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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Superman-Batman movie in 2010 ?

my sister just messaged me because she and her bf just finished watching the movie I AM LEGEND. she mentioned that theres a billboard in one of the scenes in the movie having a SUPERMAN-BATMAN logo movie and a 2010 date of showing. Its weird and Im excited too, even that its only a part of the movie props but this may definitely give an open discussion for a possible Superman-Batman movie.

here's a review from
Comics fans get their share of Easter eggs in this half of the film, with director Francis Lawrence of Constantine sprinkling references to imaginary DC Comics films throughout the cityscape. Keep your eyes peeled for a Times Square billboard using the Superman-Batman comic logo with a date of “05.15.10”; a poster for a Green Lantern movie (the Hal Jordan version) outside the video store Neville visits; and, inside the video store, another poster promises a Teen Titans film is “coming soon.”

its a short spoiler but this one will make everyone ask the same question.

whats with the billboard ?

I just wish that they show this film next week.

and Aliens Vs. Predator 2

hay.. MMFF..

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 3 / TOYCON 2008 date revealed

last night was the event briefing for the 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair, and the room was filled by booth exhibitors, but not that too many since some of the booth exhibitors are at around less than 20 who attended the briefing. I was expecting that more than 40 people will be there but its kinda weird to see only less 20. I guess the old timers know the drill in the convention and Im glad that there are some new booth exhibitors who participated in this event.

They are mainly pure collectors who will be selling some of their collections, every toy shop owners begins at that scale as a collector and seller, but after getting new customers and demand of their items, the collector-seller will be evolved into a big toy shop. everyone starts there and I know how it feels heheeh.

Before the briefing ends, Vic Yap told Megatrade Hall to reveal the official date for the 7th Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008 or shall we call it TOYCON Year 7 heheh in line with the Batman film coming next year. It will be on June 14-15, 2008 . a 2 day weekend event. We will be occupying Megatrade Hall 1 and 2.

Click Play to hear the podcast

Here's an audio recording of the announcement last night, you'll see my reaction after releasing the dates in our faces ahahahahaha. Also we are still confident that the event will still be contained in the 2 hall, but if ever ....yes..if ever that the 2 halls are super occupied. maybe we can go for a 3 halls on 2009. which I don't know what will be the plan for it and I dont want to think of the coming future.

its a semi-meeting for the ToyCon year 7 event and our plan is to reformat all contest of the event, because I really dont want other events copying our concept, thats why we will reformat all contains guidelines and format from the comics, toys, and cosplay contest.

we might have also lots of on the spot contest, and will announce that soon on the official blog site of the ToyCon year 7

whew! ok Im going back to work now! someone had just uploaded some new stuff in our FTP.

*work mode

Friday, December 14, 2007

Intel Machinimasia Movie-Making Workshop

// just renewed my schedule for the workshop to Sunday

Intel Machinimasia Movie-Making Workshop
Two-day Free Movie-Making Workshop
Intel & e-Games

Start Time:
Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 9:30am
End Time:
Sunday, December 16, 2007 at 6:00pm
Meeting Room 10 Glorietta 4
Ascott (formerly Oakwood Hotel)
Makati, Philippines

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 2

ha! I just finished layouting the final event collateral for this event, i just over estimated the render time for a 20 feet banner tarp. wow! its so long and it eats a lot of time saving it from PSD and to JPEG. Im now going to burn the files into a CD and will have it over to Megatrade. wish to see these banners tomorrow hanging or posted outside SM Megamall.

