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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Do you want to be featured on TV ?

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Hey everyone! I'm helping a friend who is a host and a producer of a long running TV show, and Im here on a call to everyone to be a TV guest in one of the episode of a TV show.

If you are an artist, musician, a popular person, or something that you want to promote on TV, or you have a new book and you want everyone to know about it, you made an indie movie, album, or are you a youtube celeb? or just a regular Filipino citizen that have unique abilities. not the mutant or homo superior kind heheeh.

all you have to do is contact me here and I will forward you to my tv friend.
oh yeah! this is totally free! and get media mileage and it will be broadcast online and nationwide.

I just appeared already in their show many times last year and now here's your chance to be the next TV show guest.

cool di ba?

Play Wonder Woman

February 2008 issue of Playboy magazine features a Superhero. Does she play Wonder Woman or she looks like Wonder Woman. the cover girl Tiffany Fallon doesn't wear any superhero costume, and its a body paint!

Now I wonder what will DC comics comment on this cover of the magazine.

I know the magazine will get away with is, because she doesn't wear any Wonder Woman tiara, bracelet and the magical lasso, so Playboy can say that she looks like Wonder Woman, but definitely a Wonder Playboy cover girl.

Don't be surprised when you see a flying Spider-man look-a-like character in Kingdom Come, DC/Vertigo's Elseworld comic story. well they do that reasoning in some comic book, when you spotted a familiar character in a different comic company, but as the editors says, it looks like Spider-man, but it is not!.

source :

Friday, January 11, 2008

wash and wear? shirt design entry by Meyo for Threadless T-shirts

My Submission

Meyo De Jesus sent to me his tshirt design, you may click the image above to visit the website and vote for the best shirt entry at Threadless Tshirts.

here's a short interview with Meyo.

Azrael : whats this tshirt design for ?:
Meyo : always follow t-shirt instructions intelligently!ha ha ha !
Azrael: any story about the shirt design ?
Meyo: wala e! kumbaga contest entry ko langa yan e
Azrael: how many hours did you spent designing the shirt?
Meyo: 2 hours and 1 gallon of ice cream!ha ha ha
Azrael : Last question, if you won, will you give me a shirt with this design?
Meyo: oo naman!kahit ilan!
Azrael : hahaha! ayus!
Meyo: thanks!

me and the accident in Coastal Road today

it happened at 6am this morning, me and Lace were aboard this public FX van going to Manila and it was still dark. We were riding inside and then we heard a large "bog!!!" sound and still figuring out what was it, and then I just didn't mind it, maybe an item fell from a vehicle in front of us.

but then after 5-6 seconds, we heard the driver said " What's that?!!" then suddenly his female companion seated in the front screamed!

then "Bang!!!!!" 1 second after that I can see the windshield infront of my face. and then I didn't panic, and observed what happened and I look to Lace, touch her head to see if she is hurt, then I rub my head to see any bleeding, and notice what hit us.

we went out of the van and everyone is in shock, all the passengers went out of van and the driver didn't know what to do. I take a peek on the front to see the female passenger if she is okay, but saw her badly hurt and was lying down up to the driver seat. I helped the driver to open the door of the van to get the lady out, and i dont know if she's dead or not, but I saw her down on the ground and covering her face.

Lace told me to get out of the scene immediately and a rode a jeepney going to MIA road.
then we saw this kid lying on the road lifeless and body and limbs in a not good position and then after we passed by saw this big truck tire.

the accident took place near the bridge, there are two bridge in the coastal road before the toll gate. our accident took place on the 1st bridge. then we saw a same accident happened on the 2nd bridge. a woman was killed too by a van, same incident and same damage to the van - windshield.

then we started to suspect what hit us - the kid who crosses the street ? or that truck tire.

then after going home, i just saw this news in the internet.
Thanks to God that we are okay and safe. now time to be aware and alert anytime, because accidents can happen.

Girl dead, another hurt in mishap along Coastal Road
01/11/2008 | 08:40 AM

A 10-year-old girl was killed, and a woman was hurt after they were hit by car along the Coastal Road in the boundary of Las Piñas City and Bacoor town in Cavite, radio dzBB reported on Friday.

The report said the girl, initially identified as Linky Caello, was bumped by a Toyota Innova car, (with plate number ZBB 669), after a tire fell from a truck and flew on the other side of the road and hit the car that was going north toward Manila.

