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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer - NOW ONLINE!

thanks to Paramount Pictures for the email update.
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Click on any of the links below to watch the brand new trailer from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
In Theaters May 22, 2008

Moderate your Greed rally Feb 15, 2008 event coverage

Photo Album here

I was going to Makati to pick up a free Ipod item in Herrera Tower, after staying 45 minutes in that building I just noticed that the Ayala road is already closed, so my best way is to have a walkathon going to Glorietta Mall. But before I arrived in Makati, I saw a lot of rallyist marching in EDSA going to Makati, I have some photos of them walking while Im inside the Bus.

Then I saw this stage infront of HSBC and Insular Life building, looks pretty cool and everyone is outside waiting for something. Then I found out that everyone was dismissed early and all employees stroll around outside the building and all office work were suspended at around 2pm 0r 3pm. It looks like theres a big concert happening, portalets are being place in some areas, while media men are scattered all over the street, saw some friends roaming around the street of Ayala and also friends from the press are also there waiting and on stand by for a big coverage.

on my walk to Glorietta, I took pictures on everything that I pass. Then before I cross the street going to Greenbelt, the rally march crossed infron of me. I took a lot of photos and then positioned myself infront of them taking pictures. And then I went to the sidewalk to take photos and videos and waited for the end of the march.

After that I cross the street smoothly and head to Glorietta to have a short snack in Burger King and check my email, but too bad their wifi seems a little slow, so I munch my burger and watched Spider-man 3 dvd inside Burger King. I also bought this kiddie meal toy haahhahaha.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Az Video Blog - The Valentines Adventure

in search for a perfect present for my love one.

the morning were I plan my hunt for a valentines day present. and because Lace is in work the whole day, here I am imagining having a breakfast date with her in the morning of Feb. 14.

and the perfect stuff to give her. if you watched the video above, you can see her reaction as she was surprised theres a bunch of flowers appearing in front of her.
she got shy and went away, but its fun to see her so happy when we arrived home, and she plans to bring the whole flower set in her office today but I refuse it, because I'll be carrying that from CAvite to Manila hahhaha.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie ( 1st official photo)

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ohhh boy! Logan is a bad ass in this photo. The Wolverine movie stated for May 2009 will be a big hit. I know that some of the story for the movie might be from the comics ORIGINS. Official photos of the movie are now circulating though out the internet and thanks to the Movie Blog

oo ikaw nga!! Adrian Arcega !!! grrrrrrrr !!!

spoiler warning!!!
spoiler warning!!!
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spoiler warning!!!

hahaahahaa...joke lang yun subject...
malayo pa naman ang april fools day.

at saka valentines day ngayon.

magbatian tayo lahat!

Happy Birthday kay Adrian Arcega!

heto sya pag walang maskara

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

USB Fragrance Oil Burner

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Image from Gadgetnista and Perpetual Kid

Price at P350, saw this USB gadget in Octagon in SM Megamall, as USB addict freak like me, I'm already thinking of getting one. I like USB stuff !

All you have to do is plug this USB device in your USB port and then drop a fragrance oil on top of it, theres a portion were you must put the oil and it will be burned by the low powered USB from your laptop or PC. Then the oil will be transformed into a fragrance, there are a lot of kinds of fragrance. and if you bought one, you can get a regular oil fragrance to any store and use it in your USB fragrance oil burner.

I think this gadget will be a great gift for Valentines Day!


I'm still looking for other USB gadgets here in Manila, I saw some in CDrking and theres a paper shredder powered by USB, I like to get one, but it might be useless for me because I dont have any paper to shred here.

Valentines Day and virus

Valentines Day virus at large!
Its Valentines Day tomorrow and before we celebrate it, I just like to warn everyone that you should be careful opening valentines day greeting attachment from people you don't know. There are news already in India and China that there's this email spam that send to your inbox with a fake attachment and web link that will direct you to a website that can automatically download trojans and worms.

So be very careful in receiving and reading emails from people you dont know, but sometimes email spams and virus are been received from your relatives or people who are related to you. But before you open it and you began to suspect something suspicious on the attachment, just email the sender and ask him if they really send it to you, it doesn't hurt in asking, but it will be great if you stay safe and careful.

virus and Video???
I just received an email from my cousin and it contains valentines day video greeting, and it was attached in the email, I just suspected that it might be a virus, I know she don't send regular greeting mail to me. hahahaha, but I just deleted it and did'nt bother to open it.