The Mega Christmas Expo starts today and I'll drop by there first just to check and buy new items for our Christmas presents giving next week.

also check The World Bazaar Festival 2007 in World Trade Center, there are some cool stuff there, the only problem is that there are too many people shopping around and it got me and Mama Sally a second visit the other day and it was great to see less people shopping in the venue.
Also check out Comic Sale Central booth, they are selling anime videos and sentai DVD. I was surprised that they made a self produced fan subtitle for Hikari Sentai Maskman. And thanks to Comic Sale Central for the freebie Macross Shadow Chronicles DVD. Thanks to Raymond for the freebie, all of your videos are one cool collectibles

Also we bought cool stuff like Cinnamoroll in Kitty Mama store. thanks to Ms. Meng for Cinamoroll stuff and the super discount, hope you join again next year's ToyCon. Just acquired a Leader Class Movie Optimus Prime in 2Rats, Mama Sally bought that not for me, but for someone who will get it this Christmas eve hheeheh. Thanks to Dennis for the super discount! you are the best!

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and yeah! 2rats will be releasing the Aliens Vs. Predator Movie 2 toys at the 2nd Toys and Collectibles Xmas Fair. priced at P999. Which is very tempting, Im glad that they haven't release the Predator at the World Bazaar.

thats the only start for bazaars, but the World Bazaar will end this Sunday. But I like to give an advice that you save more money and come at the International Christmas Fair 2007 next week, thats in Megatrade Hall and the 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair will be inside that event. An event within an event. and the ICF has no entrance fee. but the 2nd Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair will have a P20 or P30 entrance each. We decided to place an entrance fee just to filter people and avoid having too much convention goers. We want everyone to enjoy the shopping and win some cool items at the live auction.

whew! thats my blog for this day and will blog more tomorrow!

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair production note 1

I almost forgotten that I have an event next week and I was surprised that our event briefing will be today, been busy for the revamping the websites that Im working for the past months, and I just blame myself for using a flash based design for the website which turns out to be ugly and not so user friendly as for a clients point of view for surfing that site, I just don't want to wait and see that loading note in a flash site.

now im going back to the production development and note for the 2nd Philippine Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007. I just really like the title but the problem is that I forgot to put the "Philippines" in all of our PR and poster design.

I just finished the poster design for the toy fair event and I'm happy that my colleagues like it and Im happy that the internet serve as my engine for layouting it. SXC site a great stock photos depot that supply all my ideas and also the background of the poster. Then thanks to other sites and for my toy research and also thanks to Hasbro too.

I really dont have time to play with my toys and even that I just bought an Iron Hide voyager class in, I just dont have the time to deposit my payment, and now Im back here again to use some hour of my time just to finalize the event collaterals and also marketing the event online.

Marketing it online is one of my favorite activities. it is fun and also very educational. these past few weeks Im mastering the use and functionality of Facebook and at first I just don't get it on what it is for. But now Im loving it and It is cool to have an event page for my event projects.
just like this event, I created a Facebook page. you can add it too in your events list and click attend if you like to atted. It is also serve as my research for peoples behavior and also for their interest. cool !!

here's the facebook event page - 2nd Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007

Tonight is our event briefing for the event and I will have a meeting too with the 3 dark horsemen for the toy show of the event.

I'll be off for awhile and update on the next production note update

lost pad

it sucks that i lost my favorite mouse pad, a freebie from an aussie IT company, and I'm using that for almost a year already. Now Im having problems using my optical mouse without my favorite mouse pad, i like to use that because the surface is so perfect for me in using it in navigating my laptop and also for web designing. Now Im using a poster of Chico Sci, a free poster of Fudge Magazine, and Im using it as my mouse pad for now.

I just discovered it yesterday during the Jelly in Manila meet up in Kape Isla, I was about to use my mouse during work and when I started looking for it inside my bag, then I realized that I might just left at home. Then last night after arriving from a massive traffic ride with Lace. I began searching the whole area of the house looking for my favorite mouse pad. At first I can't accept it that it is lost or that my being careless strikes again.

I used my Transformers the movie mouse pad which I bought it for P20 in GameX event months ago, at first the surface is smooth, but then after using it for a while, my hands got tired and then felt that the surface of that pad is not good for me, so I decided to turn over the pad and use the back surface.