DzBB said another woman, initially identified as Nenita Herrera, was hurt in the incident, and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The incident caused heavy traffic jam up to Dasmariñas City in Cavite according to the report. - GMANews.TV

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Encyclopedia Dramatica: Philippines - very insulting website for the Philippines

this was shared to me by my friend JC.

check out the site -

I don't know who owns it or who runs it. i really like to blow that page out of the net.

kapit bisig tayo mga pinoy! gawan ito agad ng action!
putragis sila! mamatay na ang mga racists sa mundo!

-----------------------from the site, and read more into it.. you might feel the same way I feel now

The Republic of the Philippines is a nation of some 8,744 islands located in the Pacific Ocean, not far from China. The people of the Philippines, known as Filipinos, are best known for their overseas service as cafeteria personnel, mini-mart clerks, hotel maids, and transvestite prostitutes in countries around the world. The Philippines itself is a hotspot for sex tourism and pedophilia, as well as for a few AZNal Qaeda” wannabes who have “taken over” some small villages on one of the islands. It is also the world’s largest exporter of large yellow-ish envelopes, known everywhere as “Manila envelopes.”


Weekly news from Komiks News Now Philippines


take note: the event was moved to FEBRUARY 1-3, 2008

I was invited to join this indie game developing contest and right now im still thinking if my team can do it. if you remember in my previous blog entry. Me and RG developed a flash side scrolling video game and we presented it at the 1st UGOT GAME event in PTTC. And were glad to get a positive response. We love sidescrolling games thats why we love to make that concept into a real game. But because we are so busy, we haven't finished the whole game, RG just finished a 4 stages game with enemy boss.

If you want to learn more about our game here's a youtube video sample of the first game testing.

okay back to the Intel-GDAP PINOY INDIE GAMES CONTEST, it is a big challenge for a video developer to create a game for about 48 hours and from scratch. For flash game developers this is a big advantage for them, ( i think)

here are the info about the event, and thanks to
Zsarina Salazar for the invite and info.

We cordially invite you to join the Pinoy Indie Games, a game development contest that will demonstrate the talent and capabilities of Filipino game developers. This kind of competition has been happening in Canada & the US but this is the first time a contest of this kind will take place in the Philippines. The contest will challenge both the creativity and programming capability of our developers to create a game in 48 hours. It's an opportunity to showcase the Filipino game developer and establish the Philippines as a force to be reckoned with in this field.

Date: FEBRUARY 1-3, 2008
Venue: i-hooked Café, C.M. Recto Manila
Objective: This contest intends to showcase the talent of Filipino game developer. The goal of the contest is for teams to FINISH A GAME IN 3 DAYS. Teams must START FROM SCRATCH and end up with a complete game at the end of the weekend.

Contest Rules:

Contest is open to all students and all non-professional game developers. Interested participants may join as an individual or team entry but they must pre-register with the contest coordinators to enter the contest. Pre-registration is open from now until 12NN, January 11, 2008. Participants are urged to pre-register to secure a slot and ensure that all directions and guidelines regarding pre-approved game technologies have been communicated. For pre-registration and inquiries, contact Jill Jacaria at 0916-8263969 / 893-3308 or Paula Jalosjos at 0917-8111086 Check out flyers or for more information.

and Here are the complete rules

Read more here


Date: January 11, 2008 to January 13, 2008

Venue: i-hooked Café, C.M. Recto Manila

Objective: This contest intends to showcase the talent of Filipino game developer. The goal of the contest is for teams to FINISH A GAME IN 3 DAYS. Teams must START FROM SCRATCH and end up with a complete game at the end of the weekend.

Contest Rules:

Contest is open to all students and all non-professional game developers. Interested participants may join as an individual or team entry but they must pre-register with the contest coordinators to enter the contest. Pre-registration is open from now until 12NN, January 11, 2008. Participants are urged to pre-register to secure a slot and ensure that all directions and guidelines regarding pre-approved game technologies have been communicated. For pre-registration and inquiries, contact Jill Jacaria at 0916-8263969 / 893-3308 or Paula Jalosjos at 0917-8111086 Check out flyers or for more information.

A team may have no more than 3 members and should have a team name. Artists and musicians are strongly encouraged to enter, and those who do not know how to program computers or are unable to form a team may contact us for possible matching (i.e. programmers may be teamed up with graphic artists).

