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Saturday, October 04, 2003

solo ride in Octoberfest

Its October and its time for the annual beer party of San Miguel beer Octoberfest. All people went to Eastwood City, where Octoberfest will be held. and lots of people raced down and monstrous traffic everywhere. Lucky me after my Internet surfing in Megamall forces me to go to Eastwood in an early time.

The event rocks man!, i mean check it out..entrance is P80 and you get 2 free big cups of beer, and also you can watch the concert and you can exchange your plastic cups into some stuff like play video games or videoke, something like that.

first. i visit some Hip Hop base on the side, while im finishing my first beer, im just watching the Break Dance remember i'm doing that thing when i was in a hip hopper turn rocker.

Then the ala ultra magnetic rock concert, when i arrive its my luck to watch Moonstar88 playing..and then heavy rains pour down..and then suddenly i got sucked inside the MOSH PIT. and then..i started to Slam to everyone..and then..making a peace sign to everyone.just to remind that. its all just fun and we dont want to hurt or make a war.and the...BEER raining everywhere..

then the rain stopped. im all wet and stinky, then..still stucked inside the crowd. im located near the stage and still a little tipsy.because my beer. man..i hate draft beer..

there was this groupies smoking Marijuana..but i cant avoid the 2nd hand smoking. so after a while i got highed! and super tipsy.but still kicking some more butts during the Slamming dance.

but then..i tried to avoid the smoke of that dopie, but everyone is smoking it.and gackkkk..i got lot more higher..and my brain starting to get light as a feather....ganun pala pag medyo high.

then..i walk out of the crowd trying to get some hotdogs. and then i noticed that my body is walking dead!

then..i strolled back and watch some music...and my self went back on,,
nice music by Brownman Revival, True Faith, Sandwich, Razorback,Indio I and lot of pinoy rock bands!

i never have time to meet new girls..but still. im too busy exchanging some killer eye looks and smile, and bishie bashing dance with the girls during the reggae music. then..there was this bi-sexual dude talk to me. and then i pretended that i have group of punks and they are outside.poor guy.aheahe.. but hey.i caught this bi-dude stalking me when im going to leave Eastwood. ahhaha! caught ya!.....i think his name was Mike...

then.someone from the audience drop at me while doing the 'dive', and i got a little piss off on some Bouncers, for tapping and pushing us out of the railings..

in the middle of the night i met one of my good old friend -ex guitarist John Taruk, of the newsman Jay Taruk, cant believe John is making some career in caregiving job.

then i went home...with mud in my shirt/pants. and lot of story to tell for everyone for those who didnt make it at this big event.

man...i failed to meet some of my buds..and my sis-group
dame kasi tao!!!!

word of the day:
Angel Locsin !!!! take it off !

Friday, October 03, 2003

No one Survives alone.

Where the movie ended. your mission begins.

yehey. i just finished the game "The Thing" in a PC CD rom game. the game is great! like SilentHill, even that i havent played it. but the game is a one man shooting game RPG like Resident Evil. i have to watch the movie !!! heard that theres a remake movie circa 80's movie starred by Kurt Russel.

movie :
Plot Outline: Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.

game :

and whoa.! theres a comic book !

thanks to Ariel for the CD game! aehhaehae...

word of the day:
I need an engineer !

Thursday, October 02, 2003

This is a Desk job for Az-man

its all in a desk job for me today.. tonight i finish half of the animation project that i will launched soon. and it will be a deadline for me before November 2003 big day on the 5th. just watch out for it.

here's a teaser :
The story is the same...One morning you wake up and the world is different...

-end of teaser-

how about that? is that a great teaser...aehaeh...just fasten your take you for a ride soon !

im doing this after midnight and its a very quite time for me and get a lot of concentration in my designs ek ek. No TV shows, no program to surf, just watch MTV or listen to radio. incoming mails,and chatter in my messenger.

Congrats to the newly weds, my cousin Kuya Leonard who just had tie the knot with Tiffany i think last monday in California. and to my other cousin Ate Mayla for being engage with lil friend Ruelle.ehheheh...bumigay ka na din pala!

man..all of my cousins are suddenly get married. and we are all the 4 of us left single here.......aehaheaae...who will be next?
cousin Don Don? cousin LeAnne? my sis? me? ..NOT !!!!

i joked my sister last time and i said if im getting married my set up will be at Enchanted Kingdom, we do the final vows inside the Space Shuttle ride,'s a great dream!


