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Monday, January 31, 2011

Henry Cavill as the new Superman/Clark Kent for the next Superman:Man of Steel movie (December 2012 release)

Henry Cavill in Superman costume (Fan art by Ralph Damiani)

I received this official news from Warner Bros. Pictures and its about their casting call for the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel reboot movie that will be released on December 2012. The big news came out hours ago and they revealed about Henry Cavill as the new actor that will portray Superman/Kal EL/Clark Kent.

The news exploded through the net,forums and blogs and Henry Cavill is the most talked about actor today as many are now reviewing his roles from past movies and many Superman fans are now speculating if this reboot movie will bring spark for the Superman franchise and bring more Superman movies. Warner Bros. is doing their homework well and Its funny that comic writer Mark Waid commented that we should consider Superman Returns the Ang Lee movie of The Hulk. Henry Cavill appeared on the movie - "The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)", "Hell Raiser: Hellworld (2005)", "Tristan + Isolde (2006)", "Stardust (2007)", and will appear in the upcoming movie this 2011 - "Immortals" and "The Cold Light of Day"

Henry Cavill (photo courtesy by Warner Bros. Pictures)

What do you think about Henry Cavill as our new Man of Steel ?

read the official news from WBP below

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grand Baby Fair last day today in Megatrade Hall 2-3

Last Thursday, my wife told me to visit and check out the Grand Baby Fair soft opening in Megatrade Hall 2 and 3. The event opened last Friday and it will be its last day this Sunday. I took photos of the booths and products being sold at the 1st ever Grand Baby Fair, and it is now featured in her blog

Its a grand baby shopping venue with around 70 booths for 3 days and its a shocking discovery to see baby items from clothes, to crib, stroller, toys and etc having a big discount from 10 percent off to 70 percent off. I even saw the toy robot that was priced in some stores at P900, but today at the baby fair it is priced at P300 only. I hope that I can drop by there later after traveling back to Manila to buy that robot for baby Ash. The event is free for everyone, you can drop by here and buy or check items you want for your baby. The event is organized by Baby Company and it was supported by top baby brands and local baby products.
click the photo above to view the photos

thanks to jane, claire and kath of Baby Company.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Incredible Hulk spotted in the road of Sta. Rosa, Laguna

I saw this Incredible Hulk statue standing infront of a craft store along the highway of Sta. Rosa, Laguna going to Silang, Cavite, you'll spot this after passing Nuvali. I think the lifestyle statue is for sale and looks like from Mike Deodato's comic design of Hulk.

Ghost, Vampire and Werewolf housemates of Being Human will start on Feb 2 in AXN Beyond

Sounds like the song from White Zombie's "More Human, Than Human", but the new series for AXN Beyond is a different take of three people's lives of being no longer..human? or just "Being Human?". The "Being Human" series will be the new Big Brother of reality tv show of supernatural beings. What will be the life of a ghost living with a vampire and how will a vampire escape rampage with a werewolf. But I'm glad that this series will make them friends forever and live in one house and experience what is it like to be outside the human side.

but the thing is that.. the monsters under your bed is real!

more news below

Dead Space 2 launch and Gaming event at Cyberzone SM North Edsa

poster 22X28
SM Cyberzone will be hosting a whole day of gaming and launching of Dead Space 2 this January 30, 2011 at Cyberzone 4/f of SM City North Edsa. They will provide free gaming to everyone courtesy of Datablitz and Electronic Arts. I'll be there this Sunday with my gaming and tech blogger friends to check out the event and also review some games. I'm excited, because gaming events here in Manila are so rare. so kita kits!! up up down down left right left right b a b a select startoooo!!

Visit SM Cyberzone FB page

sleep and relax

This week's activities and mission is very tiring , I already drained all of my battery and now I'm nursing myself and recover from lots of body aches. I didn't expected that learning poi dancing is hard and now my body breaks down due to lack of exercise. My foot gave in again few days ago after a long stroll in a mall. But all of the pain was gone after having a nice foot spa and massage at nail-a-holics in a nearby mall. The funny part is that the massage drained most of my reserved energy and left me relax and sleepy at home. I start to fall asleep when me and Lace are watching this show in National Geographic Channel about the story and mystery of the Crystal Skull, I was hooked on that story because it was the basis for the last Indiana Jones movie.