If you're going to send video messages to your love ones, try Youtube, Google Video, Revver, and etc. I'm so afraid to open any emails with attachments. And getting my Gmail being hacked for the first time made me crazy for a night, so I'm very cautious today.

IM viruses
Also for Instant messaging, there are a lot of it lately, I no longer use IM or YM today, because all IMs are bugged with keyboard hookers or key loggers, so I'm already avoiding it to use it, I just check it if theres anyone sending messages to me, but the number one target for viruses and spams are in IMs.

Don't click any link from an offline message from your IM buddy, it will be better to ask them again if they really sent a link to you, and ask them whats in it. I do that always, even if a friend sent a funny website and very non-descriptive url link, I ask them first on whats the web content of it.

There ya go! stay safe online and offline tomorrow. and its Valentines Day. I think we will gonna have a sms traffic and all dating spots will be full tomorrow haahaha. well for me.. i'll storm the mall to get valentines gift for everyone.

Happy Valentines Day !!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

blog,photo and video coverage: E-services : Global Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition 2008

I went at the event for the 2nd day and I almost forgot it and thought that the event is a 3 day event, so I went there to check out the exhibit for the last minute. Thanks to Grace Dimaranan, Pres. of the Animation Council of the Philippines for informing about the event, but its too bad for me that I haven't prepared a budget to pay for the conference for animation and game development. But its okay, the exhibit is free to visit and interact with people and service providers.

I learned a lot by attending to this event. I just saw the exhibit of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines, and didn't know that we have lots of game developer here, also saw a lot of booth for provinces, they are offering business centers for new contact center offices and other developing business sites, which is very good and nice to see that our provinces even outside Manila are now focusing on e-business, and I heard it turn out well in the past years.

Didn't saw any animation studio, but there's this architectural design services, telecoms, software developers, anti virus soft-tools, consulting services, and hardwares.

there's a company offering Voip and video streaming, which I got attracted too, I'm starting to make a serious hobby on video streaming and also just starting to know more on Voip. I'll be checking this soon and maybe I can use this Voip in buying credits to call people in the USA.

I also met Grace at event and Iggy of fresh from the conference, I just learned more about the event from them after having a short talks.

Its my first time here in E-services 2008, and maybe next year I can go early and discover new stuff from the IT world.

to know more about the event visit the link below

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View the photo coverage album here

Here's my video coverage of the event.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Animation & Gaming CONFERENCE at e-Services Global Sourcing Conference 2008

i'm just adding a facebook event for this, and im not affiliated or working with the event organizers. contact or visit the website for more info about the event. this was forwarded to me as an invite to attend by the Animation Council of the Phil. i'm just sharing this info to everyone.

Also I created a Facebook page for everyone to know. I'll be there to check out the exhibit tomorrow, since the exhibit is free, while the conference is priced at P2500 up.


The Death and Life of the Komiks

Forwarded by Sir Vim Nadera from the artforum ML. Its an article about the Komiks Symposium last year at the Pasko ng Komiks. If you missed the Pasko ng Komiks event, you can visit my coverage here with photos and video.

The Death and Life of the Komiks
Article by : Emil M. Flores

It all began with death. But death was to be denied. On December 11, 2007 the College of Arts and Letters of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, the Likhaan Creative Writing Center and Read or Die convened “Pasko ng Komiks” the first ever gathering of creators, collectors and academe on the “literature of the masses,” the komiks. Amidst the statements that the komiks were dead, the symposium speakers begged to differ. The komiks are alive. The creators may not be properly recognized or compensated, but the komiks are alive. Institutions may not see them worthy to be preserved and archived but the komiks are alive.

The pronouncements began with National Artist and College of Arts and Letters dean Virgilio Almario questioning komiks’ demise and reaffirming the art form’s importance to Philippine culture and society.

While the komiks were alive, all was not well. The first session was moderated by Prof. Michael Chua and Sally Eugenio and it began with a fairly troublesome note.

