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Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

HappySlip Fans Day - live in webcam

stay tune here at 1pm this Friday for the live broadcast of the fans day of HappySlip.
and now with a better set up and view. Thanks to !

click read me below to view the video streaming

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We Are also live in my Stickam Video live page

you can also check my twitter update here for the latest event highlights

HappySlip in Manila - photo and video coverage by Azrael Coladilla

it was a fun event and cool to see Happyslip being happy to meet her fans.
but me.. I was there at the meet and greet

and too bad for me I didn't meet her in person :( and didn't got her autograph :( :(
I was too busy taking the full coverage and broadcasting the event live in the internet. I was the last person in line but the bouncers and her manager decided to end the event minutes before 3pm. but its okay, got to meet again the bloggers and video bloggers and also new people.

but got a photo of her and met her in the other side of the glass!
Azrael and HappySlip aka Christine Gambito (Best of Both Worlds)

click here to view more HappySlip in Manila - photo coverage part 1

and Part 2 here HappySlip in Manila - photo coverage part 2

for the video coverage click play below.

Happy Slip on Stage

the meet and greet with HappySlip

HappySlip bye bye!

HappySlip event now live in video stream

click read me below to view the vidoe streaming

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edit 1:
I'll be back online at 1pm when she's on stage for the Q and A

for the activity while ago. check these videos taken minutes ago,i4kBP0xXIijiI5IY19Oo

My battery is running low. sorry!

edit 2:
12:41 azrael : ok im trying to plug my laptop here
12:41 azrael : alright!! its a good to go!
12:42 azrael : my laptop is in full power! and thanks to magnet cafe

edit 3:
01:33 azrael : ok thats all from the event..
01:33 azrael : just go to my blog for a photo and video coverage.
01:33 azrael : thanks for viewing!

edit 4:
im still live!

for the viewers. thanks for watching and visiting here!

Happy Slip and the happy meet and greet

Today is the big happy day! Because its the meet and greet with HappySlip aka Christine Gambito, one of the finest pinoy video blogger and also internet celebrity and thanks to Youtube hahahah.

the event will happen today at 11am and as you can see I'm still at home in Cavite and I'm preparing my stuff for the big happy trip to Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street to attend the Happyslip in Manila event organized by, and got lucky to be one of the 100 attendees to be included in the event. But for those who have heard the gathering late, there's another meet up and fans day tomorrow, you can check out the info here. It's a same venue, and you should be there early for the first come, first serve basis and they will allow 100 people first to sign up.

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I'm glad that there's such an event like this, and after 2 years of watching her video blogs, and now we can see and meet her in person. Youtube no longer required! hahhhaha. I'll be bringing my camera and laptop, and if there's internet connection, hope I can broadcast it live !

now I'll take a bath and head to Global City. See ya later folks~

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Beware of "SECURE PARKING" in Ortigas Center

this is an email from Ana Gan, our friends at Fudge Magazine and i just learned that she was victimized by car thieves inside the SECURE PARKING in Ortigas Center. Which should be well guarded, but it seems that parking in that area even you pay for it is no longer safe to park your vehicle. Click read more below for the entire story.

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anna Gan <>
Date: Feb 6, 2008 12:56 AM
Subject: beware of "SECURE PARKING" in Ortigas Center
To: Fudge Magazine <>


If you drive a car or know of anyone who works in the Ortigas area,
please be warned against using lots operated by "SECURE PARKING."
Not only do they charge an arm and a leg (compared to their el cheapo
counterparts) but apparently they lull customers into a false sense of
security with their name and the so-called roving guard that only
sticks around till a certain time. When that roving guy goes home,
your car is fair game for thieves.

I had the unfortunate experience of parking my vehicle on February 5,
2008 in a lot operated by (the ironically named) SECURE PARKING.
Specifically the one right beside the little park on F. Ortigas Jr
(the former Emerald Avenue) next to the Jollibee building, and across
the Ortigas Post Office. I had parked there around 4-5pm for a meeting
at The Coffee Bean, then when I had to get an item from the car at
7-8pm, it was still fine. I even checked the doors to make sure that
everything was locked.

When I returned from an interview at the Podium at 9.30pm, I was
shocked to find that the right rear passenger door window was smashed.
My canvas bag containing my belongings (among which was my driver's
license) was gone. I was most likely mistaken for a laptop bag. After
complaining as loudly as possible regarding the incident, other
motorists in the area came forward to say that incidents like this
often happened in that particular parking lot, even the parking
cashier himself admitted to this. But he claimed that when the roving
'guard' went for his last round at 9pm, he was in quite a hurry to go
home and reported that there was nothing unusual going on. So the the
thieves easily had 30 minutes to break my window, steal whatever they
pleased, and make a run for it. Apparently, the parking cashier let
out some 'customers' who had no license plate and seemed to be in a
rush to leave. One would think that with the incidence of thefts, they
would qualify as suspicious characters, but no, they were let through.

