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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Total PC Protection: ASUS now offers Burnt Warranty on Motherboards

ASUS has now announced to give Burnt Warranty cover for all its motherboards with Anti-Surge function released here in the Philippines. ASUS aims to highlight excellent performance, reliability and safety of their motherboards through this Burnt Warranty policy.

Share your "Must-Visit Travel Destination Discoveries for 2010" and Win Ayala mall Php1000 eGC

It's week 2 of our contest, I haven't sent my finalist for week 1 must-try food/dining discoveries, but expect the announcement of our winner next week. But today is our 2nd week and our main theme is : "Must-Visit Travel Destination Discoveries for 2010". Thanks again for Nokia OVI for sponsoring this blog contest.

all you have to do is send your entry via email service of Nokia OVI, and if you don't have yet an account, I suggest you register and create one for yourself.

Send your entries at
(use your new Ovi email account to send your name, mobile number, and your Must-Try Discovery)

For Week 2: our theme is "Must-visit travel destinaton."
Deadline for submission is on March 5, 2010.
Winner will be announce on next Tuesday after the deadline date.

Send your entries now!

Click here if you want to see what's the Ayala eGC look like, I have a sample photo here in my Facebook photo. You can use this eGC in all Rustans and Ayala Malls.

Winners will be contacted via email or sms and will receive details on how to claim their eGC, after the announcement of winners every week.

I'm going now to the sushi bar with Shonen Knife (get ready for their free concert)

I finally met the legendary Japanese punk pop rock band Shonen Knife, and I really got so genki when I saw them first enter the press con room. I'm amazed at Naoko as the band's heart and soul, she still got the energy and motivation to continue the band even that two of the original members already quit and replaced with two new members. Etsuko for drums who joined in 2003 and Ritsuko for bass joined the band in 2008. I got a chance to interview them during the press con and happy to know that Naoko can speak and understand English. I really want to talk in Japanese that time, but I got scared that it might deliver the wrong grammar, but I confess to them that I'm a big fan since 1997 and I'm happy that they are really here infront of me.

My interview was very short, and because other press and media asked the same questions that I prepared, it took me another round of minutes to have a new one. My 1st question was about how Shonen Knife become a one of a kind band and what qualities that can influence their followers, Naoko told me that being Shonen Knife is unique, and with their kind of music that is mostly inspired from American punk rock, the main reason to be unique because of rock music. Then my last question was, what are their observation about Japan's music scene and industry during the past and the present, because Shonen Knife survived different kinds of music evolution in Japan and they even started during the 80's, Naoko simply clears that the mainstream music in Tokyo is a lot more different in the music they have in Osaka, the big music industry in Tokyo rapidly change and different kinds of new artist continues to pop out with their new sounds and arrangements, but with that change in Tokyo, they are not affected in Osaka because they are in located in a different place in Japan, the music scene in Osaka are still raw, independent and very underground, they still grow and maintain Shonen Knife's status in Osaka.

There's also a funny moment during the press con, one member of the media ask them how they feel performing in a morning tv show of ABS CBN, and Naoko laugh and told us that it is their first time to perform live on TV in early time of the morning, because in Japan , they have no morning tv shows. But here in the Philippines, they woke up soooooo early just to do a live act on tv, but they are amazed on the reaction of the audience to love their music and that was just only 1 song. Ritsuko and Etsuko laughed, I think they can't believe waking up at 3am and go to the tv network office at 4am.

I took photos of them and asked for a group shot with me, Naoko wants to grab my camera, but I told her its okay, I can take a picture all of us in one click, and then I showed them our group photo and its so cute to hear and see them say "hooooooooooo" amazement "sugoi" words. Its fun to see them in person, I geek out as  a giggling fan boy this afternoon and this meet up is very memorable for me.

yay! Banana chips... oh yeah!!!

Shonen Knife will have a free concert for all this February 27, 2010 at 7:30pm at the San Miguel By the bay, SM Mall of Asia. Pedicab will also perform at the concert ground before the main act.

more photos below

Friday, February 26, 2010

Samsung First to Deliver Full HD 3D LED TV to the Philippine Market

LED7000 (UE,46)_R30
Few months ago we featured about the 3D technology in samsung LED TV and players, that was from the CES 2010 product show that gives lots of thumb ups from tech and gadget fans. Today, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. just announced officially that the award winning full HD 3D entertainment products will be availble here in the Philippines this April 2010. The new LED tv will support new content and applications, thus make Samsung to be the 1st company to have a market ready full HD 3D LED TV for pinoys.

