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Saturday, May 28, 2005

that's hot!

download the video here

its all over the hot news in the net and also the news i saw in TV Patrol. check it out the new controversial commercial ad of Paris Hilton.

this ad is for you honey! muah!!

New Carl’s Jr. Commercial features Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s famous words, ‘That’s Hot’, will be the focus of a new commercial for CKE Restaurant, Inc., which owns fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

The 30-second commercial reportedly opens with Hilton in a revealing black bathing suit as she washes her Bentley with loads of suds and water hoses. After taking a huge bite of a sandwich with barbecue sauce and jalapeno peppers she says into the camera, “That’s hot.”

The Carl's Jr. ad begins airing Tuesday, followed by the Hardee's version next month. The CKE web site will feature a “raicer” 60-second version.

President and Chief Executive Officer of CKE Restaurants, Inc., Andrew Puzder says it was their ad agency who suggested using Hilton. “She's very appealing to our demographic,” which he described as young, hungry guys.

Cyberleague Trip

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I was in Glorietta with Lace and found out that it was the Grand Finals of the CyberLeague, its an annual tournament for electronic gaming, I think the winner will be sent out of the country to represent the Philippines to have a head to head tourney to other game players in part of the world.

After Lace went home, I decided to take a snoop on the event and oh yeah! its a little bit fun, I havent tried all those games on display but I grabbed free tshirt in the Chikka booth and another cool shirt in the Bidshot booth, I'm a member and subscriber of the two company and yeah! I'm qualified to win 2 tshirts!

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CyberLeague at the Glorietta Activity Center

I hang out inside the Netopia booth, I waited my turn to use the net, I use the free net to post something on Bidshot, so that I can win that shirt ahhhahaha, I worked for almost 2 hours to get those shirts and then I went home with a full pockets.

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Cyber Tower of Power

there was also cosplay in the event and live performances of some local bands like Sponge Cola, too bad that the cosplay didnt got too much participants but its nice to see them strut around and display their famous costume creations! like the Armored core now in a new casing by Morgul, and also the Rancor turned Cave Troll costme by Pablo.

and then I went home and I felt sick !!!

Sick o Bad Az

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yup I'm F%^&$&$&$ SICK !!!!

because of the climate change and the rain carrying virus, I got stucked here at home and didnt attend the MOS EISLEY NIGHT at the HARD ROCK CAFE!

damn damn damn,,, I missed the party event of the geeky year!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Neil Gaiman in Manila

Fully Booked is proud to bring you the award-winning
"Sandman" author, Neil Gaiman in Manila from July

Members of this group will receive updates regarding
his schedule of events, book signings, promotions,
contests, trivia and other relevant information.

this information was announced at the New Worlds 3 and several mailing list.

here's an updated bio of Gaiman.

In 2004, Gaiman published the a new graphic novel for Marvel called 1602, which was the best-selling comic of 2004, and 2005 saw the Sundance Film Festival premiere of MirrorMask, a Jim Henson Company Production written by Gaiman and directed by McKean. A lavishly designed book containing the complete script, black and white storyboards, and full-color art from the film will be published by William Morrow in early 2005; a picture book for younger readers, also written by Gaiman and illustrated with art from the movie, will be published by HarperCollins Children's Books at a later date.

yup its a sure ball! the Gaiman dude is coming here in our island
and wohohoho... fans will be lucky to see him do lectures and sign autographs, thanks to his promoter and Fully Booked for organizing this one of a hell of writer-artists appearance. hope he brings Dave Mckean here in our country. I was about to send an email interview with him couple of months ago for our defunct magazine, too bad our magazine gig was dissolved by that ^#^#^# publisher, all work and time has been wasted and who cares now..Neil Gaiman is coming in Manila. *//

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rainy sunny day

its a rainy super rainy today here in Manila, and in minutes the sun shines again, now i experience a colds and cough because of the change of temperature and the weather, now i stop eating chocolate sundae in Mcdonalds and slow mo in downing Coke. but nobody stops me in eating pasta and burgers wohohoh..

ok...have to sleep early tonight... have to meet my Suzaku Lace after my class tomorrow.

lets have a Star Wars sci fi fantasy PARTY

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the Force is still strong in you on May 27, so you can join us for a rockin' good time at the Hard Rock Café for "The Revenge of Mos Eisley Night". Drink some blue milk while listening to the performances of Twisted Halo, Narda, Silent Sanctuary, Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man, and The Purplechickens. Make sure to keep your energy level on a high for the New Worlds Dating Game, and a Charity Mural Auction.

Free entrance for those who come in Star Wars or any Sci Fi and Fantasy costume.

local sci fi fantasy will be premiered at the party.

Image hosted by
one question?
are we going to see the Stormballs this friday night?
hmmm.all will be given an answer if you attend the party. wohoohoh

Image hosted by
the party will be great! coz its already the star wars party here in the Philippines for almost er.. 2 years.and it wil be filled of rock music,beer, star wars,beer,costume people,beer and lots of beer

and this time..we will never party alone....
partying with our fellow friends and sci fi fantasy fans!

now I'm thinking what costume I'l wear this friday.
Matrix or Star Wars?

Monday, May 23, 2005

Its an Inter Galactic Planetary event

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Lace, Az, Mark and Camy

Its the New Worlds Convention, and its a sci fi and fantasy event for all pinoy fans and hobbyist, but i just can't describe what happend while ago, il just put pictures to share you all our experience. I'll upload the pictures soon in my Azrael Multiply account.

Image hosted by
Embrace the power of the Dark side

Image hosted by
Azrael hugging an EWOK

Image hosted by
Artists' Den and Gameophilia booth !

Image hosted by
me with General Grievous

Image hosted by
me and Palpatine ..ohh scary

Image hosted by
Meann Ortiz, Founder of Star Wars Phil. in a Ep3 Amidala costume with YODA doll

Image hosted by
Azrael with Lace peace sign

Image hosted by
Vincent, Lace and Jedi Toti (jedi na gusto mag Slave Leia hahhaa)

Image hosted by
YO-DA man ! (inside the Matrix Philippines booth)

Image hosted by
Jedi Dana (Patrick and Reitch's daughter)

Image hosted by
during our group photo shot of Star Wars Phil (on stage)

new worlds

Image hosted by
i didnt expected that we were coming over to attend the New Worlds 3, thanks to the power of the force for letting us pass through, and after some sith problems, all are on plan, hm...the circle is complete ahahahaha.

its fun to be with my friends roaming and taking photos again in one event, its a family reunion for everyone! and some of them are only present once a year, too bad that the convention runs on weekdays, so its hard for us 'students' to attend coz we have classes and err..exams, and for people who have day jobs, lucky them for having a day leave for the con.

lots of costume beings walking in the convention area, gamers in their game play mode, fanboys and fangirls having their own good time give and take discussions about sci fi and fantasy, and me with Lace enjoying our sundae in Mcdonalds ahhahaha.

and check this out..we will be returning on day 2 of new worlds!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Convention for all fans

i deleted this entry to avoid any arguements happening in the side of my life.
its a decision i made before manny pacquiao loses his last bout.
its a decision to make my life better.

sorry to my fellow friends, geeks, and co-NWA leaders.

goodluck to all in your convention.

convention no more.
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