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Friday, August 25, 2006

L'Arc~CON:PIECES of Yesterday ~an LPFC
Anniversary Special~

September 16, 2006, UP Ang Bahay ng Alumni
12:00-10:00 pm
program officially starts 2:00 pm

L'Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Fan Club


Activities are as follows:
· Exhibition Booth - An exhibition of the Organizer's Pride Collection of original L'Arc~en~Ciel stuff and merchandise (albums, singles, dvds, posters, magazines, etc.)

· Music/Listening, Karaoke and Film Showing Booth - Several music listening area will be provided for all the fans. Also a karaoke area wherein fans can sing Laruku karaoke tunes. Plus, a chance to view rare videos and the "latest" from the band.

· Bazaar - Different anime-, manga-, Laruku-, and other Japanese-related goods from different stores will be up for grab for all fans during the event at a very reasonable price.

· Organization/Institutions Booth - School organizations, clubs or institutions considered as an Affiliate for the event is encouraged to promote and exhibit their respective organizations.

· Fan Art Competition - A showcase of Filipino artists through original fan art and designs of L'Arc~en~Ciel and it's members.

· Cosplay Competition - Participants shall portray a certain character of their choice. There will be two (2) categories for the cosplay competition and are as follows:
o Laruku Idol Cosplay Competition - individual cosplayer shall portray any from the L'Arc~en~Ciel band members.

o Anime/Movie Laruku-related Cosplay Group Competition - group cosplayers to portray any from the L'Arc~en~Ciel-inspired anime and movie themes.

· Wall Graffiti and Commemoration Area - An area for Laruku fans to display their sincerest appreciation for the band. This section shall serve as our project for LPFC's Scrapbook activity.

· Auctions - Original pre-owned or new items of any Laruku or J-related items.

· Games - Fun-filled games to keep the camaraderie among Laruku fans.

· Laruku Concert - Five (5) hours of non-stop Japanese Music as the ten (10) performing Filipino J-Coverer bands play L'Arc~en~Ciel music.

1. The L'Arc~CON cosplaying contest is open to all event attendees.

2. The L'Arc~CON is divided to two (2) categories namely:
a. Laruku - Idol Individual Cosplay Competition - In this category, a cosplayer is required to portray ONE L'Arc~en~Ciel member
b. Group Cosplay Competition - In this category, there is a group of 4-15 cosplayers who will portray any of the anime or movie that is any way related to L'Arc~en~Ciel.

3. The L'Arc~CON cosplay event is a First - Come, First - Served basis.

4. The registration starts from 12:00 to 2:45 pm only at the Filcosplay Booth. The cosplayers will then receive their corresponding numbers. The call time for all the cosplay participants is 3:45 and they shall proceed at the Filcosplay Booth* (near the stage area).

5. All individual cosplayers are required to submit one (1) sample picture of their choice for cosplay for pre-judging purposes. For the group cosplayers, they are given five (5) minutes to perform their skit. If the group desires to have background music, they are asked to submit the needed materials with the proper label during their registration.

6. Total number of the cosplay participants:
a. A maximum of one hundred (100) participants only for the individual category
b. A maximum of eight (8) groups only for the group category

7. After the quota has been completed, the registration is automatically closed. However, those cosplayers who were unable to join the contest still have a chance. The organizer will pick one (1) lucky Special Award winner from their crowd.

8. All cosplayers must enter through the BACK ENTRANCE. The entrance fee for all the cosplayers is PHP 80.00. If they are accompanied by a family or a friend, their family or friend should enter from the MAIN ENTRANCE and pay for the corresponding ticket fee.

9. The lounging area for the cosplayers is provided by the organizers located at the back of the stage area. This is where they can place their costumes or props. All of the cosplayers are requested to label their belongings. Make sure that wallets, cell phones or other important things are in safe place. The organizers will not be held responsible for anything lost of their property.

10. If a cosplayer or any member of the cosplaying group commits any violations, the organizers have the rights to disqualify them.

11. The organizers, sponsors and/or the authorized press media may take picture and/or videos, which will be exclusively a property of the organizers, sponsors and/or press media and may be used for further publications or promotions.

