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Saturday, August 12, 2006

4th Annual
Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2006

Join the biggest comic book creation seminar of the summer!

Glass House grand guru David Campiti and a host of GHG talents,
in association with Studio Sakka,



2-day seminar workshop

Learn various advanced techniques and practical details for a profitable career in comic book and newspaper strip creation from comic book professional writer/agent David Campiti; artists lecturing at the Seminar will include Rainier Beredo, Jinky Coronado, Tina Francisco, Jeffrey Huet, Jonathan Lau, Carlo Pagulayan, Wilson Tortosa, and others, including some special guests.

October 14-15, 2006
SM Megamall, Megatradehall, Conference Hall
Function B

Limited Capacity Only!

So hurry up and sign up now!
P1000 per ticket. Good for 2 days with free meal and drinks, free drawing supplies, limited ashcan memorabilia and lots of giveaways. Personal one-on-one portfolio review by the professionals.

For more details: Pls. call our office (02) 365-2974
or mobile number, 09198436312 and look for Michelle Calanog

Send us email of your inquiries and ticket reservation
at or

Official Website Visit

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Digital movie seminar photos

before I post the photos. Im really glad that they had arrested the terrorist who planned to blow up 10 planes in UK to US, 22 suspects were arrested for doing terrorist acts.
Liquid bombs were found...... now Airport are banning liquid materials and hand carry bags in the plane.

it will be the headline for this coming morning Im sure.

here are the photos!!!!

Great Teacher Az!

sign up!!!!!!!!!!!

okay? who will lead the prayer???

Class starts today!

nice intro....

Awarding of best choreograph fight stunt hahahahahahahah

thanks to the FEU I.T. class some photos will be uploaded in so just check back here soon for the video editing demo, see you all in Aug 25th Blog seminar


Bloggy moments.

thanks to everyone for visiting here in my blog, lately I was surprised for the blog visit of Mr. Dell Baras and found out that he posted a comment at the San Diego Comic Con 2006 photos that Noel Tuazon emailed to me. It was an honor to see them here in internet having small chat by using blogs.

Manila Bulletin's Tech News section emailed me for an interview and it will be all about me and this blog, thanks t Annalyn Jusay for choosing me for their featured blogger in their next issue. I'll be posting the article here once the article come out.

Thanks to owener,Ernie Agtarap, for the YM feedback of my Az gag Video Blog, it was a great feedback and I was laughing here in my room when he said "that video is hilarious! i was cracking up here in the office and people were wondering what was wrong with me, crazy funnny! especially the slow mo intro, you should be in showbiz or something, we were all watching it here in the office....people were cracking up"

- hehhheh I cant believe that people in USA really digs my video blog crazy! hahhahhaha

well...I'll answer the showbiz thingie next video blog.

thanks to MMPI Publishing's Appetite magazine for visiting here, hope my info about the Superman shirt helps your photo shoot, check out their new issue soon featuring Chefs in Superhero costumes.

also..if you want to send some questions or stuff you want to hear from me, you can send it to me in my email at azrael at gmail dot com , and I'll answer that via my next video blog.


photo : last 2004, Serg Cafe, Mandaluyong City

the seminar this morning about Digital movie in Information Technology works out nice and fun! Every seminar that I conduct here are always about learning and also fun. I got worried that I almost failed to finished my slides for the presentation yesterday, but Im glad Lace went home early and then it makes my brain work again. A lot of my free time was lost yesterday in making myself in condition or in other words becoming hot and creative.

Reading and researching makes my mind work, I haven't read anything lately, except comic books and emails, but then after successfully reading some articles in the net and reading old newspaper and magazine, it added some new ideas and information in my brain to work.

now Im thinking of a new way on how to deliver information to my students during the seminar.

anyway, Im glad that all of the I.T. students got opened their mind after the digital movie and film making seminar. I was surprised to see some of them made a title of their own movie during an activity that I gave to them. "Buhay Porn" or "Porn Life", gave me a big interest on the topic of his subject. It sounds like a joke, but the idea is great!.

After the seminar, some students approached me and asked questions about movie editing and also softwares that I used. I gave a short editing workshop after the seminar and promised them that the video that I made a while ago will be uploaded here in order them to see how video blog work using digital softwares.

