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Saturday, February 13, 2010

IBM and University of Cebu to Prepare Students for 21st Century Workforce

Cebu City, Philippines – 11 February, 2010: IBM and the University of Cebu (UC) will offer students an “Earn as You Learn" (EAYL) undergraduate program in joint efforts to create educational and employment opportunities for young IT professionals among the local Cebu population and its neighboring areas.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Survival Guide for the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

croped 2116787

It's not yet too late to give tips and a survival guide for the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, and because It is my first time to be there and encountered some not so good and also okay situations. I like to share something that I learned in traveling and also going to the venue and tips from people around me.

(read more below)

Going airborne with the hot air balloon at 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

P2116889 P2116906
Me and Lace just experienced for the first time riding the hot air balloon and it floated so high and it was beautiful to see the entire field of the venue from the top. The hot air balloon floated so smooth and I didn't even noticed that we are flying already, we started to cheer ourselves and smile just to take away our fear from heights. Then I took photos and video of us going crazy above, we were with the hot air balloon operator and he manage to fire up the balloon more to reach it's limit float in the air.

The only problem is that you need to bend you knees during landing, making the hot air balloon is easy, all you have to do is stop firing up some flames to the balloon and it will just drop down to the ground. Thanks to the spring under the coach of the balloon, we just experienced a rough landing but we are okay. The operator said that the smooth and rough landing will depend on the flow of wind to the balloon.

Thanks to Marquee Mall for assisting us to ride the balloon and for the awesome all access pass, and also goodie treats from Marquee Mall.

more pics below

day 2 coverage - 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

day 2 balloon edited

The venue was jam packed already by visitors and we arrived there at around 5:30am and saw that the crowd is growing every minute. I manage to use my all access ID and went inside the fence to have a closer photo op with these giant hot air balloons. It's dangerous location outside the perimeter fence, because there are paracute gliders roaming around and pumping of air to the balloons are in progresss. A banner of Yellow Cab pizza fell from the hot air balloon and it fell infront of me and it was big banner that fell from the sky, I'm glad that it didn't hurt me or damaged my camera, you see that it is very dangerous shootng photos inside the fly zone, but you need an ID pass in order to enter there.
Different colors, sizes and shapes, a total of 20 hot air balloon are present and participated by our foreign friends. My favorite hot air balloons - the smiling Sun, Barn balloon and that Turtle balloon.

more photos below

Sign up for the PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK (Fall/Winter/Holiday 2010 Collection)
Sign up now for Yako Reyes and Veejay Floresca's GUESTLIST for the Philippine Fashion Week Fall/Winter/Holiday 2010 collection. 2500 guests are needed for this. (reposting this from Paul Pajo's Google Buzz post)

Sign up and Register here
(link now deleted)

take note that you don't need to pay anything in order to attend the Fashion Week. The event is strictly for invitation only. All registered participant will receive a snail mail of the ticket to your door step.

(photo above is from

Az video blog : day 1 of 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Here's my video blog at the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.
1. me and the hot air balloon (i'm very nervous here, because its too dangerous if you dont pay attention, you might get tangled with the balloon's rope.) I'm using my Sony PSP as my video recorder.

2. me and Lace going inside Marquee Mall
3. met the bloggers at Ikabud restaurant at Marquee Mall

more videos for day 2 tomorrow!

day 1 coverage - 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

P2106530 P2106577
We're still here in Pampanga in a comfy hotel, we decided to have another round in watching the colorful hot air balloons, and because that we missed the sunrise morning fly in and just saw today the sunset fly in. It's a fun trip and also sight to see these colorful balloons, they converted that 2 airplane hanger into a bazaar area and exhibit by air and mechanic school and they have some photo exhibit, aircraft exhibit, guns and some weapons, and wow! I just hold a grenade launcher and those m16 are so heavy, well I'm glad that I'm not a soldier. (read more and see photos below)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bloggers are here at 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

I'm blogging live here at Marquee Mall in Pampanga, and this mall made me feel close to home in Manila, kasi sympre, it's an Ayala Mall. Thanks to Marquee Mall for sponsoring our trip and stay here at the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010. I just met our blogger friends Jonel, Monstch, Iris, Earth and Iris, I also heard Ivan Henares, Byahilo and Melo are also here but didn't saw them in the hot air balloon field in Clark Freeport Zone. Because me and Lace arrived late at 10am here in Pampanga, and saw no balloons at that time,Jonel told me via sms that the in flight ended at around 8am.

