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Saturday, September 02, 2006

the 27th Manila International
Book Fair 2006

my photo coverage of the event

we went on the opening day of the book fair and we arrived 30 minutes early of the opening. Lots of people lined up in front of the entrance, its good to see that they sold already tickets the morning before the event, they prepared a short program at the end of the hall, while we wait for the opening, people are noisy and minding their own and then after 15 minutes we noticed that the program already started and they are already in the middle of the national anthem, then the crowd made a silent stop just like a wave.

after the opening, we saw and hear David Pomeranz from a far singing "Got to believe in Magic", many people at our back didn't know what was happening, when Lace's mom asked who that was, I told her that David Pomeranz will sing at the opening day. and then people at the back heard me and say that "hmmm David Buenavacz?! "

we already mapped our way and the main agenda of that day is ran sacked new issue's of Summit Media Publishing. it was the first booth we visit and I know we are the first customer for that day. grab one new copy and get one free back issue,except FHM back issue. they still practiced the tradition of a free issue, so we bought all of it, and ehhhee mama sally bought it all.
FHM back issues are sold P100 for 2 issues, and holy! at last I got Eula Valdez and the double Rica and Camille Prats issue. My hands got sored of that panic buying. and carrying those magazines really tires me plastic bag cutted my hand. bigat kasi..madami.

then one of the visited booth is the Bookmark or The Filipino Store, coffee book tables are bargain from P2000 to P200 or P500. it was a shock or me. Mama S bought some and I went back outside to hand over our loot to the driver .

note to self for the 28th Manila international book fair 2007.

Lace arrived at 12nn and she gone crazy looking for the Paris Hilton: Diaries and then we went to Fullybooked to buy some books of her choice and Powerbooks for that Katie Spade titles. I was looking for Andong Agimat that day and bad luck! they didnt brought any copies of it and also Paris Hilton. Mama S also look for her prized book, titled, Diana: the Portrait, unfortunately it was unavailable.

minutes after Mark Cerbo went in and we jam at the bookfair, we were looking for some magazine and comic booths but the only mag we saw are from PSICOM, EMERALD, Summit, Mango, and CCHQ.

we saw Elbert Or in the CCHQ, had a little chat and I grabbed that JLA vs. Avengers issue and a Romeo Tanghal inked comic of Batman :League of Batmen. while Mark grabbed the Batman Jim Lee issue 1, all items were 50% off. hooo boy. I bought 3 comics only just to control my buying habits, I nearly bought that Evangelina artbook, and Elbert here tries to do Jedi mind trick on me hahhahahaa.

While resting down I met Ed Cabagnot also going to the exit and carrying plastic bags of books, it was funny that we havent met for a long time and its good to meet again. I havent told him that im still a student....

people from the Fullybooked graced a good welcome to us, and met them once again. Tals and Rhea still on their hyperness, while Apol of National bookstore was there also and we met again after ToyCon 2005. it was a good day for er...comic seminar proposal hahahaha... but no.. she said that she will help me getting sponsors for my event.

it was a short reunion of short of people I know from the industry. hhahahaha.
i haven't seen Arnel of Psicom and also people I know from Mango comics.

well.. we got lots of loot that day and we went out at 5pm, still we faced a huge crowd coming in and I suspect that more people will come in before the fair ends.
I was planning to go there this saturday with Lace.. really need to but that Bust Statue of Jose Rizal. was priced at P50 ---- flat

for me, the event is well organized same as last year, but I haven't attended any special program like the awards. ' Siglo:Passion won! I read it some of the blog links here.

but, where are the other magazine publishers? also broadsheet.
it was a big question to me when I went to some board meeting that night.
well. I just told them that we had a good time and good buys.
but Im still looking for the big selections form what i experinced last year.

the event is still good and its their 27th! can you beat that?! hahahahhaaha

congrats to the organizer and people behind that amazing book fair.
as I heard at the back during the opening, this event sparks a grand EB and meet up of LIBRARIANS in the Philippines.

