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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Teen Wolf tv series unleashed in AXN Beyond this July 17 at 9pm

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in Teen Wolf (4)
For me, I will list the Teen Wolf as one of my favorite monster character, because he is in his teen, he is cool, he rocks, he got super human abilities, he turn into a werewolf and still get the girls of his dreams, but let me step that break and try to clear this smoke and open my eyes and accept that this new Teen Wolf that will air tomorrow night in AXN Beyond is not the same with the 1985 movie of the Teen Wolf that star with Michael J. Fox, that movie is my favorite and I remember that we watch that every day in our betamax, got addicted those 90’s years enjoying surround sound set up and a big tv inside our parent’s bedroom.

more story below

Jollibee’s Jollitown launches Season 4 in ABS CBN this July 17 at 9am

The colorful and wonderful world of Jollitown is back and with a new season, a new episode, a new story and adventure and plus new characters. Jollibee and his friends are back on air to bring more learning and teach good Filipino values to all our kids and also a great educational entertainment show every Sunday morning.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Will it blend ? General Luna and Kyla collab in a rock and RnB mash up in Coca-Cola Music Station.

If we saw the mash up of rock and RnB with Sponge Cola and JayR, and now here in another version we can see the mash up of two similar music style, but this time it will be for the female version, my favorite female rock band General Luna will rock their way to ride the lightning with RnB princess Kyla. The set up is the same, but this mash up show that they can do what the male rockers and Rnb artist do. Coca-Cola Music Station is here again to bring you General Luna and Kyla music collaboration.

more below

PHILIPS Anniversary Sale (55% OFF)

55 Years_Lres
I'm raising my eyebrows because I want to own that Philips blender, juice maker and that infrared muscle pain reliever. I remember that I tried that blender and created my own concoctions fruit shake and named it Backdoor drink.

But here's a chance to grab them all with a 55% off price tag, visit any appliance store and ask them about this discount offer for garment care and kitchen devices only. (sana pati gadget din)

(source: Philips PR)

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 - your new mobile internet device

I'm trying to bring back blogging about tech and gadgets here in my blog and for this come back, let me present to you this beautiful and sleek mobile internet and multimedia device/gadget from Samsung, it is like a fusion of their Galaxy tab and smartphone series, but to make it more simplier, it will be a powerful multimedia device without the phone features powered by AndroidTM 2.2 “Froyo”.

more details below

Jollibee Kids Meal collectibles releases Captain America gadgets

Jollibee_PR Photos_star disc launcher
Captain America fans and collectors should not miss this limited edition gadgets and collectibles from Jollibee, the new toy and gadgets are released inline with the upcoming movie Captain America: The First Avenger. You can complete this Hero Action Gadgets line for every purchase of Jollibee Kids Meal, the new line up of meals are - the 4-piece Chicken Nugget Crunchers meal (P98), Yumburger Meal (P80), Jolly Spaghetti Meal (P88) and the 1pc Chickenjoy meal (P103).

more toy photos below

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The biggest gadget sale of SM Supermalls is finally here!

If you are planning to purchase a gadget, a camera or a laptop, then hold your wallet for the mean time and wait for this great tech sale in SM Cyberzone.

check out these dates for the grand tech sale

Dates/Venues of Exhibits: July 27- 31 - SM City CDO, Southmall, North Edsa
Discounts/Promos in-store: July 27- August 15 - ALL CYBERZONES!

Azkals Pilipinas Futbol team - stuffed toy in #shopatmultiply
I read first about this Azkals stuffed toy in Twitter and it says that it is the official merchandise for the Azkals and the stuffed toy is now being distributed and sold at under the account of .

the Azkals toy is measured at Length: 7 inches / Width: 4 inches/ Height: 12 inches.
I also heard that this toy was sold during their game here in the Philippines.

you can buy and grab one of this exclusive toy at P700

on my next post, lets have a round up of Azkals merchandise and collectibles being sold online

Real life Batmobile powered by turbines

I got this video from Patrick Tadeo in my FB network and I'm amazed that Casey Putsch of created his own replica of the Batmobile from the Batman 1989 movie, that is directed by Tim Burton, you'll see here in the video a real car powered by turbines, a part of a Boieng plane engine placed in the car as it's own engine run by diesel, kerosene or jet fuel. According to Casey's Youtube channel, hi Batmobile has a power to weight ratio comparable to a Dodge Viper with registration and licensed in the US.

