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Friday, September 13, 2013

Experiencing a food trip of Balinese Delights in Market Café, Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila

Balinese Delights
I just got another food adventure few weeks ago and I experienced here for the 1st time the taste of food in the volcanic island of Bali, Indonesia also known as the Island of the Gods. Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila organized a ten day food festival at their Market Café, foodies can experience a Balinese Delights food trip with a price of their regular buffet rates of Php 1800 net for weekdays and Php 2100 net for Fridays and Saturdays. Hyatt Manila also put up an exciting package for diners who come in as a group of 4 will get 1 extra person to dine in for free and also they raffled off a two night stay in Bali all inclusive of airfare and accommodations for two in Grand Hyatt Bali. The special promo is in partner with Philippine Airlines. Awesome!! flying with our flag.

The Balinese Delights went well and it ran from Aug 30-Sept 8, 2013 only. I just hope that they extended it for like more than two weeks, and I got late to post this blog feature and coverage after trying Market Cafe last August 31.

My apologies to Hyatt Manila for my late blog post. I was so busy the following days after our first meet. I'll make up next time! promise!

If you are interested to dine in at Market Cafe
pls call: Food and Beverage Reservations Centre at +63 2 247 8666
For booking and reservation, pls visit
or e-mail

Chef Ni Made Sadnyani and Kompyang Wikanta
Chef Ni Made Sadnyani (seated) and Chef Kompyang Wikanta (standing) from Grand Hyatt Bali
I just learned that Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila is always having a seasonal food festival in their Market Café, and here they invited and flew in top chefs in Grand Hyatt Bali, the Indonesian chefs was here in Manila to cook for the Balinese Delights food festival in Hyatt Manila. The chef visitors will share some of the top recipe from their country and this will be shared to their resident chefs and also to us bloggers, watch out for my next post featuring two dishes from Bali.

In Grand Hyatt Bali, they are doing the same too, they will be flying in two Filipino chefs to cook for the Filipino food festival there in Bali, same scenario, they will also share our pinoy recipe to their resident chefs in Grand Hyatt Bali.

I like the concept of this exchange chef program of Hyatt, I hope they organized more food festival in the coming months.

I haven’t stayed here in this 5 star hotel, but I’m receiving good reviews already about their Market Café, during a shared conversation an hour before my visit here, I was told that their seafood festival is one of the best buffet festival in Market Café, I got curious and excited already after I heard that review. Market Café is located at the 3rd floor of Hyatt Manila.

full address is
Hyatt Regency Hotel & Casino Manila
1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar, Manila 1004, Philippines
For their Balinese Delights food festival, I got welcomed by these Balinese theme statue and also their staff are in Balinese costume. They also play cultural music from Bali the whole day just to let you feel the Balinese vibe while eating.

After I arrived, I got a short tour around the Market Café, I like the place, its quiet and if ever I need a relaxing buffet dining experience, I will just go here. I have lots of hotel buffet favorites, but every buffet resto have its own specialty, here in Market Café, they just sit in the middle of Manila, just across Robinsons Manila, the tall Hyatt hotel is very iconic and I’m sure you’ll notice it when you walk or drive along Pedro Gil st. My comment first was… I just wish that I have tried their food before. But for first timers like me, I will say that I will definitely come back here in Market Café.

P8307951 P8307950
Here’s the dining area. I heard that they have a special dining area for their Hyatt Manila club members and then they have a separate dining area for walk ins and hotel guest.

P8307949 P8307948
I thought that their Market Café is small, composed of one area for dining and one area for the buffet, but I discovered so late that there’s another area for dining at the end of the buffet. It’s a funny discovery…because I was so focus on the food that night.

So here’s the Balinese Delights that are being offered here in Market Café of Hyatt Manila

Balinese beverage
They are prepared by their Balinese chefs, each is priced at Php 280 and not part of the buffet rates.
I ordered the Bali sunset, which was a wrong move for me, bec. the blended fruit beverage is so heavy in my tummy and that’s the reason that I get tummy full so early. Note to self: no fruit shakes in buffet meals. The Bali sunset reminds me of Jamba Juice.
Bali Breeze - coconut mix, banana, pineapple, lime
Bali Sunset - watermelon, orange, banana
Mango Lychee Cooler - mango, lychee, coconut water
Lemongrass Iced Tea - green tea, lemongrass juice
Pandan Iced Tea - green tea, pandan juice
Ikan Pepes
grilled snapper in banana leaves

