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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Emily Blunt as Princess Mary in "Gulliver's Travel (opens today January 8)

jason segel and emily blunt in GULLIVERSTRAVELS

Emily Blunt, the uptight fashion assistant who came to mainstream attention in “The Devil Wears Prada” throws in comedic poetry in the family-3D movie “Gulliver’s Travels” with Jack Black.

The movie starts in modern-day New York City where Jack Black’s Gulliver works in the mailroom of a newspaper who has a long-time secret crush on the paper’s travel editor Darcy, (Amanda Peet). Hoping to impress Darcy, Gulliver bluffs his way to a writing assignment at the Bermuda Triangle only to find himself washed away in the miniature island of Lilliput where Princess Mary (Blunt) resides.

Interview with the creators of Generation Rex (premieres in Cartoon Network this Jan. 9 )

Rex (4)
I saw this trailer of Generation Rex in our Cartoon Network during the Christmas season and I'm very into it and didn't expected that this new cartoon series is from the creators of Ben 10. I like the character design of Generation Rex and his style in fighting some monsters with his arms and limbs are extending and turned into some kind of machine, he's like that because he was infected by a microscopic nanites (nano tech organisms) that pumps through his body. The good part here is that he is in the good sides and will save people who were also infected and defeat evil people like E.V.O. Van Kleiss. Btw, E.V.O. means Exponentially Variegated Organisms. The new series will premeire this January 9, 2011 at 9am in Cartoon Network.

and check out below an interview with the creators - Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven Seagle from Man of Acton Studios.

Black Nazarene Feast Map 2011

View Black Nazarene Feast Map 2011 in a larger map

I just found a map and route of the procession for the Feast of the Black Nazarene, the map was first provided by GMA 7 and you can see the map above. More details are posted here in their site

I noticed that the route is much the same from the route they used last year. Looks like that I'll be staying in Lawton area to welcome the arrival of the Black Nazarene. I'll arm myself with my camera and hope I can bring a mini chair so that I can sit while waiting for the arrival. Also, I'll note myself to bring my Olympus rain coat and bring lots of water. The procession will start in Quirino grandstand and then after the mass it will walk going to Padre Burgos st. to Quiapo church.

check my video blog here from last year

Friday, January 07, 2011

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Feast of the Black Nazarene on January 9, 2011

The Feast of the Black Nazarene will be this January 9, 2010. I'm still waiting for updates on our local TV and radio for news about the mass, procession and the route of the Black Nazarene. Expect heavy traffic so check if your cars need an oil change or a brake job. I'm also hoping that I can shoot again just like last year. It was my first time to shoot and cover the Black Nazarene procession and it was a like a warzone!

I'm now researching for new spots and good vantage point in covering the arrival of the statue. I saw on the news that the people in Quiapo are busy cleaning up the road, fixing some streets and lighting, and clearing the sidewalks. There might be a lot of changes on the route for this year. I also checked out Houston Auto Repair for motorist tips.

It will be a Pray,Eat and shoot for us again. Pray, and then eat in Binondo and then shoot in Lawton.

for my story and photos from last year, just read : Feast of the Black Nazarene 2010 : infront of a sea of people and the Black Nazarene

something big for bloggers on April 16, 2011

with the success of 2010 Blogger Fiesta at Fully Booked in BHS
we're planning another round of a bloggers conference

this could be a Luzon Blogging Summit
or something else

- out of town venue
- free transpo
- free everything
- targeting 600 or more bloggers
- an activity and contest with a prize up to 100k pesos

are you game?

I will post details soon
and hope to see everyone on April 16, 2011

ok that's the end of our teaser :)

Start small and go BIG in Gulliver's Travels (a tiny movie review)

Layout 1
I watched the movie press screening of Gulliver's Travels and I totally recommend that you watch this movie especially if you are a Jack Black fan or curious about the story of Guilliver being stranded in an island filled with people that their size is small like a GI JOE action figure. This movie is revived from Jonathan Swift's 1726 novel with the same title. The movie is super laugh trip and a good comedy film for the start of the year 2011.

Read more below if you want to read this tiny movie review with BIG fonts

Movie bloggers at Gulliver's Travels movie premiere in G4

Great to see our movie bloggers again! 2011 is a start for another movie screening, review and lots of upcoming movie line up. The group photo is incomplete, others went home early after the movie :(
and me almost got stuck inside the men's cr. Thanks to 20th Century Fox for the movie premiere!

more pics below

Movie item loot of the day

wow! first movie item loot of the day! My official movie merchandise collection is now expanding on the start of 2011. I wish that I can start collecting movie props and replicas. I'm also interested in having those prop items and costumes from our local films.

Team Gulliver shirt

On Stranger Tides metallic pin

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Buzy! Az

I'm busy today finishing lots of documents...
will attend a meeting today in Makati
and then attend the Guilliver's Travel movie premiere.
Im excited to see my movie blogger friends later!!! group hug later! tapos ice cream tayo hahaha
let's welcome New Year 2011 yay!

see you later!

