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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hans Bacher Book Signing - Disney artist meet and greet

Today is the big day! check the full info below!
Im not sure if I can attend today, but will try if the cosmos permits me.


Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to the book signing of Hans Bacher's Dream Worlds.

Hans Bacher is an award-winning production designer, art director and illustrator, and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is also an independent film producer and teacher. Among his notable works are:

• Production design for Disney's Mulan – for which he won an Annie Award in 1998
• Production design for Disney's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King
• Stylistic designs for Disney's Hercules, Fantasia 2000 (Tin Soldier, Beethoven's 5th) and Dinosaur
• Design development for Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear, Little Match Girl, Wildlife, I Am, My Peoples, Snow Queen, Fraidy Cat, Beauty and the Beast (live action)
• Production design and art direction for Balto and Cats at Steven Spielberg's Amblimation in London

Get to meet the man behind the pictures. See you on Saturday, March 1, 4:00pm at The Forum, 4F Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street.

Thank you!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Serving double wifi with cheese

Last night is a eat out and surfing at Burger King in SM Mall of Asia, all branches of Burger King is now offering free Wifi access, last time they require you to dine in and they will give you the password for the access of the wireless internet connection, but then after months of the free service they no longer require the password and you can just connect and surf while you eat your favorite burger. Also they have a free cellphone charging docks in the wall area and also a free DVD screening of you favorite movie, last night is an action movie starring Mark Wahlberg, I don't know what's the title but I enjoy it while I munched my double cheese burger while Lace is on high with her chicken torpedo like sandwich.

After the meal, its internet time for us, I brought Lace's Asus EEEpc, its effective for her but not for me, I got this big fingers and Im having a hard time using it and typing the web urls.

the wifi speed in SM MOA is great, compare to the busy branches in Glorietta. Also they provide electric plug under your seat.

3 days ago, I went to Robinsons Manila, Midtown Wing and did a short market watch, here are some stuff that I might be getting next month when I come back.

there's this Gorilla-Pod look a like that I saw in one of the tech-gadget store, it cost at around P545, and they have 3 kinds of Gorilla Pod look a like, I think the tripod for camera are not the official item that we saw on the net, but it looks useful and I'm getting one. Other gorilla pod cost at around 1ooo up.

On the same store, I saw this Fujifilm XD memory card, at last in 1 GB, its too difficult to find these high memory cards especially XD, because only few of them are being used and it is made for our Olympus digital camera, well its a good item rather than I buy those unbranded sucky memory cards sold in other malls, (I'm mad because they don't have a China made XD card ). This 1 GB XD card cost at around P1700.

there's a Toys R US store in Midtown Wing, and I'm a late boomer for gashapon capsule toys, all you have to do is purchase a P50 token and you can insert it in the Yujin branded capsule dispenser and then a capsule will fall down containing a toy, I just bought a Transformers movie capsule toy few months ago and it looks cute!, then I saw a Neon Genesis Evangelion capsule toys featuring the human characters and the EVA robots, I might try and buy one later if the toy is available in Megamall, hope to get a lingerie ver of Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami hahahah.

Batman Lego are back in our toy store's shelves and I was surprised that this toy is very pricey, I'm now dreaming to have one and also the Star Wars Lego toys, they are cute and I don't think how will I assemble them, Its around pricey than Transformers and Zoids, been planning to go back to Zoids again because one big Zoids will cost at only P1k, while Batman and Star Wars Lego will go at around P1k plus up to P6k, depends on the toy line and series of Lego.
Saw this Laptop Pillow or cushion, forgot what it is called, at a price of hmm I'll take a guess P2k? just correct me if I'm wrong on the price, I'm still thinking if I need this item at home, well its a perfect gift item to someone you know who uses laptop, but hmmmm.. I'm just wondering on how will they prevent the laptop overheating under it.
I forgot the price of this bag for your laptop convertible into a laptop sleeve. Looks cute and very useful, but I'm afraid that I have this were will I put my plug and mouse?, and my other stuff. Well this bag only good for one laptop it will be a good storage for your laptop at home whenever you left it and prevent it to have dust.

that's all for our blog post for today, just write some about it here because I'm waiting for our domain provider's website to be back again and it left me in a big space at home waiting, I need to upload new files for our comic artists web pages.

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 3

We're having a meeting tonight and I don't feel normal today, lots of stuff to be discussed with the group and I'm having a bad time since yesterday and right now I'm a little bit moody, its just me and I need to eat a lot of pasta in Sbarro later.

for updates on what we have in store for the event, here are contest line up we are ironing on.
most of the contest are regular every year but some of them are revamped and changed a little.

Toy Photography 1st place by Perry Chua

customized action figure contest
- Die cast Scale Model
- Diorama
- Die Cast Dressed Up Car 1/64 Scale
- Customized Action Figure: 3-9 inches
- Customized Action Figure 10-20 inches
- Customized Figure Mecha
- Lego build up (figure, diorama)
- Stikfas customized

Toy Design Contest (vinyl, statue, recycle material, etc.)