I missed the Green Hornet special in Discovery Channel because I enjoy too much eating our Max's fried chicken, we ate late already at around 8pm, because I arrived home late carrying a take out meal from Max's. I was suppose to sleep now but the excitement of another travel adventure will start this morning. I'll be away for awhile and go back on Sunday. There's a lot of things that I need to do and that includes massive blogging and also figure out this stand of this career in social media and blogging.

I'm going to bed now.
let's pray for peace on Earth.

Friday, January 28, 2011

whoa! 9 pesos for each San Mig Strong Ice beer?!!

crazy hour
It's a crazy promo for their Crazy hour, I just received this via their online newsletter and I like to share this beer madness. I hope they can offer it to other establishments.. or create a law that beer will be priced at Php 9 pesos only! hahaha. Too bad that this promo will run for 2 days for one hour in each selected establishments.

good luck to our fellow beer drinkers.

link :

** drink moderately..and beer is for 18 years old and above only

Seth Rogen joins The Mythbusters for the Green Hornet special (tonight at 8PM Discovery Channel)

green hornet mythbusters
"Do you want to see something cool?"

Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters will be joined by Seth Rogen, the star and co-writer of "The Green Hornet" movie. They will have a special episode of Mythbusters tonight in Discovery Channel, January 28, 2011 at 8:00PM. The Mythbusters team will do some scenes from the movie and will apply it in real situations. That includes real explosions, cars and no camera tricks. (more story below)

The new endorser and babe of San Mig Light

Bikini Shock
"This is the real blind item!"

There's a new endorser and babe for San Mig Light beer this 2011. I discovered that San Miguel Beer finally selected the new endorser of San Mig Light and I'm quite surprised to know about her and mistaken her as Marian Rivera on the first place, my eyes are little bit blurry after a big storm that night and then I looked at the poster again and its a new face for the brand and I know that everyone will recognize her well after appearing in a reality tv show and a movie. As they say this new babe has the "katawan na pang-San Mig Light".

This 2011 they got a new face for San Mig Light and It will be a new world again for us with the country's number 1 low calorie beer, I also heard that she might have a male partner, but no official word yet and they might come in with a group of celeb endorsers for San Mig Light.

mahaba habang inuman ito, so who's this local celebrity-actress?

so scroll down for news and photo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

11 construction workers died after gondola collapses in a high rise building in Makati

I heard this news awhile ago when I ate my lunch in Mcdonalds in Greenbelt 1 and lots of people were talking about already and I didn't know that accident is on the next street. I saw the site when the taxi I'm riding passed by and we're tuned in on a local AM radio and I heard the partial news there. I took this photo after a few seconds we passed by infront.

The radio news said that there's 15 construction workers who ride the gondola that has a 6 person capacity limit. The 15 construction workers used the gondola and hop in at the same time going to the top area of the building, then the gondola broke down and fell. According to the news I read below that 11 workers died and others were injured.

read the news here at

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movie wallpapers of Captain America and Thor just released 3 movie wallpapers for the upcoming movie of Thor and Captain America. I was hoping for new images and photos but these are the photo used for their press release. Visit the link below to download each wallpaper for your computers.

download it here

download it here

download it here

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the delay

Sorry for the delay of my blog post and other updates, I got sick last night and that's because of the pain of my heel, i have plantar fasciitis and the pain came back again and much more painful than the last time. I need a super foot massage to relax it. Im posting my photo here with my new shutter remote controller for my Olympus E520, I bought it at P500 in Digital Walker GB5. I can camwhore na ahhaha.

look at Ash besides me... tulog!

Photowalk in Tondo with Filibata

photowalk poster
I like to share this photowalk event on January 29 that will take place in Tondo, Manila. I'm interested to go back in Tondo again and do a photo walk round with photographers and also with NGOs, but I can't make it because I'll be in Tagaytay that day. The photowalk project is for an activity that is happening also in other countries like in Netherlands. And then all photos will be contributed for an upcoming book that shows different situations of children in different cities and country.

I remember that me and my Manila Bloggers Network team visited Tondo few weeks ago for that Wikipedia Takes Manila photo scavenger event. Tondo is an interesting subject for photo walks, I told my team that they should not be scared of visiting Tondo, because people there are nice, just be nice to them and they will be nice to you. I didn't expected that the situation there is like the photo above, but I know that not all part of Tondo is like that.

if you are interested then read the details below

Bus exploded in EDSA today, 10 hurt, 2 dead

pic source

I was checking my Twitter network and saw this MMDA twit and they reported that there's an aircon bus exploded between Ayala and Buendia in EDSA today, I checked some news and saw that MMDA twit only posted two related news, I started to listen on the radio and tuned in to DzBB and heard a live news report on the bus explosion.