Theme: The theme of the game will be announced on the day of the contest. Contest participants must incorporate this theme into their games and will be scored on how well they accomplish this.

Available HW & SW: The venue (i-Hooked) is equipped with 51 Intel Core 2 Quad PCs with hi-speed Internet connection, able to accommodate a maximum of 17 teams of 3 members each. Each PC will have the following programs installed:

  • Windows OS
  • Visual Studio.Net
  • Flash
  • Maya
  • Studio Max
  • Direct X SDK 9
  • PhotoShop CS2
  • Wacom tablets are also available however, they will be limited in number so teams must book their schedule to use the tablets.

Teams may NOT bring a pre-created game to the event or work on a MOD. Teams may bring an existing game engine, however all game assets, code/programming and artwork must be created onsite and only during the 48-hour period. Teams MUST list the game engine and all technologies (including all software and helper libraries, homegrown or otherwise) they will use to create their game. These will be subject to approval by the contest organizers. Should teams be using software outside of those already in the PCs provided, they must bring their own installers. ALL DRIVERS MUST BE LICENSED SOFTWARE. Use of non-approved and undeclared game engines, software and technologies during the contest proper will be tantamount to disqualification. Teams must surrender any storage media or devices (i.e. flash disks, external hard drives, DVD/CD-roms, etc.) with contest organizers. These will be returned to respective owners at 12NN of January 13.

The game MUST be finished by Sunday, June 13 at 12:00 noon. We will post final versions of the games on the Yehey! website.

Required Elements. Intel and GDAP will provide specific Intel assets as such: Intel .swf logo, Intel bong and Intel Core 2 Quad badge. Every game is required to incorporate any of the image and sound assets provided by the organizers -- without alteration or modification -- to receive 5 additional points on their final score. Any changes made to these assets or its indiscriminate use will be considered a logo violation and therefore will not merit the additional points.

The game must be more than a screensaver, interactive toy, or vague simulation. It should have a clear goal and easy to learn. It should have a title screen, basic instructions and a “PLAY” button. It should provide at least 5 minutes of game play. It may be funny or experimental, but original.

Onsite Assistance: GDAP will have “roaming counselors” who can provide guidance or assistance to the teams. Teams may consult with them from time to time but may not enlist them to be part of the team. For teams short on audio expertise, sound effects/audio artists from GDAP will be on-hand during the event. Teams may tap these volunteers who will be around to help wherever needed. Teams may use the services of the audio artists for a maximum of 2 hours throughout the contest proper. Schedules must be booked with the organizers.

Teams’ completed game MUST run on Windows (games must not be exclusive to MAC / Linux only). In order to demonstrate the success of the Pinoy Indie Game Development Competition, the public should be able to download and play the games submitted. Since most people have Windows, it must be Windows-supported.

Completed games (and everything it needs to run) should be under 10MB (after zipping). This is not a strict requirement, but files over this limit may become difficult to host online.

Judging: The final game submissions will be judged by a panel selected by Intel and GDAP. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Gameplay/playability (20 points)
  • Visuals/graphics (20 points)
  • Technology (20 points)
  • Creativity/Originality (20 points)
  • Production value and quality - Audio/Polish/Bugs (10 points)
  • Adherence to Theme (10 points)
  • Use of Intel asset (+ max. 5 points)

Winners/Prizes: Winners will be notified via phone call or e-mail one week after the event. Prizes will be awarded to each team member as follows:

1st Place – One (1) Intel Core 2 Quad PC for each team member

2nd place – One (1) Apple iPod Classic 80GB for each team member

3rd place – PHP5,000.00 worth of GCs for each team member

IMPORTANT NOTE: Contest Coordinators will have final say in all disputes. Meals will be provided for teams at the site throughout the contest.

Event Schedule

Friday - June 11, 2008

          12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Arrive at i-Hooked. Claim your assigned PC, name tags, briefing sheets and required assets. Book sound effects and Wacom tablets if needed. Present pre-approved engines, libraries, installers, etc. Set-up PCs with pre-approved technologies. (Lunch will be served.)

          1:00 pm – 1:10 pm Intro/welcome by Intel Technology Philippines marketing manager Jerome Matti

1:10 pm – 1:20 pm Briefing: Rules and Overview by GDAP president, Gabby Dizon

1:20 pm – ONWARDS Game development proper. (Time starts now.)

