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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Az video blog - bloggers meets Pinoy Eats World and Perfect Italiano cheese

Here's my video blog documenting that mystery dinner with Pinoy Eats World that was hosted by Perfect Italiano cheese. All food was served with Perfect Italiano cheese, cooked by Pinoy Eats World chef JJ Yulo and Namee Jorolan. The mystery dinner was located at their secret lair. Pinoy Eats World is well known for all foodies as they organize and host a series of mystery food fest with guerilla tactics.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Jonah Hex DVD movie launch with Tony De Zuniga today!

Mr. Tony De Zuniga personally invited me to this DVD launch of Jonah Hex, the event will be held in his studio in Las Pinas City. I'll attend later since the location of the event is near my area. But I forgot to ask Mr. De Zuniga the time of the start of the event.

If you want to attend, then sms to the number listed above.

Az Video Blog - Yellowcard concert in Manila (Ocean Avenue)

I like to share this video footage I took when Yellowcard performed their hits "Ocean Avenue" during their Manila concert few weeks ago. Ocean Avenue was the last song that was performed by Yellowcard. At first, I thought that they will not play it live, everyone went wild after we heard a few riffs of the intro of Ocean Avenue.

my coverage: Cirque du Soleil in Manila premieres on June 23, 2011

photo from the press preview of Varekai in Manila Hotel

I've heard of this Cirque du Soleil from some people, in movies, tv, magazine and the internet. The show runs in different countries and it will have its first show here in Manila this coming June 22, 2011. That's why I'm not that familiar and not so excited when I heard that Cirque du Soleil is coming, and after I Googled it, then I discovered that this show shouldn't be missed, now I'm super excited!

more story below

Az video Blog - my video coverage of Varekai : Cirque du Soleil in Manila press preview

I attended the press preview and launch of "Cirque du Soleil in Manila" and here they will present their show called "Varekai". The show will premiere on June 22, 2011 to be held in Under The Blue and Yellow Grand Chapiteau (Big Top) at the Luneta, across Quirino Grandstand. Tickets are now on sale starting March 4, 2011.

watch the videos below

Thursday, March 03, 2011

my coverage: Department of Energy calls for support to their Brightnow Campaign to save fuel and money

P3028367 copy
-P3028360 P3028362
I met our Department of Energy ( DOE) Sec. Jose Rene D. Almendras and U.Sec. Jay Layug yesterday and it was an interesting talk and discussion about the on going rise of oil price, the global crisis, and how the DOE's work head to head with different people and the launch of their "Bright Now" campaign for energy efficiency for Filipinos, how do we save gas ? the electric vehicles the answer to save energy and money? is it eco friendly?

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

BPI Family Auto Loan now offers online application

BPI Family - Drive Your Dream - Auto Loan_1299052568036
You can now start applying for an auto loan with BPI Family Auto Loan by just logging in to their website and fill up their online application and after few hours, you can get a fast approval of your application ,and also you will receive a free AVT Portable GPS gadget for your new car.

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SM Tickets launched for concerts and live show tickets

SM Tickets was launched last week after the success of their e-tickets for SM Cinemas last November 2010 and this is another first in the Philippines to have a smooth purchase and reservation of tickets using the internet and mobile phones. Falling in line are no longer needed because your mobile phone or computer with internet can do the transaction fast and with no hassle. Concert tickets can be bought now anytime and anywhere.

full story below

New ThunderCats animation for Cartoon Network - trailer

New Thundercats
There's a new ThunderCats animated series coming this summer. I can't zip my lips and I know this one is coming soon here in our land, or maybe I'll hit the download button if ever they didn't get it to air in here. Check out the awesome trailer and new features of ThunderCats, with a new look and younger version. Cheetara is hot and Snarl is now cute!

watch the trailer below

Sonic the hedgehog 20th anniversary comics

I can't believe that Sonic is already 20 years old. I remember that I play this game in a video game rental shop in Caloocan City. I finished the game multiple times already, but I still don't have the patience on completing those gems, but there's one game event that I played and I almost completed the gems, kainis at one gem was left on that warp zone like scene with that rotating crazy! I also have that GamePro magazine reading tips about those gems.

Now they will release a comic book based on the video game. Finally! after 20 years aahahaa.
Let's shout together..... SEGAAAAAA!!!

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Az & Ash's new passport is here! - we will travel around the world soon!

Our new passport is here yay! and my little league of superheroes are excited because the coverage and travel will go to infinity and beyond! There are some action and drama during the process of getting this passport and it all started in one office and then to another one and to a xerox machine and an event.

more story below

coverage: EA Arena games @ SM Cyberzone

SM Cyberzone organized a gaming event last month in SM North Edsaand I got the time to check it out after my travel adventure in Tagaytay City. Its an EA Arena event featuring their latest game console titles like the NBA Jam, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Deep Space 2 game. I tried the 3 kinds of games that day and my hour of stay is "bitin" after been hooked on the Deep Space 2 game.

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A campaign to fight body Sustagen Premium and Youthopia Media Ph

Rico Santos, Marketing Manager for Sustagen Premium and celebrity endorser Gabby Concepcion

Youthopia Media Ph said that there are 70% pinoy adults have bodies that are aging faster than they should. Others are lucky to have younger body than their old age, but for my case my body is 4 years older than my calendar age. Freaky revelation, now its time to change my lifestyle.

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The Most Popular Asian Bloggers

The Most Popular Asian Bloggers - The List - Rice Bowl Journals_1298932717449
I'm surprised that I'm on top 14 for the most popular Asian bloggers and top 3 for Philippines. I' m a member of Rice Bowl Journal since 2003, and I've met lot of bloggers during those years, and that's online meet up only hahaha. The list of Rice Bowl Journals is based on the blogs' Alexa rankings,and my Alexa just updated and my Alexa rank increased 1k more. It's cute and fun to see my blog sitting beside ToysREvil's blog. The Alexa rank posted in Rice Bowl Journal is not updated, my blog is ranked now at 223k, but here it says I'm still at 224k.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Asiatype launches Vector Portable GPS Navigation device

I saw this young girl at the launch of Vector 100 GPS and saw that she's using the GPS gadget as a mp3 player, complete with an earphone. oh wait! its a GPS gadget and now its an mp3 player! Heard that it is also a video player, bluetooth device, photo viewer and fm transmiter. Oh wow! Vector Portable GPS is a touch screen gadget that gives accurate route calculation with turn by turn voice direction. Ok. I want one!

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Safe rubber toys for kids by Rubbabu

I'm a toy collector for years and my collection is growing every month, and being introduce to Rubbabu toys is very important, because my little boy Ashton is growing up so fast and my toy collection are now being replaced by baby toys, hahaa! Rubbabu toys are the most safe toys and things for kids and now they are here in the Philippines.

more story below
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