble Bee for them hahahahaha.

Lego Mindstorm learning center is inside and Im so interested in learning on how to run those droids made of Lego, the problem is that the kit cost at P30k as I heard it from the tour guide and for the learning center, you can take home some knowledge in building a robot and a certificate. The learning center is not yet operational but the staff said that you can just visit again and inquire if they are accepting new students.

there's this Earthquake simulation, its nice but it takes too long for your turn due to the long line. its just a simulation, you stand up and the floor shakes.

there's a talking fish inside the artificial-virtual sea aquarium. Anya was bugged by a talking fish looked like a clown fish. And it interacts with people, ask for the time ( i guess the voice actor wants to know his breaktime hahaha) and also talk to kids. so cute and scary hahhaha.

then the highlight attraction of the venue is the digital 360 degree theater, it is so huge!!!!!
i thought at first it was like a IMAX thing, but not that IMAX, but its 360 screen over your face.
the show we just watched titled "The mystery of the Christmas Star". the feature was great, the effects are wow! but i was expecting for a scifi-ish theme like space exploration or about the heavenly bodies, but the show was great and it is about the star of Bethlehem. I just learned that the star is a 3 part conjunction of 2 planets - Jupiter and Saturn.

now back to my foot, it still aches after we left the venue.


my videos ??!
wow! i just received another proposal from an indie film maker in the USA. it seems that my youtube files are attracting lots of offers. but this one film project is gratis, so what they offer is a credit for my contribution. its okay and i just dont want to earn money from a dancing grocery baggers at SM.

also i haven't shot my tv feature spot for another TV show in NYC. Its 2 months late and I haven't done it. I just got one shoot last month from an artist and it was a great segment, i just got word from the producer that I should upload it in high res format.
wow.. 5 min aint hurt that bad.

but my foot hurts!

my internet tv show
yup more info soon!
must get more sponsors hahhah

no cosplay in ToyCon 2008 ?
yup its true!
let the chit chat begin!


i'll be posting my blog entries via Twitter, thats the small and short messages above this blog.
for my multiply readers, just go to

ohhhhkay! thats a long blog post for today.
i wont be checking my email for days and can't blog for now and approve all comments.
i'll be back in manila before new years eve.

so be good everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

and sorry for the long blog post!

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Filipino comics TV series in GMA 7 for 2008

thanks to Raffy for informing us this great news!, Now I’m excited to see a cross over series of Darna and Captain Barbell.
I’m still thinking who will be the actors for Darna and Capt. Barbell. Also check out Robin Padilla as the Joaquin Buradado, the prison guy who turns his tattoo into living animals. its a big wow for 2008! another Pinoy comic classic on TV. Also Gilda Olvidado’s Babangon ako at Dudurugin kita turns now into a TV series along with other Mars Ravelo’s superhero comic Darna and Capt. Barbell. and lastly Carlo J. Caparas’ Joaquin Burdado.

In the future, I hope they can turn some of the Ramon Revilla’s classic movies into TV Series, thats one of my wishlist and yes I’ll be happy to watch those and collect it.

Read more here

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Comic Market (Comiket) 73 ( Japan)

Good luck to all !

Comiket (click to enlarge)

Session Date : Dec. 29th (Sat)~
31th (Mon) 2007
Next Session Date : Aug. 15th (Fri)~
17th (Sun) 2008

Hours of Operation:

Dojinshi Area :
10:00am to 4:00pm each day.
Corporate Dealers Area :
10:00am to 5:00pm on Dec. 29~30th.
10:00am to 4:00pm on Dec. 31th.
Dressing Room :
10:00am to 4:30pm each day.
(Registration open from10:00am
to 3:30pm, on the last day only to 2:30)


Tokyo International
Exhibition Center
(The Tokyo Big Sight)

Dojinshi Area : East Halls 1~6
& West Halls 1~2
Dressing Room : West Hall 3
Corporate Dealers Area : West Hall 4
Costume Play Public Square :
Rooftop Exhibition Area
10:00am to 4:00pm
(only to 3:00pm on the last day; location
may change
depending on weather)

more info at

World Hobby Festival 17 ( Japan)


Just saw this event coverage and item photos from the World Hobby Festival 17, that's in Japan.
this event is one of my inspiration for the toy show and also the toycon here in the Philippines, I just missed this event, and no! Im not going to Japan, but the updates and also the latest buzz about this event just missed my time to browse it. thanks to Danny Choo for the coverage.