Everyone is getting addicted to this friendster mail-chat service.
its like a email with message bulletins. you can commmunicate and meet new friends online...with pics. the buzz is that everyone is hooked and connected to a circle online. and you can see who's friend is connected to, you can see the friend tree directory. try it at

and check it out my friend list is growing from 6 to 16.

its fun to be with my buds and the ever so popular Carbonara Monster.we discussion from Holy Weirdness topics from hair raising nightmares and my Comic-Publishing ek ek ownership issue tsu tsu train. that even circulate in local cable txt chats.

thanks to all for supporting me!
and im happy to know that there are lot of people are in my back giving support! and I hope the issue stops.

Mabuhay tayong Lahat! hooray!

word of the day :
Pulang Tsinelas, Kris-Joey, Sentai, Bulaklak and Bunny

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Az Fast Az Furious

at last i've watched 2 Fast 2 Furious movie in Glorietta. thanks to the Pinoy Xphiles group for the free movie ticket. I really like cars and some sort of street racing. the movie rocks! shooting style of the racing is cool! man did they do that...seems like the camera is flying

during my day off, ahehae.i accidentally met Lyndon Gregorio in Seattle's Best in Greenbelt. there we jam until midnight. more talkies and chit chattin. man,.its a great night chatting again with my local buds.

check out these movie maniacs. they are my favorites...damn..where will i put Chuckie !

Jason Voorhees of Friday 13th
Freddy Kreuger of Nightmare on Elm Street
Chainsaw Massacre of Chainsaw Massacre movie
Michael Myers of Halloween
and Azrael of Florist by day, Killer by night movie.

Meeting Addict monday..i got 3 meetings..and its a super conflict for me.. meeting for the Sci Fi convention, DC convention, and meet up with the Pinoy DC fans. its a one night stand meeting.and i attended two meetings for DC con and the Pinoy Dc fans. Man, looks cool to meet new people with people from Bankee and Bates ..two giant toy distributors here in the Phil. and met some my toy collectors buds.

thanks to the New Worlds people for allowing me to pass for their meeting. man! this weekend il be meeting up my group MATRIX Philippines. and will visit Blitzworx group this saturday...

word of the day:
Excuse me. is this Cinema 4? - feeling conio.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Bad Az in Laguna

me and ryan orosco went to Gerry Alanguilan's Komikero group in San Pablo, Laguna last sunday. and it was a great nature trip and meeting new artist in Laguna, also we drop by to Comics Den, the only comic shop in San Pablo. Their Meet up is every last sunday of the month.

Jaclyn Ting Lim launched her first indie comic ! Jac Strips for you!
and it priced at P30! full black and white and a lot of comedy!
sana totoo si PILYA!

We draw landscape and everything we can see, and we stayed beside the San Pablo's Sampaloc Lake. it is a big lake that the town surrounds it.. and it will take a 1 hour walk if you walk around it.

the rain came during the end of the day. so it stopped us from drawing, and stayed at the top of Sampaloc Park. making lots of talkies and was all of us and rain joined all the way!

then with ryan .we decided that we go to Enchanted Kingdom, but the way there took us i think 2 hours in a jeep ride to Calamba with traffic, and then we arrived 8:30pm in Calamba, coz of the time. it forces us to go home. then we stopped by at an eatery along the highway and dine super HOT Bulalo and Papaitan, good match for the rainy cold night.

thanks to Rene Enriquez for taking some pics. (he's a photo trigger man!)
you can check out his blog site Football, Brushstrokes, et al

and thanks to Mr.Gerry ...(sori, mali cd yung naibigay ko sayo!)
photo is also posted in Komikero main Website

Standing from left: Geoff, Ryan Toledo, Glenn, Jonas, Jac, Rene,
Johnny, Gerry, Ryan Orosco, Azrael
Sitting: Geoff's sister Mary Grace

me and Jaclyn
with Tabing Ilog music background playing.. ilog ang mundo'y la la la....

