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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A story and About A Chair store

(top from left) Lit Onrubia, Anj Onrubia
(bottom from left) Nino Caruncho, Nina Camacho, Malen Garcia

I met the 5 people who launched a store few weeks ago in Jupiter st., Makati City, its a store About A Chair, and yes, that's the name of their store that specializes in imported and local made chairs. I learned from them that each chair has a story to tell.

read the full story below

Unsigned artist and bands competes in Nokia Music Connection

There's a new competition for solo artist and bands, I've been waiting for this and I didn't know that Nokia, Myx and Star Records just launched their contest - Nokia Music Connection last year and now there are campaigning that you vote for the artist featured on their website.

more story below

video: EDSA Juan, General Tomas Diaz and President Ninoy?

Here's an interesting and funny video uploaded by PCIJ, interviewing students and ask if they know about the EDSA Revolution. I just found this video floating in diff social networks and iI like to share it here, I really hate ambush interviews and this is just an example.

EDSA people power created by the Americans?
and who is General Tomas Diaz that signed the martial law?
and then Ninoy is the President before Marcos? whoaaaa!

watch the video! heheheh

Things to do by da who

I'm having a busy sched and I haven't finish all of these loads.


here are some project/work/yada yada that I need to finish
1. Toycon website
2. Toycon kit
3. blog updates and features
4. photo contri submit to print
5. Luzon blogging summit site and invite (working title)
6. Toycon 2011 creatives
7. fix some docus
8. renew projects
9. cover events
10. eat Lace's baked bibingka cake

Friday, February 25, 2011

Revolution Revisited @ Ayala Museum

Just passed by at Ayala Museum and saw their photos from the 1986 EDSA revolution being displayed on the glass wall of the museum. They also have lots of memorabilia items and photos being exhibited inside Ayala Museum in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the People Power.

more photos below

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aerosmith concert in Manila - not true!

I just got this in my Manila Concert Scene network


Guys about the Aerosmith concert, OFFICIAL STATEMENT:

From: Dan Weiner
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 08:27:52 -0800

I am the exclusive agent for Aerosmith. There is absolutely no truth to advertisements or rumors that have been appearing lately that Aerosmith will be playing in Manila during this year. We are all very concerned and upset that Aerosmith's fans are being misled and hope and trust that no one has bought worthless tickets for events that do not exist.

Dan Weiner
a local concert organizer consulted directly to the talent agency of Aerosmith to confirm about the rumors of their concert here in Manila. Then this information was shared to us by the local concert organizer to give us light about the rumor. The info was sent directly to Manila Concert Scene and I asked permission to post it here in my blog. (since I also moderate their other networks and blogs )

I haven't seen any advertisement of the concert, but I see lots of postings in Facebook and on Twitter about the concert, there's a date but the venue is not mentioned or the organizer.

here's a sample rumor post in FB

Interesting gadget items at True Value

nokiac30487Here's my grand plan again, visit a store and check out what will be the interesting stuff or items that they have for me. Me and Lace visited True Value store in Shangri La Mall the other day, Lace was gone for a few minutes and me was lost inside the store, and while looking for her, I saw these cool items.

more photos below

coverage: My own summer with Havaianas and race to Hawaii contest

my summer starts here - my first time to try to poi (tnx to planet zips)

I'm creating my own summer again (that title is inspired from a Deftones song), and I remember that I want my year always a summer season, because outdoor activities and skating is my lifestyle during my youngling years, but now as an adult, I want my own summer to be adventurous and travel around the world or visit different beach and provinces. But your summer adventure can be forever with Havaianas, as they launch their gimik and race contest that will start in Boracay and then to Hawaii!. oh la la la!

read more story below

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My fail photo op with Luane Dy

I met Luane Dy at the SM Tickets launch this afternoon, and I didnt know that it is her. I just knew about it after asking some people who is that girl host of the press con. Then I approached her before she leave the venue, to my excitement and nervousness, I asked for a photo with her and then after that I saw the result of my shot is a complete photo fail. I forgot to set my camera with the right settings arghhhh.

more photos below

Blog feature: Ayala Westgrove Heights

Its my first time here in Silang, Cavite and I didn't know that there's a growing community and exclusive residential by Ayala Land Premier. The Ayala Westgrove Heights sits there for years and now the development of the land and new lifestyle of its community brings them closer to nature and give a practical urban life.