I immediately posted this news on my Plurk, Twitter and Facebook network to let everyone know what's happening outside. The DzBB announcer talked to their correspondent and interviewed a passenger who survived with no wounds at the bus explosion. The passenger guy said that the explosion came from the middle part of the bus, 6 seats before the driver's seat and they didn't notice if there's a passenger board the bus carrying big cases or bags, but the passenger guy said that most passengers are carrying back packs and they didn't noticed because they are watching TV inside the bus. The incident happened at around 2pm. News came in at around 2:20pm.

Then a report came in and said that 10 people got injured on the explosion and one person lost its leg, and then follow up report came in and said that 2 people died on the scene. The bus exploded on the North lane near the loading area of bus in EDSA.

After some minutes, MMDA twit some pics of the bus
pic 1 -
pic 2 -

and here's a bystander who posted a pic on twitter
pic 3-

from reporter jorg carino
pic 4 -

as of now the authorities are investigating if its a bomb, or what kind of bomb it is, how powerful it is, or is it an act of terrorism. This is a sad news, I was about to leave home and head to Makati, but I need to delay for awhile and monitor some news about the bus explosion. I'm still at shock after hearing this news yesterday about the bombing in Moscow airport

related news :

from our Presidential Spokesperson -

Terrorist attack on Moscow airport today and eye witness' video lands in YouTube

eye witness' video minutes after the bombing (more videos here)

I was surprised to see this news on CNN and then they provided some videos that were uploaded in YouTube that shows people on panic and running for safety minutes after the airport bombing. Accdg. to CNN that there were 35 people dead and hundreds of people are injured. The State TV in Moscow said that the bomb came from a suicide bomber. Russia orders now a massive investigation on the bombing incident. I saw also a short interview with Russian President Dmitry still at shock and orders fast investigation and now the public question the country's security and safety. Number of deaths will be updated soon as of this post.

Last March 29, 2010. The Moscow Metro Subway was bomb also by a suicide bomber. Heard also that the suicide bombers are composed of two females.

CNN also showed some bombing history through the past years in Russia
November 29, 2009 - bomb derailed trains in Russia
August 2003 - 90 were killed in jet bombings
Feb 2004 - 40 were killed in Metro attack

I have a big feeling that all international airports will be strict as usual and each country's security will be on red alert after this incident.

Related news :

Monday, January 24, 2011

solo geek time moments with Dove chocolates

There's a new chocolate in town and this was released last December 2010. I didn't know that the Dove brand will have its own chocolate line and I've been hearing a lot of it first from my blogger friends, been reading their posts in different microblogs and social networks and then through their blog. The Dove chocolates are real and it came from Mars Food Singapore, the makers specializes in making popular chocolates, chewing gums, other foods and drink brands. And now they created this silky and smooth Dove chocolates. I'm glad that my fellow bloggers spoiled a little on this new brand and I thought that it might be another set of moisturizing soap.

Dove chocolates is now my companion in having my own me-time moment, its fun to eat chocolates if you are alone and spend your time with yourself only, relaxing, reflecting or try to refocus yourself before starting to work or play. I tried this me-time moment before I do a product photo shoot and it got me excited to try my first bite. I have lots of kinds of Dove chocolates, but my family here at home enjoyed it and left one bar for me hahahah.

more photo and story below

mini Mad Mickey Mouse figure by Bloc 28 x Mindstyle now available

I forgot to post this after I receive this note last December, the mini Mad Mickey Mouse by Bloc 28 x Mindstyle is now available at Mindstyle Pop Up store in Rockwell Powerplant Mall and at Team Pacquiao Store in Robinsons Galeria and Manila.

The mini version is the same design of the big figure (with a price of P25k for the two set) that was launched last year at Team Pacquiao, but now with a small price of P2,500 only. The figure is also available in Disneyland and also here in our local stores. The figure came out with the official figure of Manny Pacquiao, but sold separately.

Now, I need to grab this for a partner with my mini Manny Pacquiao figure.

NBA Collectors Series 1 figure toy by coolrain x mindstyle

Mindstyle sent over 2 pieces of NBA Collectors Series 1 blind boxes few weeks ago and I remember that this was released last December in the web at Mindstyle website and also the toy designer Coolrain's website. The figures will be available this February 2011 (hopefully) and it will be sold in art toy shops in Manila with a price tag of P840 each blind boxes.

