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Saturday, April 24, 2010

FASHION: my 5th fashion show this week

wow! I didn't expected to attend 5 straight days of fashion shows, and to end my week, my last event to attend is the Filipina Bravo! at Greenbelt 5, thanks to Globe for inviting fashion bloggers, I was there to take coverage for The show is awesome! the ramp is so long and my position for taking pics is not good as I sit on the stair of the photographers platform, they have great tunes like old and new pinoy rock songs playing in the background during the cat walk.It was an epic to see Inno Sotto walk and took a bow after the show and runs back to the back stage like rock rock with flowing long hair, kulang na lang electric guitar! astig talaga!

There will be an exhibit at Greenbelt 5 starting April 23 and then moved to Glorietta 4 on May 7-20, Boni High Street on May 21-June 3, Market Market on June 4-17, Alabang Town Center on June 18-July1, Trinoma on July 2-15, Marquee Mall on July 16-29, and Ayala Cebu on August 7-21

I will upload soon the series of photos of the event and the ramp models.

check some of the pics below

PHOTOS : fire in Shangri-La Edsa Mall
photograher Homer Medici was there and took some photos of the action, it was funny that I met him in GB5 last night and I'm surprised that he was at Shang and captured the action using his camera. great work Homer!
more pics here
we need to treat our firemen some cofffee for doing a great job beating the fire.
i dont want to see one of my favorite mall to be burned to ashes. im glad the fire is small and contained easily.

read news here at

Friday, April 23, 2010

MOVIE FEATURE: Knight and Day - latest trailer to beat

knight & day photo_
20th Century Fox releases the latest trailer of “Knight and Day” that tracks Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in a superlative of stunts as they play a fugitive couple racing across the globe.

“Knight and Day” was briefly introduced to the movie viewing public months back when its first trailer played in theaters and on the blogosphere depicting Tom Cruise as a mysterious man clad in jeans, shirt and a jacket stalking the panic-stricken Cameron Diaz who had been thrown in a cycle of cutthroat events that threaten her life.(more below)

"Harry Potter" Director Now Helms PRINCE OF PERSIA"

Since he already has “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” to his credit, director Mike Newell knows all about making blockbusters. But even he admits to being impressed by the scale of his latest film, Walt Disney Pictures’ “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.” “There are days I arrive for work and look around me and just think ‘Wow!’” says the British-born director. “We had one location where we borrowed half a village and added to it with colossal structures: palaces, public buildings, squares, gardens and secret passageways. It had four sides and the actors galloped around it on horses.” (read more below)

Nicholas Sparks Hits a High Note with THE LAST SONG

Writer Nicholas Sparks became a literary superstar in 1996 when overwhelming word of mouth made his novel, “The Notebook,” a publishing phenomenon. Sparks ’ inspirational stories about the extraordinary lives and loves of ordinary people have won a worldwide audience, and his latest novel “The Last Song,” is no exception, debuting at No. 1 on both the New York Times and USA Today best-seller lists.

List of Iron Man 2 movie premiere in Manila, Philippines

ticket sample
I know you are excited to watch the Iron Man 2 movie, here are the list of advance screening a day before the official release in all Philippine theaters on April 30, 2010. There's a movie premiere on April 28th, that's the world's first audience screening and also press-media screening of Iron Man 2, for invited guests only and tickets are not for sale.

but check out below, of April 29th advance screening and their ticket price.

Iron Man meet and greet in SM Supermalls

iron man event
There will be a meet and greet in person with Iron Man and the costume will be coming officially from Marvel Comics, I'm not sure if this is the Iron Man movie or the Iron Man of Marvel Superheroes that had a meet and greet session last year with Spider-man and Green Goblin. You better check it out, because the Iron Man guy stands 6 feet with a super bulky and colorful costume of the comic version of Iron Man.