(art above is illustrated by Edgar Tadeo)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fight crime in 3D with the Green Hornet

The Green Hornet is not my favorite superhero and crime fighting character, it reminds me of Batman and Robin, but that was during the classic tv series that I know and I just discovered that Bruce Lee is Kato after I got circumcisized and read it via a geek video game magazine. I regret that I missed it, and thanks to the wonderful of internet and YouTube, The Green Hornet is alive and kicking again, we have now here the new movie and revival of Green Hornet and Kato, starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, I dont care if they label it as a action-comedy film, but I know deep inside the film there will be lots of serious stuff and also tributes from the classic version. Oh! watching it in 3D will be awesome, I just hope they do it the right way. I will enjoy for sure.. Seth Rogen with Cameron Diaz will rock.

Read more below and see how they shot this film in 3D

Angelina Jolie as the charming Elise Ward in "The Tourist" movie (opens on January 8)

Fans of Angelina Jolie will jump for joy again to see her in the big silver screen for the new movie - The Tourist, another action-thriller and romantic film with Johnny Depp, it will be released this Saturday in all Philippine cinemas. You'll see a different role of Angelina Jolie and we'll see her in all glam and beauty glory. Everyone loved her as Salt in the previous film, but now we can see her in a different role, she's hot and cute after I saw the trailer,and by looking at the still photos from the movie, it is all eye candy and Angelina will steal our hearts again.

read more below about Angelina Jolie as she introduce us as to her character as Elise Ward.

Monday, January 03, 2011

AXN Wraps Up 2010 as THE No. 1 International Channel in Southeast Asia

Congratulations to AXN for another record hit as the number 1 International Channel in Southeast Asia, I know they are always the number that's why I'm not very surprised, I encountered AXN years ago and met lots of great people who are working in there and it seems that the spark they release back then never dies and still make us glued to watch all of these tv series and special tv features (and movies) always on AXN. The Amazing Race Asia is always the top notch show, and the most anticipated for me because we have two teams carrying our flag, and also the new tv series Hawaii Five-O, which I heard that is doing well. I think I should catch up and watch that series now.

axn image
check out the news below about the report card of AXN on how they manage to entertain 5.9 million of vieers in S.E.A. 

Jack Black's interview about his role in "Gulliver’s Travels" (opens on January 8)

I'm not very familiar about the story and I haven't read the whole book at Guilliver's Travels,all I know is that he is big and everyone around him is small. I see pictures and drawings in some children's book back in my grade school days, but I never got the chance to read it and got more interest in reading art books and hobby crafts how to's in UST. But I'm glad that they are bringing back the classic story via movie with a modern treatment and it will be helpful for me and for others, especially for kids to embrace another timeless and classic story that we aren't familiar with it. Jack Black is here in the movie as Lemual Gulliver and this movie will open up something for us and get us back  reading books after we watch this movie.

Read below an interview of Jack Black about his role and about the movie

a note for all pinoy Yellowcard fans

i'm just posting a note here for all fans of Yellowcard here in the Philippines.

Catch the American Pop / Punk band from Jacksonville, Florida as they visit our country for their very first show here in Manila.

Catch Yellowcard LIVE in Manila on February 20, 2011 at the A. Venue Hall in Makati City.

Tickets are still available at all TicketWorld outlets nationwide. Call 891-9999 or visit for more info.

Yellowcard LIVE in Manila was brought to us by Dayly Entertainment.



Marvel Superheroes toys in Mcdonald's Happy Meal

Happy Meal Toys Australia January 2011
photo source
I saw this on Mcdo's tv ad last night and I went crazy to scream "I will collect them all!" I heard that the Hulk figure is one of the chase item on this toy line, and its a near the scale size of the Marvel Universe 3 inches line. My hands are itchy and I must have a Hulk figure first and then grab Wolverine after it. Im glad we have this line in the Philippines.

so what are you waiting for?
collect them all na!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

I took 99,000 photos already

I was researching online about photography and then I was curious to know how many photos I took since I got this Olympus E520 dslr last April 2009 and I figured it out after I google and know about the shutter count and lifespan of its shutter, I got scared to discover that DSLR has a certain lifespan depends on the number of how many times you shoot or the number of the shutter count. I read a lot in some blogs, forum and websites that some camera dies after a big number of shutter count, there are rumors that Olympus DSLR dies after the 50,000 shutter count, but I saw this website that give reports to other Olympus camera users that their Oly cams are still alive and hmmm others died. I submitted my shutter count to this Olegkikin site and my total of shutter count is - 99,146, it is also the number of photos I took for more than a year already. I now start to think and become more wiser in taking photos, I need to take care of my camera and save money for another DLSR unit, I still love to have a Olympus E620 body kit, but that should wait and I now target to get one this July 2010.

99,000 photos, wow! that's a lot, I'm such a trigger happy person, maybe I'll lessen the use of the time lapse photography and also the panoramic photos. I need to shoot wisely now and take care of this camera.
If you are an Oly camera user, you can check the tips here on how to know your Oly cam's shutter count just visit this -

So how many photos you took already?
(see my sample photos below)
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