My friend Patrick is in Japan today and he is so excited for the 2nd event of the Comiket, its a 2 day event for comics, manga and doujinshi, and its a haven for all anime merchandise. the event will on the end of this month and Im suspecting that the crowed will be double. More weird merchandise might released this weekend, I'll just wait for Patrick's report on the Comiket via internet.

check below for other images from the event,
note: some images in the source website are not suitable for minors

Read more here

natodas na ko! Topak Comics sold out ?!!

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Time to write an original content here in Komiks News Now. A day before Christmas, thats December 24. I went for a last minute shopping for my love ones here in Cavite and after buying all stuff for them I decided to visit the bookstore and magazine stands in the mall. I just saw some new comics and magazine published by our local publishers and also new adult content magazine who just surfaced without my knowledge.

Once I was inside the store I was looking for this new adult magazine, (not that porn, but its a FHM-ish style magazine) then when I was about to ask the bookstore clerk, a young kid with her mom went inside and inquired something. The kid inquired if they have a copy of Topak Comics. and that’s issue 2. My mind became active and thought of buying the same comics, because I already forgot to grab a copy of it last month after it was released and me featuring it here.

The mom of the kid suddenly burst into anger and told the kid what the hell is Topak comics? is it a comics for idiot people?
then the clerk pulled out a Topak Comics issue 2 out from the cabinet and the mom saw it, and said “ahhh its a comics. you buy these stuff and you make a lot of mess in your room and you will just misplaced it in your room” then the kid said, “im reading this comics! I want it!” then the mom paid for the comics after knowing it was only priced at lower than P100.

then it was my turn to buy at the same hype as the kid I want a Topak comics too. then the clerk look around and

Read the exciting comic adventure here

Resiklo movie review

the movie is now up and an early review is shared and posted in my comments board at my multiply page. I'm excited already to get amazed and also disappointed in seeing this movie, thats why i save a lot of my expectation for the film.

you can share your reviews and post it here at my multiply resiklo vs. mech warrior blog page

here are some of the review posted there.

But this Resiklo, i felt Ill on my sit & i want to walk out if i just don't have someone with me who might call me "KJ" so i still watched half my eye open. pretending to be watching. i really felt the pain of paying 130PHP for this movie and i just hope i waited a while to watch it in Youtube for free because i will not continue watching it at all.Oh, no!!! i think i should say they should have paid me for watching this disgusting movie on the first place. However, this review i think is enough to announce to people not to patronize IMUS PRODUCTIONS produced movies or the 2nd RESIKLO if there may. now i understand why people want Pirated DVDs/VCDs its because its really not worth the money. and Oh!!! in case i just knew resiklo has been this devastating, i wouldn't even bother Buying a Pirated Copy of this!!! -posted by aseneta, source :

There is not much to like about Resiklo, yes. I admit that. It could be better. But you have to admire Imus Productions for daring to take a risk and take a step forward in Philippine Cinema. It may have been quite a fumbly step, but at least they took it and showed everyone that it is possible for Pinoys to make a decent effects movie, even at a Hollywood substandard budget.Unlike the other production outfits who just play it safe, churning out only sequels to their money-makers like "Mano Po 255" or "Enteng Kabisote 306: The Legend Never Ends". - posted by BJ

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Stick it fast

time to blog more and while im resting its fun to be here at home and enjoy the long vacation. well, i dont have an office, so i dont have my own long vacation ahahaha, but for the people here at home it will be the perfect get away for them.

just spent the day with my sis and Lace's family here in cavite and its fun to eat all day, play with her niece, surf the net, transfer all data to my external hard drive and also eat again. I just dont know what will be my plans for tomorrow since everyone are still having their xmas break and having a big hang over after the big feast.

