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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Unboxing: Nikon D5300 DSLR with 18-55 VR II kit lens


Presenting…my new DSLR camera for 2014 is finally here! My hunt for a new DSLR camera is now over, if you noticed here in my blog, I always post some prices of cameras and lenses that I found in stores and online buy and sell sites. I was researching for a new camera and that’s a sign for me to move on after enjoying the Olympus camera brand, it was a good experience with Olympus through the years, but I have to move forward and try other cameras. I have lots of selections,but I must choose one only.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My test on #SmartFREEInternet –before and after expiration of free internet

After 4 days of the launch of free 30MB internet by Smart, many people ask questions if this is some kind of trap and scam to their prepaid subscribers in order to steal their text loads via the free internet promo of Smart. Others are afraid to try the free promo because they think that Smart might trick them by paying more without your knowledge when your free internet connection has expired.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Off Price Show Manila 2014 (coverage and my shopping haul)

I went alone this time to visit and shop around at The Off Price Show 2014, its their 3rd year today and they still don’t stop selling and offering items with a price discount up to 80% off. I’m very happy with my shopping haul and I thought that I will be disappointed for not finding any geeky clothing. But I was wrong, and there are some treasures hidden in the corners of World Trade Center Tent.

SMART Free Internet is here for the PH, and also check out my free internet test #smartfreeinternet

The information that we are waiting from Manny V. Pangilinan was revealed yesterday in a lunch press con in Makati Shangri La. Almost everyone are in there, media, bloggers and blogger friends that I haven’t seen for such a long time, it was like a mini reunion.

Coming from MVP himself, the big announcement is about SMART’s new gimmick.. to provide free internet here in the Philippines. Everyone were shocked to hear this and some clapped their hands because this is the next big thing in the world of mobile communication.

Bakood Festival in Bacoor, Cavite marks 343rd founding anniversary (fest starts this Sunday Sept 28)

I got an advise from the tourism officer of Bacoor City, that the Bakood Festival 2014 will start this Sunday Sept 28 here in Bacoor, Cavite. I’m surprised that its another year for Bacoor’s founding anniversary. I haven’t attended this yet, but I’m scheduling myself to check out the parade and program of this town.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Off Price Show opens today in WTC!!! (check out also some pics from our previous visit)

Today is the start of the big shopping day!! See you all later at The Off Price Show!! This Sept 26-28, 2014 at the World Trade Center Tent in Manila, all lifestyle brands and popular fashion brand will be tagged with a price discount up to 80% off.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here’s a list of new Canon Powershots and compact cameras for Sept 2014

PowerShot G7X (2)
Canon unveiled their new set of Powershot series last Sept 15, the new compact cameras under the Powershot line are PowerShot G7X, SX60, SX 400,SX 520 HS and N2 series. Each Powershot line are equipped with wide aperture bright lens, large sensors for superior image quality - good for low light environments, its also best for travel, sport and for selfies.

Lace vs. dengue–photo diary 2


Lace's battle with dengue day 3 continues, here are the photos from last Monday. We harvest some papaya leaves because they say that the juice of the papaya leaves can help you fight dengue, I think it can add more vitamins that your blood needs. Everyday Lace is having a blood platelet count. Last Sunday her platelet count is 213, and then on Monday it drop to 163m which is the boundary to the lowest count.  As doctor's advise, drink 2 liters of water everyday, take paracetamol and lots of bed rest.

Free 30GB of cloud storage by OneDrive, offer is good til the end of September 2014

I was informed by Amiel Mendoza during a Facebook chat, he said that the OneDrive, the free cloud storage service of Microsoft, formerly known as  Sky Drive, is now offering additional 15GB to all OneDrive users.

All you have to do is activate the auto upload from your mobile device's camera roll to OneDrive. Usually, OneDrive offers 7 GB and then an additional 3GB.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bloggers, freelancers and work at home ninjas vs. Typhoon, flood and long blackout–what should we do?

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I wrote an original article, but let me try again and hope this article and tip can help our fellow freelancers, bloggers and work at home ninjas during the aftermath of nature’s wrath and power failure, we experience this many times and it can paralyze our work and online activities for hours or days, The result is that we missed a lot of opportunities, money, projects and even get terminated from our job.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe dinner with a braised beef rice in a bamboo

We tried a new dinner set that evening in Xin Wang Hong Kong Café in SM MOA, my plan is to order some noodles and that baked rice, but my taste buds started to imagine a taste of some braised beef after I read their menu and that rice meal in a bamboo stem.