I still have one more seminar for this month, and it will be all about Blogging again. and my students will be the whole batch of FEU I.T. , and on September will be the 1st workshop for blogging and digital movie making.

Im really happy that the students made their own blogs and others got interested in digital movie making. and Im happy again that they listend and learned something from me again.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

4th Annual Manila International Comic Creation Seminar

production note # 2

here are some info I found posted already in the Glassshouse Graphics website
Im not sure about the title, but I will clarify it if we will use Manila International or just Manila.
or Creating Comics Seminar and Comic Creation Seminar.

Glass House grand guru David Campiti and a host of GHG talents, in association with Studio Sakka, will present their Fourth Annual CREATING COMICS SEMINAR in Manila, Philippines this October at the SM MegaMall. Talents lecturing at the Seminar will include Rainier Beredo, David Campiti, Jinky Coronado, Tina Francisco, Jeffrey Huet, Jonathan Lau, Carlo Pagulayan, Wilson Tortosa, and others, inculding some special guests.

To reserve tickets, contact

For further Seminar information, CLICK HERE!

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2006
October 14-15, 2006
SM Megamall, Megatradehall Conference Hall Function B

seminar fee : TBA

event hosted by: Glasshouse Graphics Asia, Inc.

I had created last 2004 my photo coverage of the 2004 Manila Comics Seminar, so for those who dont know yet what the seminar is you can check the photo coverage here at

the thumbnails are not working, just click the link to view the pictures.

I am now teaming up in organizing the Comic Creation Seminar with Glasshouse Graphics for this year and we are working out new and upgrade keynotes and also activity for the annual comic creation seminar. Me for being there since the first 2 seminar in Megamall is now back in organizing and creating new grounds for people who want to learn about comic creation and getting into the business.

I should have made a production note for this, and this post should be the 4th entry in being involved once again. Im not really a comic artist, but by being present in the past 2 seminar, and also one seminar that happened in U.P. Diliman before Megamall. I really learned a lot about the business and its industry. That's why im so hyper active in this kind of event. Its good way in helping people to show them whats the real deal in the comics business.

next update will be the official notes from Glasshouse Graphics on who will be guest lecturer for this year.

news from my other blogs

right now im regularly maintaining two blogs that are very active and have a regular audience. Philippine Toy Convention and the TransFormers Philippines

at the Philippine Toy Convention, check out TJ's very own modified R2D2, its not the same Interactive R2D2, but its a special one. Creating and modifying your own droid sure is fun, but TJ just made his own droid that can see and record anything it sees

TJ with his modified droid R2D2

TransFormers Philippines updates very frequent about the upcoming movie next year. Every fan boys and even international forums link this blog as a source of info about the movie TransFormers. The blogsite is also about the Fans here in the Philippines. Last week they had succesfully played a war games in airsoft sport. too bad that time I was in Laguna and didn't made it at the war games. Good news is that Michael Bay appeared in an interview online, and also a possible leak of CGI test of Optimus Prime transforming. you can watch the video in the TransFormers Philippines blog site.

Crazy video blog

my first video blog, I call it the Az gag video blog, well it follows a certain internet trend and I've been planning this for last year, check out my youtube and there you can see my video blogs of some events and my no sound video blogs. But for today maybe I'll be posting 2 video blogs a week, or maybe 3 video blogs, depends on the importance of information that i will distribute in my blog.

the video blog may contains some gag video, updates on my events, work, school, projects and also stuff about the other side of people's blog. The Az gag video will be not the official title for the video blog, but on the serious side there will be an appropriate title will be labeled on the blog entry.

It fun to make a video blog, and its a nice hobby, and it feels good when someone comments about it, well it means that you gain already your own audience. I dont know yet what will be the new stuff coming in here in my blog. Just visit me daily and you might find something that suits your interest.

Maybe on Wednesday you might see the other side of ME, hosting the video blog.
catch me LIVE this wednesday afternoon.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mc' and me

the two food monster going home after the rewarding lunch break in Mcdonalds

Lace jackpot purchase of Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan August 2006 issue.
from Az's burning sock pocket

The two food moster as Birdie kissing

Lace and her Birdie

no happy meal toys for me, but I got a two bite from Lace's double cheese burger

non stop junk food festival in Mcdonalds DLSU
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