Got some trouble going inside Clark, I just missed the entrance of the event and the jeep drove us near that base thing, so me and Lace walk in the middle of the hot sun, dried grass and dusty road, were vehicles came in from the event.

I don't have yet photos of balloon, but will go back there again at 5:30pm to see them fly at night. We're here in Krispy Kreme munching some original glazed after our movie out watching "Do you hear about the Morgans"

Gmail new buzz for status messages
We can call it the Google Buzz, its an answer to Facebook status messages, to Yahoo! Meme to twitter, to plurk, Friendters and to a dozen others of microblogging and status updater sites. Google Buzz is now activated to all Gmail users and if you look at it, you will be reminded that posting viral stuff will go beyond and people will stay in Gmail for a longer time.And sharing content is now easier.
it's easy to use, you can follow other users and they can follow you too, the messages or status updates will load in your dashboard, you can post txt, photos and link urls. Video is not yet available and I know they will add it soon, and also music.You can also post via mobile phone too.And if someone posted a comment to your post, you can see the updates of it from your inbox. And Google Buzz has "liked" button. hmm familiar?

my wish is have an external site, or out of Gmail, and have our own domain name :) ...  and now using Gmail now is more fun! (lalo na yung mga nasa office hahahah). If you want to follow me in Google Buzz then add my email -

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm ready to fly! at the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

my passes and lots of paper money are all here! I'm now ready to fly and also travel from Cavite to Pampanga to witness my first visit at the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I'm not very familiar going there riding a bus or jeep, but I got some notes from the web and thanks to my plurkeristas for helping me get a nice route.

(read more below)

if Valentines Day movie is all about love and sex, then this is my naughty movie review

I just saw the movie at the exclusive press screening from Warner Bros. It was funny that a guy like me want to watch this film and get around a little mushy, even Lace make jokes around with me and telling me that I giggle too much while watching the movie. Hey! looking at a power cast of stars of this movie will make you think that all kinds of tv series just merged into one movie, It was a heavy and you should follow more on the development of each character through out the movie, minor roles and extra should not be ignored as every minute and every inch of movements are very important to notice for this Valentines Day movie.

Elements of Valentines are expected and you will begin to think that they all get busy and started to cram sending cards and flowers to their loved ones. A movie that will make you think and start your own story of the movie, a big revelation in the end, and the final stage of the image of the character will finally shown to you, their purpose, their role, their important elements and also their connection to each other. There are alot of non-connection to the character, but it is not 100% that they are really connected. Valentines Day movie is really for Valentines day, if love is all about sex and pink flowers, then you can think back again and know if it is really love or something else that is more wilder or fun like sex.

My favorite characters are : Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Mcsteamy guy, and Taylor Swift.I don't even agree that this movie is for girls, but guys will love this too, and also for all ages.

my rating is 5 out of 5 dancing bananas, for the story and character developments.

Opening across the Philippines on Friday, Feb. 12, New Line Cinema’s “Valentine’s Day” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

(check out our photos below from the premiere)

I'm on TV at Talentadong Pinoy (TV5)

I got this opportunity to be on TV again and its a different treatment, because I was invited to be one of the grand jury for the talent contest show on TV called Talentadong Pinoy, this is our 1st talent show in the Philippines which is kinda similar to America's Got Talent, but I enjoyed more on this show than watching Showtime and Diz iz it (which I saw in on TV for the 1st time on the same day).

The taping of the show took place at SM North Edsa's Sky Dome, the full episode will be aired this Saturday, so don't fail to miss the show if you wanna see me and Fjordz, a fellow blogger, do some judging rounds and witness the amazing performance of their contestants, I will not spoil you guys, but I suggest you check out the show this Saturday. (read more story below)

The Back Up Plan movie : a love story in reverse order

 FM (Page 1)
Fall in love. Get married. Have a baby. Not necessarily in that order.