Unboxing: Nokia Lumia 930 (SRP PHP 29,990)

Here’s my photo diary of unboxing the Lumia 930 and plus my first impressions. In this age of smart phones, LTE and pocket cameras, We are not satisfied whenever there’s a new phone coming out, because we want more features and want more better quality of the entire wares of a phone.

But for Nokia, their age doesn’t end in the domination of Android and iOS, their come back and road to take over just took a restart when they launch the first and early models of Nokia Lumia and also N9, adding new OS and a camera with high megapixel drew attention of camera lovers and also Nokia fans.

The Off Price Show is the best sale event in the world and in the PH, starts this Sept 26-28 in World Trade Center Tent Manila

The Off Price Show is a sale event that is so popular in America and also in UK, they are now organizing this sale event here in our country and I've learned that from their 2012 debut in Manila, they now organize two sale event per year. Wow! congrats to the team behind this PH version.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tweet your perfect home with @Property24PH and get a chance to win an overnight stay in a 5-star hotel

Twitter Promo
Property24 invites you to participate in their Twitter contest. All you have to do is tweet and mention your perfect home via sharing a link of a residential post ad from Property24, just post it on your own Twitter. Lucky winner can get a chance to win an overnight stay in a 5-star hotel. will help you find your perfect home in the Philippines

prop24 1
I discovered this portal site that will help you find the perfect residential home anywhere in the Philippines. One of my relatives asked me to help them to check out that condo unit being sold to them, so I went to Google and from there I saw the condo building and its history, there are no other information about it because the building was developed last 2004. I told my relative that its better that they check out some units that are located in a better area.

Lace vs. dengue–photo diary 1

Yesterday, we learned that Lace got dengue, it’s the most shocking discovery and we’re now at red alert here at home. Last Saturday, Lace is having a fever and she chills the entire day, then on Sunday its getting worse and we decided to go to Medical City even if its 5:30am. Then around 9am, we learned that she got dengue after the blood test.

Photo diary: Lopez Museum and the new exhibit: Articles of Disagreements (open Sept 19-Dec 20, 2014)

This Photo Diary is my own tribute for the Lopez Museum and Library new exhibit for the last half of 2014. The new exhibit is called “Articles of Disagreement”, you can read more about the exhibit by scrolling down.

Call my photo diary an art or not an art, this is inspired from the art exhibit of Lopez Museum and Library, its like my own interpretation about the exhibit and what I've learned from their guest artist.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tomica toy cars exhibit in Toy Kingdom SM MOA

As promised to Ashton, that we will visit Toy Kingdom in SM MOA after his mom’s talk in Digital Influencer and Marketing Summit. We’re so happy that day that Ashton is recovering from a flu, we brought him with us last Saturday because there’s no one will take care of him at home and we’re planning to bring him to the hospital. But he’s better and there’s no need to visit the doctor on a Saturday, we decided to go there on Monday.

Ashton’s new set of Hot Wheels feat. HW: origin of awesome

Ashton went back to collect more Hot Wheels die cast metal cars. We discovered that there are plenty of stocks of 2014 edition in Toy Kingdom, and plus we took the advantage of the ongoing promo, buy two take one. So whenever we visit Toy Kingdom, we always grab two pieces of Hot Wheels (retail at PHP 99 per piece) and then we take home one Hot Wheels car for free.

Five Benefits of Taking Your Real Estate Business Online (guest post)

If you're a licensed real estate broker, one of the best and most effective marketing strategies you can use to boost your online presence. And why wouldn't you? Data from the National Association of Realtors show that up to 90 percent of all American home buyers start searching for a property online.

Given Filipinos' affinity with the Internet (indeed we are the world's social media capital), more and more Filipinos are turning to the Internet in their search for their dream home. This only shows how powerful the Internet can be when utilized properly.

Lamudi lists these five benefits of taking your real estate business online.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Ashton hospitalized again in Medical City (Sept 15)


We went to Medical City again for Ashton's check up and also treatment for his fever. Ashton got sick last Friday and we thought that he will be okay on Saturday, he was okay that Saturday afternoon but he became sick again on Sunday night. That's a go signal for us to bring him in Medical City on Monday.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Win a Boracay trip 2015 by buying a Pockets Fulla Pillz shirts online

Here’s another way were you can win a trip to Boracay for 2 this coming summer 2015, by just buying a shirt online at Pockets Fulla Pillz store, you can get a chance to win your summer getaway. Pockets Fulla Pillz is a graphic and animation studio that specializes in anime and live action short films.

The shirt design is the one pictured above - Pill Pocket Tees
you can buy one online for PHP 600 at

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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