On the spot Customized figure contest

original character creation ( theme: TBA)

fan film contest

toy click - toy photography contest

costume click - costume modeling photography contest

fan art contest (Batman)

Booth Babe 2008

ToyCon blogging contest

Transformers hi speed contest

Animation Contest

Comic Creation Contest

Live Action Figure - Costume Contest
- Individual
- Group ( 3 min. Musical performance )

I like to add more detail on each contest, we will put up a description soon and also the rules on each contest, right now I'm fixing the website for ToyCon. I like to add also the video game tournament, been getting request for a Street Fighter head to head match, I'll see what we can do and put up to bring this dream to a reality.

As you have heard last time, 2008 is my last Toycon, so I think after finishing this structure, you'll see me at the Toycon as a part of the audience and crowd, shopping for toys and will be there as a normal spectator. Its fun to be with the Toycon people and I will miss them big time!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My review : Star Wars according to a 3 year old

she's so cute! as a Star Wars fan I'l be blogging this youtube video and since that I'm avoiding to view it weeks ago, didn't know that it was very amusing hahahahaa.

Didn't realized that Luke Skywalker practice his light saber with a Pokemon ball hahahah.

Obi Wan? hmm sometimes he disappear? yeah, got encountered this kind of reaction.

Definitely cute and adorable. I'm starting to see her as a future geeky Paris-Lohan person
minus the video scandal and DUI.

That's only episode 4, are we seeing other future episodes ??
any one can do a Lord of The Rings according to a 40 year old ?

Badguy virus-worm in my inbox




There's this virus or worm repeatedly sending attachments of WMV video files in my inbox and I keep on deleting them and filtering them out of my inbox, but too bad that Gmail has no delete forever or block feature to kick these email virus in sending malicious files to me.

It sends over and over again and it looks like that it wants to be opened.

the email sender is from no.1badguy, using a yahoo! email and I researched on its profile that the email is created last 2006, I'm very scared of this virus, and it might flood my email capacity.

if there's anyone here got the same experience, post a comment below and i need complete removal or any information about this virus.

beware and be cautious in opening file attachments or email from people you don't know.
I'm glad that i didn't open it. and perhaps someone is trying to hack my gmail address again.

so as of now,im deleting it in my trash manually, even if the filter feature has a move to trash auto delete.

I think the virus - worm is similar to what this website talks about


Alias: Bad Guy, Badguy.265, Bad Guy1, Milan.Badguy virus, Milan.265.A,

Description: Trojan/Worm/Backdoor/Badguy.265 is trojan. A Trojans or Trojan Horse is any programs that installs itself secretly, quite often with sinister intent. Once installed, the trojan author (hacker) can gain complete control of the infected PC. Trojans are usually designed to steal sensitive information and/or destroy the system. Trojans can be distributed as unsolicited email attachments, or bundled with freeware and shareware programs.

edit 1:
the virus stops sending the same message at 1pm. I encountered this at around 11:45am.
According to my sister, that virus might came from a friend of mine who accidentally opened this virus and auto send it self to all of the contacts located in the yahoo mail address book.
its the same behaviour on how email worms duplicate it self and send to all contacts automatically. and my email address is stored in my friend's address book, thats why I received it and keeps on bouncing back to me.

for an estimate of 200 email I received on that time frame of 11:45-1pm.

part 2: The Joker action figure for the Dark Knight movie

This is the look needed for a Heath Ledger version of the Joker for the Dark Knight movie, as you can see that the figure's detail on the face is good than the other figure we saw last time in my other blog post for the Joker action figure, I think they worked on a new sculpt or a new toyline. Probably they made this new figure line for collectors and adults, and it looks like that your kid won't love this toy, because it is scary and disturbing.

also the images below are figures that I saw in the Dark Knight group Facebook, I've seen them before in the Toy Fair 2008 and also at the Lego trade show here in Manila, but the most interesting to see is the action figure above with the Heath detail on it.

first figure is for the new anime-nated movie Gotham Knights, you can check out the youtube for a 10 minute preview of it, Batman in Anime style, and it says on the net that the new animatedmovie will launch in DVD on July 2008. Second photo is from the Lego toy line 'Batman" pretty comic features and very cute, the Joker is included in the Tumbler car Lego set and the funny man has his own vehicle to fight with Batman, the Last photo is a Joker playing card replica that was used in Batman Begins, the card might be included in the Joker figure line, I just don't know which toyline because all of these are from the Toy Fair 2008.

the buzz is that, the toys might be available on May or June 2008.

Btw, theres a new trailer for the Dark Knight, and it will be on March 7, according to some movie sites and it will be launched together with the 10,000 B.C. movie, wow! I love to see 10k BC but the Dark knight movie still excites me more than watching 10k BC. check your local theaters for the schedule of the release of the movie 10,000 B.C.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The 200 Pesos sacrifice

I just learned a lesson today and I just sacrificed a P200 to the black market of money changer. I just didn't know at first that they are very strict in changing US dollars that dated 1996. And I didn't know that my money is dated 1996. I only encountered this kind of situation once, and it is my first time to have a transaction outside the mall's money changer service or bank, and since that I'm stuck here in Robinson's Manila and had used my money into something important for a postal service. I was shocked to know that the money changer here in the mall has no Philippine cash for the day, at first I waited 30 min, because the cashier told me to wait for 30 min. because they are still waiting for the cash, then after 30min. they pulled out a sign that says "no cash today Feb 26", after reading that I was pissed and mad, hope they told me about it after my inquiry.

then I told the guard if they know somewhere a reliable money changer, but the guard said that there is no other changer in the mall, I should try outside the mall in Padre Faura wing, there I know it is a black market for money changing, but I don't have a choice but to go there even if it is raining.