This is a great event for kids, if they want to meet Iron Man in person

source: sm cinema facebook

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TECH : My 1st encounter with the Apple iPad

I just had my first encounter and user experience with the Apple iPad, I know that this item are rare here in Manila, and Apple haven't started their official and local distribution in our Apple stores, but many stores are now offering the iPad with a big difference of the price from the original retail price in US market. So read below my funny experience below.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FOOD NEWS: Starbucks new drink! - Espresso Java Chip Frappuccino blended coffee

I finally tried the new drink of Starbucks - Espresso Java Chip Frappuccino blended coffee, its an upgrade version of my ever favorite drink Java Chip, they added some ground espresso roasted beans in the drink at over the whipped cream. The espresso flavor kicks in so fast and after munching some pieces of the espresso, you'll immediately enjoy biting some java chips in your drink. It's a new drink, perfect for the summer, not too sweet, and not too bitter.

more below

Manny Pacquiao vs. Mickey Mouse is here!

Mickey Manny-Pacquiao
Mindstyle is here to announce the upcoming project that will be launch next month, its a cartoon figure and merchandise promoting Manny Pacquiao vs. Mickey Mouse, or we can say Pacquiao x Mickey Mouse collaboration. The merchandise is officially approved by Disney and it will be release here and soon outside the country. Item will be available soon in all Team Pacquiao retail shops in the Philippines.

A vinyl toy figure of Manny and Mickey Mouse will be created for all sports fans and Pacquiao fans. Thanks to Mindstyle Philippines for sharing this material for my blog.

check out below for a short preview

CONTEST: Yahoo! Meme Challenge of the Week Contest is now up! - grand prize "Apple iPad" (Manila, Philippines)

I finally got the details of the weekly contest, and the website is up and all you need to do is visit the site and register for the contest, pls. read the instructions first before joining the contest, you are required to have a Yahoo! Meme account, you can get your account be registering it for free using your Yahoo! mail account.

visit the contest landing page at

The  Meme  of  the Week challenge begins this April 21, this Wednesday with
iPod nanos and coveted Yahoo! premiums up for prizes. The final winner will
receive a grand prize of the recently-launched Apple iPad.

ok! let the Pinoy Memers battle begin!

related news : Yahoo! Meme Challenge of the Week contest - win some ipod and gadgets starting April 21

"You are invited to be among the world’s first audiences for the film IRON MAN 2"
The title of this blog post says it all! oh my shell head! I'm going to watch the movie IRON MAN 2 next week, April 28th, and this will be the first ever screening in the Philippines and the world. The Philippine release will be on April 30, while USA release will be on May 7, 2010. It will be a Press and VIP screening of the most anticipated movie of the year, now I'm totally distracted and might camp out infront of SM IMAX hahaha, just to be first in the line.

I just received some instructions and the screening is very strict, same procedure in all movie premiere - no cellphones and camera inside the theater. Thanks to Solar-UIP for inviting me and this is my last straw for the movie, because I'll be in Boracay on April 30-May 4. I have another screening on May 2 and its another block screening at the Podium cinema. And hmm hopefully there will be more special screening when I get back home in Manila on May 4. MTRCB rating for this movie is GP.

I hope our other movie partner can have a special screening for our movie bloggers.

COVERAGE: Johnsons body care and Bayo: Soft Look Collection Launch

When is a woman Beautiful ?
- When her skin is at its softest.

I just attended the launch of the Johnsons body care and Bayo: Soft Look Collection at the Encore, The Fort. And the event was well attended by fashionista, beauty-fashion bloggers, media, and people in the skin care and fashion community and industry.
P4197396 P4197389
more photos below

Hanging out with Maja Salvador while she design her own Adidas shoes

I met actress Maja Salvador at the launch of miadidas inside adidas Sports Performance Store in Greenbelt 3. I waited for her to finish the adidas shoe she created and designed using the website, which you can customize your very own design for your adidas shoes, you can change color, material, personalize it with your name, insert country flag and etc.

more below

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TECH NEWS : Young Filipino scientists to compete in prestigious international fair

Seven students prepare to show off talents at the Intel ISEF 2010

Seven students from high schools across the country have been selected as official Philippines delegates to the world’s biggest pre-college science research competition.

This year’s candidates for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) produced the top entries at the recently concluded 13th Intel Philippine Science Fair (IPSF), held at the University of the Philippines Diliman last February.