Friday, September 01, 2006

NBC's Heroes

I just hope that this series airs here in our country. It looks good and I just felt that a super team of heroes is coming and we comic fanatic can relate more of it.

i spandex hahahahaha

NBC's new show "Heroes" is about ordinary people who find something extraordinary in themselves. We all have a path in discovering our purpose, but how will these characters use their powers to discover theirs? Check out the premiere of "Heroes" on Monday, September 25th @ 9/8c only on NBC

days without lace

its weird to me last night, I went to bed as early as 8pm just to recharge myself after the tiring meetings and school work. but my night was different, Im sleeping all alone and my Lace is not around. She's busy and stuck in their company's retreat and she will be not here 3 days and 2 night.

above is a SMS pic from her, she send it to me and she created that clay teddy bear, with a note, "it has a big tummy like yours", Lace is an artist, a painter and a sculpter. she has lot of art stuff at home. yeah! i really like that bust statue of her self displayed in her mom's room.

ahahahaha..this made my day clear. even that it is hot and sweaty..
my energies are back once again, and i'l prepare for her arrival from her retreat.

Overload !

Im exhausted yesterday and I took care of one of the first IT workshop for school, I arrived 3 minutes late and Im glad that all of the students are ready, the internet was enable that time. It was the easiest lecture, showing samples of websites are fast, all I do is click and then show them samples of website that has flash interfaces, banner ads and also blogs.

everytime I do lecture, I received a Jollibee meal. It was the coolest thing the students do for me. a free meal hahahhaahha, and also an honorarium or sometimes professional fee.

awwww..I still have one blogging seminar pala on Sept 7 in FEU again.
damn..I almost forgot about that one. Im thinking also of inviting one guest from the blogosphere.

we made a short story in class the other day and the title is "Damit na Bago" or "New Clothes", it was funny that the story end up in a pre marital sex situation, two lovers meet up, encountered scenes that is not related to their journey and then sex!. I can't think of a character so I used my ol stuntman Mark! hahahahha, and the girl's name is Annalina (it came from my mind, the girl should be Angelica..or just insert it with an image of Panganiban) i might post it soon in my DA if ever I get a good grade for this hahahahaha.

check out and buy OZINE OVERLOAD, a sub magazine of Otaku Zine.
all about games, gadgets and anime.

The 5th Philippine toys, Hobbies and Collectibles convention has a photo coverage inside.
and also toy shop feature of Vic Yap's store VTOYZ Hobbyshop in Greenhills, he's one of our big daddy in the event for toycon.

I'll post tonight my report on the 27th Book Fair.
Im so busy for this week and

4th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
Production Notes 7

ahhmmm busy with meetings and dealings with companies to be our partner and sponsor.
online activities with other companies are increasing so Im more hooked to the pc with my email for the whole day, chatting down and giving requirements that the company told me to do before they proceed to my proposal.

and one is that I should have my a friendster profile. cool !
i wont tell yet what it is for hehheheheh

seminar tickets will be available this sunday!!!! in selected shops only.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

the flash seminar

I'm so tired....very tired this day

this coming morning I'll be conducting a workshop in my school (FEU) for a basic web animation site and interface using flash. sleepy today.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Book fair, book list and book shopping
and Games Masters Magazines Last issue

me and lace are now listing all the stuff we will buy this year's bookfair, It will be a one day shopping at the book fair with me and her mom, coz Lace might get a hard time getting out of the office hours just to grab some stuff at the book fair. All I got here is a list of magazine, books and graphic novels. Also I haven't listed any reading materials that I need to buy, but God will guide in there just to take home one precious item.

