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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Animax K-On! Weekly Trivia Contest (Part 2)

Here's another contest from Animax!
Get your K-On! knowledge ready for another weekly trivia contest, this is our 2nd week and
our blog contest partner Animax will award one lucky raffle participant who answered the correct triva question.

Last week was the start of our 1st contest and I like to congratulate our 1st winner
1st winner - Ryan Parreno

Winner will be contacted via email on how to claim their prizes

Here's our 2nd week trivia contest challenge ---

Blush - "Undivided" featuring Snoop Dogg [Official Music Video]

Here's the official music video of BLUSH for their 1st single "Undivided", featuring: Snoop Dogg.
This is their 1st music video and uploaded 3 hours ago in YouTube. The video was also released and the group performed live in the dance tv show - So You Think You Can Dance, you can watch the recorded performance here in a Blush youtube vid. I met the girls few months ago before the taping of their music video and promotion in the US, and I'm very happy to see that they do great in this tv guesting, congrats and more power to Blush.

/ * - Official Music Video for Blush's new song, "Undivided" featuring Snoop Dogg! Like Blush on Facebook at or follow them on twitter at

Kjwan meets Sitti in a one mash up performance for Coke Studio Volume Up!

Sitti and Kjwan (14)
The months and weeks for music will never stop, especially when it comes to music mash ups and collaboration again for the Coca Cola Music Studio, this 2nd season they are featuring another top artist for the Coke Studio Volume Up! This episode we will see the rock band Kjwan to jam up with bossa nova solo artist Sitti. Will we see Sitti do the head bang thing under Kjwan’s music? Or shall we see Kjwan do the kembot thing under Sitti’s voice? To find it out, let’s watch the new episode here at

More story below

Friday, July 22, 2011

Toys and Halls mentholyptus candy always wakes me up

I love candies! Especially when they have a menthol flavor and feel the cold and easy breathing through your nostrils and mouth and thanks to the mentholyptus candy – Halls for bringing another version of Halls with micro cooling crystals that gives a cooling sensation to your throat and mouth. I love the menthol candy and this relaxes me whenever I work and also travel, it wakes me up and added a sense of relaxation and focus to my brains hahaha, that’s because of the cooling crystals acting to cool us and wake us up! (more story below)

Captain America movie limited edition mugs from Jollibee

Mugs Photo
Inline with the upcoming and much awaited Marvel comics movie – Captain America: The First Avenger (showing on July 27, 2011), Jollibee joined the mightiest heroes on planet Earth to give added excitement and hype for the movie by releasing this limited edition mugs of Captain America movie, an exclusive merchandise that will be available only here in the Philippines.

more details below

Transfomers toys and Chevrolet Spark car raffle in Total gas station

Fuel up and roll out poster
I saw this banner in a Total branch in EDSA, Pasay City, the taxi cab that I'm riding is so fast and didn't got the chance to read the details, but then my PR contact emailed this to me and saw that Total is also selling a Transformers mini figures for only P100 and then you get a chance to win a Chevrolet Spark car! ohhh wow! I must save money now for the next gas reload and head to Total next week. (more details below)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Azkals and Cebu Pacific

Azkals during Practice
Azkals players said that the sport football requires them to travel to another location to train and also compete, but then Cebu Pacific entered the picture and now helping them to fly the whole team and crew to different places, locally and other countries to compete. With this partnership and tie up, I can say that Azkals and Cebu Pacific are sure winners carrying our flag.

more news below

Brand and retail gurus to keynote 20th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo

The 20th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo will be on August 11 to 12 in SMX Convention Center, the expo is about to gather all our retailers and suppliers in one roof The expo’s theme for this year is “The New Frontier: Taking Retail to the Next Level”, and inline with this theme and expo, they invited top brand and retail gurus to do keynote for the event, namely Joseph Baladi, Antonio Aquino and Edgar Sia II of Mang Inasal. I also found two of our fellow bloggers on the list that will have a conference talk on day 2 for the topic – “Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy: What Works and What Doesn’t”

more details below

BlackBerry Playbook tablet available in the Philippines starting August 6

PlayBook_onBlack_bottom angle
RIM via their local PR here in the Philippines announces that the BlackBerry Playbook tablet will be available here (finally!) on August 6, 2011. The tablet will come in 3 kinds of model with WIFI and this will be available nationwide from authorized retail stores, the good catch is that it will have a 12 month warranty if you bought it from authorized dealers. (more news below)

Philips AirFryer machine – cook/fry with less (or without) oil

Philips AirFryer
Philips releases another kitchen gadget and companion and this time a fryer that uses air to cook your food up to its crispy state and now cooking your French fries, bagnet or crispy pata will be faster and less oily. The cooking process is to add less oil and let it fry into the machine using its RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY, a process where it combines fast circulating hot air with a grill element to create a tasty fried food and that contains up to 80 percent less fat. (hmm impressive!)

more news below

Glee the 3D concert movie - coming this Sept 21

glee_3D concert movie
Glee mania will be back again for September 2011, as the recorded of their " Glee Live! U.S. tour" will come here in our big screen in full digital 3D. Glee fans and also non fans, especially to those who love music and concert in the movie screen, will get a chance to experience again the feeling watching our Glee characters live via this movie.
more news below!