It works pretty well, and sometimes I do that whenever Im at a internet shop and if I use a sucky mouse and a mouse pad.

Now Im starting to find the best ever and perfect mouse pad for me this Christmas.
I just don't know where could I find a Ambit Recruitment mouse pad. All left here is the mug coaster with the same surface texture. I tried using it as a mousepad, it works at first
and the comfortability of the pad doesn't tire my hand. the only problem is... it is just so small.

now the hunt begins.

the search for the perfect mouse pad.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

Christmas time is definitely the time of the year for Toys. As the demand for gifts and toys rise during this season, people look all around town for the best bargains, the best finds and the most sought after toys of the year.

That is why Collectibles Unlimited in partnership with the SM Megatrade Hall proudly bring you the “2ND Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair” in line with the SM Megamall’s “International Christmas Festival 2007”. Now on its second year, the Christmas Toyfair features the best selection of kiddie toys, dolls, action figures, die cast cars, licensed merchandising and high end collectibles this side of town.

The event will also be highlighted by toy exhibits and an art gallery of the best local comicbook artists, raffles and games. Another highly anticipated activity is the live auction where kids and collectors bid for highly sought-after items and win them for way below their actual value. Toy collectors will have a 3 day toy show of their collections featuring the rarest and vintage toy collection like G.I. Joe, Transformers, Zoids and comic action figures, and also they will feature the upcoming toys for 2008. There will also be a Christmas theme Cosplay fashion show on the 2nd day feat. the best and cool anime costume and Japanese fashion.

Sponsored by MaxiCollector and 2rats, this year’s Christmas Toyfair will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 2, from Dec 21 to 23, 10: 00 Am to 10:00 Pm. For inquiries, please call the Megatrade Hall at 634-7617 or 633-1697. Visit the event website at or

Soft Opening of PLANET KRYPTON Dec. 15 to Dec 22, 2007

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got this info from PTK, and I’m already having a massive geekasm viewing all of those lifesize props and replicas, statues and cool collectibles. I was starting to collect props and replicas but I got only the small ones, but seeing all of the stocks they have. I want to have them all for my collection.
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Artist: Diamond Select
Product Name: Transformers Matrix of Leadership

* 1st released (An Art Asylum Design)
* Sculpted by Art Asylum and limited to 1,000 pieces
* This cold cast replica features a light-up design, hidden key and removable Transformers base
* This highly detailed sculpt includes a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity

Description: Scaled Prop Replicas
Released: 2006
Size: 1:4 Scale (10″)
Edition: 1000
Price: Php 17,550

Love to buy that and use it to Light the Philippines’ Darkest Hour

info of the store and location can be found below
Read more »

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Future of Philippine Comics

from the Pasko ng Komiks symposium in U.P. Diliman

“Creating Komiks”
panels by Carlo Vergara, Andrew Drilon, Andrew Villar, Jonas Diego, Leah Lim,
Randy Valienta, Rey Tiempo, Melvin Calingo, Jon Zamar

Moderated by : Sally Eugenio and Vim Nadera

Indie comic creator Jon Salazar delivers a question to the panelist about what will be the future of Philippine comics.
Which seems to be the most interesting part to hear the answers of the panelist.

So for you ? what is the future of our Philippine comics scene/industry?

Read more and Watch the Video here

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TriNoma Blogger Food Tour - Postponed to January 9, 2008


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postponed !!!!

hmmm. its okay for me, will spend the day with the Jelly in Manila Meet.


Hi All,

We would like to inform you that the TriNoma Food Tour for Bloggers is postponed to January 9, 2008 (Wednesday), same time and place instead of the original schedule on December 13, 2007 to allow for the addition of more food merchants who have either just set up shop or still in process of setting up. In short, this means more food for us! J

You may check out the Google spreadsheet file for the updated list of participants.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured the slight delay will be well worth the wait. We continue to look forward to seeing you (and eating with) you on the rescheduled date. J

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

3 days of darkness movie

my friend is releasing his new movie tomorrow !
check it out !!!

