Super Star Virgo by Star Cruises is back in Manila for their Winter Deployment Cruise

I didn’t expect that I’ll be boarding Super Star Virgo again, after our trip last March 2018 for a high sea cruise (read my blog post here) and now for this month of December 2018, I went back there for a media thanksgiving, tour and in time for their winter deployment cruise for this holiday season, we don’t have winter here, so I think they call it winter deployment because its already winter season to some parts of Asia.

Super Star Virgo ship by Star Cruises is back here in Manila and just in time for their Dec 4-9, 2018 maiden cruise for December, the cruise ship is scheduled to sail going to Vietnam and China, its a 5 day cruise for passengers, in a total of 2 high seas, 2 country visit and back to Manila.

So while they are dock in here at Pier 15 South Harbor in Manila, they invited us media and bloggers to visit the cruise ship again and learn more about their plans for the holiday season.

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Here’s an aerial photo of the Super Star Virgo, wow!! I can still remember my family’s adventure there for 3 days, I got chances to travel with them, but we let Lace’s mom and her friend to try the cruise, so I gave them our ticket for two that I won in a Resorts World Manila party.

But the good news is that I’ll be joining a cruise adventure this coming December 9-14, 2018 and we’re going to travel to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Sanya, China. I’m so excited, but for this time, my wife and kid won’t be coming with me. I was expecting that our mom will be on the same date of travel, but they are set to sail on Dec 14-19, 2018, so When I arrive back in Manila on Dec 9,  Mama Sally and Tita Susan will be the next to ride the cruise ship.

Oh wow! We are so excited! It will be my first time to visit Vietnam and Sanya, China.

Okay, since I’m back at Super Star Virgo, let’s have tour again...

Panthenon Pool.
Im excited to swim on it again. The last time I was here, my swim is “bitin” because the pool is not suitable for small kids. So me and my family transfered to a kiddie pool at the other side of the ship.

The Piazza Plaza
Wow!! Everything still glows and there’s a Christmas tree! The trip for December is more festive!

Thanks to my blog partner Aaron Nomo for sending a copy of this flyer. Oh Wow! On each trip they have a series of show, so for Dec 9-14 trip, we’re going to watcha Manila Philharmonic Orchestra show - ohh that’s why they told us to bring our gala clothes

Btw, the next trip is on:

Dec 9-14 - RT Vietnam and China
Dec 14-18 - RT Ho Chi Mhin and Nha Trang, Vietnam
Dec 19-24 -  RT Ho Chi Mhin and Nha Trang, Vietnam
Dec 24 - RT Christmas Cruise
Dec 29 - RT New Year’s Cruise
Jan 3- 7- RT Coron, Puerto Princesa, and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Jan 8  - 2N Manila to HK only

For more details visit  -

RT - round trip

Free VISA entry to Sanya, China, only if you have pre-booked a package tour with Star Cruises, I think that;s the only way for you to waive the VISA when on this trip. I think similar to other cruises that requires VISA, if ever you hold a PH passport

Ocean view Stateroom with Balcony
with 2 single beds and 1 single sofa

Bath tub in Junior Suite

Wish list for my next trip --- a stay here at the Junior Suite.  

The lap pool. I missed this last time, but for my next trip, I will try this and see if ever I can continiously swim.

I didn’t get to try their gym last March, but hmmm this time I can try those threadmill

The lovely library…. I didn’t get to try this, this library is always full!

The lobby to the duty free stores!
Must avoid haaha

I dont know what is a BEA SHIP means.

Mediterranean resto at Super Star Virgo, its my fave resto here and I love their noodles, ham and bacons!

A pinoy chef in a Japanese resto did some teppanyaki demo, he joked that he’s making a Japanese kind of chopseuy. Oo nga naman! Hahaha.

The Zodiac Theater - a series of stage shows, concert and movies are being played here.

For this December 2018, Star Cruises is in partner with the upcoming animated movie -- Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse, We thought that we’er going to watch the movie inside the cruise ship, but the movie is only available in big screen cinemas

To keep the kids happy during the cruise. The entire corners and walls of Super Star Virgo are filled with Spider-man posters and images. In order to get to know the various renditions of Spider-man coming from different worlds.

On pic above is  -- Peter Parker Spider-man, then Miles Morales Spider-man and last is Spider Gwen Stacy.

This movie activation is also supported by the Spider-man fan community- Spider Verse PH
We spotted them on board and they are always invite everyone to have a photo.

Spotted!  Tim Villasor and Dan Geromo in costume!

Here’s what Im talking about, a tarp poster of Spider-man in the pillars of the ship.

Btw, there will be lots of Spider-man activities happening on board,  kids and the adults can have fun and enjoy some Spider-man related party games.

Some of the food served also on some resto are going along with the Spider-man theme.

My blog partner - Aaron Nomo..just arrived in Manila ahhaahha

Wow! There are lots of thing that are offered by Star Cruises, I didn’t expected that it will be another adventure for me this coming weekend.

Super Star Virgo, see you in a bit!