(read more feature below)

Toy Story 3 movie : First look of Trixie the Triceratops

i'm so happy that Rex will have his own  barkada now, introducing to his Toy Story 3 feature is the gentle Triceratops - Trixie!, and I'm excited to meet other new dino characters here at the movie and ts great that they included a Stegosaurus (my fave dino ever!). TOY STORY 3 opens across the Philippines on June 23 in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and conventional format. (read more feature of Trixie below)

Alice In Wonderland - Avril Lavigne Alice (Underground) Official Music Video

Check out this cool music video, and you'll see Avril as her own version of Alice and met the Mad Hatter and other creatures. Also you'll get to see more clips from the movie.

Having sold over 30 million albums worldwide, Avril Lavigne is quickly paving her own path to rock n roll royalty. She burst onto the music scene in 2002 with the critically acclaimed Let Go featured the smash singles Sk8r Boi and Complicated. Her 2004 release, Under My Skin, debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, as did her third album, The Best Damn Thing, which produced the irrepressible #1 single Girlfriend which grabbed more than 130 million views on YouTube. Most importantly Avril has written a song called Alice (Underground) inspired by our new film.

"Alice in Wonderland" in cinemas March 4

Bloggers and Fashion (Chuvaness and Keri)

P2248700 bnw
"blogger's world collide" Chuvaness, Azrael, and Keri

Met the famous blogger Cecile of at an event this evening and also she introduces to me her cousin Keri, who runs the Kira Plastinina store in SM Megamall. Great to meet her (for the 3rd time) and a chance to have a talk about blogging. Keri also shared to me that they will have open a new branch of Kira Plastinina, and ohh Kira is coming here for a visit, so just visit for more juicy news.

its funny that we did a photo op inside the female's CR. coz Chuvaness said that the lighting is great.

My dinner with John Lloyd Cruz, coz he Miss You Like Crazy

Look's like I'm having another series of photo op with John Lloyd Cruz, and this is my 5th or maybe 6th meet up with him after all those press events, but I really like the meet up session while ago and it was held at an undisclosed location outside Manila. Great evening to have a dinner and a series of talk with him, about his work, life off cam, his new movie "Miss You Like Crazy" which is showing in all theaters and just earn millions of pesos in it's first opening, and he endorses Biogesic for kids.

Its fun to meet him again and I'm happy that he still remembers me as the blogger na taga Santolan, Pasig City. We were laughing during the photo op, so pls.dont make fun of our wide grin here hehehehe. After the shoot he told me how was my blog now and how much I earn now hhhhahaha. And after he leave the venue, we shake hands and said that we see each other again, and then I joke around with him and said "Nag level up ka na!" spoofing that pizza commercial, and then he said "yeah, bukas dun naman ako aahahah"

John also shared to us that his favorite part in the movie Miss You Like Crazy is the ending, he didnt even explain but that's his fave part. He also learned how to use skype with the help of his brother and still he haven't touched or tried Facebook or Twitter, so mind you guys that all John Lloyd Cruz in Facebook and Twitter are all fake. His favorite movie that he is involved is "A very special love" and "You changed my life" (errr im not sure about the two movie, but i know he mentioned both movies, but one of them are his top fave). Will post more photos, interview and chikka.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fish eye photo test shots from Canon SX 210 is digital camera

I'm still amazed on this camera feature add on for the the new Canon digital camera,  model SX 210 is, IXUS 210 is and the Canon 550D has this new feature like lomo effects - fisheye, miniature effect, vivid, flash exposure and smart auto focus.

But I'm more interested on the Fish eye photo effects.
here are some sample shots from Canon SX 220 is compact camera that has 14x Zoom that we too during the Canon Risshun: A Spring of Delight media launch at Blue Leaf. Congrats also to Mr. Alan Chng as the new president of Canon Philippines.


Mark Cerbo looks like an aardvark hahaha

( we just posted this using Krispy Kreme wifi :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Defy the Gods in CLASH OF THE TITANS movie

New trailer is finally here, and the visuals are getting more interesting and also the appearance of each characters are also shown. Perseus will once again defy the gods in this Clash of the Titams movei remake.

In Warner Bros.’ new fantasy adventure “Clash of the Titans,” the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. (read more below)

Mad Hatter costume and make up tutorial

Alice in Wonderland movie will be released locally next week and I just observed that many events are coming out having the movie theme and this will convert a lot of non-fans of Alice in Wonderland. Costume beings will rise again and act as the characters from Alice in Wonderland, there are a lot of interesting characters in the book or in this Tim Burton movie, but most people select to be the Mad Hatter, as it was played by Johnny Depp. The most stylish and simpliest, flashy costume and make up ever in the Wonderland realm.