Sunday - June 13, 2008

          12:00 pm Closing: ALL TEAMS TO SUBMIT GAMES at 12NOON OR FORFEIT (teams will be given a grace period of 10 minutes). Organizers to save entries on central file in external hard drives.

          12:00 pm – 1:45 pm Lunch to be served. Pinoy Indie Games Competition Open House: Teams may go around PCs to play/view other teams’ games. Teams to begin preparing for exit.

1:45 pm – 1:50 pm Final remarks by Intel/GDAP

1:50 pm – 2:00 pm Contestants exit i-Hooked

Quiapo and the Nazarene Feast 2008

Its like a family tradition for us to attend the mass every Nazarene feast in Quaipo Church. Last week we planned carefully on where shall we proceed during the big mass event. Our main plan is the usual main road path to cross going to the church, but we forgot that we always attend the mass every morning during the previous years, so to note this quick, it will be our first time to attend the mass on the afternoon and on the right spot were the Nazarene will march down outside the church. Its one big walkathon and elbow shielding moment when we are get stranded inside a big large crowd of people.

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1st stop. We didn't know that the procession started with some delay, so in here we got some time to take the part of the road. Getting in to Raon st. and proceed at the back of the church.

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going near the church is difficult. People are coming in and some are going out. The road was blocked by the crowd so here we were standed standing in the middle, and then the pushing started, people at the back were pushing us in so its like a mini stampede when big number of people suddenly pushed us and then we just pushed people infront us. A lady was nearly thrown out of the line and landed in a fire burning candle station. Then emergency people were crossing infront of us assisting a blind old lady with her family out of the crowd, then other family member carries a female member at the back all wasted and wet with sweat.

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it was hot and crowdy, we managed to stop by inside a KFC and finished the mass while we are inside. We started to get out of the area when the way is okay and started the next mass.
its funny, before we went inside we encountered these giant python size firecrackers and exploding baby dynamite in Raon.

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after crossing Raon and went out of the church side, we plan to cross the road under the bridge, but when we arrived people were still in there and we didn't know that the Nazarene just crossed infront of us. its just a great sight to see it! even though that I just found a news that it wasn't the original Nazarene. It was just a replica that the church made. The original one was secretly kept safe and in the process of preservation.

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after our big day, we ate in our favorite chinese restaurant in Quaipo.
this is in Chonam, were we eat with my family when we were still a youngling.
then after eating we visit some spots in Arlegui, hehhehe you know what we are talking about.

more photos at Quaipo and Nazarene Feast 2008

Read more here

And here is the rest of it.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TriNoma Blogger Food Tour - tomorrow

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just got an email reminder from, and they notified me and the others that the food tour for bloggers will start tomorrow. too bad for me that i will be out and can't attend the food tour and the chomping activities. i just gave out my slot to other bloggers because I'll attend the mass at 3pm in Quaipo on the same day, because its the feast of the Nazarene and i know its impossible for me to attend both events in one day.

for info about the food tour. visit

for those who are stll don't know if you are in the list, just send an email to

and me, I'll have my own food tour tomorrow in Ongpin, Divisoria, Quiapo and Binondo hehehee

CES 2008

its the CES 2008 or the Consumer Electronics Show. and all over the net, tech shows, blogs are covering this international tech event and i was looking for a stream live coverage of CES 2008, but can't find one and just landed on a red carpet premiere of 27 DRESSES and met Katherine Heigl ( well its an online event) and it feels like I am really in a red carpet premiere, were publicists roam around, unfamiliar actors being interviewed, Ellen Pompeo waving at us and the star Katherine Heigl answered 2 of our silly questions., and didnt know if one of it is mine, got a choppy audio during her slot.

ok thats my funny search experience for a live stream, but just read that G4TV had already shot some footages of the event and you can check it out here
and now im downloading Bill Gate's keynote hehee, funny to see him play along with guitar man Slash. And just mentioned that this year will be his last Keynote.