Intel ISEF 2010 will be held on May 9-14 in San Jose, California. (more below)

GAMING NEWS : The Art of Resident Evil 5
I just received a PR news from Matt Moylan of Udon Entertainment and I read that they will be releasing The Art of Resident Evil 5 book on July 2010. The book contains art of 3D models, character designs, environments, storyboards, and promo art. Each artwork has a creator commentary, explaining about the design process and the concept art. It also includes special interviews from the game makers of Resident Evil 5.

check below for sample artworks

Thanks for the 1 million hits

I didn't noticed that my blog just reached its 1,000,000 hits already, that means that my unique visitors hits just reached the number of a million after I activated its counter hits since year 2005, wow it took 6 years to reach that number, and hey! I didn't cheated in doing the counter.

Thanks so much my dear blog readers, followers and supporters. I'll cook up a item giveaway once I have free time in my sched. Just continue to visit and read my blog, you can also subscribe and follow me in Twitter @ popazrael, Plurk @ azrael and in Facebook @ popazael.

thanks thanks! and let's wait how many year will it take to reach 2 million.

TECH NEWS : Samsung 3D LED TV launching at Face Off: Inquirer Lifetsyle and Samsung Style Fashion Show

P4187088 P4186833
Samsung justlaunched their 3D LED TV at the Face Off: Inquirer Lifetsyle and Samsung Style Fashion Show at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel Manila last night. The show started with a holographic presentation of Samsung 3D LED TV and a TVC on how the new high tech TV of the new generation works.(read more below)

TECH NEWS: Be the next female tv host for a new tech tv show

I <3 Veronica Belmont

If you want to have a hosting job for tv and want to be like the geek-tech-goddess of online web show - Veronica Belmont, then take a step and try a tv hosting gig all about tech, internet and gadgets! check out the details below as my director friend is looking for a female host for their new online tech tv show.

Omg when can we have our own Olivia Munn, geek-pop culture-goddess of Attack of the Show. hey John! gawa naman kayo ng show for comic-movie-gaming geeks. I'm already booked as one of the guest  and might take a peek on their shooting this week, as they will review the ultimate superstar of 2010 - the iPad (more details below)

FOOD NEWS : NYC Food Film Festival 2010

My readers might be interested to check this out in New York City, a food and film festival will take place in the city that you let you taste and eat the food that you see on the screen. For example, the movie Beer Wars will make you enjoy drinking lots of beers while watching the film. Totally a different kind of food and film festival that has been merged into one event. I wish we can have our own here, like watch the movie Talong and while watching, we can eat our favorite eggplant :)  If they are looking for a local version here in Manila, I will volunteer myself to organize this....  read the below for more info.

TRAVEL NEWS : Invitation for a travel and food fest on May 2010
If you are planning to have a travel and food trip after the election, then the May 2010 travel and food tour is the best for you, Richard and his team are organizing another tour for this year, and congratulations to them fro a successful Visita Iglesia 2010 tour last month. 3 towns to visit every week, so better prepare to try the best food of Malabon, Batangas ang Pampanga. This is also a best start for your travel and food blog. I will attend the tour, so kita kits! check out the details below for the tour.

TRAVEL NEWS : Invitation for Tour of Historic Cavite
I got an interest to join historic tour of Cavite, been living here in Cavite for almost 5 years and seems that I haven't started knowing the history of this place. I got the details from Ivan and he wants to invite everyone to join with him for a group tour in Cavite. This is also a good activity if you want to start your as travel blogger or add this tour for your travel blog. The event will be this Saturday, and I kinda felt sad that I won't able to join due to my sched, read the details below.

TV NEWS : Star Wars: The Clone Wars—Rise of the Bounty Hunters and many new shows this April 2010 in Cartoon Network

SWTCW 2 - Group Shot (2)
Temperatures are rising on Cartoon Network as the number one kids’ cable channel in Asia Pacific dishes out the hottest action adventure line-up this summer. Prepare for a sizzling TV experience on Cartoon Network as new episodes of highly-anticipated animated series including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Pok√©mon, Bakugan Battle Brawlers and loads of other Cartoon Network favorites spice up kids’ everyday viewing.

