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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bantha Poo-doh Night

If there's Mos Eisley nigth, I'l call our night, Bantha Poo-doh Night ahhaha.its an all boys night in Starbucks, with coffee and talkies all about star wars, and again another star wars entry.

I was having a day out ni Megamall,to check out on some stuffs and got a text from Edgar Tadeo and told him I'm in Megamall and unexpectedly we got met inside Powerbooks, and its a day of ahahhaha and hihihiih, talkies on the go while he bought a Metal Gear Solid PS2 game in Toy Kingdom, and later on we continued our hahaha's inside Comic Quest and out from nowhere Gilbert Monsanto appeared and join our hahaha's, talkies on comics, serious issues on the net and giving some critiques on the Jim Lee and Alex Ross art poster of the DC Universe in Comic Quest and then Gilber's wife arrived and then me and Ed decided to attend the Artists' Den friday meet up.

its a socializing night for all us, bringing a guest in one of our 2 year old hang out, turned office of Artists' Den inside Starbucks Shangri La, haahhaha. we arrived during a serious meeting with a some sort of mobile publisher for the den.

and then later on Lyndon and Lei left to watch Episode 3,Lyndon doesn't want to hear our Star Wars discussions so they left off early to watch and then Jon and Syeri left early after our meeting and plan for the ARtists' Den in NW3.

and then NElz, Dino and a newbie Carl of DA join the night and its all about star wars, comics and camera wars!, Ariel, Edgar, me and Nelz, showed all of our camera's and went on a show off, and been blown out by Ed's hi tech camera.

then he showed us the video clip of Leinil Yu doing some pages for Silent Dragon, and everyone went..""ohhh i want to watch it!" and i said "go watch it!embrace the power of the dark side" ahhahaha..everyone laugh and got stunned after talking about the detail side of Silent Dragon, bombastic team up of Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan.

for the video, you can download it here at Edgar Tadeo's blog site

its an all Episode 3 discussions and then later on Ariel showed us his artwork for the New Worlds 3 Art Exhibit on Monday. and here's his teaser and his tid bit info on Ep3.

Haul over to New Worlds Episode III Convention exhibit next week and witness the reason why Scar turned to the dark side. Hehehehe...

Sa tingin ko yun yung nagboses kay Grievous, si 'Matthew Wood' (staff pala ng Lucasfilm na nag-try out sa casting). Nga pala isa pa palang magandang trivia para dun sa mga di pa nakakapanood:

Director Cameo: [George Lucas] The blue skinned Baron Papanoida who appears during the opera scene. This is Lucas' only appearance in a Star Wars film.

and guess what we tortued some people who havent watch the movie like Lico, Dino and Edgar.
ahhahah.sorry guys for the spoiler.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Warp to the south

I must stop and finish this Star Wars content in my blog, but I promise I will stop my hype after next week's New Worlds and Mos Eisley Night.

I was in the office of Gameophilia, and thanks to Dwin for welcoming me for a surprise visit that day, coz I was waiting for Lace to finish her work in Enchanted Kingdom, so I decided to visit Dwin somewhere in the South for a short chit chat and chill out. and then thanks for this DSL and PC for I have discovered the new talk of the Internet and fans of Star Wars.

Image hosted by
Star Wars: Revelation

Its a 45 film from the labor of love of somes and they produced the film for almost 3 years and finally they have finished it and released it after the world premiere of Episode 3. Its one of the best fan film, if we talk about CGI and mechanical design of ships, costumes are one of the biggest attraction of the film from Darth Vader, troopers, Sidious and a cameo role of R2D2, I was surprised to see some droids roaming in the film. its a total knock out of 45 min. of chit chats and saber fights. if you love fan film and got sick and tired of those spoofed fan films, this is the best and serious one that you must see.

here's a short backside of the story
“Revelations” takes place between Episodes 3 and 4 of the Star Wars Saga. Emperor Palpatine's power has spread throughout the galaxy. Darth Vader is a feared figure. The Jedi are hunted fugitives. Anyone suspected of harboring Jedi or having any information about them is taken into Imperial custody.

Our heroine, Taryn Anwar, has broken way from Imperial control and is searching for an ancient Jedi artifact. Said to contain great power, it could be the key to destroying the Empire -- if she can locate it before Zhanna, the Emperor’s Hand, does. It’s a race between good and evil as the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

You can watch the film via streaming and DSL in

and visit the official website if you want to download the film

Pinoy Fan Film

talk about fan film, Adrian Arcega of Star Wars Philippines directed a fan film titled "Twilight Jedi" and it will be premiered on monday at the New Worlds Episode 3 in Glorietta Activity Center. and I was a boom boom after seeing his website. also a must see fan film for all Pinoy... we can also have our own Star Wars movie.