Photo above is from our backyard, I placed the Roy and Stoudemire figure on the pavement infront of the mini basketball. Size of the figure is around 4 1/2 inches or nearly 5 inches.

more story and photos below

Samsung phones price cut down this January 2011

Full Touch Price down 7x40cm (Medium)
I just received a notice from our local Samsung group and its about the price cut down of selected Samsung mobile phones. These phones were launched last year and its a good deal for me. If you are planning to buy a new Samsung phone, then this price list is a guide for you, look for the best dealers on the market and check first if they updated their price tag.

1. Champ - from 4,980 to 4,390

2. B7722 - from 15,700 to 12,980

3. Galaxy 5 - from 10,980 to 9,190

4. Corby WIFI - from 6,900 to 5,890

5. Punch - from 5,199 to 4,890

Here are the list of stores that carry the price cut down
Samsung Experience Shops
2/f Greenbelt 1
3/f Digital Exchance Glorietta
3/f Robinsons Ermita
LG/f Cyberzone, SM Manila
4/f Eastwood Mall
G/f Robinsons Galeria
4/f Cyberzone, SM Megamall
2/f Northwing, SM Mall of Asia
G/f Cyberzone, SM Marikina
2/f Trinoma
2/f Alimall
4/f The Annex, SM North Edsa
G/f SM San Fernando, Pampanga
3/f Ayala Center Cebu
2/f SM City Cebu
2/f Southwing SM Bacolod
G/f Limketkai Mall, CDO
Graphic Main Store, CDO
3/f Gaisano Mall Davao
3/f SM Davao
2/f Robinsons Mall Tacloban
4/f SM Tarlac
3/f SM Baguio

If I have the budget today, I'll grab that dual sim phone Samsung Punch in SM Cyberzone.

Who the hell?!!

I'm reviewing some photos in my album and found this one photo and a stranger posing in my camera. I was busy taking some photos at the Laon Laan railway station for a photo scavenger hunt and I remember that my photo shoot was blocked by a moving vehicle as I clicked the shutter button, and then I didn't know that I caught this guy the kodak pogi thing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Facebook stats in Philippines from Yehey! infographics

click here for large image

I received this infographics from the Yehey! team and the infographics contains some info about the stats of how many Facebook users in our country and also products who are at Facebook. The top and most "like" fanpages are also listed. I just don't know if the stats for male and female are for the Philippines only, there's much more users of female than male when it comes to Facebook.

And cool news is that Philippines is the 5th largest country on Facebook with 20,802,540 users as on January 2011 and it listed as the 4th growing Facebook countries in the world with 1.5 million new users on the start of 2011. Wow! where do these people came from ? Internet is going big again for 2011.

Here's a challenge for 2011. Beat Vince Ganda's 2,638,029 FB fans.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Az video blog - China Crisis performs a live demo of Black Man Ray

I was at the press con of China Crisis in Eastwood Mall Atrium, and I did a one on one interview with Gary and Eddie, and here I recorded a video of them performing a short sample of their song "Black Man Ray".

watch China Crisis performs live tonight Jan 21 at 7pm in Eastwood Mall Open Park and on Jan. 22 at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill.

my coverage: Green Hornet movie screening with Discovery Channel's Mythbuster

Bloggers and media were treated to a movie screening of the movie "The Green Hornet" in Greenbelt 3 cinema with Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. I really like the show of Adam and Jamie when they prove if these movie myths will actual work in our real world, one of the best episode for me are some action scenes in James Bond and also about that conspiracy on the moon landing. But today they introduced to us another movie myth as they will check and see if some of the scenes in "The Green Hornet" movie is possible like throwing up a bulldozer by setting up an explosion under it. The Green Hornet movie special in Mythbusters will air on January 28th at 8pm only in Discovery Channel
P1191613 P1191598
P1191572 P1191573 P1191574 P1191575 P1191576 P1191578 P1191579 P1191580 P1191582 P1191581 P1191585 P1191588 P1191589 P1191590 P1191595 P1191596 P1191600 P1191601 P1191604 P1191606 P1191607 P1191609 P1191611 P1191612 P1191615 P1191618 P1191620 P1191625 P1191626

It's another Krispy Kreme treat! I enjoy so much their Green Hornet doughnut special, the Iced Green Sting doughnuts is a perfect breakfast for me with my hot coffee, also we get a special green mask for the movie and act as Green Hornet's Corps hahaha.
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