GADGET NEWS : Armor up with Iron Man 2 Retractable Earphones from Jollibee

Cheetah Poster 2
Iron Man fans must have merchandise of the month is the retractable Iron man 2 ear phones from Jollibee. I saw this item last week and I thought it was a toy, I went into panic looking for the item in the counter after noticing it from the poster ad and since I'm lined up and ready to order to 2 pcs. chicken joy for dinner, I ate it quickly and saw a glimpse of the Iron Man earphone, they have two colors, red and black, the black color resembles War Machine. Read out the details below and also check out the classroom fun tools. Just infrom me if you bought it already and will grab mine tomorrow. (read more below)

Monday, April 19, 2010

FOOD NEWS : Earth Day at Starbucks Coffee: Php 40 off in your drinks if you bring your own tumblr or cup

Starbucks is having an Earth day for all customers, and it's their 3rd year to run this Earth Day treat at all Starbucks branches.

on April 22-23 (Earth Day), Starbucks encourage everyone to bring their own personal tumblers or coffee cups and mugs to all stores and whenever you buy your drink, they will take Php40 off your beverage of your choice. This is a project to lessen the use of plastic and paper cups in Starbucks.

check the poster for more details

TECH NEWS : the coming of data armageddon

I was wondering the past weeks about the end of the world, zombies and the armaggedon, and I wondered what if there might be the end of the world for our data, like a massive data holocaust or armageddon were all kinds of data in the world will be gone and all of us will start all over again and all blogs will be gone in just minutes. I began to google and found some news that there really is a data armageddon, and it will happen soon. ( more below)

Play and Win some gadgets at the Snickers football game
I'm a big Snickers chocolate bar fan and I love to it eat while I'm working or at home watching my favorite movie. If you love gadgets and tech stuff, then check out the Snickers online game and contest, were you can win iPod Touch and PSP every week. They are calling all Malaysians and Filipinos to take the challenge online and beat the Snicker goalie in a football match.

It is easy to play the game, all you need is to have fast typing action and a correct timing in shooting your ball into the goal.The more you play the game, is a better chance to have a high score and be included in the top players.

try the game, visit and register at
and also join the Facebook Fan page at

Tips in winning.
1. place your fingers in all letters - S-N-I-C-K-E-R-S
2. then type the letter as it appears to glow on the screen
3. for shooting the ball, always have the timing to wait for the goalie to stay on the side and the target arrow on the other side
4. shoot the ball once the goalie is far away from the other side of the goal net
5. the fastest type action you made can give you more chances to shoot the ball many times
6. in my typing speed, i can shoot the ball for 3 times

good luck in playing!
share your tips also here by posting a comment in my blog

TECH NEWS : OMB wants your hard disk to be registered

Here's another stupidity act from our Optical Media Board or OMB, they want hard disks to be registered because hard disks are magnetic components at it covers the Republic Act No. 9239, also known as the Optical Media Act of 2003. And they are proposing for an executive order that hard disks in all internet cafe in the Philippines should be registered to them. (read the news below)

COVERAGE : Pinoy_Blogfest 1.0

Gadgets Magazine organized a conference event on the same day and time of iblog6, its all about converging the alternative media practitioners and bloggerrs to focus on issues about new media, they also have break out sessions happening in 3 different rooms. I went there after staying some hours at iblog6 and found lots of interesting topics like - bloggers should apply the journalist code of ethics and some photography tips from Canon. I met some bloggers there and we are just a few attendees for the blogosphere and other attendees are from the traditional media. It was a great event and  wrote down in the evaluation form that they should do more Pinoy_Blogfest. I guess the event is all about new media and issues we encounter vs. traditional media.