Check out below for some tips and tutorials on how to make your costume and make up.

Alice in Wonderland movie theme events

Here are some of the check list we have for the Alice in Wonderland movie events in Manila.

February 27 - Alice in Wonderland movie pocket events at SM North Edsa, near IMAX
March 3 - red carpet premiere of Alice in Wonderland movie at SM Megamall
March 3 - movie bloggers night at the Alice in Wonderland movie premiere at SM Megamall
March 4 - Philippine movie release of Alice in Wonderland
March 6 - Alice in Wonderland tea party at Rockwell Powerplant ( read details here)

Tips in accepting event invites for bloggers

New media and blogging is already big in this generation, and it's like encountering SMS for the first time and people are starting to hop on and join the fun, especially as being a blogger. I have discussed lots of issues and problems that we are facing since the other day, and this is my 3rd day discussing with different people with their reporst about freeloaders, doble karas, wannabes, gatecrashers that consider themselves as a bloggers (and yes they are bloggers) and because of their notorious attitudes and behavior, they just stained the image of us bloggers with mud.And now some entity and PR agencies are now avoiding us and filtering us because of their bad experience with these kind of people, and the bad part is... they are the same people.(hay naku)

But this blog post is not about those people, but this is a tip on how to handle and accept event invites. Just remember that being a blogger is not about events and freebies only. I'm an active blogger since 2002 and I specialize blogging and organizing events since 1999, that's why I'm very active and didn't expected that my blog will turn into a events and pop culture blog. This tip is not an officially way to deal with it, but it comes from my past experience and I know it is effective and helpful. Also a way to protect yourself from danger.

I'm doing this because a receive a phone call and an event invite for a fund raising event, and these people don't want to send the invite and details via email or txt, they want to send the invitation personally to my home and meet me. And they are asking an amount of P5,000 for the ticket as it will be for the benefit of WCC, which I googled and found that the fund raising event doesnt exist. And the the phone caller act as a cop and they represent for the event and they thought that I'm a political blogger, because they keep on mentioning that the event is not a political bloggers event. "Kelan ba naging PR ng event ang isang pulis?", I don't trust them so I told them I'm not available, but then they will call again tomorrow. I emailed my friends and got confirmation that this is a modus operandi in getting money from you, plus. if they will visit you at home, consider it as a prelude act for hold up, kidnapping or even murder. Let's be careful.

Receiving invites for the first time
1. Pls. always make sure that the company sends a formal invite via email
2. Always read the details of the event, and look for the company's office address and phone number
3. You can also call their office to confirm the event if it is legit. It will be better to contact the office first and then the contact person
4. If there's no office number or address, try to request it to the contact person to send it to you.
5. If the event is to be held in a hotel or other venues, you can contact the venue provider to check if there's an event booked there on a date specified in the invitations
6. If you received an event invite via SMS or txt messages, try to request a full details of the invite and event to send it directly to your email.
7. In the formal letter, I usually read - the event info, contact person, their office number and address, venue address, the date and time, attire and check if that event is fit for a coverage in my blog
8. If the event seems okay and legit, reply to their email and make a RSVP response.

Some other tips and warnings
1. Invitation should not be sent via txt (its okay if the sender is your friend and a legit company you know)
2. Invites should not be delivered to your home personally by an unknown person
3. If the event is fund raising campaign, try to look for the name of the foundation or organization that will handle the cash donation or event fee. Contact also the office of that foundation if there's such an event that exist that uses their office name.

( i will update this post later and add more tips. if you have other tips that you like to share, feel free to post in the comments board below, thanks and stay safe!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SM City San Lazaro food event (register here)

SM City Manila Bloggers wifi party
I just got a txt from the marketing people of SM City San Lazaro, and they will have a food event on February 27, 2010 at 2-5PM. They forgot to txt me the location of the event inside, but I have a feeling it will be at the food court section. But will update this blog post as soon as I received their reply in the morning.

If you want to attend, just post your name, email, and blog url here. I will submit it to them before Feb. 27.
I've been to SM mall's food court event, and believe me! I am so happy trying out all those meals during their previous food event.

for me, the best SM mall food event was at SM City Bacoor. Hope they can match the food fest there.

update 1:
they txted me already and the venue will be at the food court area.

more book signing, raffle and contest details for the Neil Gaiman in Manila 2010

neil ang baby
I just finally got the main idea for that book signing and raffle for the Neil Gaiman event at 3rd Philippine Graphic and Fiction Awards and thanks to Fully Booked for the news.