12. There are no exceptions from the guidelines mentioned. The organizers' decision is FINAL.

*for follow-up

30% - audience participation
20% - initial impression
40% - costume and resemblance of their model of choice
10% - over all impact

Best Hyde
Best Tetsu
Best Ken
Best Yuki
Special Award - Best Sakura [if there's any]

Best Group Cosplayer
Special Award - Organizer's Best Bet

1. Individual Cosplayers - each winner shall receive:
a. One (1) original audio/video courtesy of Japan Foundation, Manila
b. One (1) special edition of Plushy Doll
c. Five Hundred Pesos worth of Gift Certificates from Tokyo Tokyo, Inc.
d. One (1) special L'Arc~en~Ciel poster
e. One (1) special Thought Factory item

2. Group Cosplayer - they shall receive:
a. Cash Prize [not yet confirmed]
b. One Thousand Pesos worth of Gift Certificates from Tokyo Tokyo, Inc.
c. One (1) L'Arc~en~Ciel poster each
d. One (1) Thought Factory item each

3. Special Awards/Consolation Prizes
a. Coupon voucher/s from Tokyo Tokyo, Inc.
b. L'Arc~en~Ciel poster/s
c. Thought Factory item/s

* additional prizes will be announced on the event proper

*****************************************End of Cosplay Guidelines****************************************

1. L'Arc~CON fanart competition is OPEN to ALL (above 15 years old).

2. Entries must be in a ¼ size WHITE CARTOLINA and can be of any medium (e.g. color pencil, pencil, watercolor, paint, etc). It can be of original fan art, or not. If not original, submit sample photo of your model.

3. Registration is on a First-Come, First-Served basis, from 12:00 - 3:00 pm only at Devian Art's* booth. Entries will be numbered accordingly. Submitted works will be up for display at Devian Art's booth.

4. Entries should be submitted together with the following information:
Real Name:
Alias Name:
Description of Work:
Medium Used:

5. All entries submitted will become the sole property of the Organizers and will be used for LPFC's scrapbook project that will be sent to Japan within the year.

6. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify a Fan Art's entry in the event that any of the aforementioned guidelines and rules is violated.

7. No exception from the above guideline is allowed. The Organizers' decision is FINAL.

*for follow-up

30% - audience participation
20% - initial impression
40% - originality, color and creativeness
10% - overall impact

Organizer's Best Choice Award - Grand Winner
Organizer's Best Choice Award - 2 consolation prizes (2nd and 3rd placers)

Grand Winner
- cash prize
- One Thousand Pesos worth of Gift Certificates from Tokyo Tokyo, Inc.
- One (1) Thought Factory item
- Two (2) L'Arc~en~Ciel's posters

Consolation Prizes
- One (1) Thought Factory item each
- Coupon Voucher/s from Tokyo Tokyo, Inc.

* additional prizes will be announced on the event proper

*****************************************End of FanArt Guidelines****************************************

Filipino J-Coverer Bands: "Laruku Concert"
Paradoxical Review
Ethereal Anthem
Himitsu Heiki

for the temporary poster:

Japan Foundation, Manila
Devian Art*

Tokyo Tokyo, Inc.
Legend of MIR II
Aqua Soft
SanMig Foods
Thought Factory

Media Sponsor:
GMA Network
... more sponsors coming up

for more updates, email us at

ticket price is P100.00
cosplayer's entrance fee is P80.00 (entrance at the back door of BnA)

pre-selling of tickets is on September 2, 2006 @ SM Megamall Foodcourt, near the Kiddie Ride (right side)
10% discount for bulk orders (15 tickets and up)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Az gag video blog 4

Here' the new Az gag video blog for this week. I got lazy in getting a good location, but I hope this one entertains you hahahahahha

topics is about Events, plans, and Rockstar Supernova

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah emailed me!

I was checking my email one day and I was fixing also my event letters for the comic seminar when I saw an email that gave me a big WOW and HUWAW!!

Zsa Zsa emailed me!

at first I thought its one of those spam email circulating and I got to check it my self, after opening it and reading it, it took me 10 seconds to reflect and analyze and poom !! its a valid email that come from an existing user.

hi, i'm zsa zsa p. i found your website by accident. anyhow, we're
already filming and i was hoping you could visit us on the set.
can't wait to meet you. :)

zsa zsa padilla

After reading it for two times! I was surprised again (lagi naman e) to see the sender's name!
holy !!! the email sender was Zsa Zsa Padilla.