Casey's Batmobile won an award in a car show, and the cool part here is can pop up two machine guns... yes! that's is heavily armed by machine guns like in the movies. I wonder if it converts into a speed boat.

visit his video blog at
to refresh your memory, watch the Batmobile in the movie version here

A funny Google Maps destination instruction

China to Taiwan - Google Maps_1310659803485
I found this info from my Google Plus network and its about the funny suggestions of Google Maps if you want to get the right step for you to go to another location. This tip came from Georg Kevin and I read the tips and try it in my Google Maps and read this out of this world suggestion, for example, you swim the Pacific ocean, going from China to Taiwan.

1: Open Google Maps (Get Directions)
2: Type China as your starting point.
3: Type Taiwan as your destination.
4: Read Step 48
5: When you stop laughing, +1 this and share to your circles.

then another guy suggested try China as your starting point and California as your destination and then Read Step 27.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pupil releases music video teaser for 20/20

Here's a music video teaser of 20/20 by Pupil.

This was whispered to me by Pupil's band manager Day Cabuhat few weeks ago and I got excited to know that 20/20 will have a music video, I like this song (well lahat ng songs nila trip ko) and its like a dancey dance song na talaga mapapatalon ka sa astig ng Pupil.

According to the info posted in this Youtube channel that the full video will premiere soon in Myx.


The Megaworld Home Fair this July 15 to 21 at Eastwood City

HomeFair_5x24ad web
Ohh wow! this is a shopping haven for home and condo units, at the Megaworld Home Fair you can get a new home with a downpayment as low as 5% and an interest rate of 5.5% this July 15-21 in Eastwood City.

more below

Nominate now for the new Rizal Award

Rizal Award 001.jpeg
I remember back in college that I learned so many things on how to live a life like a Rizal, the way of living with Rizal's teaching and concept opened my eyes and the book that I read is now my favorite book ever in college. I understand on what kind of qualities are needed for this Rizal Award, Im going to watch and observe who will be their nominees and wait for the deserving people to receive this Rizal Award by the
National Historical Commission of the Philippines .

Are you a Rizal ?
if yes, then nominate

more details below

LG Optimus 3D partners with Gameloft for S-3D gaming

Gaming will never be experienced like the old times, this time for the 3D generation, we will experience handheld gaming with our smartphone like the LG Optimus 3D to play stereoscopic 3D games (S-3D) that will be distributed by the game developer Gameloft. The partnership between the two company will transform the handheld gaming culture and also the 3D game development for phones and handheld devices.

more story below

Sony Philippines' BRAVIA for a Cause turn over of donations to Philippine Red Cross

Gordon and Sony Executives 2
I received this news from the PR of Sony Philippines that the money collected from the Bravia for a Cause drive was turn over to their beneficiary - Philippine Red Cross. The P100 they collected for every Filipino who bought any Sony Bravia LCD TV from April 15- May 15, 2011 will be donated for the benefit of the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami, this will be turn over again to Japan Earthquake Relief Operations.

The turn over was headed by Sony Philippines and the donated money was given to Senator Richard Gordon, who is also the Philippine Red Cross Chairman, along with Ms. Anacletz Bandril, Director of the Philippine Red Cross Fund Generation Department. I don't know how much money they collected for the donation, but I know this can be a big help for the victims of the disaster in Japan.

Photography workshop by Niccolo Cosme

I'm very excited for this photography workshop that will be conducted by Niccolo Cosme this July 23 in Kawit, Cavite. The workshop is in partnership with National Historical Commission of the Philippines, Kawit Tourism office, Lightning House Studio and Project Headshot Clinic. This is a free workshop in celebration of the upcoming Kawit Day this August 1, 2011.