On the other hand, I had to ask several times for this parking cashier
to help me, as he stared dumbfounded at my broken window. He even was
going to charge me for the dubious honor of parking in that hellhole!
The police only came around after 20-30 minutes, and didn't have much
to offer by way of help, save for the comment that this was quite a
popular area for burgled cars, file my report at their station in San
Antonio Village, Pasig, tape up my window, and send me off.

Of course the parking lot's little ticket has a clause that says that
the operators are not liable for losses or damages to your vehicle.
But considering that they make people pay dearly for parking in their
area, shouldn't they have done something about security? Shouldn't
there have been another roving guard who should've relieved the first
one who was in quite a rush to go home? They may as well have put up a
sign that says: "after 9pm, you're on your own guys!" If I had known
of this arrangement, I would have moved my vehicle elsewhere. My car
has been parked out in the street in Quezon City, right across a
squatter community for almost a year, and nothing untoward of this
sort had ever happened to it. And in the middle of the ORTIGAS
BUSINESS DISTRICT, within a parking lot supposedly guarded by people
paid with the money one must give for the privilege and convenience of
being guarded until 9pm, my car gets broken into because the thieves
thought I had a laptop. AND I DON'T EVEN OWN A LAPTOP. I may be
careless enough to leave a canvas bag with my license, planner,
newspaper, a couple of magazines, maybe even an umbrella in it. But
not a laptop.

Maybe this parking lot should have a sign that says "XXX (number) of
cars broken into so far," like those construction sites that proudly
display that they've had "xxx (number) of accident-free days." Maybe
the parking attendant should tell you that the roving guy will only be
on duty till a certain time, after that, you're on your own. Maybe you
shouldn't park in this area, or better yet, any of the lots operated
by 'SECURE PARKING' until they really make it worth your hard-earned
peso. For crying out loud, for people who demand you pay Php40 or
more, they sure have bad security for just that tiny lot. Mall of Asia
has better guards for Php40 all-day parking in their buildings.

Please pass this on to consumer rights columnists, motoring
columnists/journalists, anyone you think who may benefit from this
information. Don't make these thieves richer, and you certainly
shouldn't patronize parking operators who want you to pay astronomical
sums for a false sense of security but are ill-equipped to prevent
thefts from happening.

Anna Gan
Managing Editor
Fudge Magazine/
Raev Magalog

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Gmail has been hacked or a glitch ?

The other night I went crazy after I have found out that I can't access my Gmail email account, I panic and then tried to request a password recovery and waited for hours in my secondary email the password request access. But it seems that even that I entered and applied for 20 times, I haven't receive any password recovery access from Gmail. My secondary email address is a Yahoo! email account, I used that first ever when I joined Gmail. But I just observed that it took hours and I'm already in panic mode because I still don't receive that password recovery access.

I used already the password recovery access sometime last year and I immediately got it after applying a request. But the incident last night, I got nothing.

Someone may have hacked my Gmail and got my password and changed it. But after hours and hours of trial, I tried using my old password and then I got the access.

It is so weird that a hacker used my old password in my Gmail. or is it Gmail got a glitch and reverted my password the last time I changed and then used my old password. It doesn't make sense after all. I'm still thinking if it is a glitch or maybe some goof ball is making fun of me. But I know if a hacker got a password of your email, they will never put your old password in order to block you in accessing it.

Now I'm looking for some same stories here, and maybe someone in the net experience the same password loss in their Gmail.

but after the recovery of my Gmail, 2 days after, i didn't receive that password recovery request in my Yahoo!.

is Yahoo! blocking Gmail ???

Barbargsa — Blood of the Honorable, a Filipino komiks superhero vs. Terrorism

this is also published in Komiks News Now Philippines

Thanks to Timawa for the super news about this comics, Barbargsa — Blood of the Honorable. I’m not so sure if there is already a newstand or a bookstore who carry this title, but if there’s anyone of you who can share an image or any info where to buy this comics, just message us here. This is one important breakthrough of komiks.

read the full news here

there is also a news here in Newsarama

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Ameer in costume as Barbargsa

Comic Book Hero Spreads Counterterrorism Message
By Stew Magnuson

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines — One of the unique products used in psychological operations in the southern Philippines is the comic book “Barbargsa — Blood of the Honorable.”

About 600,000 copies of the 10-part series have been distributed on the Sulu islands, a chain that was once a terrorist safe haven, and still suffers from skirmishes.