I sent her a reply and fan boy scream and told her that, yes, Im interested to visit her and to see the latest development of the movie Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Movie (i dont know if it is the official title)

and again! thanks to Zsa Zsa P. for the invite and now I can't wait for her reply and the set visit


4th Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 5

Im a little busy for now preparing for the comic seminar this October, I went to Megatrade last week just to sign and check out some stuff to finalize everything for the event, thanks to the staff of Megatrade for helping me in the production. Im planning to expand the comic seminar and maybe next year, the start of the international comic seminar. Im still putting those plans in my little notebook for future references.

Megatrade Conference Hall, Function B is the one event that I started, Collectibles Convention was the first convention in my life, and it was held here in the Function Room. The number of crowd is not that the same as in Toy Con.

This is the Function Room, its a very classy venue and perfect room for seminars, conference, meetings and press conference. From the previous Comic Seminar we filled this room with lots of comic artist and students.
I got a good feeling that this year will be the biggest crowd for the seminar.

im planning to transform the whole conference area with a big Comic Art walkthrough and booths of sponsors and partners, I haven't checked the other hall way, but I will definitely use it for the 2 day event.
I might provide an activity area outside the seminar hall, thats a place for meet ups and art sharing for people.

Megatrade said that I should get both Function Room A and B, but I told them that we will get it next year.
I have to discuss this part to Glass House Graphics, its good to have invites from other schoo, we may expand the seminar soon in schools and institutions, will fix that after the Oct 14-15, 4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar 2006.

Thanks to Manila Bulletin, hehhhee I got a shamless plug insert of the seminar inside my article interview in Blog O rama. ehhehehe

Az in Manila Bulletin's BLOG O' RAMA

I've been dreaming to be included in Manila Bulletin's TECH NEWS section, I like the articles and Jerry Liao's story about Tech and people and also Im an avid reader of Annalyn Jusay's BLOG O RAMA, and at first I was dreaming that my blog is featured in that section, but now it has come true and I was super surprised to see Ms. Jusay's email in my Gmail inbox. Thanks for featuring my blog, having it printed in broadsheet is one cool experience, er....with my face hahahahahhahah


Azrael’s Merryland

.:Annalyn S. Jusay (now blogging at

This week we interview Azrael Coladilla, a graduating student of Far Eastern University who’s taking up Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Major in Computer Science. He describes himself as a freelance multimedia artist, convention and events organizer.

"I’m really hooked with the culture and arts, and my blog’s content is all about toys, comics, movies, events, music and technology." For more about him, check out his blog at

Q. When did you start to blog? Did anybody influence you?

A. I started blogging last June 2003 and since then I became one of the active bloggers in the Philippines.A friend named Ariel Atienza of and Jaclyn Ting Lim of influenced me to blog, at first I was out of place when all of my friends blogged, I didn’t get the idea on why we should blog, until they guided me in making my own, then it already became my habit and hobby at the same time.

Q. Why do you blog? What do you like about this activity?

A. I blog because I want people to know that I exist. So that they will recognize me as an individual who is actively participating in different happenings. I can do lots of things to inform and entertain people who are in the Internet.

I like it a lot, especially when I post some personal events in my life, people can know me more by reading all of my post. Publishing my production notes and events diary, for my freelance work,. I boost up marketing and it helps my sideline job to expand. My blog is like a morning newspaper or magazine sometimes.

Q. What benefits do you derive from blogging?

A. It connects me to other people who knows me and people who are strangers to me but later on become my friends. Also I earned money from it too, and thanks to some online advertisers who truly believed that my blog is one big portal for everyone, a perfect ground for marketing and advertising.

Q. On the other hand, what do you dislike about it (blogging) if any?

A. When people crash by and start to bash you whenever you are caught off guard (offline) ,sometimes they do it on a regular basis, that’s why I changed my tagboard to, so that I can trace their IP address and block them or report them to their office boss for using their PC to bash me during office hours. It’s okay to have a personal comment in one post or have a natural reaction to one article, but bashing you and insulting your loved ones publicly is one different scenario for me.

Q. Do you still see yourself blogging five years from now? Please explain.

A. Yes, I can see that I may have my own domain and host for all my blog entries. Going indepedent from free web based blogging services. And readers will also increase.