“Full of nudity and gore. Not fit for public
exhibition.” --- MTRCB

-- Trailer pa lang yan ha hahaahah
congrats to Khavn !


Filmless Films presents
This is not a film by Khavn

Starring Katya Santos, Gwen Garci
Introducing Precious Adona & Bugz Daigo

WHEN: December 12 (Wednesday) to December 24, 2007
WHERE: Robinson’s Galleria, Ermita, and Bacolod


Kimberly (Katya Santos), Michiko (Gwen Garci), and
Isabel (Precious Adona) are trapped inside their house
when the apocalyptic prophecy happens. Khavn draws on
the Book of Revelation for one of the most frightening
phenomenon prophesied to happen. Three girls are
trapped in their home as the Three Days of Darkness
descend on the Earth and they must cope and try to
fend off the demons that have come to take them. A
chilling vision of God's Wrath or of people imposing
God's Wrath on one another, the film frightens with
its questions as much as it does with its sounds and

“Visceral, primal, and vicious, the sounds and images
of THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS burrow straight into your
subconscious. You won’t take a single breath the last
thirty minutes. Bravura filmmaking by Khavn.” ---
Mario Cornejo

“Sex, demons & dread that claws like a teen girl in
the throes of her first multiple climax. Cinema ghouls
will love Khavn’s meditation on darkness. I say, bring
on the night!” --- Karl De Mesa

“An intercourse on darkness, lesbians, religious
fanaticism, satanic reverie; buttered with a depraved
camp aesthetic and mashed into a blender. A definitive
epilogue for any dark day.” --- Tengal

“Khavn never fails to fascinate me. The best thing
about his films is watching how people react to them.
THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS is great to be in an audience
--- Myke Sarthou

“Leaves marks. Like a blowtorch to your nerves. The
world is coming to an end and it’s not letting you off
that easy.” --- Dodo Dayao

“THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS is claustrophobic cinema --- a
film that is sure to mess with your head.” ---
Marguerite De Leon

“Primal and raw, this movie takes a multi-dimensional
approach to horror filmmaking.”
--- Pancho Villanueva

Darkness itself is defined in relationship to
visibility, as the darkness receives its meaning from
the group of light round it. The darkness is a moment
of vision; being unable to see is not being dumb; IT
is refuse to see, and therefore keep on seeing. THREE
DAYS OF DARKNESS is not a mere mind-play creation by
Khavn. It is the inevitable profound darkness that
will consume us all when the time is nigh, as written
in the scriptures. We must be steadfast and vigil for
the inevitable!
--- Father Kristo X, Spiritual Leader, Samahan de Tres
Dias Mistica Inc.

Cast: Katya Santos, Gwen Garci, Precious Adona, Bugz
Director: Khavn De La Cruz
Editor: Lawrence S. Ang
Sound Designer: Corrine De San Jose
Cinematographer: Albert Banzon
Production Design: Jeck Cogama
Sound Recordist: Mark Locsin
Story: Khavn De La Cruz
Screenplay: Alfred Aloysius Adlawan
Subtitle Translation: Lei Acosta
Production Manager: CJ Bolatano
Assistant Director: Vives Anunciation
Music: Khavn De La Cruz
Music Engineering: Arvie Bartolome
Producer: Chits Jimenez, Khavn De La Cruz
Production Company: Filmless Films

Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Jelly in Manila 2nd Meet up

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Jelly is an every-so-often casual coworking session. Anyone is welcome to come, bring a laptop, and work alongside other creative, fun people. You can come by and leave anytime you want. Hope to see you there!