Last night at the Xmas eve mass just remind me back of my high school days, yes. because i studied in a private catholic school and i just remember the way they told me about attending mass every sunday, but today in my age and life, i think i have attended a mass for only 5 times a year. hmmm, thats one from the Quiapo feast, my graduation, ash wednesday, in school, and xmas mass.

i just got mad at those people outside the church who pop out some firecrackers and baby rockets after the mass, i just shouted at them and already lost my xmas spirit on that time.
got mad because i warned them that they should fire that away from the people and the church.
the flares and the smoke and it exploded near our area where a baby was carried and i got pissed because it nearly hit us. hay...

anyway, we are now preparing to sleep and i guess I'll be having a mini marthon.
just got these MaskMan dvd from CSCENTRAL and they are in english sub, created by CSCENTRAL too. astig di ba. now i can watch the final episodes of Maskman.

then tomorrow il watch the season 2 ender of HEROES. it just made me crazy after i watched the episode 9-10.

whew! ok more to blog tomorrow.
a hot chick who cuts hair byherself is calling me to bed

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Merry Christmas Blog post

not so merry for me, because i feel tired and stress out after the event and also the last minute gift buying hours ago and swimming over to a flood of people in the mall buying stuff for everyone here. I just prepared some cash since yesterday and wishing to have a credit cards in order to shop more easily than carry loads of cash in the mall.

but the feeling of being merry here in my merryland is always present.

i dont have any xmas party to attend or a 13 month pay day, so i'm here in the tradition of blogging to greet you all a merry christmas and thanks for reading and supporting my blogs

i might leave this blog here and take some rest and never think of my job or anything that involves my event activities. time to focus on the family side and the joy of christmas.

just saw santa claus in SM Bacoor ahhaahaa!!!!

if i have more energy tomorrow. it will be a much long blog entry haahahahhahaa.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 9

my body still aches and im still recovering from a big hang over, i think tomorrow's day will leave me sleeping til xmas eve.

today is the last day so gear up and check out cool figs in every booth.

here's a video clip from day 2

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the backstreet boys of Transformers Philippines, Action Figure Philippines and Toy Soldiers 1:18

more photos here

Saturday, December 22, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 8

it was a very tiring day yesterday as the 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas fair kick off on its first opening day and people were into a panic buying getting the new stuff and also jackpot items.

yeah! just bought a P500 Transformers movie Jazz figure (1st edition)
and got goodies of a 5 DVD disc set of Maskman from CSCENTRAL
and many items!

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Army of Iron man

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another Cinamoroll to be added to Lace's collection

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life size head of Balrog

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me and cholo hosting the Auction activity. that Balrog statue was bought at P2600

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Collectibles Unlimited with the toy collectors

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Wilson Tortosa in santa clause mode, giving away free sketches at the Glass House Graphics booth

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not from the xmas toycon event, on the other side of the building
me and Lace met the characters of Walt Disney!
yey! we met Mickey Mouse !!! whhohohohoo

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me vs. a face hugger.
dreaming of showing the AVP 2 this xmas season

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with the boys of Pinoy Toy Kolektors

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What're ya waiting for bub ?
go and come at our event.

gahhh!! im late, time to get a cold shower!

Friday, December 21, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 7

today is the big day!
and its 9:30am and Im late
got a mild fever this morning, i just stayed in bed and let my body heated by the sun just to let the fever go away.

here are some photos from last night ingress,

check out the lifesize Batman Begins statue

2008 is the year of tha bats again

Misyel, Lace, Devastator, Magnusjam and RG (standing behind)


and finally, our last photo before my battery depletes
dinner in Mannang restaurant before the big day, chomping Kalderatang Kambing, Stuff Tofu and Cheesy Baked Oyster. thats an early victory dance.

see you all later!
bring lots of cash hahhahaa~!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 6

Linky Link!!! thanks to everyone for linking and blogging about the event.
now time to go for the ingress.

and many more links!!!! whohohooh!!! Thanks again !!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 5

here's a sample music clip
live acoustic performance by Brian Josef this Saturday at 3pm.
at the International Christmas Fair 2007 and 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair.
event will be on Megatrade Hall 3, stage area.

Songwriter-singer Brian Josef is a fresh whiff of air. He is fun and unpredictable. His narrative is both frank and playful. He captures the vibe of the generation that celebrates individuality perfectly. He mimics life in the city through his sounds and stories, and expresses his own uniqueness with his music. Brian fuses elements from various musical styles and recording technology to create the overall effect of his music. He is forward-looking yet grounded on the traditions of excellent musicianship. The result, a perfect blend that is sophisticated and exciting. It is a whole new sound that is crazy but incredible.

He believes that there is no bad or good in music. For artists like himself, the music is a way to express one's self and that honesty makes any form of music resistant to criticism.

This philosophy must have taken its roots from his childhood. "When I listen to a song, my parents did not comment on whether the song was good or not. If I like what I heard, I ask them for the title. They were only happy to oblige," he says.