I saw already new magazines for Sept. issue in 711, but I stayed my hands off of it, coz new issues will be released at the book fair. and I know if you buy one new issue, you can get one back issue for FREE..ohohohoh...Ill grab that FHM Eula Valdez Cover tomorrow.

here are new stuff we are targeting to buy
pics from

I know Lace won ban me from buying this, coz I dont read this magazine (sometimes if ever I need to see the girl's horoscope and confession stories), its Angelica Panganiban and this is one of the whole cover pose of her in a magazine. If you remember Maxim's maiden issue, this will make the magazine stand go tumbling.

yes, yes, I buy this stuff last year and I stopped. Its a good material for market research and also for tips and trips for having your own business. By reading this I already got a good talk while ago in our school seminar with the one of the owner of Figaro coffee, Ms. Pacita Juan.

for me........
its the saddest issue for Games Masters Magazine. I got the information 3 weeks ago from one of the big boss of Summit Media. and they emailed me about the fold of GM. Its really sad to hear this, I was hoping that they put up a happy cover of the magazine, perhaps the people behind it. but a big GAME OVER logo came up to screen., me and Lace almost cried to see this.
I think there might be an ad inside of the Manila Comics Seminar. I dont know but the Summit people told me that I gave a big contribution to their magazine when I started promoting and getting them as our media partner. to Ed Geronia, Alvin, Denis, thanks guys for the wonderful gaming sharing and experience, I really remember when this magazine is not yet published, I was invited by Ed to write a sample article and visit their office to play games... coz Im so busy that time, I already forgot about it and then I got the 1st ish and join them in their mall tour.
oh I didn't get a chance to write for them (hehehehe. I was the one tagging them to put classic and retro game reviews). But I owe GM for being one of our best media partner in every event we have (yeah! talk about free gaming the whole day and a Voltes V chogokin freebie)

the September moment of truth is here! I was waiting for this issue and I know no more Az appearance in the pages of FHM (well., you can still see my ass in one of the shamless pics in there website) I was informed by one of my friend that the female vocalist of Narda, Katwo will appear in FHM, Im not yet sure if in Sept. issue. I just previewed the FHM TV and see the FHM girls for this month, but I haven't seen any Katwo shadow on it. Im not sure if she joined the Girls next door. or might she one of those Girlfriend of the month. It was a surprised for me. to know that. we meet only during gigs and event during my rock era,and I haven't made my promised to her to play in our ToyCon event. hmmm...I might invite them next year.

this is not from Summit.
I forgot to buy Arnold Arre's ANDONG AGIMAT, you see Im so busy and I forgot to buy this during the launching, release and the Graphic Fiction awards. the book fair is my big chance to grab this graphic novel. (hoping for a freebie from their publisher hahahaha)

retro Az blast from the past

many people are wondering why did I end up and enjoying organizing events and also ask questions when did I started in this field, I just saw some photos in the net and I guess this will be a good chit chat on why am I so active organizing events

the year was 1998 (i think or 1997) I was hooked and enjoyed being part of a band that plays rock music, it was a good start for me, coz im a shy type torpe person who hides under table whenever we have visitors at home. I got exposed to the underground music scene and my band - forgot the name but all I remember we go out as the name -Divine After 7, which was given a name by our drummer Eugene. We play rock music of Deftones, Rage againsts the machine and Coal Chamber. Its the only music we know as I disliked so much the music of KORN. By that time I was like a little ordinary worm learning lot of things from the outside world( school). It was the rock era for me, drinking, rocking, playing, gigs, chicks, and etc.

I didnt experience a Rockstar Supernova moment but all I know is that I enjoyed the rock and head bangs. Our friend who is a former manager of Razorback and Greyhoundz helped us in breaking into the scene, vocalist of the Greyhoundz band also lifted up his hands for us to help us being noticed by NU 107, it was the ticket that time to the big scene, coz we know that if you have a big backer you can reach the gold mine easily. During our drinking night with the band, my guitarist refused and didn't like the idea and he convinced us to reject the idea, he explained that if we want to break into the industry, we should work it that out with our own feet and sweat, coz that time we dont want people tag us we reached that gold mine coz of another band that offered a big back up.

for me, it was okay, I didnt dream of being a rockstar. but for my other 2 band mates it was the big opportunity that we threw into that pile of garbage, in that time I acted as manager of the band and also bassist.

shift to 1999, I met and introduced to Khavn who owns this cafe in Kamias, called Oracafe. It was the coolest venue in Manila, after Club Dredd and 70's Bistro. Indie bands play there and it's the best place for art events.

