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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Tuwing umuulan

sa kasalukuyang ako ay tinamad na lumabas ng bahay dahil sa sobra lakas ng ulan.
at dahil doon.ay hindi ako nakapunta sa tugtugan ng Imago sa DOME. at medyo na indyan ko si Therese. patay ako nyan.lagot. wala din kasi ako pera pambili ng MTV ink. sana ay pinatulan ko na yung pagpapahiram ng pera sa akin ng isa kong kaibigan,

siguro dahil sa tinamad ako, ay nawalan ako ng gana lumabas ng bahay
dahil sa isang insedente kanina umaga. na medyo na badtripan ako.
isa na dun ay isang pagtawag ng isang kakilala na si Carlo Pablo na ayaw mag bayad na kanyang pagkakautang.

ito ay tuloy pa din ako sa pag basa ng MPD Psycho. napaka psycho medyo hindi ko na ito nirerekomenda dahil sa pati ang mga mambabasa nito ay naapektuhan ang utak, nagiging psychotic ang dating.

kelangan ko manood ng Mini Moni para malunasan ang sakit na ito.

word of the day:
"ihahamapas ko sa mukha nya yan!"

Azrael's TOY TALK #2
starring :
Hulk Maestro and tiny Hulk Heroclix
Green Goblin

Friday, September 19, 2003

Blood more blood!

just finished watching Freddy Vs. Jason movie with Tin Tin noda!. and all i can say is..."I miss them!", and I waited for this movie since the end of the movie of Freddy's dead and Jason goes to Hell.

Lot of blood spilled everywhere..and the two bad ass can't stop fighting. till the end...who wins? take a guess?
i dont want to spoil everyone.. but the movie is great!

I fully recommend it, if you guys are into Horror and more blood shed type,and a fan of Nightmare on Elm St. or Friday 13th movies. this is one of the best horror urban legend movie.

who's next? Michael Myers and Candyman?

word of the day:
"Medicine course?, hindi compatible sa brain ko yun"

Featuring Azrael's Toy Talk
1st seen here in my blog and will be launched on the next issue of Omake Omake News Phil.

Darth Vader: "Let me out! or else, feel the power of the dark side!"
Spiderman : "spidey sense is not active!, this might be another form of Venom!"
Modok : "Hey he's not moving! I want my ticket back!!!"

Thursday, September 18, 2003

my ToyLand

i'm half way redocorating my look like a comic-toy store. i posted some posters in the wall. and my sister said our house looks like a carnival. also i posted their pictures everywhere.aahhhahaha

behind my back is a poster of japanese pop star "Takako" former member of the girl band "SPEED". top of it is a theatrical poster of "Neon Genesis Evangelion", on the other side is a PEX Animanga Club mini poster of MECHA Festival, theres a Beerkada flyer annoucing its 3rd book launch, and poster of the MOS EISLEY NIGHTS.

also i created a mini shelves for my comic, located behind me, and near the microwave. in the stairways, still my giant toys are still in displayed, SD King Ghidrah, Trunks, Sailormoon clock, Goku, Wind up doll, Woody of Toy Story, and Super Boink, on the wall has a 3 kind of poster of DARNA, then poster of 1st Animation Convention in the Philippines, Animexplosion, New Worlds poster, art by Gary Mayoralgo, and Toy Convention poster, ive posted some poster which event i was involved.

tomorrow il bring down some of toys and action figures and will be displayed here.. toy collection will be used soon as a props for Viva Films movie.whohooo.... post it more info soon.

word of the day :
Ryan ano gusto mo, Powder or Lotion...nyahahhaah..just fool!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


im here....wala magawa..
doin nothing..
im redecorating my house...fixing everything..

hey look! im reading ! Heavy Metal, featuring H.R. Giger...wohooho..
im a fan of H.R. Giger since Alien showed..and look !
thanks Tin noda+Kuya John, read ko muna yung Magazine.

its my first time to read Heavy MEtal MAgazine
and its my first time to read and read deep to this comic mag.
art is great. even that i watched the movie when i was in High School.
whooh...there are too much nudity and sex scenes here ..

here are some photos from the "THE EVENT"
taken ba a pic from the F4 fan group of my sister f4_phils yahoo groups

ASOS ! super cuties !

Vaness and Ken duet !


hi to kitchie-chan ! heeheh..happy reading !
watch tayo movie sa Cine Europa sa Thursday ha!