I want to attend this workshop, because it is free and its the rare event happening here in Cavite, my location to Kawit is very near and its only a 15 minute jeep or bus ride from the place were I stay the whole day. Its a great opportunity also to learn from the masters in taking good portrait shots and I want to learn more because I feel that portrait shots is one of my favorite style in photography.


11th World Bazaar Festival 2011 screening day for sellers

The 11th World Bazaar Festival 2011 will be having a screening day this July 15, 2011 at the East Wing Area of World Trade Center, this is for all interested sellers and businesses who want to have a booth to their Christmas bazaar fest happening on December 2-18,2011, it will be the longest holiday bazaar in the country and I just figure out that they are starting so early before the -Ber month hits our calendar. Its shopping time again!

read more details below

Sponge Cola rock mash up with Jay R’s RnB in Coca-Cola Music Studio

20110207_COKEBTSD2_IMG_6569 copy
What will happen if pop rock will cross the line over RnB music, its very hard to imagine and see if the blending will work, but you know that everything is possible when you blend our local artist to jam up and do a mash up of their songs and music, it will require dedication and also passion for creating new music. See how our Prince of RnB JayR do his RnB music with pop rock band Sponge Cola, Its difficult as they say, but they already did a successful performance for all of you music fans.

more below

Surprise meet up with teen celeb Coleen Garcia

Teen celeb of ABS CBN Coleen Garcia visited the press con event in Dusit Hotel and its funny because a lady was talking about her and introducing her short profile to me and to, then when I took a break and drink that energy choco drink, Coleen arrives and then I heard PR Asia chief executive Joyce Ramirez mentioned me and said "Hey Az!, you should be here with her, I know you have a crush on her", Everyone looked at me and then I said "what!!!", then some press asked me if who is that girl, and I said she's from that show in ABS CBN called Showtime.

(more story below)

Harry Potter collectibles/memorabilia sold at
Here's a collection of post of Harry Potter collectibles and memorabilia items that are now being sold at online stores. This is a cool way to end the movie series by owning some Harry Potter collectibles. Some items are fan made, customs and some are original licensed products.

view the photos below

This blog is on top 36/100 popular blogs in the Philippines 2011

I think this is the final data for the 2011 and I read it in that the next collection of data and refresh for top 100 popular blogs will be on January 2012. Thanks to for having the time to gather data for us and rate us according to our ranks, my blog Azrael's Merryland experienced a big drop last June 2011 due to my non blogging activities back them, and I was so busy working for ToyCon 2011that month, I think I lost at around 200-300 readers per day and sometimes unique visits loss at sometimes at around 1,000 per week, that's a result of no new content and promotion of my blog in different social streams. Now I'm at top 36 and formerly top 30 last January 2011. I have more time to rebuild and create more cool content for my readers before the year ends, let's target top 20 next time.

I just learned that June 2011 is the weakest month for my blog, maybe next time I should get a time to create scheduled posts whenever I'll be gone or be busy on some projects and work.
check out the Top 100 popular blogs in the Philippines for June 2011 and see if your blog is included.

IMAX Theater in SM Southmall launch

I heard few months ago that we're going to have our 4th IMAX Theater in the Philippines, we have IMAX in SM MOA, SM North, SM Cebu and now SM Southmall. Got a rumor that Harry Potter 7 part 2 will have its 1st screening there, but then we watched the press screening at the IMAX SM MOA and then got news from SM Cinema that will be having a soft launch of the IMAX Theater in SM Southmall tomorrow July 13 and movie to launch the new IMAX Theater is Harry Potter 7 part 2. I was invited to watch again and to check out the new IMAX Theater, if my sched is smooth, I might be able to drop by and test drive our 4th IMAX Theater, hope it will better than SM North EDSA.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Azkals' striker Angel Guirado meets the press