Let me show you this place by a photo blog entry.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Order food in McDonald’s using 24/7 Mobile Delivery Service

Food!!!! and I love McDonald's food and I love their burgers! no one can ever beat their burgers and fries. Today, you can now order food using your mobile phone, its a 24 hour service with no minimum purchase, the service is launched by McDonalds and BPI-iCan. Last month, we featured the use of the mobile delivery service in my previous post at BPI and McDonald's launches First cashless food delivery system

Its a service for all of you fast food lovers, you can even order a one hot fudge sundae in the middle of the night. (more info below)

Earth is Under Attack in "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles"

Its like a Call of Duty meets War of the Worlds. I'm excited to see this film, and I'm blocking all my dates just to see this. I'm a big fan of UFOs and alien invasion movies. World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles will be like a first person shooter movie for me.

Press Release - In Columbia Pictures’ new sci-fi action-thriller “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles,” earth is under attack from unknown forces. As people everywhere watch the world’s great cities fall, Los Angeles represents the last stand for mankind in a battle no one expected.

"I Am Number Four," "Real Steel" To Be Shown in IMAX

IAm4_APettyfer_04 Real Steel
My money will be going to IMAX when these two films are showing. I missed the "I am number Four" premiere last night, but that's okay, I'm happy that it is available soon in IMAX, I just love the giant screen, awesome audio system and comfy seats. Have you watched "I am number four" ? how was it?

Press Release - The Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Studios and IMAX Corporation announced that two of DreamWorks’ 2011 Touchstone Pictures releases, “I Am Number Four” and “Real Steel,” will open in IMAX® theatres around the world, including the Philippines. Both films are produced by DreamWorks and will be released under Disney’s Touchstone banner.

Monday, February 21, 2011

photo coverage: Yellowcard concert in Manila

Yellowcard just rocked A.Venue Hall performing all their hits and some new song from their upcoming album "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes". I was there as a part the media to cover the event, bringing with me is my Olympus E520 and my cute Flip minoHD camera.

more photos below

Sunday, February 20, 2011

coverage: Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Event Center launch

a P2186146_stitch
view large photo
Thunderbird Resorts Rizal launches their own Event Center last Thursday, Feb. 18, 2011. The 500 capacity event center can now transform the dull into a dramatic experience. Its a state of the art event center and much with a wow factor than a hotel events center.

more photos below

coverage: bloggers @ Thunderbird Resorts Rizal Event Center launch

Here's my photo coverage of the Event Center launching at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal, I was with our blogger friends at the launch party and its great to see them all dressed up for the big night of the Event Center launch. thanks Thunderbirds Resorts Rizal for inviting us again.

more photos below

Baby blog: Ashton's first walker

Video 4 03m 21s
I want to post this here in my blog to note that Ashton already used the walker for the 1st time. Its funny to see him stroll around the house and reach all of our things over the the table. He chases us and stop in one location and stay there and play.

I'm glad that I didn't bought a new one and we saw Anya's old walker here in the bodega, a clean and new walker. Now the next thing to do is buy a rubberized sandals that has sound, so that we can bring Ash outside in the morning and play with us at the parking lot under the mango tree. I predict that Ash will walk without the walker before he reaches 1 year old this May 2011. Oh wow, time really runs so fast.

I searched online to see if there are other walker for sale and research if there are Star Wars design walker for baby, then I saw this cute costume! hahahaha. Looks like Ash will have one this ToyCon 2011

The brightest show on Earth shines for the 2nd time

I got caught in a massive traffic jam last night and missed the Portugal pyro musical, but I saw some of their works while I was stuck on the middle of the highway. I arrived in SM MOA a minute before the U.K. pyro musical show.

more photos below

Concert Survey: Red Hot Chili Peppers or Barry Manilow ?

Red Hot Chili Peppers or Barry Manilow

Two big artist will have a world tour, help us our local concert producer in this survey by voting online here in my blog. The artist with the most votes will be the chosen artist to perform here in our country.

Mr. concert producer txted me minutes ago, asking for help from us by doing a survey, they organized lots of rock concerts years ago and looks like they are now doing their next big concert for 2011. I'm using the online poll of Nuffnang to get a unique voter. This survey and concert is not affiliated with Nuffnang :)


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