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Friday, September 26, 2003

On Air Awards, double time!

I was at the On Air Awards in Street Life with Ariel, and JP with his berks from DLSU, and its a one wacky night out for us. experiencing crazyness and hell of a laughter in this wacky ol' award night. and its my second time around attending this kinda awards night. and becoming a regular on this set.

Event is cool ! and great rock music by Kiko Machine. this band rock man! astig yung bassist! don in Spiderman costume with matching "Otso Otso dancey and Spageti trips" ehehe..Talo ka Rainboi!, i like their punka music trigger rap mix, "Garapata Blood" and tribute song to "Val Sotto".

damn Psycho Cow made a spoiler for the winner of the VideoClip of the year.and I was shocked that one girl that I know.. won the 1st place !
congrats to Cat!....or spelled KAT!

she made a stunning and raise the roof video clip for On Air, ranting and bad mouthing her schoolmate eheh.for spreading the news in school that the girl has a crush on this guy. but the truth is the girl "Cat" dont have a crush on that guy.

.it was like hell for 1 minute. and everything you will hear in her video is full of censors...bleep..bleep ..bleep...and People nationwide appreaciated her stunt and thus made her the Video Clip of the year!

also my reaction after watching that video on TV ABC 5 last March 2003. I was in a little delay reaction "ugh..uh...kilala ko yan babae na yan!" also that time one of my video was aired, i think we were promoting indie comics.

man...she was very pissed talking and shouting on the video clip.
I like what she did and She deserved to win the award for having the balls to say it ON AIR !!!
man...using TV as a powerful tool for vengeance ..thats cool !

also last year Psycho Cow won the award,,,, for bad mouthing and cursing "Salbakuta" eehheheh...

The show features a compilation of the various views, opinions, and crazy antics of people from all walks of life. The show has a video booth set-up last in Glorietta 4 Cinema Lobby, now in STARMALL. The "On-Air" video booth allows anyone and everyone 1-minute to say and do whatever they want. The producers of the show then compiles the best of the materials taped and airs it on ABC-5 at 9:00pm every Monday. This is a chance for people to have their coveted "15-minutes of fame", or in this case, their "15-seconds of fame." So stand up, speak out, and "Speak Your Mind.. ON AIR!"

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Noda day on friday!

hapi bday to Tin Tin (Noda!) Velasco
Sept. 26

me and tin are friends for almost 5 years! geez...ok ah..tumatagal din pala tayo.nyahahahha..
5 years ba? i was thinking baka 7 years na? correct me if im wrong.
kasi si jaclyn naman e..a year after yata..
(pic above is her baby pic)

we 1st met when we our younger days...payat pa kame nun.
and we are fun of comparing my small hands to her hand. that time my hands are small, like a hand of a baby.nyahhaahha.
but now my hands are more bigger and um...slimmer..nyahaha.

also. she's mad when im always forgetting her bday date. every year we argue about it...but this year...aehehae.....i didn't forget it!
that's one point for me...

and my fault for introducing to her the anime series Fushigi Yuugi, which she became a fan and addicted to Chichiri Noda!

its Noda day this Friday!
hapi bday Tin!
and maybe the Stormballs might dance for your bday party!
get get aw!!! (paging Captain Stormball Small! ehhehe...joke lang.)

Ouch it hurts! a little bit injured. my left ankle is in pain, like im in hell. painkillers are no use. man....i have to recover and i want to skate!!!

word of the day :
"Ano mas mainit Bengay or IcyHot?"

Gig plug
Sept 24
Last Full Show gig - Millenia Cafe, Kamuning
featuring :Musing of Cigarette smoking man, fish trio, etc.

Sept 25
2nd Annual On Air Awards - Street Life, Glorietta

Sept 25
Azrael live! - yup thats me..
live singing new composed songs

inside my bathroom!

Sept 26
itchyworms Buwan mtv,single cd launch - Millenia Cafe, Kamuning
free entrance!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Ice babies and Injuries

Me and Trish went on ice skating session, and I used the SM megamalls free 1 hour skating coupons, we brought our own hockey skates. and the last time we skate together was last May 2003 i think, a week before she left for France... but this. next week she will fly to Japan for her scholarship, and it will be a one year stay..huhhuuh...i will surely miss her..... go girl !

i went home after that and changed clothes and went to the Phil. Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention meeting, using my Inline Skates from Megamall to Wilson st.,

its a bad experience for me, got injured a little bit on my left ankle while i was going for that downhill fast drop going to Wilson st. my inline skate broke its ankle brace. the bad is...both of them...

and also i found some bruises on my left knee. i dont know here did i get that ....i was wearing my knee pad! maybe my knee pad did'nt hang on while i rolled over the street.

my inline skates a little bit old .and it seems that I need a new one. much it is again? P6T ..geez...where would i get that big super broke..

luckily at that accident..i was wearing my protective helmet..." I Do'nt Leave Home without It".
my luck again....i was skating at the sidewalk.

now my left ankle is wrapped and with pain killers. hurts!
i think some bone fragments are broken...hope not..maybe its just a little sprain.

word of the day :
"damn! 28 couples sa Riverbank Marikina, nabilang ko pa! ganito pala pag gabi, dami kanya kanya pwesto.hehehehe... oi ano yung ginagawa nila? yikes....(azrael runs away)

thanks to Ate Doray for the Fiesta Food chowtime!

a chick doing the trick called "the fish brain"
sliding your skates in a railing with your feet crossed

2003 Rollerblade TRS <---- I WANT THIS !!!!!!!!!!
Finally, the long awaited newest of the new from Rollerblade!

Revolutionary new look with wide, flat grinding surface. Pre-grooved boot with black suede outer. You gotta see this boot. Fits true to size, and very comfortable! PFA Specialized Form Fit Liner. Gel Shock Absorber Heel Insert. ABEC-5 Bearings. 55 mm RB Aggressive Wheels. Universal Frame System (UFS). Replaceable everything!

Regular price: $229.99 Sale price: $179.90

Monday, September 22, 2003


Its Fiesta in our town here in Santolan Pasig. and it seems so quiet.
but there are lot of musicians roaming around with their flute, violin playing the tunes of "Spaghetti Song!", ears are getting hot!

there's no much action for today. but hope all of you enjoy my Toy Talk feature. and here are some photos from our Poor Boys Night out last saturday.
Me, Adrian, Emil, Rain,. fan boys, try their luck on getting chicks in Eastwood City, but went home empty handed, except for the lucky son of the gun Adrian, for meeting up a chickie he chatted in IRC. heeheehe...

its just me and the 2 bozos, im teaching these 2 torpedoes on how to handle chicks. and hey ! im setting them up on a date, arranged by me.. damn! they must pay me for the tips and advice.hheheehe

here we are at home donning some beer and already sleep headed.eheheheh

Rainboi, Emil, me

Rainboi saw a stray chick, hey i didn't saw that! and Emil already snooping

Modok guest star in Poor Boys night out ! for his late night news

word of the day :
"Next question EMIL !"

starring :
Quicksilver (Avengers)
Flash (Justice League)
Superman (Justice League)

man,,, i miss SIBIL !
must contact Toni and Ayrene for another party gimik in SIBIL! woohoooo!

hi to Kitchie,
di tayo nagkita sa Cine Europa!

Thanks to Ariel for the free ticket invite for the 2nd Annual On-Air Awards this Thurs!
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