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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tips to conquer your fortune this 2017 Year of the Rooster

The year of the boisterous monkey is about to end, and people are only too happy to bid it farewell. In its place, the Fire Rooster comes speeding in, setting its track ablaze with fortunes waiting to be claimed.

Chicken? Rooster? Not again.

You're probably thinking that you're in for a bad year. After all, in Filipino culture, the Rooster or the Chicken is considered a symbol of tight times. "Isang kahig, isang tuka" is only too familiar to kids who grew up with their grandparents.

So before you write down 2017 on your forget list, know that the Rooster favors the hardworking and goal-oriented. It brings great success to those who can aim sharply as this zodiac animal. The rooster has no qualms about sharing a fortune. You only have to earn it with a rooster's sure-footed steps.

Think and crow like a rooster

Make 2017 your banner year by having a clear goal in mind. Open the year of the Fire Rooster with your eyes set on a successful outcome, and you will find that great financial habits can yield results.

The trick is to take charge of your destiny. Is it wealth that you want? Is it better work-life balance? Is it a comfortable and secure future? Reflect on your goals and extract every bit of detail you can draw from them.

Be specific. Exactly where do you want to be? You need to be specific about your wishes. Simply saying you want something may not be compelling enough for you to act. You want to be rich? Well, how rich is rich to you? It's more proactive to say, "I want to have a net worth of P5 million by the time I'm 40 years old." See, it's easier to track your progress if you have actual numbers, or metrics, to measure yourself by.

Know when to hold off spending. Tell yourself, "My budget is my friend." Roosters are long-sighted, because their eyes are transfixed on their goal. Pick up this trait and you can look forward to greater rewards and yields, if you stick to your budget.

Remember, today is the best day to build your net worth. Your net worth is a good place to start and expand your horizon. The way towards wealth starts with building your net worth. Net worth, in simple terms, is your assets less your liabilities. Take heart: having a low net worth isn't the end of the world! All you need to do is begin. So take one step forward!

Trace that red thread that connects you to your dream future. Asian folklore says there are strings that bring two fates together. Visualize that thread running through time, connecting you to your ideal self. Maximize the time in between by investing and growing your money, from its present to future value.

That is why you should plan for your investment basket. Today, there is a wide variety of investment vehicles that you can choose from. These vehicles come with different risks and expected returns. So,hit the books, and know the pros and cons of wealth-building tools. Better yet, consult with experienced professionals. Let them guide you on the best way to grow your fortune this New Year.

Create and insist on having a good mix for yourself. Your portfolio should be as hard-working as your dreams. Diversify to mitigate the challenges of this exciting year of the Rooster. Be as bull-headed as this zodiac animal and you will take home your desired earning.

Don't gawk too long over your wins. A strategic financial plan will bring robust yields, but make sure to keep engaged in your goal. Along with your advisor, review your investments' performance and plan how to proceed. So, during your annual financial review, ask yourself: are your investments delivering the returns you expect? Are there over-performers? Are there under-performers? How are their results affecting your financial goals?

Review your investments, and re-calibrate if needed. Like a fire rooster that has a strong sense of time keeping and responsibility, review and re-calibrate your portfolio to get back on track. That is, you may have to take profits on over-performing portions of your investment and re-allocate these to the under-performing ones, to "average down". This is the concept called "regression to the mean". This tells us that over time, the returns we get from each investment would approximate its average historical return.

Keep your eye on the prize. Like the hard working rooster, keep your eye on achieving your goals. The conditions surrounding may become challenging, but just persist and find ways to mitigate those challenges.

Rein in the Fire Rooster with a good team. Connect with a team that gets you started on the life that you want today. Pursue your financial goals with Insular Life and have fortune on your side with the right mindset and the burning determination that are perfect for the Year of the Fire Rooster.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sofitel Manila 2017: CNY, Valentines Day and Japanese Food Festival


Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila featured three different kinds of food special for January and February 2017. I can say that the 1st two months of 2017 at Sofitel Manila will magnet food lovers, foodies and Spiral fans because three themes will feature three kinds of food.

Jollibee Pepper Cream Burger Steak + New renovated branch in Glorietta 4


Jollibee's burger steak meal is fully accepted because many of us pinoys prefer to eat their burger patty with white rice and instead of enjoying it as a burger sandwich. In my early youngling days, I love burger steak, but I first encountered that to a restaurant that serves pancake, their burger steak price is expensive for me, I only get to eat one when Im with my parents.

Top five premium global brand Vivo to launch Stephen Curry-endorsed 20MP dual front camera V5 Plus


With the ‘selfie’ phenomenon at its peak and its popularity growing unabated, smartphone manufacturers have been producing phones with camera-focused features that can create the selfie worthy of being called ‘perfect’.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Coldplay Sessions round 2 this Jan 20th

The 2nd #GlobeColdplay Sessions will give everyone a sky full of stars, with rockin' performances of the epic duo-- Leanne and Naara, along with the legendary combo of Bullet Dumas, Johnoy Danao and Ebe Dancel. 

They are set to serenade everyone with Coldplay favorites such as Fix You, A Sky Full of Stars, Up&Up and Magic. It will happen on January 20, 2017 at the Bonifacio High Street Activity Center. 

This event is free for all, and Globe customers can get a chance to win concert tickets and exclusive Coldplay freebies if they complete all the activities in the Globe booth. 

M&M Characters (Red, Yellow, Green to) deliver a Valentines surprise to your loved one

Red Delivery
MANILA, PH --- Valentine’s Day is a time for you to express your feelings and send your message across to someone special to you. Are you adventurous enough to make the first move to surprise your loved one and show how truly special he or she is? Or are you finally ready to reveal yourself to your secret crush? Or how about making your partner fall in love with you again?

Blue Palawan International Kite board Open 2017


Kite boarding is one of the extreme water sports that I want to  try. You ride a board and then you use the power of the wind to propel yourself to surf with a help of a giant kite. I know that you need proper license to operate a kite board in some beaches, but if you are one of the licensed riders, then check out the 2nd annual Blue Palawan International Kite Board Open 2017.

Read the full details below:

#STEAKation tayo! at McDonalds this 2017


Holiday staycation and vacation is now over, and we have to wait for another two months for a big holiday break. I know that many of my friends are so excited to travel to the beach and enjoy the big waves and also sun, Im excited too, medyo naudlot nga yung Coron beach trip namin, but that's Okay.

McDonalds is here to introduce that is something that we can crave while waiting for the long staycation
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