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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vigan Empanada - Ilocos Sur trip part 16

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
When in Vigan, you should try their specialty, and the Vigan Empanada is a must try and also must take home as your pasalubong. I have tried the Empanada in Ilocos Norte, but they say that the original is here in Vigan, the difference is that the color orange emapanda belongs to Ilocos Norte and then the color yellow empanada is the original Vigan Empanada.

There’s a vendor in Baluarte selling freshly cooked empanada to visitors, I invited my blogger friends to check out the vendor and also have a chat with them too.

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
We visited Empanada sa Baluarte store, and after we witness the process of making the empanada, we ordered some for take out.

They use that blue PVC pipe as their rolling pin to thin down the empanada mold. Then they will add veggies and a fresh egg, they will close the mold and throw it in a hot boiling oil.

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
It cooks so fast and you’ll see the cooked empanada floating in hot oil

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
Here’s the vendor continuously adding more egg to the veggies with flour.
You can buy the empanada for only Php35

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael ColadillaVigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
We also heard a story from the vendor that in Vigan, there are few makers of Vigan Empanada, the original makers are vanishing and they have a handful of makers of original Vigan Empanada, the one we visited here is one of the 2nd generation empanada makers. News that they are avoiding to share the techniques to others because there’s this incident that a business man offered work to this original empanada maker to put up a business in Manila. And then when the empanada business went boom! they fired the original empanada maker and went home penniless.. hmmm I wonder what Empanada store is that..

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
Also they make and sell freshly cooked Okoy

Vigan Empanada photos by Azrael Coladilla
It’s a patty made of seafood and veggies.
yummy din ito noh!

How to go here in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
1. There are two travel options – ride the 8 hour bus from Manila to Ilocos Sur or ride the plane go Laoag City Airport in Ilocos Norte + 1 1/2 land travel to Vigan.
2. We went here via chartered plane of Gov. Chavit Singson, we landed at Vigan City airport, if you have a company trip and want to travel by air, you can try a chartered plane by Sea Air, just inquire to their office on how to get a chartered plane.
3. Air - Domestic flights leave Manila daily for Laoag City in Ilocos Norte, which is an hour and a half ride by bus or arranged vehicles to Vigan. The city can be reached from Laoag City via Partas Bus, Fariñas Transportation, Maria De Leon Bus Lines, RCJ Bus Lines, F. Franco Trans, and Florida Bus. – Via
4. By Land - The 408 km stretch from Manila to Vigan City is a comfortable eight-hour ride along the scenic Manila-Ilocos Highway. Air-conditioned Partas Bus, Dominion Bus, Aniceto Bus and Viron Transit ply the Manila-Vigan route regularly. – Via
5. Getting Around - The best way to explore Vigan is on foot; the city center is small and compact, yet full of excitement. Experience a calesa ride around Vigan at P150.00 per hour per carriage. – Via
6. If you are in Vigan City, there are lots of transportation, you can ride the tricycle or the “kalesa”, horse drawn carriage. The “kalesa” can be rented at Php 100 per hour.

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
For Schedules of City Events and Tours please contact the City Tourism Office. Tel No: (077) 722-8771,

Baluarte in Vigan City
Opens - 7am-6pm eve
ryday, entrance is free
Tel # 6377-722-7186

Historic Town of Vigan @ UNESCO
Established in the 16th century, Vigan is the best-preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia. Its architecture reflects the coming together of cultural elements from elsewhere in the Philippines, from China and from Europe, resulting in a culture and townscape that have no parallel anywhere in East and South-East Asia.

* Thanks to Governor Chavit Singson for inviting us to tour around Vigan City

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