check out my photos below

COVERAGE: iBlog6 : 6th Philippine Blogging Summit 2010

P4166721 P4166680
I felt a newbie blogger when I'm at iblog, there are lots of stuff that I need to learn and not just by blogging and post photos online. I learned something about political blogging and how to hold contest in our blogs, I felt sad that I arrived late that day and missed the early topics of iblog6, I just hope there's an available video of the whole conference that I can watch it again. Maybe a video coverage next year will be good for those who failed to attend the event. The very best part of the blogging summit is that you don't need to pay any entrance fee, you get a free meal, free snacks, free photo and free to meet our blogger friends offline. I took some photos and just click more below.  Congratulations to the organizer and everyone who made it at iblog6, see you all on iblog7.

more photos below

MOVIE FEATURE: The Losers will screw the gun ban - bang bang bang! (opens on April 23)
The Losers is based on the DC comics/ Vertigo  written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Martin Simpson aka Jock, and now it is a live action movie from Warner Bros. I remember back then that I have conversation with Andy Diggle few years ago about Silent Dragon and I know this is another action and war story about a team of special forces that is being double crossed by their own agency, and when it comes to clearing up their name and hunt for the one responsible for the one who want their heads. (read more below)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beware of the email scammer and spammer that uses my blog url as their subject line in email

Last week, I just received a lot of email from my network and they say that there's someone sent them an email message and using my blog url : as their subject line in the email message.
They forwarded the email to me and saw that is from a person that I didn't know, and I googled it and found out that this person is a scammer and spammer, looking for friends online and trying to post some else.

I can say that this person is trying to steal my identity and using my blog url as the subject line to convince the people who received the email that the person has a blog Azrael's Merryland.

I like to warn everyone about this matter and don't ever send an email reply to her.

below is a copy of the email message

On Tue, 4/13/10, Carolin Patrick <> wrote:
From: Carolin Patrick <>
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 3:46 PM

Greetings dear,

my name is Carolin and i saw your profile and i became interestend to make friend with you.Some friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But you are remembered because you are so nice to remember. pls i will like to know more about  you. if  you can contact me through my email address here (
I really look forward to reading from you soon.
Yours Truly Friends.
Miss Carolin.

I like to inform everyone that Carolin Patrick is not the blogger behind, I own this blog and never had any representative for it. Carolin is a spammer, so be careful and not reply to her email.

This is an identity thief who will try to get contacts and use my blog as their own blog.

If you have receive this email, pls. inform me right away, as of now I have 7 people already who got this from their inbox.

na notice ko lang

if people knew that they can benefit a lot from you

they will make friends with you, worship you even if you don't want it, pats you on the back, laugh and smile at you, and grant their request and favors.

but if they found other people that is greater than you
they will throw you away and left you behind and stick to them for good

so what's next?

i don't know.
hmmm. i'l just  stick to my own business and don't mind these poor suckers.

I'm talking with the Wonder Girls now

wgirls caps
yup yup
a fan  dreams come true
wanna talk to them?
then log on here

they just logged in 2 min. ago

I got lucky I'm online and saw a twitter message from Ustream and informing us that Wonder Girls is live in video stream, I logged in and posted this immediately in all my networks. At first didn't see any pinoys hanging online, and I think I was the only first pinoy to drop by a message and question, but too bad my internet got wonky and got disconnected for 1 minute and didn't know if they answered my question if they have any plans to visit us here and do a concert. And later on saw lots of post from our fellow pinoy Wonder Girls fans, and the social stream chat board got flooded and I just don't know how the girls read the questions or maybe tru twitter.

But my question was answered at last as I heard that they will have a USA album tour our May 15, 2010 and that's also the date of the Then and Now Concert, which I heard that they are trying to bring them here and because of this online confirmation from the Wonder Girls, we can say that they are no longer available for the event here and hopefully have a concert and album tour after their tour in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and China. Also heard that they want to go to Hong Kong, maybe another tour will be organized after their album tour and launching. I'm not sure if I'm right that they are in the USA today, or in Korea. I'll look for a recording of the live video stream, will review it and post it here.

and now the news will Wonder Girls on May 15..but I heard from the concert producer that they will try to get 2NE1 for the May 15 here in Manila.

ok its confirmed..they are in Korea.
I managed to grab the recorded video and they introduced to us their new member
watch the video below
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