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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Facebook stats in Philippines from Yehey! infographics

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I received this infographics from the Yehey! team and the infographics contains some info about the stats of how many Facebook users in our country and also products who are at Facebook. The top and most "like" fanpages are also listed. I just don't know if the stats for male and female are for the Philippines only, there's much more users of female than male when it comes to Facebook.

And cool news is that Philippines is the 5th largest country on Facebook with 20,802,540 users as on January 2011 and it listed as the 4th growing Facebook countries in the world with 1.5 million new users on the start of 2011. Wow! where do these people came from ? Internet is going big again for 2011.

Here's a challenge for 2011. Beat Vince Ganda's 2,638,029 FB fans.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Az video blog - China Crisis performs a live demo of Black Man Ray

I was at the press con of China Crisis in Eastwood Mall Atrium, and I did a one on one interview with Gary and Eddie, and here I recorded a video of them performing a short sample of their song "Black Man Ray".

watch China Crisis performs live tonight Jan 21 at 7pm in Eastwood Mall Open Park and on Jan. 22 at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill.

my coverage: Green Hornet movie screening with Discovery Channel's Mythbuster

Bloggers and media were treated to a movie screening of the movie "The Green Hornet" in Greenbelt 3 cinema with Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. I really like the show of Adam and Jamie when they prove if these movie myths will actual work in our real world, one of the best episode for me are some action scenes in James Bond and also about that conspiracy on the moon landing. But today they introduced to us another movie myth as they will check and see if some of the scenes in "The Green Hornet" movie is possible like throwing up a bulldozer by setting up an explosion under it. The Green Hornet movie special in Mythbusters will air on January 28th at 8pm only in Discovery Channel
P1191613 P1191598
P1191572 P1191573 P1191574 P1191575 P1191576 P1191578 P1191579 P1191580 P1191582 P1191581 P1191585 P1191588 P1191589 P1191590 P1191595 P1191596 P1191600 P1191601 P1191604 P1191606 P1191607 P1191609 P1191611 P1191612 P1191615 P1191618 P1191620 P1191625 P1191626

It's another Krispy Kreme treat! I enjoy so much their Green Hornet doughnut special, the Iced Green Sting doughnuts is a perfect breakfast for me with my hot coffee, also we get a special green mask for the movie and act as Green Hornet's Corps hahaha.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Tom Hardy as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"

Tom Cruise se enfada con Anne Hathaway 1p6
Anne Hathaway and Selina Kyle in Long Halloween

bronson-415x673 bane
Tom Hardy (in Bronson movie) and Bane (Knightfall series)

I'm excited for June 20, 2012, that's the date of the official release of the 3rd installment of a Chris Nolan directed film for the Batman movie. Warner Bros. just announced today that they cast Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy as Bane. Although no reports yet if Anne will wear the catsuit and be Catwoman for the 3rd movie. I like the Bane character so much and hope they can show how bad ass he can be like in the comics and not a wimp like in that Batman and Robin movie with Clooney. Bane must break the Batman's back for "The Dark Knight Rises"

more movie details below

what's up! Coca-Cola Live Positively blogger ambassadors

previously in Azrael's Merryland...

Live Positively blogger ambassadors meeting
P1191500 P1191493 P1191507 P1191510 P1191525 P1191526 P1191495
"Live Positively is our commitment to make a positive difference in the world by redesigning the way we work and live so sustainability is part of everything we do.
more news coming soon!" - Coca-Cola

join in our Coca-Cola Live Positively networks!
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also read the feature about us at Orange Magazine online -

my photo coverage: Max's Restaurant bloggers event

Here's my photo coverage of the Max's Restaurant bloggers event last week in Greenbelt 1 branch. I'm happy that I found a new restaurant friend that is originally Filipino made. I learned lots of news from Max's that night - the launched their home delivery service website - which everyone can order online or send a food to your friends or family even if you are abroad and order and pay it online, they also won two awards last year - Inquirer's Libre "Best False cover" award and Tanaw Award for best in lighting technical award, Max's also shared to us their state of the art delivery guy uniform and the light up signage of their delivery motorcycle.

But the main event is the Crispy Pata feast, talaga napakasarap will feature this at Food Pilipinas. At the end of the event they surprised us by showing a slideshow of photos from the 1st bloggers event last year and our photos grabbed in our Facebook page, it was funny seeing our photos on screen with different poses and personality.

P1181434 P1181413

P1181302 P1181306 P1181307 P1181308 P1181304 P1181326 P1181330 P1181336 P1181349 P1181359 P1181365 P1181367 P1181378 P1181384 P1181407 P1181410 P1181412 P1181414 P1181416 P1181418 P1181426 P1181430 P1181362 P1181436
Max's Restaurant is growing strong since 1945 when they started and now with 118 branches in the Philippines and 7 international branches
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