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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pasta and the Stupid Ghost

Im going attend a 5 hour pasta party later and I'm exercising my stomach for a 5 hour non stop munching of pasta and spagehetti, hoping also to eat a stuffed pizza and biggie upsize of Coke, and more pasta...ahahha..I'm so excited for the party.
coz its a pasta party!

stop bugging me!

damn that ghost while ago, me and Lace were awake and we slept at 5am coz we talk on the phone non stop that night coz she has can't sleep and i can't sleep too. that time I have already an eerie feeling that someone is walking near my bed, but its okay coz I'm already used to it and I know that they don't disturb me.

The bad thing is that I thought that my 3rd eye is closed, and i know it is closed for almost 5 months already, and I think It opened when I watched this reality tv show "NGINIG" in Studio 23, and damn..I knew it ! that my 3rd eye opened.

I was about to sleep at 5am, we have already finished talking on the phone and started to be sleepy and then when Im going to sleep and be super relax and I'm abou t to come to dreamland, I have this electrifying feeling coming from me ear and then to my head and to my body..I know its a ghost but I just dont mind it and reject it if it tries to possess me or get in contact.

I tried to sleep again..and approaches me again.but my technique is to slightly force my eyes and feel the ghost enters my body through my ear..

....and recognize it.who it is.... and damn...its a female ghost..
coz..I tried to speak..I didnt hear my voice..but an eerie voice of a female..a ghostly voice that replaces my voice.

all my senses became numb....and my vision becomes blurry....ready to pass out.
I tried to fight for it..coz it doesn't give any contact to me. so I reject her and opened the lights and told her to stop..and leave me alone..

when I'm going to sleep with the lights up. she attacked me again..
I wasn't afraid, but I was strong while ago, I was so pissed out!!!!
If i can punched that ghost... I will !!!

so I went down and sleep on the floor beside the bed of my sister.
and then..I got a good sleep after that, and my sister told me why I slept on the florr near her bed,

I told her what happened. and she laugh at me.
and she knows and understand that I can sense spirits.
then later..she think who that could be. that is here some kind of death anniversary of a relative.

maybe its someone we know that we already forgotten.
whoever she/he is...may their souls rest in peace.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

After the Dark Side comes the Dark Knight

Image hosted by
The hype is here! and I declare June 2005 is the Bat-Month of BATMAN !

come and visit GATEWAY MALL in Araneta Center, Cubao and check out the BATMAN collectors Exhibit by my group Collectilbes Unlimited and Batman Collectors, the event is in cooperation with Bankee Trading and Gateway Mall.

check out the toys and die cast batmobiles, and have a photo op with the 1:1 scale or lifesize BATMOBILE. If you have your own digital camera or camera phone, you can have a photo op for FREE, but if you haven't got a camera, and you have a P200 or P300 purchase from Gateway Mall, you can have a photo taken and printed by EPSON, just show any receipt of the purchase.

its a fun day to all...... the Bats is here! and this event is until June 5, 2005.
and I think one guy from the community will dressed up as BATMAN. hehehehe..who could that be ?

Image hosted by
Vic Yap MTV minute.. with topic:how big is your collection?

Image hosted by
Ricky Tinio MTV minute,..shows his Bat collection

also if you failed to visit the event, try to catch it on June 9 in MTV Get Spotted,
yours truly was there for an Batman and Azrael interview and requested a song dedicated to all ! whoohho...I'm on MTV !!!! YaY !!!!

Image hosted by just want to buy one of these!

i'll upload all the photos after June 5.
so be there and ride that BATMOBILE !!!
Ba-Ba-Ba- BATMAN !!

and hahahaa..funny incident...Eddie Gil was there and wants to buy the Batmobile..haahaa..he didnt even know that it costs a $$$1M to have a car like that.
he just left his contact number and we all just laugh and Mr.Gil thinks that he will film the next bat film.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Revenge of the Pizza Monsters

enrolment time today! and my suzaku no miko is now in her OJT in EK. i can see the time is coming for us to become busy again, school is back again and im back again wearing that white polo and dark green pants, time to look like a highschool boy again hahahaha.

Me and Lace are Back!
we already attacked the french fries and burgers at Mcdonalds couple of days already, and counting straigth of fries marathon. and now we gave a Sbarro a taste that they will never forget!, we are the Pizza mosters! and we eat it with all our hearts!

Image hosted by
pucha ang sarap talaga ng pizza!

after eating this we found our selves rubbing each others stomach...
ahhh.. we are stuffed!