The first speaker Gerry Alanguilan recalled his early career in komiks. He lamented how the industry itself does not encourage creativity. One publisher he approached in 1992 told him that he didn’t have to make his work look good since it was only for local readers. The low opinion of the publishers for its readers had a way of bouncing back. Eventually the readers developed a low opinion of the komiks. The opinion was so low that according to Alanguilan, the National Library deemed that komiks had no research value and were thus not preserved. Because of this lack of preservation, Alanguilan lamented how many young artists do not know the creators from the 1940s. Ironically, many of the past creators took pride in their work and put their hearts and souls into them. To counter the sad state of komiks, Alanguilan continues to preserve the komiks works from the past in his online museum at

One of the great komiks creators from the 1930s to the 1970s was Francisco Coching. UP Art Studies professor Patrick Flores spoke of the importance of Coching’s work in Philippine society. Coching, who chose to be a komiks artist rather than a painter, influenced many Filipino artists. In fact, according to Flores, many artists in the provinces learned their human anatomy drawing through the Francisco Coching komiks since art books were not available to them. Through his works such as Pedro Penduko, Hagibis and Lapu Lapu, Flores stated that Francisco Coching helped shape the face of the Filipino in the 1950s and 60s.

Komiks writer Gladys Gimena outlined the types of stories that are prominent in the komiks namely: drama (Bituing Walang Ningning), love (Sinasamba Kita), mystery and horror (Bangungot), fantasy (Zuma), hero-oriented (Darna), action (Bad Boy), true-to-life and political propaganda, and children’s educational komiks. From the types of stories given, Gimena showed how diverse the komiks were in terms of content. The komiks were not ruled by a single dominant genre and that demonstrated the medium’s significance to Philippine society.

Legendary creator Pablo Gomez shared his experiences as a komiks creator and as a writer for film. At one pint in his talk he lamented the lack of respect older creators like him get from the creators who came after him. He simply lets his work speak for themselves, a valuable lesson for the future komiks creators.

Collectors Dennis Villegas and Orvy Jundis showed samples of rare komiks and stressed the importance of preserving them for future readers. Jundis, a Filipino American noted how many Filipino artists who worked in the United States such as Nestor Redondo and Alfredo Alcala were highly respected in the American comics scene. American artist such as Al Williamson were even influenced by Francisco Coching.

The afternoon session, with Prof. Vim Nadera and Sally Eugenio acting as moderators, further expanded the scope of discussion.
The first session featured women komiks creators Ofelia Concepcion, Vivian Limpin, Gilda Olivado, Joanah Tinio-Calingo, Elizabeth Chionglo, Syeri Baet and Claire Villacorta. The impressive assembly demonstrated that women despite the challenges they have faced have made an indelible mark in the various forms of komiks: the komiks magasin, newspaper strips, and indie comics.

More creators were featured in the second session. These were Carlo Vergara, Andrew Drilon, Andrew Villar, Randy Valiente, Jonas Diego, Melvin Calingo, Rey Tiempo, Victor Balanon and KC Cordero. While Randy Valiente pointed out the problems that the komiks industry faced such as the monopoly in publishing and the unfair treatment of the creators, the panelist themselves demonstrated that a new breed of komiks creators were looking at alternative venues such as the Internet to present their creativity. Creators such as Melvin Calingo showed that an alternate source of inspiration can come from Japanese manga and anime. Andrew Drilon has created komiks based on video games. Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has been made into a live musical production as well as a feature film. Komiks may be struggling but the eclectic group of creators showed that all was not lost.

The final panelists Emil Flores, Romulo Baquiran, Lawrence Mijares and Boboy Yonzon reinstated the importance of komiks in Philippine art, history and culture. The challenges are great the panelists noted but the possibilities are endless and exciting.

Throughout the symposium video presentations of seminal komiks series were presented by The presentations of Carlo J. Caparas’ Ang Panday, Gilda Olivado’s Babangon Ako at Dudurugin Kita, and Carlo Vergara’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah provided were wonderful examples of how the komiks reflected Filipino culture through stories filled with action, drama, humor and heroism.
In his closing statement National Artist Bienvinido Lumbera stated that the times have changed for the komiks. The komiks are not as ubiquitous as they once were but they are taking new forms in content, art styles and inspiration. But as the symposium clearly demonstrated, the komiks are not dead. The komiks are changing and they must be preserved so that all of us can experience that the wonder and excitement that they provide.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

HappySlip Fans Day - photo and event coverage

Here's the photo and semi full video coverage of the fans day, and i recorded the whole event during the live web broadcast and you can view it here by click the "Read more" below. And also finally met Happy Slip and thank her personally for allowing me to use her first 2 videos last 2006 for my blog and video blogging lecture in FEU. thanks to for allowing me to set up a live web broadcast of the event.

for the photo coverage click this - HappySlip fans day - photo coverage
for the video coverage, watch the youtube link below

Finally!!! Az meets Happy Slip aka Christine Gambito.