(circa '99 that's jac ting lim, during our college im still a college student today aahahah)

we started to organized an anime film showing with my old group featuring anime movies and series that are not being shown here locally, the venue is plain simple - in Oracafe. We organize the event there every 1st saturday of the month and it runs for almost 2 years, then we transfered to Powerbooks Makati after the cafe's closure.

During the part renovation of the cafe, I became one of the event organizer of the cafe, I organized every month my own Rock Fest, I didn't have a good title of the event by Khavn's suggestion was the AZ FEST. I didn't reached that idea, I was too shy for that year and I just labeled the event Rock FEST, featuring indie bands and other amateur bands that need exposure. It was a hard thing to organize that rock event. Coz some people I invited are not known to me, so every time I told them 4 songs only, sometimes they do it 5 or 6 songs.

the next band will complain, coz it will cause delay for the next band. its hard for this pasaway. Sometimes when they reached the 3rd song I stand up in the middle of the venue and remind them that they will play the last song and after they must leave the stage for the next band to perform.

It was another rock era for me. then sometimes me and my band play at the end of the event.

payat pa ko....

then I formed, managed and organized another band, they played anime music, Neotaku was a fresh band that time and it was a good time for them to managed coz I taught them some philosophies about music and attitude. And at the start they were good listeners.

I acted as one of the back up vocals and also manager, (even that they disliked to be managed) I just let them go and do their own decision , so after exposing them in the community and introduced them to jrock music like Larc en ciel, Siam Shade and etc. I decided to leave the band to rest and let them learn the rock days in their own. But now the band is one the hottest and idolized jrock cover bands in the country. evolving and still rocking.

After being exposed to many school tours and collectibles convention. I quit being part of my old group and started as an individual helping other group like the Artists' Den and Animanga club of the learning experience is there already, i did comic launch, the 1st comic seminar in megamall, anime radio launching, film showing, small convention, collectors meet up with TransFormers PH, and more.

as time goes by, the learning never stop always, it keeps on coming until someone new is discovered.

well I hope this post serves a backtrack how I enjoyed an organizer.
but maybe soon, I might retire and focus more on to something.


Monday, August 28, 2006

The 27th Manila International
Book Fair 2006

There are bookworms, and there are BOOKWORMS. If you're one of those
willing to brave the crowds and the long lines (and when we say long,
we mean LOOOOONG), tilt your head to one side for hours (and risk
going home with a stiff neck) while going through all the different
genres known to man, or rummage through piles and piles of books just
to get that title you've been looking for (at a really good deal, of
course), then it's best that you visit the Manila International Book

The biggest book fair in the country has been attended by more than
fifty thousand people in just a span of a week, participated by over
a hundred exhibitors (both local and foreign), and showcasing
hundreds of thousands of different publications-from books to
magazines, periodicals to journals.

For those who haven't picked up a book in quite a while, we suggest
that you take a time out and visit the World Trade Center. The fair
runs from August 30 to September 3, from 10am to 8pm daily. Let out
the shopaholic in you and get yourself some brain food, with whatever
tickles your fancy-be it a chicklit by Weisberger (The Devil Wears
Prada is showing soon!) or Kinsella (possibly every shopaholic's
fave), a classic by Tolstoy or Dostoevsky, or a sci-fi novel by
Gaiman or Lucas.

* The World Trade Center is at the Financial Area, Sen. Gil Puyat
(formerly Buendia) Avenue corner D. Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City.

// hehhehehe. we are already prepared for this year's book fair, its a one year preparation for us and we mean book shopping for this year hahahahaa.. all of us here at home are excited and Im already thinking of buying new magazines and other reading materials, well Lace here is targeting good books, while her mom is one collector of Filipiniana books and art books of Filipino painters. I know that this year will be the good grab for reading materials. //

photos are from last year 26th book fair.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tarlac, Don Bosco and Benilde

I was with Lace yesterday in their school's campus tour in Don Bosco, Tarlac, and it was a very tiring day for us, we enjoyed the ride and sleep, and also munching the Jollibee meals somewhere in Tarlac.