Image hosted by
we found this new sunglass store in Megamall, its called "FLY", at first you can see its a semi-clone of the sunglass store Eye to Eye, but the design of their shades are very cool and I saw a shade that exactly the same as my old shades that got lost, and there..Lace bought one (again), as for me I will be waiting my new shades to arrive next month.wohooh...happy bday to me next month~

arghh...we're now planning to watch a movie next week
there are lot of good movies to watch this week, and mind you all
dont dare miss this hollywood flicks.
House of Wax - we're going to watch it because we like Paris Hilton
Sin City - i like it coz its a Frank Miller piece, while my Gf wants to see Devon Aoki
Madagascar - weeee..talking animals! , while she wants to see those talking penguins

Sentimental Sugar

its a collection of Love poems created by this one guy who commited suicide and then was compiled by his artist friend, pls visit the site and help him choose a good selection of love poems that will be published in a new book poem collection.

here's the original message of the writer :
kababata ko si kulas talon, na nagpakamatay noong
napakainit na tag-araw pagkatapos naming magtapos ng

(hindi niya tunay na pangalan ang "kulas talon"; ito
ang napili niyang sagisag-panulat dahil sa first name
niyang Nicolas at dahil sa hirit ng kanyang guro sa
pilosopiyang si Fr. Roque Ferriols na "Lundagin mo,
baby!". hindi-sinasadyang pagtalon/paglundag din sa
isang mataas na gusali ang napili niyang uri ng

inilagay ko sa blog na ito --- --- ang 108 niyang
tula ng pag-ibig para mabasa ng iba. balak kong
ilathala ang mga piling tula niya sa isang libro sa
malapit na hinaharap. sana'y matulungan niyo 'ko sa

maraming salamat.

visit the site here Sentimental Asukal

Monday, May 30, 2005

fire in the heavens

its a sizzling hot day for us!

i can still feel im floating...

like im in space..


I just pasted in my blog a new tag board.
my old tag board just exceeded its 1 gigabyte per month,and I cant wait until the end of the month to re-activate it again, so i decided to switch a new tag board that gives good services, hope this new tag board has a good bandwidth.

thanks to everyone for visiting my blog, this month has the largest count of readers.

thanks again..and i'll make this blog very useful to all.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sleeps with Butterfly

I didnt sleep all day even that i'm still sick, but I keep my self busy for the whole day just not to make my body weak, did a lot of house chores and washed all my mountain of dirty clothes using our newly built 10-year old (or more than) washing machine.

its a Labadami Labango theme song for me at 1pm-5pm and then clean the house, mop the floor, swept the dust and clean all the dirty areas of the house, and hmm..i cooked dinner for us and TV, download stuff in the net, I was chatting with my 16-yr old brother and giving some photoshop tips, I'm goin to send him a Photoshop CS installer soon.

and now...still sick.and I missed all the fun and trip for this day.
and here are some of the gimiks I missed. and hay......It was pure fun and adventure,. too bad that I'm still singing in the rain rain go away come again another day, keeps the doctor away..blah blah.

Avilon Zoo

Image hosted by
I was invited by my sis to come with her and friends to Avilon Zoo, its the most talked about Zoo here in Luzon,and its the biggest and largest zoo in our country(i think) with a total of 1,000 different kinds of species. and too bad I'm super sick and didnt have the chance to see the Montalban land full of Animals.

Image hosted by
It was a 2 hour tour and walk inside the zoo, and for only P200 you can see and touch the animals face to face. too bad that the lions and tigers are in cage hehhehe.. and check it out..they have Cheetah..oh...i love to see this big cats ( as I looked to my sister's digital images sniff..snifff) I marked my day..I have to stay healthy and prepare soon to visit Avilon Zoo.

check out the website of Avilon ZOO

Komikero Laguna Heritage Tour

Image hosted by
Gerry Alanguilan of Komikero, organized a special educational field trip in some parts of Laguna, surfing the different lakes of Laguna, nature wonders and famous historical land site, I was surprised to see the beauty of Laguna, and I know its a big province, but there's this thing that attracts me always and always telling me to return.I dont know why..

after the tour, Gerry did some drawing activity with the Komikero members..and again..too bad I'm sick again...

(reading txt message from my cellphone...Komikero will join the 4th Toycon..hooray!) Jac txted me and told me why Im absent, I just txted her to say congrats on their wonderful adventure and told her Im sick...

damn...i hate to stay at home ....alone...

check out their nature tour pics here

Revenge of Mos Eisley Night

oh...another event I missed..and the 1st time I'm absent to a Star Wars Philippines event...and they have fun last friday at the Hard Rock Cafe. Gary Mayoralgo did a really nice piece on that Darth Vader and the trooper backdrop for the photo op.

Image hosted by
and check out! Cathy as Slave Leia, winner of the New Worlds Episode 3 cosplay contest,

Image hosted by
and also Darth Vader chooses again his 2nd partner at the Mos Eisley Night Dating game ahhhaah..

and again..I was sick that time..

and check out their pics here (photos by GABE)
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