Be sure to join the Jelly in Manila group:

and sign up at the official page at

Jelly in Manila 2
Hopefully no more coup tantrums
Time and Place
Thursday, December 13, 2007
11:00am - 5:00pm
Contact Info

Its fun to be working with new people especially to freelancers, and sometimes you can see how to work again in an office type of atmosphere. sometimes i miss to have an office,but good thing is that Jelly is here. there will be internet access in the meet up so I might pop up my webcam and digital cameras in order to document the event. there might be a possible video live stream, just like a security cameras, but you will be viewing it in your pc and you can chat with us live!

please refresh

i already uploaded new files for the studio sakka website and it seems that it take a long time for the web and host to refresh. so excited to see the upgrade but i think that i need to wait for a long page refresh and to see the effect of the uploads.

smells like that im going mobile office again after the pasko ng komiksin U.P.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pasko Ng Komiks

// see you all tomorrow !


Press Release

As part of the U.P. College of Arts and Letters “Linggo ng KAL” event on December 6-14, the U.P . Likhaan: Institute of Creative Writing (UP-ICW) and Read or Die sponsor Pasko ng Komiks or PASKOM symposium on December 11 (Tues), 9am at the Pulungang Claro M. Recto, College of Arts and Letters, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

PASKOM will discuss the relevance of comics arts in contemporary Filipino life. Four related topics, which foreground new perpectives on a growing popular arts tradition, will be discussed, namely “Komiks in Philippine Culture and History,” “The Study and Collection of Komiks,” “Women in Komiks,” and “Creating Komiks.”

In the morning , Pablo Gomez, Patrick Flores, Gerry Alanguilan, Glady Gimena, Dennis Villegas, and Orvy Jundis will talk on the two first topics. Then in the afternoon, the women artists—Sherry Baet, Ofelia Concepcion, Vivian Limpin, Elizabeth Chionglo, Joannah Tinio-Catinglo, and Gilda Olvidado—will talk about how the feminine and comics arts intertwine toward a liberative cause.

Still later in the day, comics creators Carlo Vergara, Andrew Drilon, Andrew Villar, Carlo Pagulayan, Randy Valiente, Jonas Diego, Melvin Catinglo, Rey Tiempo, KC Cordero and Victor Balanon will unravel the energy and inspiration behind their works.

The day long discussion will be synthesized and commented upon by Bobby Yonzon (Mango Comics), Emil Flores, Joey Baquiran, and Lawrence Mijares.
Prior to the symposium, a comics exhibit, featuring the actual works of contemporary and past comics artists will be on show beginning December 8. It will be set at the Galleries 1 & 2 of Bulwagang Rizal, College of Arts and Letters, UP Diliman.

PASKOM is made possible through the support of National Books Development Board, Powerbooks, Mango Comics, WikiPilipinas, New Worlds Alliance, Read or Die, Komikera, and the U.P. College of Arts and Letters. We would also like to thank and Guhit Pinoy for their support.

Comics fans, students, and teachers are welcome to attend the symposium and see the exhibit which will run until December 14. For details, call Ms. Eva Cadiz at 9221830 or visit our website at

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Spice Girls emailed me !

ahaahah.. i dont know if they really typed this.


Hi everyone,

As you have probably read on our official website, our tour merchandise is flying off of the shelves at the shows, which is fantastic news. To make sure that no-one misses out, we are excited to offer our fans the chance to buy our official merchandise online. We've just launched our Online Store on, with a fabulous selection of T-shirts and accessories. We've even added some cute kids' stuff, which is going down very well with the Spice kids and babies!

If you're feeling creative, you can even design your very own official Spice Girls T-shirt.

We are having such a good time on tour and can't wait to see you all soon!

Lots of love,

Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C & Victoria

new laptop

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fresh from the box ahahahaah!

im still busy and maybe on tuesday i can post now here in my blog.
been working on the website stuff and im using a program that i customized, but the problem is that i can't find the solution in the program error.

but good this is that some of my toys refreshes me, and its fun to play with wolverine and jackie estacado
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