While on the other websites, check out a live blogging by
im just reading James Yang's keynote about Yahoo! you can check it here in their website

im browsing some of the images and im having a massive tech gadget overload in my head, all of it are eye candies to me.

well, if there are gadgets, festivals, show or a convention, the only thing that always part of the event are the booth babes, in they featuring not only the gadgets but also the booth babes, don't expect E3 style booth babes. check the photos here

more gadgets and tech innovations were shown, tech plans for the internet world and also updates on what for the gaming world. All of them are on videos and photos, but can't hardly appreciate it because Im here in Manila and the event is in Las Vegas, it will be better if we can hold them and take it home haahahah.

btw, G4tv's Attack of the show is airing already in our local cable, just tune in to MAXXX and we might catch a 2 hour specials of the Attach of the Show feat. the CES 2008. I was watching last night and they gave a short update about the CES 2008. And i know the show is updated and the CES 2008 is happening now!!!!!!!!! and we are one day ahead of it. There will be more updates til tomorrow.

just got the link infos of the coverage from Chris Pirillo, and I see him always in Ustream and didnt know that he has a blogsite.

and from :

Microvision's "plug-and-play" pico projector

theres a video link here showing on how to use it, they used a video ipod to project the video into someone's back haaahahaha.. one cool gadget, now im still thinking were to use it. i think having a handy projector is great !

ohhh...I gonna stop already.. Im hyped seeing all these gadgets.

but one gadget that I really like to have is this thing called Eye Fi

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Cat's Tail

Here's what I do during the morning, when my pet cat "Pulot" is sleeping inside our study room and me while working, play around my toys and use Pulot as one of my props haahaha.
Pulot went out of the house and always stay out of distance after he sees the kittens playing around, running, jumping in our lanai place. Pulot always stay there during his youngling days and he is used to sleep there the whole day. But now since the kittens always bug Pulot, he stay away for the whole day and I don't even have a clue where he stays all night and day.

And then saw him in our roof when I woke up, he is starting to tucked himself in and prepares to sleep, then I opened the window and called at him, and then he just started at me and meows a little, I know he is sleepy, but I just told him to come near by the window and climb up where am at. He used to climb at our window everyone morning waking us up, but then I think he got a problem in recognizing me because I have a new hair cut, but then I reached out my arms and then he prepared to walk and stretched himself and climb up the window. then he crawled slowly and starting to look at me and recognize me. funny part is that when i let him in he started pushing his body and head to my leg and making a nice meow and jump over the bed while I fix and fold the blanket, but Pulot thought that I'll be setting up my laptop on the bed.

So I told him we wil be going down and you will be sleeping in the study room with me while I work there.

and then he sleep like a cold oil hahaahaa, from 8am upto 12nn is his nap time, I just don't know where he roams on late evening, but I know cats used to stay at night and hunt, or interact with other opposite cats. We really want to keep Pulot inside but we can't monitor him properly inside during at night because he might invade the fridge whenever we are asleep hahhaah.

my toy Iron hide of the Transformers guards me pet cat while he sleeps, because there this news that there is a slaughtering incident happened in Dasmarinas Village where 29 cats and includes kittens were killed by a mad man using a lead pellet gun. the cats are inside a cafe of a certain community that was kept there and ready for adoption, but on the morning of Dec 17th they saw all cages are covered with blood and all cats are dead and others are fighting to survive.

one of the gruesome incident that happened to cats, been receiving this email and sms messages from friends relaying the message to everyone on what happened. i just hope that the bad guy will be jailed for what he have done, so im a little bit worried on my pets, because we can't expect that it might happened to us too.

on the other side, Iron Hide checks Pulot for fleas. Im not sure if Pulot has but im preparing him for a big bathe next week, I haven't given him a great bath for a year, because someone told me that I should bathe them if they are on its 1st year. so Pulot might get a first bath and Im now researching for shampoo or anything that will make him hmmm..clean . He is always clean. ( lick lick lick soap ) hahaahah

The 4 kittens, I dub them as the Pulotlets, because Pulot is the dad, and they look like little Pulots.same feature when Pulot arrived here at home. small, noisy, hyper and annoying hahaaha. the Pulotlet on the pic has a short tail, so I called him "Putol", because his tail looks like been cut, and while they grow I observed that the older Pulotlet is bullying the lonely white colored fur, one of the unique than the 3, because the 3 kittens have a same fur like Pulot but the white one has a white fur and a Pulot hair on the head, that makes him different from the 3.