Team Azkals are starting to be on top of all feeds lately and names are revealing on who should we meet and know what is their contribution to the Azkals team, this striker named Angel Guirado scored the 3rd goal in their recent match with Sri Lanka and won the game last July 3, at the meet up with the press, We heard many stories about our striker Fil-Spanish Angel Aldeguer Guirado, and looks like he will be the next guy to be seen on tv, magazines or even billboards..hmmm what brand are we talking about?

more story below

Awesome memorabilia collection display at Cafe of Champs

I got lost on my way to this venue, but the view and set up is very rewarding for me, I went here at the Cafe of Champs in TAO Corp. Center in Chino Roces ext. in Makati to attend a press con event, and after the event I stood up and checked each of the memorabilia exhibit displayed inside the Cafe of Champs.Its an awesome collection from the owner of the company and I just can't believe that he collects autograph and signatures of famous people, and yeah that includes Albert Einstein to Ninoy Aguino.

check out the photos below

coverage: Gundam Model Kit Caravan in SM Megamall

I saw that there's another Gundam Model Kit Caravan roaming around the malls, last Saturday was at SM Megamall event center and I saw a lot of crowd circling the booths, exhibits and the model kit tables. I checked the caravan event after we dine at Avenetto pizzeria with my family. I heard that if you joined the on the spot Gundam build that model kit contest, you can take home that finished kit after judging. (I just heard that from a kid who also joined the contest)

Check my photos below

Monday, July 11, 2011

Yeng Constantino jams with Pedicab in Coca-Cola Music Studio

20111702_COKEBTSD3_WJ4J5522 copy
Coca-Cola is back again to connect our music fans and now they feature our local solo artist and bands to jam together in a one mash up song performance that was aired on Myx and now can be viewed for free in their website : . On this feature, you’ll see our Rock Princess Yeng Constantino jams with rock band Pedicab for the Coca-Cola Music Studio mash up performance.

more feature below

Kara David is now a croc hunter
Saw this news and photo on the net and that she joined in a croc hunting party in Palawan, and they caught now the 13 feet salt water croc that killed and eaten a man. I saw this news first in GMA News stream in Google Plus

Cool news..and now here comes the cool comments hahaha, you'll see my comment there too.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 Seconds to Mars: The Band, Their Mission

When one think about band members, the picture that would often come to mind are those grungy guys who sing loud songs and have girls screaming about them. Indeed, it seems that rock stars have been stereotyped over the years that it looks like there's nothing more to them. And at first look, this might be just the case with the guys from 30 Seconds from Mars.

When you first meet Jared Leto and the crew, your first impression would be that they would be your usual rockers. And it looks like their goofy antics wouldn't help the band's image either. But as it turns out, 30 Seconds To Mars is a perfect fit the the phrase “more than meets the eye” the longer you interact with them.

coverage: SMART x HTC x YOU event (launching of a Facebook phone)

smart x htc (27)
(photos by Jeff Limbaun)

I sent my blogger report to cover this event for me because I'm not available on that date and it was a successful coverage, I didn't expected that the event will be awesome, well attended event with lots of celebs and icons, SMART x HTC launched their partnership and also the release of this HTC Chacha also known as the Facebook phone.

more photos below

Visit Guam and try Maila Ta Fan Boka Food Festival

I love eating and also trying some foods of other countries, and sometimes having a small food fest or special events about food here in our land give us a clue on what is the real specialty of each country when it comes to food. Guam is having their own food fest called "Maila Ta Fan Boka Food Festival" with the photo and details that I read about Guam, I imagine that it is a fruits and veggies paradise.

know more about Guam and Maila Ta Fan Boka Food Festival with info below

Ford Philippines kicks-off 2011 Driving Skills for Life Campaign

Here's a news fro, Ford Group Philippines about their event and seminar - Driving Skills for Life program, its a good program and it will benefit all licensed drivers and also for those who want to learn about driving and road safety, I really miss driving, but if ever I'll get my new licensed, I should know first what's the new rules and tips in our roads, I know there are a lot of changes after 2002.

more news below )
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