Photo coverage slideshow album

Christine Gambito talks to the webcam

Josh Verdes performs

in 40 min rec live coverage

in 20 min rec live coverage

Josh Verdes and Christine back on stage

HappySlip Fans Day - Christine waves infront of the cam and Me talking with the chatters

Final video, end of the event. and me finally met Happy Slip.

Free Comic Book Day News ( Philippines )

Also published in Komiks News Now Philippines

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Read from Gerry Alanguilan’s blog post about the Free Comic Book Day event on May 3, 2007, the Graphic Classic comics has a Free Comic Book Day special issue with cover art by Gerry. This will be given for free to all comic store visitor in Comic Odyssey in Robinson’s Galeria, and there are other selected comics titles will be given for free on May 3. This will be a 2nd Free Comic Book Day event in Comic Odyssye and according to Gerry, he will be there to sign comics and meet the fans. Other comic artists will be there too to celebrate and participate the annual Free Comic Book Day.

Also I just got permission from the owner of Comic Odyssey that I will cover the event and will broadcast the whole day event via a webcam or live video stream. Now everyone can participate virtually evgen if your away from Manila or outside the country. I’ll be creating a viewing page of the event and also a chat interface so that you can interact with other comic book fans and also we might get a chance to say hello! to our comic artist guests.

If its your first time to attend the Free Comic Book Day, here are some tips

1. come on time at exactly at 10am
2. bring a bag for your comic hauls
3. bring a camera, so that you can cover the event in your own style
4. bring some comic books for autograph with the comic artist guest
5. bring some extra shirt, because its a whole day event and you want to be fresh during the first 6 hours
6. bring money! the comics is free, but the food is not! yeah! there are food centers in the mall, you need a lot of energy
7. at 10am, line up properly infront of the comic store.
8. if you’re late, just wish that you can still get free copies of the comics
9. and if this tip is effective, contact me immediately ( hehhehe)

here are some photos of the Free Comic Book Day last year : Free Comic Book Meet 05.05.2007

The Crucible Launches Malang Comic Book

also published in Komiks News Now Philippines

I was in SM Megamall yesterday and I just a Malang comics and cartoon exhibit inside The Crucible and then I asked for a press release of the exhibit just to inform everyone about the event. And then I found out that they also published a Malang comic book, priced at P350. Which I will grab it this Monday, so excited to know about this and even that I missed the exhibit and opening in Art Center, this is a second chance for me to see and appreciate Malang’s cartoon and comics creations. You can view a photo set of the exhibit here

Press Release

The Crucible Launches Malang Comic Book

Long Before he became one of the Philippines’ most acclaimed painters, Malang enjoyed a “past life” as a cartoonist. From the 1940s to the 1960s, he created cartoon characters and comic strips that were widely followed in such publications as the Chronicle, This Week magazine and Weekly Graphic.

A sampling of Malang’s prolific output as a cartoonist is now gathered in the comic book “The Forgotten Malang: A Career in Cartoons”. Published by The Cubicle Workshop, it will be launched on Jan. 23, 6pm., at The Crucible Gallery which is also opening an exhibit of the artist’s cartoons that runs until Feb 10.

The comic book and exhibit feature selections of the various cartoon series that Malang drew such as : Kosme the Cop, the adventures of a city policeman as he walk his beat; Chain-Gang Charlie, the convict who has a thousand and one uses for his ball and chain; and Malang’s Menagerie, a humorous look at life in the city and barrio.

In the comic book, there are also editorial cartoons, illustration for legal columns and spot cartoons. It also shares little-known trivia about Malang, among them, that he opened The Bughouse, the country’s first cartoon gallery, along with several artist-colleagues in 1955.

“The Forgotten Malang” comic book, with text provided by Susan A. de Guzman and Giselle P. Kasilag, is a spin-off of the exhibition of the same title held last year which they also conceptualized.

By tracing Malang’s artistic roots, the comic book re-introduces Malang to the public, particularly younger audiences, and shows how these roots helped prepare him for his eventual transition into a full-time painter.

Malang affirms that his 20-year cartooning experience honed his graphic skill, while having a daily deadline taught him to be disciplined and to be more observant of things that went on around him which he used as sources of ideas of cartoons.

Decades later, many of these pieces remain just as amusing as when they were first drawn for a different generation of readers, thus providing the lasting appeal of the visual pun and the timeless humor of the artist who made it his specialty.

The Crucible Gallery is located at the 4th Level, SM Megamall bulding A, in Mandaluyong City. For inquiries, call 635-6061.

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