I just saw the elder one tries to block the white one during meal time, and i just found out just like in the animal kingdom and the ugly duckling story

Lineage II Commercial Launch Party

Walk into the world of Lineage II without getting inside your PC!

As year 2007 nearly set to a halt, AsianMedia has capped everything off to make the New Year popping with loud roar and cheer!

On Saturday, 12th January 2008, Lineage II – South-East Asia (L2-SEA) will raise the bar of how festivity should become. Whoever you are, wherever you would be – choose from the five different locations and blast off to the grandest SEA Commercial Kickoff Party dubbed as the L2 Launch!

Get to explore beyond the gates. Set foot to the medieval lifestyle of various races through fascinating Cosplay scenes. Summon your inner thirst for great in-game activities and prizes; and rock the whole dome with your favorite bands till sundown.

Join the dash to SM Mall of Asia’s Music Hall to become part of one of the biggest event which will start every gamer’s year right. Simultaneously broadcasted via live feeds from four other locations – Baguio City, Cebu City, Davao City, and Kuala Lumpur – they will join forces to celebrate and highlight Lineage II’s grand unveiling.

You might even get the opportunity to win the Commodore’s Hat and/or an Enchant Weapon A (scroll) for your in-game character!

Official L2 Launch site:

>>Read More Here

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gerry Alanguilan's Komiks Preview

Gerry shares a cover preview of his upcoming graphic novel compilation of Humanis Rex. The comic that first appeared and serialized in Fudge magazine will be compiled into one comic book format and will be released this coming months.

And also below is a teaser panel for Timawa, that will appear in the Buzz Magazine this month.

“HUMANIS REX! The full color sci-fi series I’ve been doing for Fudge Magazine since 2005 will be compiled and released soon. This is the cover to the compilation.” - Gerry Alanguilan

“This is a panel from part 5 of Timawa, which appears in the February issue of The Buzz Magasin, available on the stands later this month. ” from Gerry’s multiply

also posted at

I am legend and the Dark Knight prologue in IMAX

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I went to the press screening of the movie I AM LEGEND in IMAX, at first I thought that the movie will be in full 3D, because if we heard the word IMAX all we think of is a 3D effect, 3D glasses and the P400 fee. But here in I AM LEGEND, the sound is digitally made for an IMAX experience and it was great. The movie brings a great concept for survival, human or non-human fight for their right to survive. The creatures or monsters in the movie are creepy. I wont post more and it might spoiled you. But me, got spoiled after I saw this fan film last month in youtube.

The movie I AM LEGEND is from a novel by Richard Matheson, and I know a lot of book readers might react on something about the release of the movie. but for me, didn't read the book because at first I wasn't aware that it is from a 1950's novel. I like to movie it is like watching Mad Max again. yeah! the word is survival.

Also I like the relationship between man and dog, I just remembered my dog "Chachu" who is semi-breed German shepherd. The character of Will Smith and his pet dog survive the 3 year life of living alone in the city and show how important of making the wrong things right again.

You will ask the same question as what I think to myself during the movie. Is he really alone?
just watch the movie this January 8.

On the first part of the movie, you'll see clearly the most talked about scene where you can spot a movie billboard of a Superman-Batman movie 2010 advertisement. Its only a part of the movie, or some say its an easter egg, but there are lot of easter egg in the movie, just like a Green Lantern poster, its an Alex Ross art, but Im not sure if its a sign for a GL movie.
and oh, great entrance and music BGM for that billboard.

as for the I AM LEGEND. some say that it was boring,but for me it excites me on how people find a way to survive, even that the night is full of monsters during your sleep.

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And if you are planning to watch the movie I AM LEGEND in IMAX, then you will get a chance to watch a 6 minute prologue of the movie DARK KNIGHT. The one I posted in my blog last week really bugs me, but after seeing the real deal in IMAX.. all I say is.. wow!
The Joker is more creepier than those monsters in I AM LEGEND. My comic heart screams - more more more more DARK KNIGHT scenes. We haven't seen Batman, but there are some clips of him riding the batcycle and a scene were he stands on top of a building listening to a cellphone. I know that he might be talking to the commissioner or maybe the Joker.

at the last of the scene, Commissioner Gordon ( Im not sure if he is already a commissioner at that time) will smash the bat signal with an axe.

maybe we can encounter more of this Dark Knight mania on the coming months and WARNER BROS. did a great tease on getting hype for the movie.
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