Sofitel Manila Art de Noel Christmas Tree Lighting 2019 and fashion show Debbie Co and Anthony Ramirez

It's Christmas time in the city and also here in Sofitel Manila.  This is the Christmas tree lighting event and Christmas opening that I should not miss. It's already a tradition for me ever since I was introduced to Sofitel Manila and I'm happy that I got a complete attendance since 2013.

The Christmas tree lighting event usually starts there at the upper ground floor of the hotel,  in Le Bar. But for this 2019 I'm surprised that they are now hosting the tree lighting ceremony at the Spiral restaurant area, just below the Spiral staircase.

Now that's something and it break the pattern of the usual upper ground floor event, But then instead of having the ceremony at Le Bar, they arranged the entire bar into a fashion show stage to feature the fashion designed by Filipino designers Debbie Co and Anthony Ramirez.

The event is not just about the Christmas Tree Lighting, but its also featuring Filipino artistry combined with Sofitel Manila's French elegance. We're excited for this collab event and it was very different from the yearly Art de Noel here in Sofitel.

Before the event, we are offered by this cool wine! I think I got 5 glasses which made my face so red the entire night. I also enjoyed their chips and almonds at the table.

The Virlaine Foundation choir started the event by signing some Christmas carols

The host of the night - Ms Gretchen Ho. 

Sofitel Manila hotel general manager Puneet Dhawan opened the ceremony of the Christmas tree lighting. 

Before the tree lighting. A warm toast and cheers for everyone. 

Sofitel Manila executives, VIP guest and team

3...2..1.. Merry Christmas everyone. The 30 foot Christmas tree of Sofitel Manila just lit up. You can visit this giant tree at the spiral staircase of Spiral Manila. 

With Lace Llanora

With our blogger friends - Ted Claudio, Me-an Clemente, Conrad Pineda, Aaron Nomo and Carla Ramos

Sofitel Manila also introduces their holiday season food that will be feature in Spiral Manila

These food can be found in Spiral Manila's 21 Atelier and also special events or chef's table events

Local and international cheese are featured and also some chestnuts, almonds and wines

Mule wines. I only see this every Christmas in Sofitel Manila. One of my fave here is that you can choose a cold or warmer Mule wines

The colorful Christmas booth bazaar are set up at the side of the ground floor of Sofitel Manila. You can buy here some wooden toys for your kids and for your Christmas decor

After the Christmas tree lighting. Sofitel Manila featured artistic fashion design with French elegance by fashion designers Debbie Co and Anthony Ramirez. 

Here's my fashion show photo set of Debbie Co's design









Fashion designer Debbie Co (in black) shows up and escorter by fashion style celebrity Tessa Prieto-Valdes

And here's my fashion show set of Anthony Ramirez







At the end of the fashion show, Anthony Ramirez shows up infront of the fashion runaway together with Debbie Co.

Thanks for reading my blog post for today. I will be posting next about special offers of Sofitel Manila. If you are looking for something special this holiday season, then you should not miss the amazing offerings of Sofitel Manila this Yuletide season.