Columbia Pictures presents Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin (“Whiteout,” TV’s “Moonlight”) in the new romantic comedy “The Back-Up Plan,” a hilarious tale that explores dating, love, marriage and family “in reverse.”(read more below)

Ellen Degeneres makes her "American Idol" debut

Ellen Degeneres 2
The excitement has been building, and the moment America has been waiting for is almost here! Ellen DeGeneres joins judges Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest to help winnow down the AMERICAN IDOL contestants during the Hollywood Round beginning Wednesday, Feb. 10 on Star World. (read more below)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

day 3 photo coverage - 5th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival 2010

I don't know how to describe my day here at the 5th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival 2010, but I can say one word ~ ASTIG!. It was another tiring day and pure fun listening again to live music, meet up with art lovers, artists and musicians. Sharing the passion for arts and culture are high here and it was like a big classroom and our stage is the main blackboard of learning. Mentoring and transfer of knowledge takes place anywhere in different corners of the event and it never stops there.

I arrived late and it was time for the cosplay fashion show, I met up with Konata fans club near the stage and told them to set up after the Maguindanaon Kulintang dance group and I got a response from them that they are ready and just coordinate with the band Jumping Art Kids band for the cosplay show, the cosplay started showcasing different kinds of cosplay art forms, from mecha, to jrock lolita fashion, to anime, and game characters, saw the acoustic performance of the pop duo Krissy and Ericka for the first time and wow!, I also saw the fast tongue of one of the members of Say Wut, grabe ang bilis magsalita, mayganon pala,

Gorgoro Henson performed with his band but the difference is that all of them are humans and he is the lost son of the famed puppet Animal of Jim Henson's hour, Kastigo performed heavy and their guitar and bass player wow the crowd with their epilogue act, Matilda band performed with their scream labeled song and i'm happy to see them play again after so many years, Abby Asistio performed with her band I was lauching at Marc Cerbo and told him I think I saw Sarah Cada playing a guitar, but it wasn't Sarah but it was her brother Tim Cada,ang galing!, Abby is another discovery for me, love the impromptu song act and also her song tribute for the arts fest, dapat naka record na ito and uploaded it in itunes, Aisaku Yokogawa is a japinoy performer and he introduced to us singing classic opm songs with a jazz mix and can't believe he even sang Voltes V.

I raided the Bose booth and tried the different kinds of Beat headphones, and omg! I want one! but it cost P20k each headset, Techyromantics made me run infront of the stage I love this band and this is my 3rd time to see them live, its just so sad that I dont have money always and failed to buy their album, Tanduay booth serves Boracay coffee (yeah with Tanduay!), we just abused the PLDT booth and surf the internet like no tomorrow ahahah we also visited our blogs and even used the daily photo snap shot of plurk, after our dinner at Eskimo boys I caught Blue Jeans Junkie performing on stage, then Drip performed and I'm so glad that they appeared for the 3rd day, kala ko kasi ma miss ko sila sa 2nd day, and as usual nakaka addict ang songs nina Beng, and then Sino Sikat performed and I think they have lots of fans present at the event, our boy JPmanahan was there and nagpa autograph ng CD, Skabeche is the best! always top act every arts fest they have a new music video coming up and they produced an album for the benefit of the kids of Bulacan

Yosha was the last band that night and it's my first time to see them performed, the night ended in a club music set up, DJ Alex Wong jammed with the Pioneer Pro DJ and Bose Beat headset, the night ended slowly and everyone dance dance dance and even the organizers like Jay Virina sat on the drum set and jam with Alex Wong, along with the other performers, ladies went on stage and danced like no tomorrow, I dragged myself to go home that night and it was the best arts fest gimik of all time hehehe.

see you on 2011.

more photos below!