Grilled Sate beef, chicken, lamb, pork, prawn, seafood, or squid
Nasi Kuning
Balinese yellow rice

Pisang Rai and Kue Wajik

I don’t know this food, I forgot to take a note of it
but looks like a salami roll with meat inside

Kol Sejuk
shredded cabbage, bell pepper, shallot, chili lime dressing

Bebek Betutu
roasted duck wrapped in banana leaves

Babi Guling
roasted suckling pig

Assorted Krupuk - Indonesian crackers

Now let’s go to the buffet area of Market Café

Highlighted in their middle buffet is the Sedap Indonesia: Balinese Delights

P8307982 P8307980
Busy chefs preparing more food in Market Café / That’s the krupuk, some kind of cracklings

P8307978 P8307976
Balinese food are now listed in my food favorites, I just found the taste that I want since I love a bit of spicy and tomatoey food, the rendang flavor is a weakness to me, if ever I smell the aroma of it, expect me dining in an Indian resto in a nearby mall.

Btw, Balinese food are influenced by different kinds of cuisine coming from Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Chinese
Sate area – mix your own sate destiny
Their sate is the best!!!

P8307973 P8307972
I just hope there’s some kind of guide on how to eat or prepare this
The chefs were not around when I grabbed my food at the Balinese Delights

spotted Chef Ni Made Sadnyani preparing some sliced roasted pig in our buffet area
She smiled, because she saw me going back at the roasted pig area hahahaha. Okay more roasted pig skin for me pls!!!!

The fish, beef, lamb and roasted duck area.

P8307967 P8307965P8307963 P8307961
its like heaven for me… my wife Lace just missed this, we both love this kind of flavors

For me its this is the grail of the buffet
A roasted suckling pig… much tastier than roasted adult pigs, the meat is soft and tastier, and the roasted skin is good too.

P8307958 P8307954
The Balinese Delights occupies a small portion of the buffet. But they got more meaty dishes for us, and the number of dishes are just right. Malay or Indonesian food ranges to seafood, lamb, beef or chicken. The roasted pig is already a big bonus and if ever I will be in Bali, I will look for this roasted pig in every corner of their island.
Balinese Delights dessert buffet area

P8308025 P8308024P8308022 P8308020
I admit that I’m not a dessert lover, I didn’t take a bite of their dessert. Maybe this will be good for merienda session + a hot coffee.

here are some parts of the buffet are in Market Café

P8308048 P8308047
European buffet section

P8308046 P8308043P8308042 P8308041P8308040 P8308039

Here’s one of the unique specialty of Market Café – all drinks inside the refrigerator are FREE for all dining buffet guest

Dessert area

P8308034 P8308038P8308033 P8308031P8308030 P8308029P8308028 P8308026

Japanese section

P8308013 P8308012P8308011 P8308010

P8308018 P8308017P8308016 P8308015
More cold and fruity delights

Asian food section

P8308008 P8308007P8308006 P8308004P8308003 P8308002P8308001 P8308000P8307999 P8307997

Noodles section
P8307996 P8307995P8307992 P8307991

Fresh catch seafood!

P8307990 P8307989

P8307987 P8307986P8307985 P8307983

P8308098 P8308093
My plate!
And here’s my plate that night..take note that I have two more plate that don’t have a photo hahaha.
I smiled when they have lots of sea cucumber and its one of my best experience here in Market Café to dine a plateful of sea cucumbers. This is my first time to see a large chunks of sea cucumber cooked in soy sauce. Its one of the best and I will look for this again if ever I’ll go back to Market Café.

My Bali Sunset drink and a portion of Balinese food ( the photos of two other plates are missing…)
For my other plate,I just dig into their roasted pig, duck, lamb, and satte.

I didn’t noticed their Nasi Goreng that night, I’m not sure if its available that time. But the yellow rice is okay and my first time to try it.
They offer this club membership at Hyatt, the club membership is worth at Php4,500 net.
The membership is global and you can use it if ever you will stay in a Hyatt hotel in other country, there’s discount and special packages for club members.

They also have the Hyatt Gold Passport, its a card that can convert stay and dining into points in Hyatt.
you can read more info here about Hyatt Gold Passport
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