For the book signing on March 17th
- you need to register at the event
- entrance is free
- they will raffle 100 slots for that night, so make sure you register in order to be included in the raffle
- you can bring two books only for Neil Gaiman to sign it.
- event will start at 4PM

For the book signing on March 18th
-it will be the biggest signing than the March 17th event
- you need to purchase P2,000 worth of Neil Gaiman books from Feb.27-March 4 in order to get a book signing pass for the March 18th event only
- if you buy the books, you will automatically get the passes
- Just proceed to the North Court, Power Plant Mall to register and then line up
- then have all your books signed by Neil Gaiman
- all books has no autograph by Neil when you buy it at Fullybooked, so make sure you grab the P2k purchase and acquire the signing passes with no hassle.

neil artwork 2
They have an art contest too and deadline will be on or before March 10, 2010
more news at

Monday, February 22, 2010

The biggest concert of the year in the Philippines

the 1st meeting with music bloggers

For me, it is the biggest concert ever that will be produced for this year because we will enjoy more foreign artist in a big collab music concert event. I just got in a meeting while ago in Makati with the concert producer and also with our friendly music bloggers. I'm really happy that we are involved in this big concert and also will supply fresh news about the concert for everyone. I got excited after looking at the power point presentation and later on saw the talent roster of foreign artist that will perform in one big concert, my eyes got attracted on a small image of this famous korean girl band, and then later on after looking at the slides I finally saw the big image of that group.

yes! they are finally coming here.


we will post official press release soon here in my blog and also details of the ticket selling and price will be released this week. I'm excited talaga! Our plan is to update you all about event, me and the other music bloggers will give away passes and meet and greet access, exclusive bloggers event, and also get a chance to watch the concert and do live blogging near the stage. wow! that will be first time in history of pinoy blogging. Let's bring back our love in music.wahhhhhhhhhhhhh (fan boy mode)

just watch out also news posted at Manila Bloggers Network, Music Picks, Chef Tonio, When in Manila, and etc.

Status X folded&hung Love Those Jeans Photo Contest

1. You may send as many entries as you want at
2. Your picture must have a title that expresses your love for those illegally low rise folded&hung jeans
3. Include your Name, Age, Address, Mobile No. and E-mail Address
*Please also attach of the Folded and Hung Logo found in your jeans.
4. 1 female and 1 male photo will be selected as winners. Each Winner
will receive 3,000 worth of Folded and Hung Gift Certificates each.
5. Contest period is from Feb 22 to March 12, 2010
6. Winners will be announced via

I just got this info via email from Status Magazine

Wifi Event at SM City Sta. Mesa on Feb 28th (Register here)

SM City Sta. Mesa will have their Wifi launching and event to all bloggers.
All you have to do is bring your laptop and register here. Remember that SM City Sta. Mesa requires each participant to bring their laptop in order to join the event and also for the lucky draw raffle. Register below In order to be included in the official list and get a reserved slot at the event. 

Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven Cake Photo Contest
The sweetness of Valentine isn’t over just yet! Red Ribbon recently launched its newest and chocolate-full cake – the Chocolate Heaven. In connection to this, Red Ribbon has formed an online photo contest where would-be participants can take a photo of themselves, family, or others showing a ‘heavenly‘ expression while eating the new Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven.

Those who best expresses how chocolatey the cake is can win thousands worth of Red Ribbon gift certificates.

Be creative and imaginative in your entries as this comprise a major part of the criteria. The photo should include the Chocolate Heaven cake – in whole or even just a slice.

Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven Cake Photo Contest Mechanics

Helena Bonham Carter interview as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland movie (Opens March 4)

Check out this intimate interview with Helena Bonham Carter as she reveals her character as Iracebth, the Red Queen in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and know more about her relationship with the White Queen and to Alice in the movie."No matter what the offense, little or big, her solution to everything is to chop off a head." (read the interview below)

So see you all movie bloggers on Feb27th Alice in Wonderland pocket event at SM North Edsa and then see you at the movie premiere on March 3. Long live the Red Queen!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two food trips at Kuse restaurant and Old Vine Grille

kuse edited
If you are wondering where to eat in a fine dining restaurant at the Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hills, then check out this food and dining discovery we found in there. Two restaurants fused into one venue, I can only describe that they have a passage way going to the other restaurant. Kuse restaurant specializes in all traditional Filipino dishes, I heard their famous meal is the "adobong balot", and then the Old Vines Grille restaurant has a variety of international style food from Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Italian food. The best part here is that when you dine in one of the restos, you can order food also to other resto. Check out our food blog feature here from our food trip to Venice Piazza.
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