Gerry, Jac, Jonas, Glenn

Ryan and Gerry
Ryan : (writing) ako'y mahabang mahaba..ano nga ba susunod?
Gerry : oi ! bawal magkopyahan!
At hindi na naman nag do drawing si Johnny.

Komikero back photo shot!

captured moments!
our arrival in a white trike limousine! see ryan in yellow shirt
pic taken while the group finished their lunch

Walking back to the lake from lunch just as Manila boys Azrael
and Ryan Orosco(in yellow shirt) arrive in their limousine.

word of the day :
successful yung operation kaso nalimutan yung mukha

Monday, September 29, 2003

i dont own any comic company/studio/publishing

i forwarded this letter in public to clear some issues.

good day sa inyong lahat,
out of topic na muna..

clear ko lang ito

wala ako pag-aari or hindi ako may-ari ng comic studio,company or any
publishing company.

may kumakalat kasi na issue sa paligid. sa internet, sa txt, at putik kahit sa
mga txt tv sa cable, at sa mga kwento ng ibang group, na ako daw ay nagkakalat
na nagsasabi na may ari daw ako ng comic company,studio,at publishing company.

ang sagot ko ay:
hindi yun totoo.
hindi din totoo na nagkakalat ako ng ganung information na may ari ako ng mga
company na ito...kahit underground man o indie ito, or mainstream..

ang totoo ay
wala akong pag aari sa mga nabanggit na kumakalat na tsismis.

at wala akong pagaari na comic company..wala ! wala!
ni isang studio wala !

medyo gulat ako ng makarating sa akin ito. at medyo sumama ang loob ko na may
mga tao na nagkakalat ng ganun. at sinasabi na ako may sabi.

may nagsasabi pa na may witness, na sinabi ko daw yun.
kung sino man yung witness na yun, magpakita sya at humarap sya akin.

gusto ko lang ayusin itong issue na ito,. dahil sa sumama ang loob ng mga owner
ng mga comic studios sa akin, dahil sa kaibigan ko yung iba dun, at nagalit
sila sa akin at hindi makapaniwala kung bakit ko daw nagawa yun..

sana naman ay magkaisip yung tao na nagkakalat ng ganun issue.
dahil sa sinisira nya ang relasyon ko sa mga kakilala ko sa comic industry.

maraming salamat sa pag babasa nitong email ko
gusto ko lang ayusin ito.dahil sa lumalaki na ang gulo na ito

thank you sa pagbabasa nito
at sana malinawan ko ang mga bagay na ito.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Its a whole day and until midnight stay at Tin Tin noda's place. coz it was her bday last friday. and its nice to meet and hang out in her place with her family. and seing her computer stuff and thanks for letting me to borrow the pc game Lord of the Ring. I am a Pasta Lover. love that fettucini recipe made by her elder sis. thanks thanks ! its a one bday. and hey...its my first time to celebrate it with you ....

music to my ears...her mom said that im getting a little slimmer..whooo...and her sister said that my skin is ...more whitier.
wow...that night it was music to my dont stop myself staring my face infront of the mirror.

I was at the X-files club meeting while ago at Luna's place in Alabang. and i was super late to meet our car pool in Glorietta. ehehhe..apologies to Pres. Joon, and the rest. after our meeting for the upcoming sci fi convention.

we are into DVD movie marathon, we watched movie "IDENTITY", story about 10 people stuck in one place, then each one of them die, and dont know who the killer is...And then we watch "SPUN", its a drug psychedelic movie,with a lot of twisted images..thats good for 17 years old above. i really like Mena reminds me of a litle sister of my ex-gf ..cute kasi!

John Leguizamo as Spider Mike in Newmarket Films' "Spun."

but before that we are all hooked up on that Dave Matthews concert video.
and drinking some Mudshaker...oi Luna happy bday to you..kelan ba bday mo?

im all F**ked up . getting tired and sleepy. coz that meeting was supposed to be overnight. but everyone went home with me and our pres.

getting ready to go to KOMIKERO in San Pablo Laguna this morning.

word of the day:
"oh! Mudshaker! sarap ng chocolate, caramel and coffee flava!"
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