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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Today is the "The Event"
yeah! we will be watching F2 and ASOS in Ultra later.
ya...that's Ken, Vaness, Barbie and Dee Xu in Manila

will be going out with my die hard fan sister and cousin, and they (we) will go out as a group. Together with their Mailing list group f4_phils.

And i can't attend the World Cyber GAmes in Glorieta.also they will have those cosplays for Ragnarok

Meann of Star Wars Phil. called 8am in the morning to notify and remind me that we are all going to the bday party of Gary Mayoralgo in Caloocan, i was too sleepy when Jedi Master Meann called, she said they are going and she's asking me if im going too, i said. GAry didn't tell me that he's gonna have a bday party. Maybe that i didn't receive his txt message...oh i have to dress up and snoop quickly for 15 minutes...after contact and dress up!

wow....he made a bday party together with the orphanage ..
bait talaga ni Gary.

now where will i find a bday gift toy for a 25 year old Bday boy?

Last night at the Artists' Den meeting.
there were only a few of us make it to the meeting. im glad that Soleil interview made it. its me with Lyndon, Ariel, RG, Ludz and Trish! ...after the interview, Soleil treated us a Big Cinnamon Roll in Starbucks. ...thanks Soleil, also met his friend Ruben de Vela. man his artwork is cool!
i think his website is
then we went home at around midnight, and all sleepy. Trish sleeped over here in my place. then we are waked up by the 8am phone call...and then...i receieved a terrible headache....i can't even look at bright light..

Friday, September 12, 2003

No work for me today. and business is getting a little slow.
have to divert and find a new gimik for this new life ..nye

Faith of the Heart
last night i decided to go to Via-Astris, for their Star Trek screenings, and its the only Wed night gimik that i know. Me,Lyndon, Ryan went to Brash Young Cinema. and my surprise. im just in the nick of time to attend the final show..they will gonna show the new season of Star Trek Enterprise.whoohoho....

.and then..i was hugged and squeezed by one of the Via Astri's resident babe...geez...after that...i felt her heartbeat...ahhaahhahaah

check out i downloaded T'pol wallpaper

i failed to watch the 2 films im waiting in Eiga Sai. Sonatine and Violent Cop. Trish and I will watch it..oh fault! got no money to go out and no food here at home....

so all day i decided to cook pancakes! yup its pancakes !!!
im not a good cook..but hey..take a look at thezee!!!

azrael pancake served with choco spread and Orange Juice...oh...yummy

i cooked it while watching MTV Alternative nation, my downloaded Purplechicken mp3 ehhehhe, Sugar Free CD and NARDA Cd! wohooh..Narda !! !!!
swerte ! swerte !

Hail Spectra!
oh damn...i finished all Battle of the Planets Comics, issue 1/2-11
and i cant wait to read the final battle in issue 12...
Wilson Tortosa's work wowed me! man...astig! his art made my eyes tricked and start to think that im watching a TV. man...his artwork speaks!
well.thanks to the colorist, writers and the main dude Alex Ross...wooooo!

and thanks to Wilson for joining us in our UST Exhibit and Seminar

MPD Psycho almost at the 14th chapter of MPD Pyscho, and the killings and murders are getting a little grotesque. man..where can you see a body of a person with a flower planted in its brain, they call it a human flower pot. and there's cannibalism, cult followers, this way i can see and view every psycho killers life. but check out the main character....he is a psycho too, a Metropolitan Police District Investigator who has multiple personalities.

You are Amamiya Kazuhiko!

You are the intelligent personality of MPD Psycho.

You are very smart and will solve all the problems you face in your life. But
don't be too distracted from having a good time.

Which MPD Psycho personality are you?

May God and Her Highness be with us all....Amen....Amen
at last...
i finally finished watching the anime "Hellsing" all in 13 volumes, man.this anime made me a real fan...story of an agency called Hellsing, run by a last Hellsing clan, Integra Hellsing, who has a loyal slave, the original Nosferatan Vampire, Alucard. look on the bright side...everyone dies and all destruction, more blood !
May God and Her Highness be with us all....Amen....Amen..

Hellsing reading and watching too much horror stuff
haehehehe that's what i call entertainment...

thanks everyone for wording me up!
jac,tin tin, A, Ed, Camy, Heff, ski, duh, and lea...

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Psychosomatic and gigs and stuff

yo people ! thanks thanks.for the word up , regarding my last post in my blog.
and sorry that i didn't know that some of you are offended on some of my reactions towards my ex. back to normal. its hard to be in the dark side of force..i became a little psychotic and insane.
want to kill all those who want to block my way...or kill myself..but...just thinking...thats not the reason why i want to do it..

i didn't know.......
ahhehhehheh.......i am very psycho...scary.....another perona comes out...its the beast azrael!
thats why i love the manga comic MPD Psycho.

ok...lets go back to the old program .......check it out !!

Eiga Sai in UP
Me and Trish watched a movie in UP Film Center and its our first time to meet again..after her Europe trip last May. and on the end of Sept. she will fly again. and complete her scholarship in Osaka, Japan,. geez..lucky one eh?
we watch "A Scene at the Sea", its kinda like a...a.....silent movie...ahahhaha... Major characters are two lovers who are deaf and mute..and story about Surfing....and then....people react around them....theres no much dialogue on the movie..
but great musical score....damn...composed by Joe of the great musical scorer in some Ghibli's Anime movies.

Azrael recommends "A Scene at the Sea"
"The film forces one to view it the way a deaf person sees the world."

Deaf and dumb teenager Shigeru (Maki) leads a drudgerous life as a dustman by day. After picking up a discarded surfboard on his rounds he finds himself drawn to the waves accompanied by his dating girlfriend, the equally mute Takako (Oshima). Initially ridiculed by the local surfing clique, he spends his every spare hour trying to master the sea until his determination eventually catches the eye of the owner of a nearby surf shop who persuades him to enter a local contest. His first attempt at competition is scuppered when he fails to hear the announcement for his category. However, his unwavering perseverance begins to impress the surf crowd and very soon both he and Takako are accepted as part of the group.

directed and written by : Takeshi Kitano


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SEPTEMBER 26. Dome. Greenbelt1: Sugarfree / Narda <--manonood ako !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, September 08, 2003

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