Also having my own TV blog channel. Well it sounds so funny but blogging is here to stay and it is already a part of my life. Its already a time capsule, and my blog will remain here forever.

Q. How many blogs do you maintain? Would you recommend keeping multiple blogs?

A. Yes, I have lots of blogs, around 10 weblogs, all of them are active blogs, some of them are moderated by a group of bloggers. Others are personally built by me. But I maintain TransFormers Philippines (, the live action movie is coming out next year. Next is the Philippine Toy Convention blog, (, the blog of our toy event and also all about the hobbyists and collectible toys, comics and anime.

It’s okay to have multiple blogs, it’s a way of dividing your audience and also the content. But if you have multiple blogs, make sure that you have a lot of time updating it and maintain it well, so that you won’t lose readership in the net.

Q. How do you choose which topics to post? What topics do you most often write about?

A. My topics are about me and the events happening around me. If a talk about movies, I will choose only the movies that I like, and later on make an entry of it or transform my blog into a movie theme. The topic is also about relationship with my life partner, Lace Llanora, she too has a blog ( and together we sometimes post about what’s going on between us, the fun, the romance and sometimes the fight! hahahahaha.

Most favorite of the topics posted now is my video blog, it’s a new trend in the blogosphere. I tried one, and then later on people got entertained and also got informed about the latest update. Its like watching comedy news like John Stewart.

My favorite post for me is the production notes. People can see around on how I work and organize events and conventions. I can share to them my ideas and insights on the loops of being an event organizer.There they can see how hard it is and how I enjoy it. Readers can view behind-the-scenes of projects and sometimes the latest developments.

Now I am organizing the event for the 4th Annual Manila International Comic Creation Seminar on Oct 14-15 in Megamall. It’ a big production and putting it up on the web really increases the marketing.

Q. Your blogging habits...

A. Well, I post something that I like and upload photos, people love pictures and images, that’s why my blog is graphic intensive. I just share with them what I see by putting pictures. But blogging at night gives me more creative juice, and sometimes I can post 5 entries in one day, depends on the mood.

Q. Can you tell us more about your blog design and what platform you’re using? What makes you stick with Blogger?

A. I already got 4 blog designs when I started blogging and later on I composed my own design just to study all the html tags, but later on I scrapped it out after a long run and decided to download skins in the internet. The current design I used is a skin download and it stays for 2 years already.

I like Blogger, because they are user friendly and my entries and template are easy to maintain and manage. Also I don’t have any problems with bandwidth usage.

Q. In your own opinion, what are the qualities of a good blogger?

A. You should be responsible of what you have write in your blog, being original in all of the entries you posted and also giving credit to the photos and snippets of articles you used for your entry. Just be true to yourself and to the people who read it,so that you can gain more readers because they trusted you and they too rely on your articles sometimes for information.

Q. Can you tell us more about what kind of readers you have? What have been the feedbacks from your family and friends?

A. My readers are very open minded to everything I post. They are the people who supported me since I started blogging and now new readers emerged after googling their interest and then... bam!!!! found my blog. There are famous people who have read my blog, one of them is Neil Gaiman. It was a honor to see his email in my inbox, and later on I thanked him for the surprise letter and reading my blog. My family too, my mom,sisters, brother, cousins and aunts are my blog readers.


(For comments and inquiries, email

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Azrael Coladilla is the blogger and founder of Azrael's Merryland Blog. This blog started as a personal blog in 2003, and then converted the blog into a lifeblog about his interest and reporting about pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, food, travel, toys, outdoor adventure, internet and social media. Awarded as the 2009 Most Influential Blogger for Luzon, Philippines, awarded by the Philippine Blog Awards. He is the founder of several online communities - Manila Bloggers Network, Philippine Bloggers Network, Oh My Food! community, Cavite Bloggers, Travel and Blog Community, and Philippine ToyCon. Azrael's Merryland Blog is included in a list of top 50 Blogs in the Philippines , ranked 65th in Top 100 Blogs that Matter , 49 must read lifestyle blog in the Philippines. and rank 40th in 100 Top Philippine Blogs by Feedspot.
He loves to travel, explore, discover, eat new food, document and record his life, meet new people, do photography and collect Transformers toys.
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