Starring SWP members Oneal Rosero and JP Agcaoili, the story takes
place years after the events of Episode III. Jedi are on the run,
desperate and lost. Guerilla activities are happening throughout the
galaxy. Jedi Knight Shard Kahli goes to the flar-flung planet of
Pereia to meet his old friend Oniron Kurrian to convince him to return
to the guerilla movement both of them were part of. Their meeting
may or may not affect the events that happen in the galaxy afterwards.

Produced and Directed by Adrian Arcega; written by Paul Catiang,
Ryllah Berico, Paraluman Cruz and Adrian Arcega; from a story by
Adrian Arcega and Paraluman Cruz.

Visit the website

also Gary Mayoralgo's film will be shown as for me its the 1st Star Wars fan film ever created by a pinoy, correct me if I'm wrong, or perhaps the 1st to be introduced here in our country inside a convention ahhaha.

Image hosted by
story is about two jedi A'erni and V'uurt, who was left out inside the Jedi temple during the Clone Wars and then they are not allowed to go out and join the Clone wars, so these two jedi decided to wait until the war is over, to kill boredom., they decided to play chess...... movie is titled "Star Wars:Checkmate". a comedy breakout to all jedi fans.
it was roughly edited by me, too bad i was about to re-edit the whole fan film but Gary said that all the raw footages is lost and the only 2nd low res raw footage we have is my mpeg version.

Revenge of Beerkada

its not a Star Warsy theme but if you look at the comic strip you can see what really happened in the movie hahhahahaha

Lyndon Gregorio's book launch this 21st and it will be a battle of the X and Y chromosomes in getting those freebies at the book launch. His new and latest book called "Beeru Senshi Go Beerkada" or call it Beer Soldier 5 Beerkada, an inspired sentai or Bioman-ish theme for the book title and cover that was designed by Ryan Orosco.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Toys for the Sith boys

Image hosted by
Embrace the sith !

I went to Jollibee fast food after my classes and then tried to check out the new fast food toy Star Wars,

and heres' the photo of the toy
Image hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Vader is in my hand!

Image hosted by
Holy Sith! it glows!

This is the best toy for the Ep3 Series of Jollibee, coz when you pull out the pen under Vader's platform, the light saber will lit red and its a real juicy for all toy collectors.

too bad that they didnt included General Grievous, coz its a good toy line if they put a series of toys with light sabers. too bad the the pitch for General Grievous didnt make it, I think they just approved C3PO, Obi wan, Yoda and Darth Vader here in the Philippines to be released.

Image hosted by
here's a General Grievous prototype design I saw from a friend designs.

Image hosted by
Sony Ericsson Ep3 promo

Image hosted by
buy a phone and get this limited Ep3 phone bag

Revenge and WAR

A Long time ago...
In a galaxy far far away...

STAR WARS Episode 3


these are the first words you'll if you watch it but dont worry my reviews and comments are spoiler free, i'll be careful this time for all my readers are a sci fi fan.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I didn't expect first that i'll be watching the movie but thanks to Star Wars Philippines, as a member and part of the group this is the best benefit I got from them, watching all of us star wars fan in one big final movie of the star wars saga, too bad that they dont allow people to watch movie in costumes, i saw people wearing SW shirts, but us Star Wars Phil members are wearing our simple clothes, acting as a normal SW geek hahha. thanks to our sponsors that they had arrange a reserve one row for SWP. me and Henry went inside early, coz when I arrived at the cinema I didnt care to anyone, I just went there to take my line ahhahaha..

Image hosted by
Henry and Az shall witness the fall of the republic

Meann,founder of SWP, told us that we must secure the seats once we get inside, and then we did, we saw some people sitting to the area of SWP, and then I used my ala-Stormtrooper kick ass skills, and then they moved to another seating after I told them that droids are not allowed in these area, hahahahha.

Image hosted by
thats henry....and my point of view in my seat

then I sat down in the middle, the best seat in the house!
I told henry that no one would ever let me go up in my seat, I was there sitting and waiting, txting to my girlfriend sharing my excitement to her and then txting my friends telling them that Revenge of the Sith will be showing in my face any minute.

Image hosted by

beside my seat is Henry and Paolo Jalbuena,founder of Via-Astris, Star Trek Philippines, and then we talk about some content of SW and about Matrix, we even discussed that they must let people watch in costumes,coz it will be more exciting to see costume beings watching the movie, we compared it last 2 year when we watched Matrix Revolutions in Greenbelt wearing all black trenchcoat and shades at the night of the world premiere, and it sounds found, so a mission for the next movie that the group must organize a costume premiere.

they gave away some freebie and goodie bad containing SW merchandise to all lucky raffle ticket holder, too bad that it wasnt our day to win any prizes, but to see the movie is one of a hell of a prize.

after talking..the screen played the National Anthem, Paolo joked raising his right hand forming the trekie hand sign, and me talking to Lace on the phone, I told her not to cut the line, but its the anthem so I cut the line before some security personnel caught me violating the law.

as we sat down..there it is..the logo of 20th Century Fox and LucasFilm Lmtd.

the 1st run of the movie is already a breath taking ride, and better prepare for more coz you'll see some familiar icons that already appeared in the classic SW. Light Saber fights are one the best! and some droid vs droid fights are cool and very new to us, and also hilarious. it gives us a time to laugh, but after the middle of the movie damn...tears are coming up in our faces, all of us are quite, and damn..i was reflecting right there, what if I'm Anakin Skywalker, (and yeah. what if...I'll be happy coz Im a Jedi, a sith lord and I got Natalie Portman hahahah) so there you go..

