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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Azrael's Merryland Blog Year End Blog Post 2016

This is the 2016 year end post for my Azrael’s Merryland Blog

I should have posted this blog post before the end of 2016, and its already the half of the 1st week of January 2017 and you see me blogging these kind of stuff. I’ve think about it for days if ever I need a year end blog post, doing a short chronicle of my success and failure through out 2016.

I will be reading my old post from January 2016-December 2016 to know how I survived that year, what have I learned and also what are the things I should do next this 2017.

Medyo corny noh? But this blog post can be for myself or can be a news to my blog readers.

Kayo ba? What are the awesome things and part you like here in my blog last 2016? Siguro if you mention something below sa comments, it will be a help for me to know it so that I can do better as a blogger this year.

#ChristmasAroundthePH final blog series: SM City Marikina presents Christmas carols by Psalm of David


Blogging is back!! Happy New Year to all! I'm sorry that this blog post came here late, the holiday season just took my energy away and was out of town for many days, Internet connection in my area is bad and I only got the time to post this as soon as I arrive home.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Perfect Blend: 5 Tips To Become a Good Barista

Costa Coffee's Southeast Asia and India representative is Filipino Justin Dela Fuente
Costa Coffee's Southeast Asia and India representative is Filipino Justin Dela Fuente

Whether it’s paired with hot pandesal (or for some, poured over rice) for breakfast, or taken after dinner for that late-night boost, coffee is the go-to drink for many Filipinos. In fact, we love our coffee so much that the Philippines consistently ranks among the countries with the highest rate of coffee consumption in the world. Needless to say, working as a barista in a country where coffee is embedded in everyone’s daily routine is no easy task. Making the perfect blend to satisfy every coffee lover’s discriminating taste ultimately requires a great deal of skill, creativity and patience.

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