50 bloggers invite for Hug-A-Palooza at Enchanted Kingdom

50 bloggers, with free ride all you can pass and free entrance for Enchanted Kingdom's Valentines day event called "Hug-A-Palooza", it is a record breaking attempt for the first time ever, EK will try to set the most number of group hugs in one time. Hug your family, and friends under the Grand Fireworks at 6:00 PM.

main event will be on February 14, 2010.
and if you bring a companion with you (for registered bloggers only), your companion is entitled for the Php375 entrance fee discount (instead of paying P500) and also get one free 1 ticket if you buy 3 tickets. (tip: invite a fellow blogger too, para may kasama ka, para free na sya)

just post below your email and blog url links. Valid registered bloggers will get the free entrance under my guest list only. Blogs should have regular updates and active. (self hosted blogs, blogspot, wordpress, livejournal, multiply, xanga, Facebook note, Friendster blog, etc.)

I got confirmation that Enchanted Kingdom will provide transpo service to all huggable bloggers. I will send all registered names by Thursday, so expect that this sign up will close on Thursday morning.

to know more about the event, read this article from CTC.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Presidential Candidates and the Facebook wall post
I just noticed that manny villar facebook has disabled wall post from fans, but gibo, jamby, bro. eddie, gordon and noynoy's facebook have their wall post enabled for Facebook fans and users. Is this an example of shouting out our message in public and hope that our candidates can read it, or by disabling it never means they don't care about us? hmmm.

It will be better if they can moderate thousands of messages in one day, but I prefer that they should open the wall post from Facebook fans.

but Facebookers just opened up another Facebook fan page for villar, ahahhaha, just search it, you'll see a total of 77k members are shouting out their voice in their self made network.

Love Happens movie : find your right love at a wrong time

Who doesn’t want to fall in love? Probably people who have been jaded by it. Or it could be those whose relationships were the best thing that ever happened to them only to have their beloved taken away. Love Happens, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, is about having a chance to love again, but past hurts cause the hearts to hesitate.

Movie bloggers, let's watch and enjoy a romantic movie perfect for your Valentines week, post a comment below with your blog and email, if you want to join in a special movie premiere event tomorrow at 7pm in Robinsons Galeria Cinema 2.

(read more details about the movie below)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

day 2 coverage of the 5th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival and Trade Fair 2010

It was blast for the day of the arts and music festival, my Olympus E520 DSLR battery went dead after taking lots of pics for the event. Below is my photo coverage and I'm now gearing up once more for the 3rd day of the event. Punta na kayo lahat!

I met Abby and her partner about their new media baby project called Say Wut!, an online show in YouTube, then free booze at the Tanduay booth,  Lico Reloj is back in the Philippines and sending out some jokes about his revelation attacking us online hahahah, FEU Bamboo band is the best! I studied in FEU and not aware that we have a bamboo band, Bernard Palanca, Abby and Benjie of the Chongkeys are the main host of the event, Bose featured some of those hightech and expensive headphones, they also gave away an autograph CD by Lady Gaga, they also have a Lady Gaga booth babes, Argon Lasers did an awesome dance of laser lights at their laser light show, ang galing grabe!, laser lights are moving and dancing.

Onigir Infusion and Ikuzo Iwa made their best performance on stage performing jrock and anime music, Cosplay fashion show started with 30 cosplayers on stage compose of babes with guns, guys with swords, and guns!, giant Gundams and Kamen Riders, Also the main course of the event is watching 9 year old Luis perform a guitar lead act on stage and he performed some rocking and heavy metal tunes, Sing India performed again and they covered Govinda of Kula Shaker which made us crazy and Bernard Palanca can't keep himself in singing backstage, Santus band amazes everyone with their progressive rock tunes and their female lead vocalist attracted lots of photographers, Reklamo's performance reminds me of watching a classic rock band i love them forever!, Late Isabel is back and awww I miss them performing live! I miss wawi ,jp and allan, listening new songs from their 2nd album, Gary Ignacio of Alamid greeted me and I got so omg omg, then my camera went dead and got one shot of Alamid on stage, people never stop dancing and singing during the live act! I even saw a live tattoo workshop and painting workshop! truly an amazing show ever! its like having a gameboy game cartridge having 100 in 1 game.

more photos below!!!!!!

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