I tried the first money changer and it seems a little rusty, after entering its doors and handed them my money,the old lady told me that the 100 US dollar I'm handling is dated 1996, and the exchange rate for that is P38. I was mad and told them why do they do that, and they didn't explained why and told me that even in the malls don't accept 1996 dated money. I just went out after it and told them (using my Professor X telepathy) that they can't fool me, SM money changing services are a lot more better than them.

then on the 2nd money changer, a younger lady explained to me clearly that their US dollar buyer don't accept 1996 thats why the exchange rate for 1996 or maybe 2000 below is P38 per 1 dollar. So the rain started to fall heavily and then I decided to let go my 100 US dollar to them and sacrifice P200 to their buyer. Well its a lot good than getting a taxi and travel my way to SM MOA.

the exchange rate in the mall today is 40.60, while in the black market is 40.50....or i think it was 40.15, if i heard it correctly.

my lesson for today is.....

don't ever pick up a stray P200 on the floor of Shangri-La Mall, even if the owner is nowhere to be found. or if it is not yours, just leave it there and let someone picked it up and carry a bad karma.

by the way, I'm in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. inside Robinsons Manila mall, Midtown Wing.
The Midtown wing is very nice, I feel that I'm in Podium, SM MOA or rockwell hahahaah.
the Toy's R US here is big!

Edit 1:
here's a plain explanation from my multiply contacts

"Sir, I think I may have an explanation why the 1996 and older dollar bills are not exchanged at the same rates: it was only in 1996 that the U.S. treasury started to incorporate state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting features into their currency (source). Maybe the inconvenience of having to verify if the old bills are genuine is the reason why it is not as accepted by moneychangers as newer money."

Monday, February 25, 2008

Star Wars mini cakes

more photos here The Star Wars Gang's Here!!!

you can order custom designed cakes and choose your preferred comic or movie character, I saw this in my multiply network where they made one and gave it to Star Wars fan birthday guy.

you can visit for more info and other photo of cake portfolios.

This is something you can't encounter everyday in the mall or in some restos. Custom cakes are the best! cool, cute and yummy.

As a Starwoid, I think it will be hard for me to eat these custom Star Wars cakes, I just want to keep it and store it with my collections hehehee.

Fight USB Keylogger Viruses

I just read a blog post about this Keylogger Virus in some blog, and It is so horrifying that this malicious virus not only infects your pc but it deletes all emails in your Yahoo! mail after you logged in to your Yahoo! Messenger. it is really scary!

I encountered already this virus and I'm glad that all of us are aware of the USB viruses spreading around and we immediately deleted it.

Here are some tips if you don't have any updated antivirus software
also I already given this tip in my previous blog posts and everyone is doing the same routine.

1. never double click a usb drive if you are not sure
2. right click on it and explore the files
3. click the menu of that folder, click tools, and folder options
4. enable view all hidden files and other system files
5. if you spotted some hidden files being exposed, some of them are in .vbf file, and an executable file like SVCIHOST.EXE, thats one of the culprit. all you have to do is delete it.
6.sometimes this virus spreads all in your USB root folder, so if you dont have any virus scanners, you will be going to delete it manually, one by one.
7. then after doing it and everything is clean, try checking it again by unplugging it.
8. restart your pc and check your root directory C:\ drive if it is infected too.
9. next time, download and get a anti virus software to block this pest viruses.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention production note 2

episode 2 of our production note, its a road to ToyCon year 7 and I'm happy to announce that LEGO will be part of the ToyCon family this June 14-15, 2008.

I was with the Philippines' Bricksters an all Pinoy community for Lego fans, lovers, collectors and hobbyist during the trade show presentation on the new upcoming lines for LEGO. I'm still in shock to see new designs and variation of LEGO for kids, teens and adults, and also I just saw the Dark Knight Lego, Indiana Jones Lego, Speed Racer Lego and other new look and design.

I'm still working on the production program and also the list of contest that we will be having. I like to remove other contest to give way new contest for this year, but it seems that everyone is still expecting that we will organize it again for this year. The event is getting big, and because that we are still on the production mode, everything that we are planning is not yet FINAL.

During the pre-production we are working as one man machine, having my own home it support, answering all inquiries regarding about the ToyCon and contests, I reply them all and I make sure that everyone gets a reply :)

Also on March will be the full scale move for ToyCon year 7. so updates will be running fast and hope we finalize everything. Now get ready for the 2nd teaser poster coming up.

now I'm going back to my day job, see you on the 3rd production note.
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