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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Lonely Square

its a fast update today here in my blog, and it seems that everyone is busy and been receiving again a large visit, thanks for dropping by to my site again, im working out on something just for all my readers, its like saying thank you's to all.

i'm reading all these blogs lately and been busy waiting for their next story, their own telenovela, and their own series, its been quite a one of a hell blog stories from the past 2 weeks. its like hell !!! im trying not to get involved on some controversial stories that spreads from one blog to tag board to another, and im getting some sick nerves on something....and some people are really love to post anything and just to hide their real identity, giving comments to anything what they read on some blogs.

its funny...all i can do is laugh watching them bash each other,. but they didnt know that they already hurt someone...and maybe one of them is me..

hope those issue ends now.

The Last Dip

its not summer for us..
for me summer is endless

Image hosted by
here me and lace taking a cold dip again in the pool.
its so hot and my skin is already dark, my right wrist has already a sunburn band.
last swim, we went out with her sister, liza. its a swim swim and eat eat day for us.

more photos here

My Class

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Physics 2C class in FEU is one happy go lucky class.
its fun to be with my architecture classmates. i feel a highschool student again.
I know that im the oldest guy in class, and still everyone treats me not like an old stranger, and treats me like somekind of like their age. its fun to hang out with these kids.

going to school early just to compare datas of assignments, copy some projects, and when it comes to exams, we're pretending that we talk on our calculator and send some email or mms during the exams.
geeez..i hope they can invent a calculator that can send email, mms and voice mail hahahahah..

check out our crazy photos here

Josele's Bday

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our group pic, the arrow is Josele hahahah.. but browse our photo album to see her

Photo Album

They mistaken me as a highschool student when i went to Josele May Ong's Bday party, and their jaws dropped down when they found out that im a college student. its funny to see these people got the shock in their life to see a 27-year old guy like me, mistaken to be a 17-18 yr old kid. hahahah!

it seems that im getting younger and younger again when im getting old.

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me vs. the brownies

Games and Gadget Show 2006
This is the very first press release for the G2 2006, I was invited by Marc Sy of MMOG Philipines in their Malate office to talk with me about their coming event next year, Marc said that next year's G2 will be the biggest event of the summer. They already got sponsors and already been on the bidding for the coming event. MMMOG went to Taiwan and attended a games convention, they invited game developers to participate in G2 2006, but everything is on arrangement for the big electronic event.

May 2006 is the sure target month of G2 2006, and it will be held in SM MegatradeHall 1,2,3 . 3 Halls that will give thrice the fun,games and pure electronic road show for all. G2 2006 is our local E3 event, but I already give them some advice in turning it also into a GDC or a local Game Developers Conference, i give them some nice inputs and ideas for the event, and im thankful that they created this kind of convention,for next year G2 2006, expert more displays,games, contest and booth girls!

related website :

JYP event today
Im invited by my sister at their event today and hmm..its a girlie event and i'll be there to help here in taking photo coverage of a summer special event for Jerry Yan, We are already expecting a 100 attendees today, coz they already bought tickets from my sister's fan group, and I think they will gonna announce the return of Jerry Yan and the F4 this coming months,

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oh...ultimate bonding..
is that am i going to bond with jerry yan fan girls ?
yikes...have to eject before that activity

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Brain Squeeze week

I haven't updating lately coz its my exam week and quiz week, and I have lots of paper works to submit its like we are the contestant of the Amazing Race, its race against time in submitting all our projets before the deadline. So I pray that this semi-exams and exams this Thur and Fri will be ok.

open message to someone : thanks for taking care of my friend for 3 yrs and I didnt know that it was already 3 years of flowers in the spring. I'm gonna kill you both hahaha..just kidding, just be good and take care. ok? (libre ka Mcdo next time)

ok.its too much of personal stuffs lately, me and Lace had done lots of things lately, from swimming, dvd-thon and french fries day...hope we can have an ice cream day.. so I here Greet my two friends a happy birthday. Ariel and Jac .

here's another invitation from the higher grounds kind of people, but problem is i dont have cash to travel to Cebu City, il post it here and maybe someone is interested in attending this international event, i think my last attendance was 2 years ago, but I forgot what was the theme of the conference coz I was there enjoying the red wine and buffet food.

Dear Mr. Azrael Coladilla:

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (CCCI) is conducting an important international conference, “C.E.B.U. ICT 2005: Asia’s Emerging Role as a Global Center for ICT & IT-Enabled Services.” The conference, Asia’s first international conference and exhibition to focus exclusively on the ICT and ITES industries, will take place June 22-23, 2005 at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City. It is being undertaken in conjunction with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology’s (CICT) Philippine Summit on the Information Society, and is supported by nearly 50 other chambers and ICT and ITES-related associations.

The conference and exhibition is intended to bring together key, dynamic sectors of the Global ICT and ITES industries, including representatives from other important ICT and ITES hubs such as Bangalore, Singapore, Hong Kong, the U.S., and EU. Leading Philippine and international experts in an array of ICT- and ITES-related sectors will share their views. Approximately 800 local and regional delegates are expected to attend the conference.

On behalf of CCCI, we are pleased to extend our official invitation to you and your esteemed organization to attend the conference, along with your colleagues whose work involves the pursuit of excellence in ICT- and ITES-related initiatives.

For the latest information on the conference, visit Please contact our Manila-based conference manager, JP Aguirre of TeamAsia, at +632 757 3500 Ext 228, fax +632 757 3512 or email her at to respond to any questions you may have. For Cebu, please contact Doris Mongaya of TeamAsia at +6332 415 8482 to 83, fax +6332 415 8481 or email her at We look forward to your participation and support in this important event.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Cartoonized and Immortalized

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click the image to view the full comic strip

first ever cartoonized me and lace, now been immoratilzed by Lyndon the immortalizer of people to comic strips. ahahahahah

here he spoof on our TDA behaviour (Technological Display of Affection, a Tim Yap lingo i think)
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