Before we arrived in Tarlac, we were asked to stop for a check point by the LTO, and It was scary coz all of them are armed with guns. They are very strict in that place coz shooting carnappers and kidnappers happened couple of days earlier, and I almost piss my pants when they started the check point and asking for ID's.. I got scared what if they kidnapped me!
er....yeah I heard the news about those artist being kidnapped by the army.

the LTO guy is scary too, he suspected first that we might be students who are anti the government.

er...cheesecake!!! then they allowed us to pass. and whew!!!1

the CSB booth

the merry Lace and Astrid ...I am Benilde !

ipod nga! (it means move hahahah)
ipod na hindi i-pod

wearing my Lady in the Water limited shirt!
yeah! check out also my THE COVE keychain with a room number, a premium item that I won after giving a good review and meaning about the powerful symbolism of M. Night's LADY in the WATEr.... and damn! I lost to that Lady in the water poster with the actors and actresses signature.


This September 7, I will be having again my seminar about blogging and it will be my second time to do it in school, 2nd year students of FEU I.T. will be there to learn more about weblogs.
i think I might do this another round for 3rd year students Im not yet sure when it will be. But I have a schedule for a live workshop about blogging and digital movie for 4th year students and this will be for their requirement in their subject CS Trends.

I just made some short activity for Sept. 7 and this might boost up my teaching skills, coz Im doing a new style for the students.

Well see for the coming months and we might have a series of workshop in other school.
Im not that pro for the field, I got the experience and beliefs, but this mentoring program sure is fun !

4th Manila Comics Creation Seminar
production note 6

The start and end of every week is now busy for me, and running the event for a good impact of promotion must continue and never let this pass the other day. I went too early last thursday for a meeting for one of our media partners and I thought that I will be the only to be there, Im glad that the others txted me and said that they are already in there way.

I arrived 1 hour early and I sat down to one of the coffee shop inside the building, there I conduct a short review and analysis of the event space and marketing gimik for the comic seminar. Stuff that I have is magazines and my clear book containing important documents for the event.

after gulping that capucino I decided to read my PC Magazine for a quick techie breakfast, now after reading some articles, I got excited to try that new web browsers that is easy to use with blogging and sharing photos.

i got annoyed in the length of my hair, it always covers my eyes and because of it is already a cold season, my hair grows much faster and I started now wearing my sunglasses as a headband.

to my decision, I went to Bench Fix Salon to solve my problem, it will be a good start for me to have a new style of hair that will give me peace of mind whenever im in school or outside.

my hair stylist is named Cesar Sitchon, and wow he got a good point for the style of my hair, at first he wants my hair to be cutted mohawk style, i said to him that its okay, I really need a new hair and I dont want this old style of mine to stay long for another year. I really need to have a new hair lifestyle. hahhaah

so he cut and then he stopped styling my hair into a mohawk, but he likes it my new style coz it will make my head more small, than my previous hair, he said that I looked like a girl in my old style.

he wants my hair to colored, but the I told him that I will come back after college, (and thats this October), While styling he discovered about my lil' career in the web and events and dang!! he told me that I was like Tim Yap (and again, I never heard of his name for half a year) and there ya go! people can't stop dubbing me as Tim Yap of the comic-anime-music-pop industry.

so there my hair is now short and we finished our mission of our meeting and it was a blast.

i got a really cool lunch meeting with the people of Glass House Graphics and its a good and long meeting and planning for the seminar. Im still having a problem for the ticket venue in Megamall, But I will be having a meeting this week in one of the shop owners in Mega to finalize my proposal re: the selling of tickets.

my buddies of ToyCon, Cholo and Vic gave a go signal to put the tickets in their shop in Greenhills and Marikina Riverbank.

so now Im waiting for the ticket prints and teaser poster.

3 schools are now waiting for the poster and tickets, I have to make the printing double time. and it seems that this will be my last week for August to finish all of these task.

uaghhhh....... 3 meetings for this week and I have to schedule it wisely.

midterm exam is this thurs and fri, so for the the two days, it will be a no no for the comic seminar for me, to give me more focus in my exams
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