U.S. special operations forces have used comic books in information campaigns. But the characters were based on well-known American superheroes. Two years ago, two Army officers decided to create one from scratch to tell the children of the Sulu islands the story of what was happening in their homeland.

The project was the brainchild of Maj. Edward Lopacienski, military information support team commander for the joint special operations task force Philippines mission, and the non-commissioned officer in charge, Master Sgt. Russell Snyder.

The pair sat down in January 2006 and outlined the basic idea.

The plot follows several basic comic book storyline conventions — most notably the battle between good and evil.

The comic book focuses on Ameer, who left his home island to work overseas, but returns to find it racked with violence. Ameer is a practitioner of kuntao, which is a local form of martial arts. Like Zorro or Batman, he dons a mask and vows to protect the downtrodden and innocent victims of terrorists.

The Philippines military are also portrayed in a positive and heroic light while the villains are the terrorists or “bandits.” The creators were careful to accurately illustrate the Sulu region, and use character names, clothing and mannerisms that reflect the culture of the Tausug ethnic group. There are versions in English and in the local dialect.

It depicts real events that took place on the islands and at neighboring Basilan — specifically the Sulu Co-Op bombing in March 2006, which killed five and injured 40 and the Basilan hostage crisis when members of the Abu Sayyaf Group took school children and used them as human shields against Filipino troops.

“Essentially what we’re doing is showing all the atrocities that the Abu Sayyaf Group has done,” Lopacienski said.

One subplot shows how terrorists manipulate a boy into becoming a bomber. Read more »

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles - Mcdo Happy Meal toys

check out the toys in Mcdonalds, it looks cool and very detailed! Im starting to like the upcoming movie after seeing the trailer last week. Now I'm wondering who will be the carrier for the fast food toy for Iron Man, Hulk 2, Dark Knight and Knight Rider.

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photo by the transforming blender - Mark Cerbo

mini Vinyl toys in Burger King

i got one toy from Burger King and I bought it during our Jelly in Manila 3rd meet up. Its a kiddie meal toy for P99 pesos only, and then you can choose the design of the toy that you want. No need to guess on what's inside. I got this superhero character and I think the name is Super Question? hhahaha.

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photo by Marc Cerbo

the yellow character looks like from Happy Tree Friends, while the orange one is very weird.

Also they have this design your own toy contest, and the winner will have their designed toy to be the next kiddie toy meal, too bad that the contest is open for 16 yrs old and under. you can grab the forms at the counter in any branch. Now I'm hungry and I need to get them all!

also today will be the launching of Fresh Manila's new vinyl toy called "Puto" custom made and exclusively sold here, and created by Huck Gee.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Brian Josef Album Launching

I was invited by the Talentfolio Media for the album launching of Brian Josef, the event was held in Heaven and Eggs, Eastwood City. We arrived on time before the presscon and it was friday night and the traffic everywhere is unpredictable and glad that we got lucky that we got a good seat for the presscon.

I'm with Lace and Misyel at the presscon, doing a video, photo, blogging coverage of the album launching. I didn't asked any question to Brian Josef, but talked to him personally and he told me that the album is already available months ago and this is their formal launching and also a live performance for people in Eastwood City. I have a video coverage of the event here in my youtube page and a complete photo coverage here in my multiply page.

Musical heartthrob and songwriter-singer Brian Josef is a fresh whiff of air. He is fun and unpredictable. His narrative is both frank and playful. He captures the vibe of the generation that celebrates individuality perfectly. He mimics life in the city through his sounds and stories, and expresses his own uniqueness with his music. Brian fuses elements from various musical styles and recording technology to create the overall effect of his music. He is forward-looking yet grounded on the traditions of excellent musicianship. The result, a perfect blend that is sophisticated and exciting. It is a whole new sound that is crazy but incredible.

He believes that there is no bad or good in music. For artists like himself, the music is a way to express one’s self and that honesty makes any form of music resistant to criticism.

This philosophy must have taken its roots from his childhood. “When I listen to a song, my parents did not comment on whether the song was good or not. If I like what I heard, I ask them for the title. They were only happy to oblige,” he says.

Yet this philosophy feeds on his desire to insist on distinguishing good music from the truly beautiful ones. And it has encouraged him to improve his craft further. - read more

Az Video Blog : Comics for February 2, 2008

time for a video blog update for all, and this time we feature not only the local comics, but also other popular comic titles.

Here I am with Marc Cerbo and Victor Velasco show you some comics news on what’s the latest titles that we got in Comic Odyssey. From Transformers comics, New Avengers, the new Captain America up to the latest issue of Toyfare magazine and more.
Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
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