Yet this philosophy feeds on his desire to insist on distinguishing good music from the truly beautiful ones. And it has encouraged him to improve his craft further.

Crazy but Incredible is a two-feat achievement for the young artist, first as an excellent song writer and musician who can whip up interesting stories and concoct riveting imagery against the rollercoaster twists and turns of his melodies. Words and music of all 12 songs in the album are by Brian. Second as a compelling singer blessed with a distinct singing voice that convincingly delivers the songs with an alternative and pop flair.

Another thing of note is the exquisite production of the album. All tracks were recorded with live instrumentation by a distinguished group of musicians. It's slick, tight, and rearing to soar.

Crazy But Incredible , Brian's carrier single, which is also the title of his debut album released under Sony BMG Music Entertainment is a perfect preface to the album and the artist.
For more information on BRIAN JOSEF, please don't hesitate to contact the undersigned.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Ad & Promo Coordinator - Cueshe, Zelle, Brian Josef
Talentfolio, Inc.
0915-2270846 / 0919-4236285
(02) 927-0846 / (02) 436-1283 / Telefax: (02) 433-0790

no mouse

I'm having a hard time this morning, because I found out that my optical mouse is dead and now doing some programming stuff for the website work slows me down, plus my hand aches using a different mouse. the favorite mouse that Im using is from Cdrking, its a gray-black mouse kinda like a Genius mouse, my other favorite mouse is an artists mouse just purchased it last year in TCA and it got a nice look and the mouse was built for graphic artists. I can't get a new artist mouse because it cost P900 and i can't find a new stock here in Manila and I dont know where it is available.

going back to the CDrking mouse, I like it alot because of its shape, it relaxes my hand and it doesnt give any wrist burn or aches. i got two of these bought it, i think 5 months ago, and the 1st one died last night, while the other mouse is have a defect on the left click, sometimes give me a rough action when layouting stuff and editing.

Im thinking to buy it again in CDRking later, might buy a new mouse for my laptop, because im so excited to install this artists search for the glass house graphics website and it gives me a lot of trouble already when using the old mouse with a left click defect.

the cdrking mouse costs at around P200 hahahaha, so its a buy and throw it away later item, and sometimes it has bad lifespace, probably if I buy one it might die again after 5 months.

hmm, i'll try to get two mouse just incase it stays dead again, or buy another mouse with a good quality brand just for a change.

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this is the cdrking mouse with the name brand Laser

ok til the next blog update.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 4

Here's another quick production note update for the Xmas toycon event. Just visited the 1st day and opening of the International Christmas Fair in Megatrade Hall 2-3 and I just saw the setup and venue for the 2nd toys and collectibles christmas fair. the event will be located in the Megatrade Hall 2. I took some pics here to show you where the event will be held.

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entrance inside the Megatrade Hall 2, International Christmas Fair

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the big venue

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Megatrade Hall 2 entrance
me and the banner tarp that I layout

more photos here
2nd toys and collectibles xmas fair - day zero photos part 1

here's some added inputs for the event. There will be a toyshow feat. Transformers by Transformers Philippines, GI JOE toys by Toy Soldiers 1:18, Customized action figure toy show by Action Figure Philippines and Zoids toys by Zoids Philippines. Its a big toy show for all, you can play the toys, touch them, hold them, talk to the owners, interact with the fans, but you can't take it home with you. My effective style of promoting toys and having an interaction with the owners and fans. I just don't like the toys to be put inside a display glass cabinet, because these are toys and we must play with it. thats a great idea that I made last time for the Transformers movie merchandise launch and the GI JOE 25th anniversary event.

also Yuri Timg and Noli Coronado will be there for the Dig Deep Entertainment talent search, they will be opening up a talent search for hobby painters, illustrators and sculptures for their company in making statues and action figures for clients like Diamond Select, Marvel Comics and etc. The people from Glass House Graphics will be there exhibiting some print artworks of their artists and also will be there to do a talent search and portfolio review for people who wants to work with Glass House Graphics and break in to the international comics industry, just like what others do, show your portfolio, do some samples and if the client likes it you'll get a job from various international comic company like Tokyo Pop, Marvel, DC, Image and other independent comics company world wide.

Im so excited for this 3 day event and it will be more on pure selling. No other programs, contests or mishi mashi stuff. its a grand bazaar for the toy-comics-anime-movies pop culture this holiday season.

will make another update next for the Christmas Cosplay show and the ingress on Thursday
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