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Thursday, April 16, 2015

SM City Baguio plans to build rainwater catchment tanks to lessen flooding around the city

Aerial View

I’m sure everyone are aware about the master plan of SM City Baguio for the coming years, they will remodel a part of the mall and convert a space as a parking lot, but that’s what we heard before, and we didn't know that the mall expansion will benefit not only the mall ,but also benefit the town folks of Baguio City.

But the grand master plan of the expansion is that SM City Baguio will build their own rain water catchment tank to capture rain water, this will help to reduce the flooding in the city. They are doing this because Baguio City is susceptible to floods and was later on realized after the flooding incident last 2012 during tropical storm Helen and 2013 typhoon Labuyo.

The rain water catchment tank will benefit not only the mall, but also will benefit the entire area near the mall. The captured rain water will be treated by a sewage plant and then the rain water will be reused again by the mall for its operation.

Its like having their own water source provider.

The process of the rain water catchment tank similar to the success installation in SM Masinag and SM BF Paranaque.

expansion  pic 2 12092013

I requested for a copy of this image plan from SM and I think that the the rain water catchment tank is located under the mall. The sewage treatment plan might be there as well.

It require lots of experts and engineers to think a concept of it

expansion  pic 1 12092013


My last visit in Baguio last year 2014.


Everyone might be asking what happened to the trees near the mall. I asked a team of the mall during my visit in year 2012 if they can spare these trees or just preserve it.

All I know is that they are going to build a parking lot, yeah, just a parking lot. But then I realized that the rain water catchment tank is one big benefit not only for the mall, but also for the town who will be affected by the flood during the rainy season.


As for the trees.
They will re-grow it back.


I learned that they have a big nursery of pine trees near the mall


Back in 2012, the nursery is a big success, but its not easy to take care of these plants because it requires some expert’s care for the baby pine trees.


Here I learned that they adopted Mt. Busol watershed
and they replanted 50,000 pine trees with the help of the local police force, volunteers, and mall staffs.

I was inspired when I saw this, In my next visit, I will ask where to find a seedling or a baby pine tree, because I want to plant it here in our area in Cavite where once big pine trees occupies the entire village.


and yes…I joined the tree planting too.




These trees will be re-planted back to the newly expanded mall of SM City Baguio
Now we have to wait for some more years in order for them to grow back as bigger pine trees.

As for the rain water catchment tank, I have no data yet or info when will it be completed.

I will be in Baguio tomorrow, I will try to check and see the progress of their mall expansion.
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