Birth of Darth Vader is a lot more different from the SW full trailer, we got fooled again by George Lucas, a pretty nice move fooling us, If you watched it, you will notice it. The battle of Good and Evil continues.. a lot more bloodier and deadlier, I even hated the Sith when I saw some scenes in the Jedi Temple. Lucas really made us to reflect on this movie and this is a ^#^#^#^^ sign and basis to all of us.

as he said "I hope this wont happen to our country".

best line I ever heard

Anakin : "Either your with me or become my Enemy"

Obi Wan: "You are the chosen, that will bring balance to the force"
"You are to destroy the sith, not join them"

after these lines.....a very depressing and emotional moment...
yup you'll agree if you watch it now!!

watch it and dont get be spoiled!

here some goodie!
a STar Wars Collectible pin
download it here and make your own official pin ehhehe

download here

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Frontside of the DarkSide!

Image hosted by
My ticket is here with me, as they say for a Star Wars fan, this ticket is GOLD!
I'l be watching the Ep3 movie tonight at 7pm, and I'm a little sad coz I can't bring anyone with me. but maybe on the next screening I'll watch it again with my girlfriend, ( heheehe show them the darkside of the geekyness)

Image hosted by
Food of the Dark side

Image hosted by
Sith Apple Ice Slush

I read this on Meann's blog, and then I was surprise my sister bought some yesterday, at first It looks like an ice cream, but its some kind of Ice monster clone, with a blue color and apple flavor, the toy inside has a good design, we got Obi wan mini bust statue aka a pencil topper. price of this ice slush is Php 36.00

I was talking last night with my Lace, and she jokes on me that im too excited for this movie, and I said not..hahahaha..have to re-focus my mind and body to watch it, I said to her that I might cry If I saw the Lucasfilm logo, and told her that I'll call her before the movie starts, I'll just share this moment of happiness with her, even if its a geeky feeling hahahha.. and hm promised her to watch Kingdom of Heaven this week.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Movie to watch

its everywhere!
from posters, tv, internet...

its finally here!~


the hype is here already,the start of the end of the star wars saga will be showing this week.

This monday there's a 2nd screening of the movie, and last week was the first screening exclusive for the press, and then on tuesday I will be there to watch the first 3 early screening of Episode 3. Will watch it in Glorietta 4 with the geekiest group in the Philippines, Star Wars Philippines,. I'm so happy that im part of this group, been searching for this group all my life and i'm glad that I become a member 3 years ago and now I'll be joining them on watching the movie that makes our life very colorful.

movie! movie! movie!I cant sleep now, coz im so excited for tomorrow nights screening and I might start to cry before the movie starts ahhaha...geez..i am a true fan and I cant believe it that I'l have that golden ticket for the movie.

The Sith is here

Image hosted by
The dark one is here
(thats Carlo in Palpatine and Rain as Darth Vader, a complete full costume)
(with Manny, Oneal, Mardon,Hec as troopers)

Image hosted by
Saber dudes of SWP
(Ruth, Gary,JP, Karl and Edwin)

Last week STar Wars Philippines participated in a costume parade in SMART mobile event in SM MEgamall Atrium, too bad that I didnt went there coz I dont ahve a SMART sim,but to thanks to Meann for giving the buzz on May 18th GLOBE's event in Greenbelt and they say its a hard hitter super galactic sci fi set up for the launching of the movie.

Image hosted by

while looking on some stuff in Glorietta, I just saw a tshirt of M&M star wars episode 3, its really cute and I want one! it costs P360, in different designs M&M characters in Han Solo, Amidala, C3PO, Anakin and the ever rare one Darth M&M Vader..
they will be releasing the Darth shirt this afternoon, so if you are there, better grab one,coz it will be a chase shirt for collectors.

Image hosted by
i was browsing some books in FullyBooked GateWay Mall and then I saw this Magazine of FullyBooked called In Print, I was attracted by the cover, coz its an Episode 3 image cover of the magazine, then I opened it and saw on page 4 my face!!
yup my face, with the rest of my geek friends of Star Wars Philippines, ahahaha.I was shocked to see our pics in one Star Wars Article, the photo is from last year Halloween Party in Hard Rock Cafe, after seeing that I asked the sales person if it is for sale, coz I told them that I saw my face in the magazine, then they laughed , we laughed coz Its funny to see my reactions when I saw my photo. and then they say that the magazine is FREEE-----.. oh wow..then i grabbed my own and read it while riding the MRT ahhahah!!

here's one shirt I saw on the net ...really juicy ahhaah

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