Coke Studio: Volume Up! pilot concert episode

Kjwan (11)

There will be more mash up songs and performance coming from Coca Cola Music Studio, they have another batch of local artist and bands to do a performance with a collaborative effort to mix their songs into a one mash up song, imagine mixing a slow type of song with a heavy rock or catchy beat from another song. This week they have released a new episode via the website , the Coke Studio Volume Up! (more below)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gear up for another coverage, about emoney and online stores
I’m gearing up my camera and gadgets for I will attend a media briefing about Union Bank and Gcash partnership. Its a good news for all but I don’t know yet what will they offer to us, could benefit Paypal users to remit the emoney to a real cash, we know that Union Bank gave us that Eon card were we can transfer our Paypal emoney to our Union Bank account. This might be another service were we can transfer our emoney to Gcash mobile or their atm card. I have that Gcash atm card, but I haven’t used it and stored money, but I always bring it with me and will use it in case of emergency, especially if ever I needed a cash or someone will pay gcash to gcash, good thing is that I have a gcash account.

I’m setting up an online store in , I’ll be resurrecting that old online store for toys and comics, some of my personal collections that I’ll sell online through, I like their new service in adding that Market Place for sellers and buyers and a payment system that can protect the buyers and sellers from scams. Two online stores or maybe 3-4 online store project that I’m going to handle, I’m going to help a friend who have this toy store in Eton Cyberpod and together we’re going to create an active and aggressive online store for toys and collectibles.

Okay, my camera batteries are charged up, I’ll post the coverage later here in my blog.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The spammy

So what did I do today? I have lots of back logs and also unpublished blog post for the past weeks but I’m starting to manage everything and post everything at once before the hype of each topic dies out, I even forgot to post my review of the Harry Potter movie and other movies that I watched recently with my wife. Right now we’re starting to be a movie buff and staying in our room watching some movies on cable tv or movies we have onhand. I’m researching for some comedy films for 2009 and 2010 and looks like that we are already on the half of the list, I’m kinda annoyed that my wife doesn’t want to watch Big Momma’s movie with me, so I cancelled out my order of that video and looked for other movies. Can you recommend a title?

The Brave new world of 30 Seconds to Mars (and pre-concert party news for ticket holders)

30stm 5x7 updated
There are two weeks left before another most sought after and talented band comes rocking Manila! It would be the band’s first ever concert in the Philippines. For over a decade now, Thirty Seconds to Mars have been busy conquering and touring several countries all across the world with the mission of bringing one of the best rock shows in this age.

K-On! contest for my blog readers! (from Animax)

K-On photo
Animax viewers! this is the contest that you've been waiting for, Get your K-On! Fever on, as Animax and my blog will give you a chance to win an exciting, awesome and astig! na Animax goody bag! Everyone can join and try their luck to win this cool Animax prizes.

The mechanics is very simple. Watch K-On! episodes in Animax and then watch out for this trivia questions posted here in my blog that will run every week.

Last week on K-On!, we saw how our four girls were able to finally bring the pop music club back up and how Yui puts up with the challenge of becoming a good guitar player for the band.

Trivia question : “What brand of guitar did the girls buy from the store for Yui?

Email your answers to
with subject in your email of "Animax K-On! Fever"

Include your Name and contact details. Animax will raffle out all entries and will pick the lucky person to win the Limited Animax Merchandise. Winner will be announced by mid-August 2011.

Watch out for more trivia questions here in my blog and watch K-On! every Mondays to Fridays at 7pm in Animax.

Don’t forget also to visit the Animax Philippines Facebook page to know more about upcoming shows and happenings,

Coke Music Studio season 1 recap

Few weeks ago, we featured lots of pinoy musicians for doing a mash up and collaboration for the Coca Cola Music Studio, if you don’t know yet about this music project, then log in to the site and then watch and listen to new music provided by our talented local solo artist and bands.  (MORE STORY AND RECAP BELOW)

Avengers movie - teaser trailer (bootleg and leaked ver)

Here’s the leaked teaser trailer for Avengers movie that will come out on 2012, this trailer activates all 2012 summer movies and now they are circulating on the web, and now being discussed online about how awesome this movie can be. Avengers movie just did a successful tie in and cross over to different Marvel movies - Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. According to, this is the Marvel cinematic universe.

I saw the trailer and noticed that the setting is similar to the comic book and animated movie - Ultimate Avengers, I think that is their basis because at 1st they will get rid of the menace of the Hulk and then later on encounter some alien invasion situation, but according to rumors the main villain for Avengers movie is Loki, I did take a peak on the 1st season ender of the animated series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Hero, the final villain there is Loki and then the start of the 2nd season will start on that assassination of Captain America and activates the Secret Invasion.

The Dark Knight Rises - movie teaser trailer


Everyone are talking about the released of this leaked teaser trailer for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie on summer of 2012. I know many are excited for this movie,but then you got one year to read more about the story in the comics about Bane and Batman’s mega series - Knightfall, but then I find more enjoyable to listen on that radio drama version that are now floating in YouTube. After reading or listening to Knightfall, then grab a copy of Batman:Vengeance, that is a story of Bane’s origin, personally that’s my favorite story and added him as one of my favorite character. (more story below)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Final "Harry Potter" Film Grosses P155-M in 4 Days for Philippines

Here's a news from Warner Bros. Ph, and here they announces that the final movie of Harry Potter earned P155 million in 4 days. Manila got P117.06 M and while IMAX screenings earned 14.287 M. Congratulations to all and read more about it if you want to know the total of sold tickets by our local cinemas for this movie.

more below
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