Monday, September 15, 2003

Last post in Comfort Zone
this will be my last post in my blog here in Comfort Zone Internet Cafe. Ariel's computer shop. also Hobbyzone's hideout..hehhehhe...the computer shop will move to another venue..

there are bad news and good news..
thanks to everyone for taking time reading my blog.
baka magpacontest ako next time..aehehhehe

Log in problems
damn. someone hacked my mail account,. and its the 4th time someone is changing my password. im glad that i recovered the password just in the nick of time,. and luckily that my inbox is not deleted.
my other email have been hacked too, the latest was 2 weeks ago. all of my inboxes are deleted. im investagating and trying to know the suspected hacker.

I have some suspects in my hand. but as they must have the evidence.
Leave me alone
still this group wants to nail me for good. they want me to be destroyed. but they must be careful. I escaped all of their traps, and still I survive..They might fall on their own trap.
tang ina nila..kulang na lang banggitin ko names nila dito! why dont they just leave me alone.

here's a spoiler for them " They will die slowly!"

on vacation..
Will be going out of Manila this saturday. and might be a one week day off for me, climb that mountain in our province. and have a good rest and relax mode.

but first. have to watch a concert this friday night with a friend, Therese, a rock music lover. we will watch Imago and some local rock bands
December tour
Mary invited me to tour her in Bukidnon this December, and..problem is..Bukidnon is very far here in Manila, i think it is located in Mindanao. and I havent got out of Luzon in my entire life. geez.
her visit here in the Philippines will be in December.
man..i have to start putting coins in my Ultraman Coin bank.

Gig plugging!


the purplechickens
musings of a cigarette smoking man
fatal posporos
the itchyworms!


SEP 17, WED, 9pm
Millennia cafe

september 26, friday
millennia, kamuning road, qc

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Az @ F2-ASOS Event

i am very sick today, and my foot hurts, body aches, and has a fever.and i didnt make it to the Matrix Philippines gathering and Costume Hunting this morning. hope all of my members are fine and safe during their hunt activity.

Last night it was a big blast at the "The Event" in Ultra. The Coliseum has transformed into a fan gathering venue of these Taiwanese Pop star.all of us are soakin wet! because of the rain,. and 90% of them are girls! yes...girls!!!! girls everywhere!

I met some of the girls I know. UP students, Armie, Hannah and her friends saw me while im on the line for the entrance. I was covering my face that time..they scream and shouted at me. " AZRAEL !!!!" and then they laughed. i said."hey i came here to watch Gary V." then they continue to laugh!. also met Holy Spirit student, Tin Tin G., her reaction was "Az?..Az?..Az? kaw ba yan? Azrael!!!!!!" then i was covering my face...aahhahah..then met Alma a fellow Jrocker fan, and invited her to join in our line (means pinasingit ko sa pila)

thanks to Ana of f4_phils for inviting us to join in the middle of thei r line, we are lucky to have these nice people and let us join the line.

it was Me, and the 2 moderators of f4_phils yahoogroups and their members. i noticed that all in the line are all girls..

I was covering my face just to protect me status, they might suspect me a die hard F4 fan..
NOOO!!! i am a fan of Barbie and Dee Xu of ASOS

Our ticket is P500 and we are lucky to watch the concert in front of the stage. front seats priced at P10,500.

Fans pushed the fence divider of the concert which make them enter the inside of the P10,500 area, me and mods of f4_phils run inside the area and made it near the stage!
(note: Me and the mods are concert experts, we survived lots of Rock and Punk Concert during the 90s so we know the rules...) We are P500 ticket holders. and we watched the concert in front area,exclusive for P10,500.

everybody was standing in their chairs and heavy rains poured in, and lots of umbrella can be seen if you dont stand in your chair. then 2 cute girls at my back hold on to my shoulders while they are standing in their chairs.they might loss their balance thats why they hang on to me.

with kris aquino
everybody enjoyed the concert.
i like the performace of ASOS..they are so cute!!!!

while girls are crazy to see Vaness performed and strip his clothes
and Ken guitar slinging performance, plus the F2 duets..
fans sing with them...even in Mandarin lyrics.

There are people from Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan who went here in Manila just to watch the concert.

its a one hell of a experience watching foreign artists performing live!

and now...some people that i know are spreading the news that im a die hard Gary V. fan.
oh no !
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